The Telemachus Story Archive

Snuffing Out Fire
By Colchian Dragon

Heatwave groaned, his limbs burned from fatigue. He was drenched in sweat, the beaded liquids rolled down his forehead and left trenches on his face before filling again. A large mechanical figure entered his field of vision, a robotic hand reached forward and wiped the sweat from his face. The movement was somewhat careful, as if he did not want to spill any of the precious liquids. Heatwave eyed the liquid in the villain's hand thirstily when it was held inches from his face, his petrified neck not being able to move an inch as he tried to move forward, wanting some of that water. Portia made a sound that sounded like chuckling as a mechanical hand cupped Heatwave's cheek, as he dumped what meager drops of water he had collected from the hero down his throat. Yet the hero lapped at it like he hadn't had a drink ever.

They were in what had once been Heatwave's lair, but it was ambiguously Portia's now. The hero's capture and subsequent enslavement had allowed Portia to take over his lair without much effort. Portia studied Heatwave. For three days, he had forced the hero to stand in a common superhero pose. Legs spread just slightly, fists on the waist. The weakened hero was unable to resist and did as he was told, before Portia sprayed him with a special foam that he altered to completely suppress the hero's abilities. This perfected version, which he completed in Heatwave's own lair was doubly effective on the hero and he made adjustments to its stiffness and rate of drying, improving it overall just for Heatwave. For this reason, even the thin film of the foam on Heatwave's suited body was powerful enough to keep the hero subdued.

Portia grinned, a sinister expression as he reached down with another mechanical hand to grope the hero's hard cock, the only part of his body that was not petrified other than his head. Heatwave groaned loudly as his cock twitched hard in the villain's grasp, a dark spot instantly appeared where the tip was, a large amount of precum instantly spewing out of his penis. Portia grinned and let go of the hero's cock, which only caused the hero's cock to twitch more as he roared in frustration. Heatwave was actually thrashing, trying to hump his own tight superhero suit, trying to find some purchase to release himself from this pain. Alas, that was to no avail. No part of his body moved save for the intense twitching of his cock within the confines of his suit, which under normal circumstances would have been enough friction for him to release when he was this spun on his own arousal. Portia had taken care of that however, a simple metallic cock ring that sat snugly at the base of Heatwave's cock prevented him from doing anything without the villain's permission.

It was over for Heatwave. His story as a hero ended the moment Portia had rigged his front door with fire suppressing goop grenades. He had not been expecting the trap. Somehow, Portia had managed to find out where he lived. By blowing up a bomb on the other side of town, he lured the hero out of his home and rigged his own house door on the inside. There was no way he would have known as he had walked right into the trap, a green, thick viscous slime burst out from the rigged grenades as he opened the door into his own home, coating him in it completely as he sunk onto the ground, trying to pull himself out of the goop that held onto him like a rapidly hardening glue. Portia was upon him in a moment, and he had a strange feeling of deja vu as Portia threw a canister towards him. It struck his chest and exploded, a white foam that encroached upon his body hungrily, paralyzing him and rendering him helpless, hardening quickly and turning him into some sort of exotic statue. Last time he had been able to escape by using a burst of flame, but this time he was completely layered in the fire-suppressing goop and the foam. There was no way he was able to do anything to escape this time.

Through his thermal vision he watched Portia go into his basement and free the captured Vayde before returning to him. He had wondered what the villain would do to him when he felt a slight prick on the side of his neck. Immediately he began feeling drowsy, falling prey to sleep instantly. That had been about a week ago and the villain had made him do...various things, things that the villain took pleasure in, which was mostly just sexually tormenting Heatwave. He had woken up completely naked, stripped of his suit, his jockstrap beneath it, except for his mask. Heatwave vaguely remembered something Portia said, about letting him keep his mystery and identity as a hero as he was no longer a danger to them anymore. He was bound with thick rope that wound itself tightly around his chest and around his arms, dividing them. His feet and knees were bound together so tightly that he didn't even have leeway to budge them. A single strand of rope connected him to the ceiling, keeping him upright. Aside from all that, he could feel how wet and sticky his body was. Portia had made sure to slather the fire-suppressing goop all over him. When he tried to summon his power, call it to the surface to burn away the ropes, nothing happened. The insulating goop working wonders in completely nulling his abilities. Worse was that all this...all this was making him horny. His own predicament, caught, helpless, it made him hard like nothing else before.

He had just begun to struggle, trying to use his strength to try and break the ropes when Portia appeared before him. "Hello little rabbit~," A mechanical arm reached forward to pat his cheek mockingly,"I told you I'd find you," Heatwave started struggling with renewed vigor, grunting as he tried to move back as much as he could away from the villain, which wasn't much. His hard dick waved freely in the air from his vigorous movements, dancing in the air enticingly. Heatwave's face was a dark red, shameful and embarrassed to be captured and displayed in such a way. It didn't help his case when his cock twitched, his body betraying him, as he only got harder tied up and displayed in front of his nemesis.

"W-what are you going to do with me?" He asked, trying to keep some semblance of his heroic dignity and authority intact by asking a question in the most authoritative voice he could. It seemed to work but he was unsure if that was a good thing as Portia turned to him, a grin plastered on his face. A mechanical hand brought up a metal ring for Heatwave to look at, only for a brief moment, long enough for Heatwave to realize his intentions. Powerful mechanical arms, three of them held him down with ease as he fit the cock ring down the hero's dick. It was very snug, almost painfully tight but...not quite there yet. He realized that with this on, his boner would not go down easily, nor would he be able to get his release easily. He was unable to help the soft moan that escaped his lips. Portia heard it, but pretended not to pay it any heed as he cut away the ropes binding his knees and ankles. He went over to the medical table in Heatwave's lair where he had laid out the hero's costume and underwear. He took the jockstrap and put it on the hero, much to the struggling hero's distress as his hard cock was trapped inside the the damp cloth of his own sweaty jockstrap.

For about for about three days, the villain paid great attention to the hero's state of being, making sure he was always suffering. Making sure the hero was always warring against something. Whether it was the half-assed handjobs meant only to drive the hero insane with lust or the occasional whipping with the hero's own utility belt, Heatwave got no rest. Because of the way he was handled by Portia, he was always exerting himself more than necessary, sweating profusely. The only time he ever got rest were when he managed to fall asleep upright or just pass out from exhaustion. Those brief respites never lasted long. The moment he woke, he'd always be greeted with his own hard on and Portia, gleeful that he could play with his newly acquired toy another day.

By the third day, he had grown too tired to fight already. Occasionally he still showed defiance but he was more obedient when say, Portia wanted to make him drink his own sweat rather than regular water and still... His cock remained ever hard. Portia let him down on the fourth day, stripping away his absolutely drenched jockstrap. He had thought maybe that would be his chance to fight but that hope was quickly dashed when a fresh batch of goop was poured onto him. He was then ordered to lather it on himself. Without much choice, he did as he was commanded, sealing away his own powers. Once he was done, he was ordered into his suit which he obliged grudgingly, weakly picking himself off the floor and accepting his suit from the villain, putting on the full body battlesuit. Once it was on, you couldn't even tell that the hero was captured, the goop beneath his suit making sure he remained obedient to Portia.

That was full circle, it had been three days since then and he had been stuck in the foam for all that time until now. Horny. Immobile. Thirsty. Needy. Frustrated. He was left alone again for a while and all he could think about was how horny he was. His mind couldn't focus on anything else, let alone an escape plan. Portia had done a good job of completely turning defiant, explosive Heatwave into a somewhat submissive hero. That was good enough for someone like Heatwave who was stubborn and prideful. The fact he would do most anything that Portia asked for, just for a few touches on his cock spoke volumes of how much the hero had sunk into his lust.

Portia returned with a cup. "I've a special treat for you today, hero." He said, humming a senseless tune.

Heatwave groaned, his petrified body not having budged at all. His cock hard still, the little spot of wetness now gone, dried. "Nrgh...L-Let...please..." He said tiredly, strength no longer present to even form a coherent sentence.

Without warning he grabbed Heatwave's cock through his suit, powerful mechanical hand wrapping the powerful suit around of Heatwave, creating what was essentially a condom of cloth. Heatwave, having been hard for the entire week roared loudly, the feeling of his extremely sensitive cock grabbed so suddenly sending almost painful wave of pleasrue coursing through him, before it turned into mindless moans. Portia held the cup beneath the hero's cock and started to pump him. It didn't take much for the hero to orgasm, by the sixth stroke or so, the hero roared loudly again, he powerful orgasm overtaking his mind on a white wave of pleasure as he came. Hard. The white liquid did not get trapped in the suit, instead oozing out of the suit and pooling into the cup until it was practically three-fourths full.

Portia let go of the hero's still twitching cock, disappointed by how fast the hero had orgasmed but he was pleased by the amount of semen he collected in the cup. Heatwave was still groaning and moaning, his mind frazzled as he tried to recover from the intensity of his orgasm, his long awaited release. Were it not for his petrified body, he'd be visibly rocking and shaking. Portia waited until the hero had calmed down before he put the cup to Heatwave's lips, silently telling him to drink it.

His orgasm achieved, some semblance of control seemed to have returned into the hero as he glared fiercely at Portia. "Better drink it. This will be your only drink for today. If you be a good heroboy, I'll consider letting you drink water tomorrow," He coaxed. He looked intently at Heatwave, who had his eyes shifted from Portia to the white liquid in the cup, his expression unreadable. That was before his mouth opened, just ever so slightly. Portia smiled, knowing he had won another victory over the hero as he tilted the cup.

Heatwave choked on it at first, a little spilling out of the corner of his mouth. He quickly got used to it however as his thirst took hold, and he drank it by the mouthful. Portia pulled the cup away when there was about half a mouthful left, dragging it away slowly, the extremely thirsty hero actually groaning in frustration that his drink had been taken from him before he could finish all of it. Portia poured the remainder on the hero's face, using an arm to smear the offending liquid all over the helpless hero's face. "N-no...please...stop...let me gooo." Came Heatwave's weak voice as his own cum was smeared all over his face. Portia wiped the excess on his hand onto the hero's crotch, cleaning it with the hero's costume, pleased when he saw that the hero was once again hard.

"Portia. I've got it. I've found where they're taking the blueprints to. We'll have to strike tonight." Arcane's lithe body appeared in Heatwave's field of vision, and he seemed taken aback by how absolutely different the hero looked. Arcane could even tell that the hero was giving off an extremely different feeling now. "You really did a number on him..." With some effort, he tore his eyes away from the once powerful and confident hero, shifting his attention to Portia,"We'll have to go tonight. It'll be easier to steal on the day before they transport it."

Portia kept his eyes trained on the hero, not even turning to look at his accomplice as he said,"Right...Wait for me outside. I'll be with you in a bit." Arcane, turned to look at the hero again, his eyes showing just the slightest of worry but he walked out of the basement, his quiet footsteps disappearing quickly. Portia, turned his attention back to the hero,"Well, Heatwave, looks like I can't stay with you tonight. A heist calls my name, as does the promise of money." He walked away from the hero, grabbing the jockstrap from the medical table, the one that Heatwave had sweat into for three days. "But don't worry yeah? I'll be back for you, little rabbit." He stuffed the damp, rank jockstrap into the groaning hero's mouth, the jockstrap not having dried much, stored underground in the basement. That one action alone actually caused the hero to come once more inside his own costume, his muffled moans loud in his own ears, in the basement.

"Oh? Seems like perhaps I might need to use something tighter than that cock ring you have on right now." He pulled out some duct tape, one he had taken from Heatwave's utility cabinet in his lair, and wrapped it around of his mouth, going around his head. Once. Twice. Thrice he went before finally cutting it off and sealing it off. "Enjoy that Heatwave~," Heatwave's only response was a moan and twitch from his cock, the crotch area completely dark, evidence that he had came a huge amount inside his own suit. "Don't worry, I've something special for you. You won't be bored."

Portia went over to Heatwave's computer table and with his multiple mechanical arms, easily moved the table and positioned it in front of him. He plugged in a USB port into the PC as one by one, the screens changed. He was looking at...his own house, his front door. The door opened, revealing him suited up, returning from his crimefighting. Almost immediately, he saw something explode from his right and left, coating him in a green goop.

Heatwave's eyes widened in surprise. He knew what this was. Portia leaned in and whispered into his ears with a chuckle,"That's right. I've recorded everything that happened the past week. Now you have something to watch while I'm gone." Portia grabbed the headphones from the table and slipped them over Heatwave's ears. "Well, see you in a couple of hours hero." He left the basement, laughing heartily, leaving Heatwave alone in that basement, hard and horny as he watched every second of his capture, his edging, his humiliation. He watched himself struggle helplessly in the goop, the large amount managing to keep him glued to the ground so that Portia could easily trap him in the foam, before releasing Vayde and coming up for him, sticking what he assumed was a sleeping dart into his neck. He watched as he was stripped and lathered up in the goop before he was tied up and strung upright to the ceiling like a piece of meat.

At some point, he gave in, cumming a third time when he reached the part of Portia slipping the cock ring on him. His muffled moans as he came for the third time in that hour exhausted him but he still managed to remain hard after all that, a testament of his heroic vitality. The feeling of his wet jockstrap in his mouth, sealed inside with duct tape, the musky scent of sweat from his body, his cock and balls, his precum... Everything that had been collected into it only blurred away his thoughts, making only room for one thing. Lust. Every breath he took transferred those smells into his lungs, a hazy wall around his mind that kept him weaker and weaker still and he only got hornier and hornier knowing that he could do nothing. He could do nothing anymore. Not as long as the villain had him captured like this.

He relegated himself to his fate, watching the video attentively, unable to turn his head away nor shake the headphones away with his petrified body as his cock stay hard throughout. The wetness of his suit, smelling of pheromones and semen, a shameful reminder that he was nothing more than a plaything for Portia now.