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Well Suit Ted
By Kyle Cicero

He's Better Suit Ted

This is a work of fiction. All rights reserved. Ten years ago I went to my keyboard and began trying my hand at writing gay adult stories for the Internet. To celebrate these ten years I am returning to my cyber roots to say thank you to the cyber fans that kept writing to me and also to the ones who now buy my books on Amazon (under my full nom de plume of Kyle Cicero*>). I hope you enjoy this tale and yes, I will occasionally return to my 'roots' to post cyber tales on this and a few other mc sites.
To: THE BEE KEEPER with affection.

Ted checked himself in the mirror to make sure he looked sharp. "Not bad," he smirked as he adjusted the light blue shirt's collar down around his bright red tie. The rising twenty-six year old executive gazed at his suit's tailored cut. "Just snug enough so the girls in the office see that I work out but not so tight that I appear to be intentionally showing off how fucking hot I look compared to the other office guys' pathetic torsos," he laughed loudly as he buttoned up his form fitted vest. At six foot five (196cm) with 228lbs. (104kg) of well-formed muscle, Ted nicely filled out the dark set of clothes. "Dude you rock in suits," he chuckled as he stared at his reflection. His blue eyes checked out the noticeably impressive outline of his basket in the closely tailored pants. He bent his knees slightly to make sure the sheer material rode up his rock hard thighs sufficiently to discreetly cup around and thus display his 'goods' to their best effect. "Yeah that will do," he muttered as he combed his short dark brown hair and applied gel to give him that 'executive look' the company required. "That old fag I'm meeting with will get a nice view when I sit across from him in my chair. Keep the old queer's concentration distracted so I can slip the deal's details past him before he realizes how screwed he will be after he signs the contracts."

Ted smiled as he contemplated how he had played up to the older man whose business Ted's employers wished to acquire on the cheap. The owner had built up his small service shop into a prized valuable nationwide chain. Ted had assured his bosses that he was the man to help them get them that company. For weeks he had scouted the man's background and business holdings. He soon discovered that the older businessman had a weakness for younger buff well-dressed guys who were once jocks in school. The older executive clearly made it a habit to hire such 'types' to work for him. Armed with the knowledge of his prey's vulnerability, Ted had made sure during their initial encounters to "suit up" while overtly mentioning his credentials as a former college football player. Later he had wined and dined the man by taking him to various sporting events around the city. The good-looking young man always made sure on these occasions to dress in tight three piece suits that were cut in a way that highlighted his round beefy butt along with the impressive bulge in his pants. Ted was pleased to observe the older man always trying to subtly check him out and even happier the way he got the executive became visibly effected whenever Ted got up close to him. On more than one occasion Ted had casually doffed his suit jacket so the man would get a nice unobstructed view of his broad shoulders and how his upper torso tapered to his narrow waist.

For their final business meeting, the younger man dressed knowing that he looked even hotter in this newly acquired expensive suit. "Going to play you old man," Ted mused as he left his apartment in a trendy part of the city. As he took the elevator to his waiting company's limousine, he recalled how the older man had practically drooled at their last encounter. Ted had repeatedly brushed his muscular thigh up against the man while they were sitting together watching the local pro-baseball team's playoff game. Clearly the man would get the impression, as Ted had intended, that the strapping stud was coming on to him. The company chief had smiled at Ted who gave him a patented sly wink that was just seductive enough to promise more. By the final inning of that game the younger man had the older executive's verbal commitment to sell. "Fuck," Ted mused in mirth as he recalled their last meeting. "That faggot nearly sprang a boner when I accidentally dropped some papers so I could bend over right in front of him. I swear after that the queer was constantly checking my butt out during the game. I bet he raced home to beat off just thinking about how hot my ass was."

Yesterday Ted had called the man to set up final contract talks. Today he would formalize everything. "Once we are able to get this deal done Gary," Ted had said suggestively. "We can put business beside to hang out on a less professional level."

"That would be great Ted," the man had replied. "I feel like you and I have a connection. In fact, I think of you the same way I think of the other young men who work for me. Maybe after today we can work together on a joint project like I do with some of the boys who work for me."

Ted shook his head in disgust as he heard the man refer to him as a "boy". He wanted to tell the asshole he was no man's "boy", especially some faggot's boy, but held himself in check so as not to screw up his plans. He listened silently and allowed the other man to continue to ramble on about their possible future "connection" in a way that subtly indicated the older businessman was hoping for something more intimate for them in their future encounters. You pathetic faggot, Ted thought as he listened to the man drone on. Imagining I'd ever do anything with you. The only fucking you're going to get from me is the one this deal will give to you. Finally the conversation ended with everything set.

The smug younger man gave himself one last check of his reflection then sauntered down to his waiting transportation. As Ted got into the car he heard his cell phone ring. "Hello?" he said wondering who would be calling him.

"Ted, it's Gary again. Look, before we meet I'd like to...well...there is this watchmaker who makes special watches for me that I usually like to give as gifts to young men who may potentially work for me in the future. He's created this specially crafted solid gold pocket watch with its own antique gold chain that I thought you'd like to wear when you are dressed in a three piece suit," the man stated slightly coughing before continuing. "It's on the way to your office, and I wanted to buy it for you as a way to thank you for this deal and solidify our connection. I wanted you to see it first so..." the man's voice drifted off.

Ted smirked to himself and thought how fucking faggy that the guy was buying him a present. But then, he contemplated, why not accept it? After all, a pocket watch's gold chain would look classy strung across his vest. Besides, he deserved some compensation in addition to his anticipated company's reward of a promotion and bonus as a sort of extra compensation for just hanging out with the old fag. "Shoot me the directions, Gary," he said amused by the obvious hunger he detected in the guy's voice. As he received the precise location, Ted smugly leaned back in the limo's seat and imagined the look on the older man's face when, once he had secured the man's signature on the contracts, he told him just how much he hated faggots like him prior to then blowing the guy off. He told the driver the directions. A few minutes later he arrived at the store. "You can go on without me buddy," Ted informed the driver. "I'll hook a ride with the guy I'm meeting." Ted got out and went into the store. To his surprise it seemed empty of any customers except Gary. He was standing in front of a long glass counter behind which stood a grinning wrinkled old man that appeared to be about a decade older than Gary.

"Here he is Merle," Gary said cheerfully. "Show the boy the watch."

Ted winched at the use of the term "boy" but suppressed his displeasure taking comfort in the thought of how soon this "boy" would screw this faggot over. He strode up to the counter and faced the old man. "Yes show me the watch," he said to the smirking storeowner.

The old man opened the back of the counter and took out a pocket watch with its attached long gold chain. "This is an unusual piece young man. He stated as he dangled it in front of Ted's eyes. "See the intricate designs on the item."

Ted gazed at the watch. "I can see that, sure," Ted replied as his vision took in the strange engraved designs on the outer casing of the timepiece. The unusual "look' of the object intrigued him. "You mind holding it still though. It's a bit hard to make out the stuff on it if you swing it like that."

"But that is critical young man," Merle answered as he let the watch sway directly in Ted's line of sight. "You see the engraved figures on this watch actually seem to move if you concentrate your sight on it hard enough. In fact," he continued saying as Ted now focused on it to see the claimed "movements" on the object, "I will turn on a spotlight on the piece to help you appreciate the total effect even more." With that he switched on a small beam that bathed the timepiece in a bright light that gave it a golden glow.

"Interesting," Ted replied as he stared at the swinging item. The watch seemed to take on something that now fascinated him. He leaned in more to see it better. As he stared the watch, the figures on it did appear to move. After a few minutes, a vague disorientation came over him, "I think I see them but..." he muttered as his mind began to spin. He blinked and then rubbed his eyes for a second. "I feel a bit funny though," he said slowly as he again looked at the watch..

"Keep your focus on it," Merle said insistently as he increased the watch's swinging movements.

Ted gazed at the watch. His pupils followed its every motion now. "Shit,' he sighed.

"That's a good boy, really see the watch." Merle instructed encouragingly.

"See the watch," Ted replied not even thinking about how Merle had just used the word 'boy' on him. The swinging pocket watch was all he was concentrating on now. After a short while he experienced a titling of his consciousness. "See the watch." he repeated as a dull look came to his eyes, and his pupils dilated slightly. Merle saw this and nodded to Gary.

"The watch looks so pretty, right boy," Merle whispered. "It's so pretty you just cannot stop looking at it," he said over and over as Ted fixed his vision solely on the item. "You cannot look away. You don't want to look away!"

Ted discovered that he couldn't take his eyes off the gleaming watch. "Pretty. So pretty," he mumbled as the shinning object seductively glistened before him. His breathing deepened and after a few more moments he gave a deep contented sigh. A goofy grin came to his handsome face as he stared at the continually moving timepiece. Everything else lost focus.

"Ted, can you hear me?" the old storeowner whispered softly to the dazed younger executive. Ted nodded. "The watch wants you to listen to me and do whatever you are instructed to do, understand," Merle stated firmly as he let the object do its visual job.

"Yes," Ted hoarsely replied never taking his vision from the shiny object that now so transfixed him. He stood rigidly at the counter, his powerful chest rising and falling in a rhythmic breathing as he surrendered to the watch's beautiful glow. "Listen and do as I'm instructed," he repeated.

"He's ready now," the watchmaker said to Gary who nodded his agreement. "You are ready, right boy," the old watchmaker chuckled as he waved a hand in front of the zapped suited hunk taking pleasure in how dumbstruck the formerly arrogant young man had now become. "I think you will be quite the docile young bull, right boy?" the storeowner said as he watched Gary move up closer to Ted's rear.

"Docile," Ted responded dully still spellbound by the pocket watch's movements that waved in his line of sight. The younger man felt the firmness of the older executive's torso pressing him forward against the glass counter mashing Ted's tightly packaged cock and nuts along the hard surface. "Shit,' he grunted as Gary's own crotch area began humping into the younger businessman's round beefy rump and banging the hypnotized hunk's suit covered basket on the hard surface in front of it.

"You get off on this, Ted," Merle hissed as Gary thrust into Ted's rear again and again. "You truly want to surrender to this man's power. The pleasures that it gives you when he takes you especially like this. Go to that heat Ted. Experience thrill of this more powerful older man ramming your cock and balls into my counter.

As Ted felt his manhood being repeatedly squeezed, a flicker of total sensual gratification arose in him. "Aw fuck," he groaned as he discovered he had begun to stiffen in taut confines of his underwear and snug suit pants. His breathing deepened. The vest he was wearing stretched tightly around him like a comforting band. The now continual sensation of having his full nut-pouch getting squished became highly erotic.

"Yes," the watchmaker whimpered to his ear. "You like it, don't you boy. That hard counter mashing your cock and sack. Go on boy go with it. It's like the glass surface is jerking you off. Feel it and want it!" He muttered forcefully as the younger man's brain drank the words into his consciousness. "He's jerking you off using the counter to do it. It's so desirable. Him taking control of your manhood without even touching you."

"Shit," Ted replied through chattering teeth as the newly instructed sensuality of this type of masturbation filled his brain. His dick rose to its full height as Gary increased his movements to grind Ted's meat harder and harder across the flat surface of the counter. "Taking me," Ted moaned as he leaned back on Gary submissively. Suddenly without warning Gary grabbed Ted's hair to push the zapped hunk's upper torso forward sending his hard muscled body splayed over the counter's upper surface. "Fuck," Ted grunted as his handsome face hit the glass countertop. Without warning, he experienced the overwhelming sensation of Gary's masculine form lying on top of him. A rush of overwhelming surrender hit him both in his mind and, more directly, in his thick rod which struggled to reach its full length in his pant's enclosure.

"All dressed up, huh boy," Gary said sharply as he banged down on Ted's prone muscled rear. "Dressed up like some hot shot in your three piece suit but now squirming under me like a bitch huh," Gary laughed.

Ted raised his head to say something in protest but as he did he once more caught sight of the watch that was still critically held in front of his eyes. The storeowner began speaking to the horizontal stud cutting off Ted from replying.

"You need to listen to Gary, boy," the owner said. "You crave to obey him," he continued saying in low but firm tones of command as Ted drank it all into his psyche. "Tell Gary how bad you want to obey him. How being used by him in any way gets you so hard, boy."

As the man spoke these words Gary increased his humping movements grinding Ted forward on the counter and thus increasing the pleasurable pressure the flat surface was creating on Ted's raging erection. "Uhhuh," Ted whined as his brain took in the orders. " man my cock's so hard...obey him...used by him...uhuh...use me," Ted repeated as his zapped mind processed it all in and locked it in place deep in his inner mental core of being. "Oh gees, my nuts are so fucking churning," Ted wheezed as his tightly covered manhood struggled without success to expand even more in the tight confines of his bikini briefs and suit pants. He began to thrust his narrow his back to give his erection more room inside his briefs only to experience an increasing sensual heat when Gary's hips pushed him down harder onto the counter. "Aw Gary...use me man," he whimpered. The words brought a grin to the other two men. Ted was theirs now!

"Time to pop this ass, boy," Gary growled as be reached to take a small knife that the watchmaker handed to him. "You flashed it often enough boy. Like I didn't know what you were doing."

"Huh," the turned on younger man grunted, barely conscious of anything but the sensations of being humped while his body was encased in the firmly fitted three-piece suit he was wearing. His powerful chest strained at his vest's buttons while his crotch's "panted" confinement seemed to make his arousal even greater. By now Gary's actions were driving him insane with erotic heat. He barely discerned it when the older man skillfully slit the inseam of Ted's suit pants then, the cotton of his Calvin's to open a small hole in the area of his rear end opening.

"You think I was that stupid boy," Gary laughed as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own erect rod. "I knew that you were trying to do but decided to play along. You were so sure of my stupidity. You were so smug in your attitude that it makes this moment so much more enjoyable." With that he slipped his erection through the hole in Ted's clothes then forcefully downward past the round beefy muscled butt cheeks of the out-of-it younger executive. Soon his cock reached Ted's anal entryway. Gary tensed his legs and rammed forward. "Taking you now," he grunted as he pushed at the ring that, until not, had always been inviolate. "You're all suited up just like I like my boys to be when I fuck them!" he chuckled as he sensed his manhood move past the young man's outer defenses to delve deep inside Ted's rear.

Ted was so busy reveling in the sensations that he was getting from having his dick ground into the counter's surface that he did not at first realize what was happening until his anal hole experienced itself being invaded. "What ...ah fuck," he yelped in protest as Gary began to plunge deeper inside Ted's once virginal macho rump. "My ass!" he cried as he felt his butt hole being roughly stretched open. He tried to squirm forward but the counter held him in check. "Eoowww fuck," he squealed in vain as he realized he was being screwed! He struggled to get Gary off him but then, as his head rose up; he caught sight of the moving watch and heard Gary's voice.

"You want this so bad," Gary grunted as he started to move his erection in and out of Ted's rear end while forcefully grinding the boy onto the counter vigorously increasing the erotic massage on Ted's trapped manhood. His activities soon were sending shock waves of arousal from the younger man's crotch up into his brain. "You get off on obeying me. Dressing up in a nice suit then getting fucked by a man is the only thing that now truly turns you on, right boy." Gary whispered insistently as he fucked Ted knowing that screwing Ted's brain was just as important as fucking the young executive's rear end.

Ted gulped in air as his mind took everything in that was being said to him. His eyes darted to the watch. The now soothing timepiece seemed to silently assure him that everything he was hearing was true. He took in more deep breaths while his initial discomfort and panic faded. "Dressed up and fucked. I want it," he murmured finally as the effects of the watch combined with Gary's instructions did their intended job. His anal cavity loosened.

Gary gazed at Merle and smiled. "Another hunk taken, huh buddy," he said to the man as he humped into Ted. "But this one is a real prize. Hey, you look interested," he smirked as he noticed the watchmaker's boner. "Ted open your mouth and thank the man boy," he commanded to the mind-fucked boy who was now wiggling under him and squealing in erotic heat as his prostate got its first brief taste of a cock striking it.

"Aw fuck my ass," Ted hissed as this unexpected anal pleasure flooded into him. His mind sailed off and, without protest, Ted opened his full lips. He sensed the watchmaker's hard pole slip into his throat and soon tasted his first stiff dick.

"Lick it boy," Gary grunted to him. "Suck Merle's cock."

Ted was, by now, too mind-zapped and turned on to resist the commands. He let his tongue run along the under-shaft of the storeowner's erection and relaxed his throat so the rod could go in deep. Soon, with Gary's verbal encouragements and instructions, the young stud was licking and slobbering on the cock like a true pro. Part of his mind registered that he was sucking dick but any hesitation he might have experienced were lost in the comforting words that Gary was now continually addressing to him.

"You want to obey me. You love that I'm fucking your once straight ass while you are all dressed up in your expensive suit, boy. I think it makes you hornier to suck dick too, right boy," he patiently instructed. "You love being all dressed up and getting fucked over by men. Wearing a suit is a major turn-on for you, boy!"

Ted happily listened. He was now fully aroused. The tight fit of his three-piece suit instantly became something that was comforting and highly sensual for him. As these new desires arose in his brain he suddenly he felt Gary's erection forcefully hit that place inside his guts that, until now, had only been teasingly touched by Gary's cock. "Aww fuck," Ted hissed as his powerfully youthful body quaked under this new sensual assault. His mouth's "dick muffled" groans grew louder even as his well-developed torso shivered in erotic bliss. His muscled frame started to respond even more to the actions of the two men. "Fuckth," he whined as both his holes were vigorously plowed.

Gary and the storeowner took in the young man's now eager reactions and increased the pace of their screwing until, without warning, they mutually blew their wad deep into the cavities of the prone stud under them. "AWWW FUCK SHIT!" they both bellowed in satisfaction as they squirted.

Ted felt the twin gushes of their hot liquids race into him from either end. At one point he actually sensed when the two separate waves of manly jism made contact somewhere inside him. The thought sent him sailing into his own loss of control. "Arghh gees," he wailed inside his brain. Everything seemed to spin out of focus for him. He realized he was coming only when the wet heated stickiness of his spunk flooded into his crotch's confined area. "Aww man," he sighed as both men pulled out while he still repeatedly flooded into the expensive pants material of three-piece suit until his nuts had nothing left in them. When Gary backed off of him, Ted groaned and slid down from the counter to sink to his knees. He panted like a dog with his head sinking onto his chest. As he took in air he gazed down at the huge wet stain that now soiled his tailored outfit. He glanced up blushing at the two men who merely smiled in approval.

"Now you are my boy, got it," Gary said as he placed the watch in one pocket of Ted's vest then strung its attached chain across Ted's chest to place the other end into the other vest pocket. "Some men like their boys collared up like a dog. I prefer my boys dressed in three-piece suits while wearing a nice chain that subtly signals my personal ownership," he chuckled as he stared at his newly acquired and now totally devoted sex toy. "You're going to call your job and tell them you are working for me now got it. Oh and tell them the deal is obviously off. But before you do all this how about showing me some respect boy." He said firmly while pointing to his Italian leather dress shoes.

Ted looked at the shiny gold chain that ran across his vest then at his "owner". "Yes sir," he replied submissively while savoring the snug fit of the tailored suit clothes encasing his muscled torso even as he instinctively bent down to kiss his new Master's feet.