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Crimson Puppet
By Colchian Dragon

A/N: There's a rather wide variety of tokusatsu/supersentai heroes, especially when it comes to costume design. I'm only going to use 'Red Ranger' so feel free to slot in the costume of your favourite franchise for this purpose. It really does add to the experience if you're an avid fan of the suits themselves like me ~

It wasn't often that the Red Ranger took on solo missions by himself. He was part of a unit, a team. If there was trouble anywhere in the city, they were dispatched together. He grimaced beneath his helmet. He supposed in that sense this didn't really count as an official mission since he didn't tell his teammates or headquarters about his destination.

About thirty minutes ago, when he had returned home after a full day of staying on duty at Headquarters, he had found a note on his coffee table in the living room, along with a shattered window next to it which was quite likely the entry point. While it was worrying enough that someone knew where he lived and explicitly broke in just to leave a not, the main kicker was actually the contents of the note itself.

"Greetings Red Ranger, did you enjoy your day? It must have been pleasant, considering there weren't any monster invasions today. Let me give you something to worry about, I've kidnapped a group of children. If you want to save them, come down to my lair. Alone. If I see multiple vehicles, in colours other than red, I'm going to kill all these children."

Below that was a small map detailing how to make his way there. He had only barely managed to remember all of it before the scrap of paper disintegrated away into air, leaving no trace that it was once there at all. The letter had not been signed, but the Red Ranger could make a fairly educated to the identity of the perpetrator. After all, there aren't many 'monsters' that would go through such loopholes to lure one specific ranger into their hideout. They tended to go on rampages in the city after all.

But he had no time to waste. He quickly morphed and got into his vehicle and started his journey there. The way to the villain's lair led him rather far out of town, and deep into the forest, seemingly into nowhere. He followed the mental image of the map in his head as best as he could.

'Turn left when you see a spiral of stones and you'll end up at a large clearing.'

Turns out, that didn't take long. He skidded to a halt at the edge of a clearing, where the endless nest of trees broke suddenly to reveal a perfect circle of dirt. No grass, no roots, just soil. Still, he didn't see a lair in front of him.


The Red Ranger got off of his motorcycle and and walked into the clearing to inspect it. He was sceptical . The high probability that this was a trap did not escape him, but that didn't mean he could ignore the threat of innocent lives being lost. He didn't like his situation but the best he could was proceed with caution. He circled the perimeter, just to makes sure he wasn't stepping into some obvious trap.

He didn't find any landmines, or a net hidden beneath the dirt. There also wasn't a single soul hiding in the forest around him. Despite the lack of any apparent danger, the Red Ranger felt extremely on edge. The anticipation for a trap does not settle when one doesn't find a trap. Still, he wasn't getting where like this. He walked to the center.


He tapped his foot on the ground lightly and suddenly, there was a loud 'kronk'. The sound of heavy mechanical gears in motion. The ground shifted, descending downward. It was only then that he realized he was actually standing on an elevated platform that function as the entrance into the villain's lair. With the same loud 'kronk', the platform fitted itself nicely into similarly sized indent on the ground.

He looked around himself at the large cavern hidden underground. In a corner to his was a large computer, placed against the wall. Next to it was a large, metal worktable where a large plethora of armaments were laying.

"Welcome to my humble abode." A familiar voice called from behind him, filled with amusement. He whirled around, his body tensing as he prepared to fight. Even from previous encounters, Herokiller never really changed much. He was always self-assured, but then again, so were most other villains. What set him apart was actually the fact that he was both smart and strong, which proved a deadly combination. Herokiller knew when to retreat when he was backed into a corner, so the Red Ranger never truly succeeded in capturing him.

Herokiller had an athletic build. The kind of lean, fit body that concealed power. He wore a skintight black suit with a high collar that concealed his mouth. He donned a metallic visor over his eyes. Once, the Red Ranger had thought it was purely cosmetic, but he learned the hard way that the visors had multiple functions such as both night and heat vision. Over his gloved hands were two metal gauntlets that enhanced his strength. Finishing off his look was a dark silver cape. He looked every bit as imposing as the Red Ranger remembered, and he certainly was dangerous enough to back up his own appearance.

"Save the idle chit chat, where are the children you kidnapped?" The Red Ranger kept his eyes trained onto the villain, his body poised to react to the first instance of danger. It set him on edge, the fact that nothing was happening yet, despite being in the lion's den. Herokiller cocked his head but without saying anything, snapped his fingers. A section of the wall behind the villain shifted and turned, revealing a small group of children trapped inside a massive cage.

The Red Ranger counted exactly five children in that cage. They were all huddled together in the corner, at the end that was furthest away from them. They were clearly very afraid, as they only tried to squeeze against that corner more when they realized they had been shifted out from their little storage space.

"Hold on! I'll come rescue you now." Springing into action, he dashed off the platform. The instant his weight was lifted from it, the platform started to move up again, closing only way out of the cavern, that the Red Ranger knew of anyway. Still, he tried not to let that faze him. He was here to liberate the children from the clutches of the Herokiller, besides, now that he was here, he could just call for back up once he had apprehended the Herokiller and not have to worry about him harming the children.

A laser beam that shot at his feet suddenly made him jump backwards, halting his advance. He looked up to see that the Herokiller was now standing in his way. "You didn't think you were going to make it past me so easily, did you?" Without waiting for a moment, the Herokiller dashed forward, a punch aimed at the Red Ranger's abdomen. The Red Ranger quickly sidestepped and gave a quick jab into Herokiller's ribs. However, the Herokiller spun around quickly and caught his fist. His right hand caught in the Herokiller's grip, he threw a left hook towards the villain, but the villain caught the attack just before it reached him.

"Not very impressive, Red Ranger. Surely you prepared something because we both know you can't best me in combat." He laughed curtly, mocking the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger did not reply but he braced himself as he pushed forward with a burst of strength. The grin that had just been on his face a short moment earlier disappeared as his eyes widened in surprised. "W-What?! This shouldn't be possible!"

With a loud roar, the Red Ranger forced the astonished villain onto his knees. With a jerk, he swung his left fist inwards towards the villain, hard. Fist met cheek, and Herokiller slumped aside to the force of the punch as he was knocked out cold from the powerful punch of the Ranger. He stepped back from the passed out villain, he was breathing a little quicker because of the short power struggle. "And that's why you don't gloat before you win."

He jogged over to the cage where the children were. He pulled at open the door on the cage, surprised at how it just swung open without any resistance. Strange... but he didn't think too much of it. He entered the cage, and tapped the shoulders of each child,"Don't worry, I'll get you all out soon."

He almost burst out laughing when the children all latched onto his feet suddenly, looking up at him with wide and wet eyes. He shooed them off his feet, kneeling down onto one knee so he could better speak with them. "Just stay close to me alright? I'll get you all out of here." Standing, he slowly led them out of the cage.

He had only made a few steps out of the cage when he suddenly felt a small hand grip his balls, reaching between his legs and crushing them with an abnormally large amount of force, one that he wouldn't expect from such a small hand. "Argh!" The Red Ranger automatically tried to reach for his privates, trying to shield them. Of course, that was a futile effort. Someone else's hand was already there.

He looked down at the child's hand on his balls, just in time to see the hand morph, enlarging quickly and turning black, as though some film was being pulled off. What had once been a child's hand was now the size of an adult's, clad in black leather gloves. With the growth, the gloved hand now completely covered his crotch, giving another powerful squeeze. This time, the pain became unbearable and the Red Ranger dropped to his knees with a choked groan, his hands held over the gloved hand that held his cock and balls captive.

More hands reached out and gripped him from behind, on both his shoulders and his elbows, pulling him up from the ground, and yet the hand on his cock and balls never let up. When he was on feet again, two people walked in front of him from either side of him, coming into full view. He recognized them, or rather, their attire that gave them away as the Herokiller's elites. Dressed in a full body suit that that that resembled a suit of armor, it was different from the average set of minions whose only defining traits were just a metal chest harness that provided little in terms of defense.

The Red Ranger tried to pull his arms free. The hands gripping his shoulders and elbows only tightened their grip, preventing him from getting free. At the same time, the hand that maintained an iron grip on his groin tightened threateningly and he knew better than to try again. He watched the two Elites in front of him, who were both holding a coil of rope, for a lack of better description. The ropes resembled metal pipes with the ends being shaped peculiarly. They glowed a dull red, which already set off alarms in his head. "Did you like our little act?" He heard one of them say from behind him.

"What? Acting as scared little children? It was alright." He twisted slightly again, just to check again the strength of their grip. It was strong, but he reckoned that if he managed to move in a direction the didn't expect, he could easily break free from their hold. Besides, it was clear that their intentions was to tie him up, so he'd best make a move now before they secured him. He let his body relax a little, watching the two smug Elites in front of him make his way over to him,

"Our boss came up with it, said you Rangers were extremely predictable. He knew you'd fall for it." The unseen Elite behind him chuckled, but the Red Ranger merely smiled, preparing himself. Just as the rope wielding Elites got close to him, he kicked his own feet out from underneath him, falling downwards onto his ass quickly, at the same time jerking his arms downwards with him so he could tilt the two Elites holding him in place off balance.

The move was quick and unexpected, and he was using his enhanced strength that came by virtue of his transformation to pull it off. As he fell, he sat onto the arm that held onto his groin. He heard a pained scream from behind him as the grip loosened, releasing his cock and balls from the risk of more torment. At the same time, the Elite holding him had stumbled forward with his drop, and taking advantage of their instability, he pulled his arms to the front with all his strength and promptly rolled backwards, consequentially rolling over the Elite that had his arm stuck beneath the Red Ranger. As he rolled backward, the forward momentum he had forced the Elites holding him into caused them to bowl over the rope wielders.

In a mere second, he was up on his feet again. He reached for the blade hanging on his belt, pulling it free. "You've picked up some bad habits from your boss, gloating before you won." The Red Ranger was very serious right now, but he couldn't quite help the small smile from creeping onto his face. It was rather amusing to him that their pride of having lured him into their base meant victory to them. Clearly, that wasn't quite the case.

As the Elite minions scrambled to get onto their feet, the Red Ranger didn't waste a second. He took that one step forward and dragged the tip of his blade over the isolated Elite, the one that had previously been gripping his balls. His blade slid across his chest right through the armor like a heated knife cutting through butter, from his right shoulder all the way to the left waist in an incandescent shower of sparks. The minion let out a pain-filled scream before he burst into flames. Such was an ephemeral artificial life, even those flames winked out of existence in but a few seconds.

He brought the blade just above his shoulders, tip pointed at the remaining four. They had managed to stand and they did not look happy at all that he had vanquished one of them. Granted, he expected Herokiller to make a new one to replace the lost Elite... not that he'd get a chance to.

Two of them charged him at once, followed closely by the remaining which were the two holding the coils of rope. He ducked underneath a punch that was aimed right for his neck, stepping forward and driving his left fist deep into his abdomen, bringing up his ranger blade on his right hand to block the arm of another with the flat of his blade. With a surge of strength, he pushed off the Elite the had his arm on his blade and spun right fluidly, carving the blade across the back of the hunched over Elite whom he had just punched.

Another shower of sparks flew off the creep as he stumbled forward, away from the force of the strike before he too burst into flames.

'Alright... that leaves three more.' He turned again to face the remaining Elites. Bad timing, the two Elites holding the coils of the rope had used the split second that he had his back turned to use the ropes as whips. Simultaneously, he felt something very akin to a hard pole smacking his chest and the side of his knees with a loud *crack*, delivering a shocking bolt of electricity.

"Gk!" The Red Ranger stumbled backwards, his right hand clutching his chest as a wisp of smoke puffed out. The brunt of the attack itself had been absorbed into the suit, but electrical shocks were electrical shocks, those still hurt. The two minions had smug looks on their faces, as they once more swung the heavy, metal, lengths of rope over their heads and attacked once more. He made a quick back step to get out of range, landing right into a puddle of blue slime.

He looked at his feet in confusion, confusion that quickly turned to panic when he realized he could not pull his feet free from the stuff. The viscous sticky slime held onto him like glue, practically melding the sole of his boots to the ground. He looked up again, the two rope wielding Elites were both standing just a few feet in front, the same smug grin on their faces. Was it because they knew? "Nice timing boss, you saved us there!" He looked behind him and here stood the awakened holding a rather strangely shaped weapon. Phallic in shape, in black chrome plating. Just at the tip of the weapon was a single drop of the same blue slime, the exact same stuff he was stepping on right now.

Another whiplash from the tip of the metallic rope just on his abdomen forced his attention back to the two Elite henchmen in front of his, as a powerful electrical shock released on contact made his muscles forcefully contract as a stimuli to the pain. Another whiplash landed just over his left wrist, forcing him to drop his red coloured blade. It dropped right onto the slime-covered ground, unusable since he would not be able to wrench it free from the slime itself even if he bent down for it. One more whiplash striking just over his right shoulder blanked his mind from making coherent thoughts as pain overrode everything else.

The two minions alternated between their strikes, keeping their pace constant so he would not have a chance to catch his breath. He roared in pain with each strike as they delivered electrical shocks into his body. He would have sunk onto his knees already if not for the fact that partway through his ordeal, he felt someone put their arms underneath his armpits, keeping him hoisted up as practically just stood.

In truth, the ordeal had only lasted for thirty seconds, but one wouldn't think that looking at him. The nature of shocks and the intense amount of duress it put on the body as it forced contraction had the hero breathing hard and sweating. He didn't even resist as the metallic coils of rope were finally used for their intended purpose. His arms were pulled roughly behind him, pressed against his back so that his wrists rested against each other. The middle of the coil of rope was first draped over his neck, the end two ends pulled to the front, crossing over each just over the chest and pulled back. The rest of the rope entwined his arms, joining his wrists before being brought back to the front again. The two ends joined just over the Red Ranger's belt, locking on. The length of the rope was just exactly perfect, as though tailored just for the purpose of tying up the Red Ranger.

The other coil of rope was used to bind his legs together, from thigh to feet. As was the case with his torso, the rope was coiled around his legs then had their ends simply joined, which cause the rope to lock itself. When both of the lengths of rope were properly secured, the dull red quickly changed to a bright red, and the Red Ranger felt strange light-headed. He saw one of the Elites spraying something on his feet, but his vision was swimming, the world spun before him like a racing top. He fell forward onto the ground stiffly when the stickiness of the slime was neutralized, no longer having an anchor keeping him upright. He felt a booted feet step on the middle of his back, just over his bound hands.

 "You were saying something about gloating before me 'inevitable' victory?" He heard the voice of Herokiller taunt him, followed by a guffaw of laughter. "Look at where you are now! Trussed up beneath my feet, exactly where you belong! You've been a major pain for a long time, no longer will I be plague by you."

The Red Ranger's couldn't quite find the strength to respond with words. He was unsure why but he felt... strangely lethargic. He knew he should be angered at being treated this way and that he should be escaping, but he just couldn't summon up the strength for either of those things, even for something as basic as feeling anger. He felt Herokiller grind his booted feet into his back, applying a strong pressure on him, inspiring a feeling of domination and control over him. "Do you like my invention? Those 'ropes' are made from a special alloy I found from a stray meteorite. The metal itself is very flexible while still being tough, but it has a strange capacity to force those near it into a state of relaxation."

Herokiller gave the Red Ranger a couple of kicks on his shoulder, meeting with practically no response. "Hah, not even a peep from you. This will keep you nice and quite while I prepare the next part of my little scheme for you. Take him away to the storage area!" Herokiller felt rather accomplished and proud of himself for managing to secure the Red Ranger, as he had originally planned.

He did not expect to be knocked out by the Red Ranger, nor did he expect to lose two of his Elite henchmen, but that was more a fault on his part for underestimating the Ranger. Had he prepared more traps, as he should have from the start, he'd definitely be well underway the next phase of his plans. An oversight. Regardless, he still managed to subdue the hero and he was perfectly happy with how that turned out.

The lethargic Red Ranger was picked up was picked by one of the Elites, carrying the trussed up body over his shoulder like a sack of potatos. He might as well be with how limp and quiet he was. The Red Ranger was perfectly aware of what was happening, he just couldn't get anxious or worried. He just felt... lazy. Sleepy. The effect the bindings had on him worked to a degree that he completely lost perception of time, as well as his sensations of pain. This was attributed to the fact that he was completely bound in the stuff, so he felt the effects more acutely, seeing as the villains handling the rope had not shown such a relaxed disposition.

He was carried to a section of the cavern where the wall curved outwards, hiding a tunnel behind it, which they entered. They exited out of the tunnel into an extremely, high tech room decked with computers, test tubes, bottles of strangely coloured liquids bubbling away. The brightly lit room with its white tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling contrasted with the gloomy cavern that he had initially entered. Not that the Red Ranger really had much of a mind to admire the drastic change of scenery.

The Elite carrying him walked over to the left side of the room where there were three computerized pedestals. Setting the Ranger onto the pedestal and using a hand to keep the bound and out of it hero upright, he punched in a few buttons on the command pad and stepped away, watching as mechanized arms extended from the base of the pedestal.

Remotely controlled, they entwined over the already bound hero. Once the thin mechanical arms properly encircled the Red Ranger, the retracted, tightening their hold on the Red Ranger, forcing him onto his knees.

Captured like this, even the Elite felt a fleeting sense of pity for the ranger. Well...just a little. He loved the look of the mighty Red Ranger all bound up in those metal ropes and mechanized arms. It was befitting of the hero who always ran around fighting crime and vanquishing evildoers, in the sense that being captured easily stripped a hero of their status and 'unconquered' image.

The Elite grinned, reaching a hand out to lightly palm the Red Ranger's bulge. As he was kneeling, it was a rather prominent compared to when he was standing. He hit a few buttons on the bottom of the pedestal, adjusting the mechanized arms just slightly so that the hero's hips were pushed out a little more. "You're packing a large cock there, Red Ranger. It'll belong to the Herokiller soon enough." He stroked it lightly, feeling the appendage twitch as it elongated slightly.

That surprised him slightly. He hadn't really expected a reaction from the Red Ranger due to the power of the special alloy that bound him but here he was. Looking at a semi-hardened cock through the Ranger suit, angled to the left. "Heh~, maybe you really are a pervert. I can't wait for you to be released from those ropes, so I can hear you struggle." He continued touching and stroking the Red Ranger's cock through his suit, getting him to full hardness.

So enamored he was with stroking the Red Ranger's bulge that he didn't even notice Herokiller enter the laboratory from the tunnel. "Kindly keep your hands off the prize. I know he's irresistible but refrain yourself for a little while, at least until I'm done with him." The supervillain came over to look at their acquisition. The Ranger's erection did not escape him. "Hoh? He's horny?" He used a finger to tap the hard appendage tucked away within the Red Ranger's suits.

"Yeah boss. He got hard really easily, I only touched him for a couple of seconds." The Elite watched Herokiller play around with the Ranger's cock with a look of hunger. How he wished he was the one touching him, but he had his orders. He wasn't about to go against his Boss' wishes.

"We might have found an Achilles' heel. He's not consciously resisting because of the ropes... so his deepest desires surface easily without his conscious control and suppression of it." Herokiller retracted him hand, bring it up to his nose to take a little sniff... Hm... Nice and musky, exactly how he liked his Rangers. "Get the special ropes off of him." He ordered, watching his Elite henchman reach for the ropes on the bound, kneeling hero. His fingers found the joining ends of the rope, detaching it and pulling it away from underneath the mechanized arms that remained encircling the hero.

The Red Ranger felt the ropes slide off his body, and with that was control over his emotions again. He growled as he tried to lunge forward. He managed to rise up just slightly from his kneeling position before one more mechanized arm, extending out from the back pedestal at lightning speed, wrapped itself around the Red Ranger's neck, tightening and pulling him back down into a kneeling position.

He twisted around in his bondage, his fingers opening and closing as he tried to bring his arms up so that he could grab the mechanized arm the was strangling him and wrench it off. The other mechanized arms that had wrapped around him earlier, keeping his arms straight by his side, ensured that he could not do that. Maybe he could have some possibility of breaking off one of the mechanized arms and slowly gain momentum from there if he had access to his full strength, which he didn't due to his biceps being tightly bound to his upper torso. The pedestal, clearly crafted to hold superheroes like him made sure he couldn't do much of anything.

"Grk...rk!!" Black spots were starting to appear the Red Ranger's vision, his vision swam as his body fought desperately for air until finally, the arm over his neck loosened, just enough for him to breathe. His body sagged as he took deep breaths, sweating profusely. Even though he could breathe, the mechanized arm was still coiled tightly around his neck, enough to remind him that the threat of being strangled was just around the corner.

"Don't bother. The setting we used are specialized just for you. I've gathered a lot of data about you from our past encounters to build this for you." Herokiller laughed as he lightly tapped the Red Ranger's visor, taunting him,"Make this easier for yourself by not struggling. It'll only get tighter otherwise." The Red Ranger grit his teeth, his expression hidden beneath his helmet but he knew better then to test what Herokiller said. His own general inability to move was proof enough. He was also just acutely aware of his own erection, but his own coping mechanism for it was to pretend nothing was happening down south. If he didn't acknowledge it, no one else will right?

"The hell do you want with me Herokiller?" The Red Ranger asked, subtlely flexing his arms just to do a quick test. Sure enough, he felt his bondage become just a little tighter. He didn't make a single peep, nope. He'd rather get whipped all over again by those strange shocking ropes than give Herokiller the satisfaction of watching him struggle in vain.

"Well, originally~" He drawled, "I just wanted you gone. Kapish. You and your little group of Rangers are always interfering with my plans. Not that you could properly capture me, but the fact you always show up means I have to reschedule my plans. I have clients, I have things to supply to others." He lightly pat the ranger's chest, loving how his muscular chest felt, especially under that smooth, bright red, skintight suit. He could feel the Ranger's chest rising and falling as he took deep breaths, deliberately calm.

Slowly, his palm drifted downwards, gliding over his abdomen. He felt the hero's body tense up as he uttered a soft groan. Herokiller grinned, remembering that just earlier, the hero had gotten an intense whipping and shocking. The Red Ranger looked straight ahead at the supervillain just inches in front of him, just slightly worried about Herokiller's intentions. Their heads were just about the same height with the Red Ranger being forced on to his knees on the pedestal. A big sadistic grin flashed on Herokiller's face as he formed claws with his hand and pushed it into the Red Ranger's sore abdomen.

The Red Ranger let out a loud howl at the sudden infliction of pain. His body jerked, and he threw in head back in an attempt to create some distance from the five points of intense agony caused by the Herokiller's fingers as he drove them in deep into his abdomen. The Ranger tried to jump and kick, his entire body flexing as he fought to escape the agony of having his sore muscle being tortured like this. The mechanized arms tightened over him as he fought desperately, the pain driving him to a sort of instinctual madness of wanting to be free.

As was the nature of the mechanized arms, the grip of the mechanized arms became tighter as he struggled, to an absolutely absurd degree (save for the one around his neck). Soon, the Red Ranger found that he could no longer budge an inch, in the most literal sense. Not a twist, not even a simple nudge. He could no longer find purchase for movement anymore, but the villain had not let up from his administrations.

Now that he was no longer able to move, the villain could really start give him a nice lesson. He shook his hand erratically, causing those five clawed fingers to slide around just slightly on his abdomen, causing a wave of pain to travel outwards. The Hero let out a choked sound of pain as his body felt like it was being torn, set ablaze as his pain senses were strung up. The villain removed his hand when he noticed a shiny drop of liquid drip out from the underside of the Ranger's helmet. The agony of it had caused the hero to drool just a little.

Herokiller could physically 'sense' the hero's body sag and relax almost instantly, though not physically see it as the mechanized arms held their captive so tightly at this point that physical movement from the Ranger was just not an option, except for his head. He reached forward to rub the little drop of drool that landed on the Ranger's suit in, creating a nice little dark spot that stuck onto his skin He could not help the smirk that bloomed on his face when he felt the Red Ranger's body jump just slightly when he touched him. It seems he made a big impression on the Red Ranger if he was responding to his touch like it was hot iron or something.

"Hm~ Absolutely exquisite." He whispered close to Red Ranger's helmet where his ears would have been. From here, Herokiller could hear the hero's shaky breathing, clinging onto his consciousness as he fought through the pain. Oh... his poor, captured hero. Without any warning whatsoever, he punched the hero right in his abdomen. The Red Ranger let out a short gasp before his head lolled forward like a doll. He had passed out from the pain. Herokiller stepped back, hitting a few buttons on the pedestal.

The mechanized arms untwined themselves from the unconscious Red Ranger, retracting back into the base of the pedestal. He fell forward right into the arms of the waiting Elite,"Are we ready now Boss?"

"Yes, we'll wake him up if we need to. I want him to feel every moment." Herokiller laughed as he grabbed four leather cuffs with a sort of chip embedded to it from his worktable in the lab, and along with it, a collar of sorts. He grabbed one more contraption alongside all those, a handheld red controller of sorts.

"Haha, look at him boss! He's still hard even after you tortured him." He held the Red Ranger up from under his armpits, front facing the supervillain so he could see the Ranger's hard on. "He must be one of those masochists."

Herokiller walked over, lightly rubbing his hard on with his booted feet before walking off past them, back through the tunnel. The Elite followed closely behind, the Ranger slung over his shoulder. Once back in the dark cavern where the entrance was, Herokiller walked over to the passed out Hero and snapped the collar around his neck. Once it was secured, two little needles connected to a power source at the back of the collar pierced through his skin, connecting to his spinal cord. "The collar's on, wake him up."

The Elite grinned and did what he had wanted to do the entire time, bringing up his left hand and shamelessly groping the hero's dick, rubbing and just blatantly pleasuring him. Sure enough, he heard a soft moan as the hero slowly gained consciousness, shifting slowly from his position on the Elite's shoulder. He hadn't quite fully woken up when he heard Herokiller say, "His back first."

The Elite lifted the Ranger off his shoulder, lifted a leg so that his thigh was parellel to the ground, lay the dazed Red Ranger across his thigh and bent the Ranger over his thigh. The Hero roared in pain as he felt as though his back was breaking. Herokiller grinned as he pressed a button on a little device he was holding, connected to the collar. The collar released a set of carefully configured electrical impulses that very briefly amplified the sensation of the hero's back being broken, in a sense 'tricking' the brain into believing his back was broken when it wasn't actually broken.

The Elite stopped applying downward pressure on the Red Ranger at a signal from Herokiller, raising his arms up with a grin. He tilted his leg down a little as the groaning Ranger quite literally, rolled off his thigh like a ragdoll, hitting the ground face down. Paralyzed, as though his back was truly broken. "The rest of his limbs."

"P-please... no... You can't... to me!!" The Red Rangers words were strained, laced with the pain of an injury that wasn't exactly what he believed was real, though the soreness of his abdomen contributed too. He almost felt like crying when the Elite put a booted foot against his elbow, stepping on it while he pulled the Red Ranger's wrist upwards. He was applying enough pressure for it to hurt, but not inflict permanent damage. However, another simple push of the button from Herokiller and the pain momentarily amplified, tricking him into believing his arm was busted, as it lay on the ground limply.

"On the contrary, I can!" Herokiller felt giddy hearing the Ranger beg for mercy, but he WAS showing mercy. He could be actually breaking his bones right now, except, he researched and created this alternative... a permanent alternative anyway, for as long as that collar stayed on the Ranger, the effect triggered by those impulses remained indefinitely.

The process was repeated with his other hand, and then his two legs. Each time, the Red Ranger sunk deeper into despair. When the Elite was done breaking him, in the most literal sense, he was uncharacteristically quiet. He lay on the ground limply, as though a doll before being picked up by the Elite, even then, his arms and legs swung beneath him freely. "Don't worry~, you won't 'die' from these injuries. That'd defeat the purpose of your capture."  

The Herokiller took out the four cuffs, snapping it onto the Red Ranger's ankles and wrists. "Drop him." The Elite laughed cruelly as he just removed he just let go of the Ranger, watching as he dropped awkwardly onto the ground in a weird angle. The Red Ranger grit his teeth, pain and humiliation made him feel shamed. He was no longer hard anymore, the intense agony of feeling his bones being broken was too much to bear though... he wondered if the pain was supposed to last for such a short moment. His arms and back felt pretty normal at this point, but he couldn't move them for some reason.

Herokiller pressed a few button on the device he was holding and the Red Ranger felt his body moving by itself, controlled by some sort of unknown force. He got onto his hands and knees, pushing himself off the floor and standing. He walked the few steps that separated him and Herokiller before presenting himself to the villain, arms akimbo, displaying himself proudly before the Herokiller.

He was taken aback by what was happening, he was fully conscious but he had absolutely zero control over his limbs at all. "What's happening? What did you do?" He was genuinely panicking. He couldn't even turn his head to look at himself, only stand with his fists placed right over his belt.

Herokiller laughed,"I'd explain, but that knowledge would be wasted on you. Basically, I've tricked your body into believing your limb with the the help of some tech I invented, I can operate your body's basic motor functions without resistance." He waved the red remote right over the Red Ranger's visor as he made grunting noises, as though he was struggling to get control of his limbs back. "Why don't you say we have some fun, you closet pervert."

The Red Ranger's head jerk downwards suddenly, looking at himself as his left hand lifted off the side from his belt, softly palming his cock. "Stop! Please!" His hand started moving up and down... up and down... slowly and sensually, bringing his soft cock back to life. "It's criminal to abuse me in my suit! Please! Anything but this!" However, though he was resisting externally. He was abnormally turned on by his situation, having lost all control over his own body. Being forced to touch and play with himself like this.

"Be quiet and enjoy yourself, Red Ranger. Your body is much more honest no? I've seen sluts who get aroused at a slower rate than you." Herokiller fiddled with a few controls on the remote, watching with wide, hungry eyes as the Hero hands gripped himself through the fabric, speeding up himself.

"N-no! Plea-ah! Ngh!" His breath hitched, as he felt a surge from deep within his loins. In only a few more minutes, he came all over the inside of his suit. The force of his ejaculation spraying his white semen through his suit onto his gloves. Herokiller grinned as he rubbed his hand over the Hero's chest, rising and falling quickly as he tried to catch his breath. "His helmet."

The Ranger immediately felt his helmet being unclasped from behind, before being lifted, held a few inches over his head. Immediately afterwards, he felt his hand fly up from his cock and slam itself squarely over his face. He could feel his still warm, sticky cum from the glove splat over his face, his hand moved over his face in a circular motion, massaging the offending liquid all over his face as though it was some sort of lotion. He heard the Elite and and Herokiller laughing at his expense as he was forced to humiliate himself.

He make the mistake of opening his mouth to tell the villain to stop. The moment his mouth opened, two of his gloved, cum-stained fingers were forced into his mouth, forcing him to taste himself. He moaned indignantly at the treatment, but he wasn't about to bite down on his own fingers. Unable to do anything, he grudgingly let the villain wipe cum inside him mouth and over his face. He felt absolutely disgusted, feeling his own cum slowly dripping down his face, and yet, that sense of helplessness inspired a twisted sense of arousal in him. He remained hard even though he had cum, and that fact did not escape Herokiller.

Herokiller snapped his fingers, and the Elite locked the helmet back onto the Ranger, trapping his cum stained face, along with all its musky tones of scents within his heroic symbol. Herokiller threw the remote over to the Elite,"Now I'm done with him. Play with him as you wish for now~"

Herokiller walked away, leaving the Red Ranger with a sense of trepidation. He gulped when he heard the Elite say,"So I can't help but notice you still have a hard on?" In a knowing, teasing voice.

He felt rope loop over his body despite him not being able to control him,"I just really liked the image of you struggling in rope, so why don't we reenact your capture over again?" As the knot was finished, he was kicked onto the ground, face up. The Elite sat squarely over his hard cock. At a simple press of a button, his body was struggling, trying to free itself from its bondage. The side result of that? He was rubbing his sensitive, suited cock over the Elite's round, muscular ass. He couldn't help the little moan and whimper that escaped him at being treated like this.

A puppet for his captors to play with as they wished.