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Under The Big Top
Part 2 - Under The Big Top: Jesse Drake
By Kyle Cicero

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Under The Big Top: Jesse Drake

By Cicero

Part One: It Begins

The angry young man put both his hands on the desk in front of him and leaned in to stare at the woman sitting behind the table.

“Listen you bitch,” he yelled, “My brother Billy hasn’t been heard from in four weeks. I want to know what is going on or I’ll fucking kick your pussy ass!”

Carol Hodds, the new head of the agency kept her calm, “Mr. Drake all I can tell you is that he is on a long term mission that will take some time. He is under cover at the local circus and….oh that was a mistake. Please forget I said anything.” She flustered.

“Skip it, I’m going there.” With that the young man turned and strode out. As he did a smile came to the woman’s face. Just like his brother she mused. She nodded to herself now even more convinced turning over Billy Drake had been correct. Revenge was sweet & besides she got to become head of the agency too boot. A perfect position to clean house of all those smug macho muscle boys serving as agents.

She picked up a phone and dialed. “Oh yes he came and I pretended to slip just like we planned. Yes I agree he is Billy’s only relative and it makes sense to…yes just as arrogant as Billy in fact…yes perfect build and his looks are quite like his brother. By the way Mr. Boon our buyer in Singapore called he’s quite happy with the Major. He loves having a former military man as a docile sex slave Yes sir I’m checking files for a few more of our ‘marketable’ agents to send to you for processing and resale. I’ve sent you a copy of this brother’s file. Thank you sir.”

Carol put down the phone and opened up her copy of the file on Billy’s brother:
Jesse Drake currently 22 years old. Slightly over six foot. Former champion swimmer and soccer player. Brown hair .Green eyes. College reports show assault on a gay man one Shawn Terry in college: not proven. Allegedly rough with his women: no charges filed. Idolizes older brother Billy Drake.

Part Two: A Day in the Big Top

Jesse drove over to the circus angry and determined to find his brother. “Fucking bitches.” He muttered think about Carol Hodds. “Almost as useless as faggots.” He smiled recalling the ‘lesson, he had given one queer at school once. When he arrived he asked if anyone had seen Billy. He was directed to the main tent. What he saw when he entered blew his mind. There in the center ring was his older brother wearing a dog collar, butt naked, on all fours and, performing tricks at the command of some small clown.

“Come on boy up and beg,” the clown said as Billy complied.

“Bowwow, “Billy responded as he got up in a squat with his arms in a begging position.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!” Jesse bellowed in rage not only at seeing his brother acting like some degenerate dog but sporting a raging hard-on while doing it.

The clown glanced over sat Jesse, “do you mind.” He replied calmly, “My pet and I are practicing for our act tonight aren’t we boy?”

To Jesse’s shock Billy answered in a series of barks and began shaking his rump obscenely in agreement. “Arf.Arf.Arf.”

Jesse tried to convince himself this was a delusion. He had always looked up to his big brother. Envied his macho attitude and how he treated others with a sense of superiority. Jesse had patterned his whole life to be exactly like his bother. This couldn’t be his idol doing this and worse appearing to be aroused doing it. Jesse stared at his brother’s fully erect cock. He had seen Billy naked before but never fully erect. He closed his eyes and shook his head hoping to make this scene go away but when he opened his eyes it was still there.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BROTHER?” Jesse screamed still rooted to his spot by the sight of his big brother humiliating himself and that throbbing cock Billy was sporting. This was sick, he thought. He directed his eyes away from his brother, “Billy why are you doing this?” He groaned.

“If he gets this lesson right he’ll get to suck my dick as a reward.” The small clown answered for Billy. “You’d like that right Billy,” the clown chuckled.

“Arf.Arf.Arf, “Billy replied eagerly his tongue now out and wagging.

By the way I’m Rollo,” the clown retorted. “I own your big brother’s ass and it is quite a fuckable one too.”

“You…own…….you ..…fuck brother’s…ass!” Jesse hoarsely said.

“Oh yes and may I say your ass looks fuckable too. I’m going to enjoy fucking it later I bet.” Rollo laughed.

The comment snapped Jesse out of his numbness. “You sick fucking dwarf .You think I’d let you fuck my ass like I was some queer fruit!” he growled in a growing anger.

“Billy said the same now look at him,” Rollo responded as he directed a glance over at Billy. The trained former agent had gotten down on all fours and had by now lifted one leg and was busy licking his own rigid dick. “Ah this brother of your can never stop licking cock even his own it seems. You are probably going to be the same way. From your stare at his rod I bet you wanted it for some time as well”

Jesse was furious by what he saw & heard. He strode up quickly to the small clown, grabbed Rollo by the labels of his clown suit and, pulled him up close to his muscular frame so he could get face to face with the diminutive crime boss. “I ain’t no cocksucker!” He growled. “I’m going to kick your ass you little faggot.”

“Or better idea. I kick your nuts,” Rollo replied as he drove his knee, which thanks to Jesse was now right under the young man’s sack, upward into Jesse’s hefty package.

“Oh..fuc…my nuts!” Jesse howled as he dropped Rollo and fell to his knees doubled over in pain. “My fucking…nuts,” He wheezed rocking back and forth tightly gripping his bulge. “You fucking kicked me in my nuts!”

“Yeah you Drake’s always say that, “Rollo teased as he reached for a metal dog bowl nearby on the floor. “Oh Jesse.” Rollo snickered softly.

Jesse glanced up; his good-looking face a study in pain. “You…my …fuc..nuts,” he wheezed.

“Now let’s see what we can do with this.” He said as he whacked Jesse on the side of his head with a loud “THWACK”!!! The blow sent Jesse’s head sideways.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH,” Jesse groaned. The blow rocked his brain and the room spun. He looked at Rollo through half closed eyes and a zonked look on his face. “I’m …going…fuck…your…ass! “He weakly said as he swayed slightly.

“OH please,” an annoyed Rollo replied. Let’s just admit I’m going to fuck yours okay.” At that the criminal clown boss whacked the young man on top of his head with another loud “THWACK!”

“Fucccccccccccc,” Jesse relied as the world grew dark. His handsome young face got a goofy look and then he fell forward at the small clown’s feet still holding his swollen crotch causing his athletic rump to rise high in the air.

“These Drake boys always fall down holding their balls,” Rollo smirked. “Ah well it must be in their genetic makeup.”

Billy ambled over and began to sniff at the unconscious body of his brother. At one point the happy former agent tried to get his nose under Jesse’s lower body to get at the young man’s crotch in order to sniff it as well.

“Now, now my pet,” Rollo sharply ordered. “You can smell your brother’s package another time.”

Billy stared up at his master with a look of dejection. Billy now loved the musky odors of men’s baskets. “Arf. Arf,” he replied in dejection.

“All in good time my pet.” Rollo stated as he leaned over to stroke Billy head. “All in good time.” Rollo reached down and stripped Jesse of his pants and underwear. “Yep a truly fuckable beefy treat.” He smirked. “Come boy lets get our drugs.” He said to Billy.

“Bow wow, bowwow,” Billy yapped as, still on all fours, he left with his owner to get the proper items Rollo would need.

Rollo walked with Billy to a nearby table and picked up a file and a drug filled needle. “Hmm, it seems your little brother has quite a major case of hero worship of you Billy. Just the key I’ll need.” The clown walked back to the prone young man. And gave him a massive injection in one of his round butt cheeks. He went back to the table to put the needle away. “Yes I bet deep inside he sees you as his role model.” When he turned back there was Billy right by Jesse’s rump sniffing it. Rollo’s laughter filled the tent.

Part Three: Brother’s At Play

Jesse tried to concentrate. For some reason everything seemed fuzzy. He thought someone was with him but it was all a bit disoriented. He felt cool all over and he thought that he might be naked. He definitely felt like he was lying down. He tried to get up but couldn’t. he felt so tired and dizzy. He decided to rest a bit.

A voice whispered into his ear. “How long have you admired your big brother,” it asked.

“All my life,” Jesse weakly replied not sure if the sound was happening in his scattered mind.

“You want to be just like him don’t you?” the voice continued.

“Yes, “Jesse answered too zapped to make sense of this all. He decided to just focus on the voice hoping it would steady his mind.

“You brother is in fine shape isn’t he,” came a voice.

“Yes,” Jesse said .It was all so weird for the handsome young jock but he just couldn’t get clear in his brain. The coolness felt arousing on his body. Jesse just decided to lie quiet and reply to the comforting voice.

“You admire his body don’t you?” came the voice softly.

“Yes,” Jesse nodded. Even a young child he had admired how big brother Billy had such a natural build.

“In fact you get hot seeing it.” The voice suggested firmly.

“No…I…no,” Jesse insisted trying to shake off this wooziness.

“No you do.” The voice insisted. “That hard body. That long cock you couldn’t stop staring at it.

“No …no,” Jesse insisted but he recalled somehow seeing his brother with a hard-on and feeling something? Thanks to the drug confusion he didn’t comprehend that what he felt was rage.

“But you are hard thinking about your brothers cock aren’t you.” The voice instructed. Rollo, who was the voice, nodded to Billy who eagerly crawled between his younger brother’s muscular thighs and bent down his head & lapped on Jesse’s rod.

All Jesse felt was a wet warmth and then his cock stiffening. In his drugged mixed up state he assumed he was getting aroused by what the voice suggested. “Ooooo …no…Billy’s cock,” he whimpered as he squirmed under the expert blow job Billy had learned to give. “I’m…no…not hard…no..oh gees.”

“You are Jesse admit it,” Rollo teased.

Thanks to the stimuli of the chemicals in his body Jesse was experiencing waves of erotic bolts in his cock. To his dazed mind, made pliable by these same substances, this factor seemed to show him that the voice appeared to be telling him the truth. “I …my brother’s dick.” The muscular hunk fought against it but after a few minutes his youthful sexual urges overpowered him. “Oh fuck….so…hard…..I’m so ….hard….I must......want…his…cock.” Jesse convinced himself.

“Then you shall have it,” Rollo said as he signaled Billy to continue sucking his baby brother with greater intensity. The clown boss unzipped and brought his throbbing member to Jesse’s lips. “Here is your brother manhood Jesse. Taste it!”

“No…can’t ..suck…dick.” Jesse protested weakly as his own rod lurched and a shot of sexual heat flamed in him thanks to brother Billy.

“Taste it,” Rollo urged the zapped boy as he rubbed his meat across Jesse’s lips. Give in to the urges you are feeling.

Jesse who by now was feeling waves of intense arousal in his dick thanks to his brother’s oral performance opened his lips and took in Rollo’s cock. In his mind it was Billy’s and his still overwhelming urge to blow his nut juice as he tasted his brother’s meat merely convinced him that this must be what he always wanted. “Umph, umph.” The young stud said through his stuffed mouth.

“That’s right taste Billy’s cock. Feel the erotic thrill in your own cock as you do. See you always wanted Billy’s cock.” Rollo droned in a steady voice.

“Umph,umph,” Jesse murmured as he sucked his first dick. Thanks to his big brother’s excellent blow job Jesse was finding the experience devastatingly erotic. The part of his brain that normally would have screamed in protest was numbed by the drugs. His young sex centers calmly processed the arousals and registered that this activity was highly desired. Jesse sucked faster. “Hmm.hmmm.hmm,” he mumbled.

By happy coincidence both Rollo and Jesse climaxed at the same time. As the young athlete slurped up Rollo’s cum his scattered thought processes just connected Jesse’s intensity of orgasm with the taste of male seed. “Oh ..yessss,” Jesse whimpered deliriously after Rollo withdrew his dick from the handsome boy’s mouth. “Billy you’re cum… tasting you… fucking…blew nuts off.”

“A good progress.,” Rollo muttered as he poured a shot of his drug down Jesse’s throat. It would be simple over time to rewire Jesse’s addled inner core to associate every cock with Billy’s. The perversity of reorienting this young stud into not only being cock crazy but believing every dick he serviced to be that of his older brother’s was too sweet to pass up. “Yes good progress,” Rollo snickered as he gazed down at a smiling Jesse who was still licking off any extra jizz that was left around his full lips. “Ah my handsome muscle boy I intend to take time with you. I’ll just give you enough formula to keep that smug mind of yours off balance and harness your young sex drive into a new direction.

After a week both brothers had become expert cock suckers. In fact Rollo even let the brothers simultaneously go down on each other for the amusement of his men. Rollo planned to break Jesse’s cherry but felt no rush to do so as he plotted strategy.

Part Four: The Brother In Me

By the next week Rollo decided Jesse was ready for the next step: getting his athletic cherry rump plowed and popped. This was the critical phase because Rollo had found young studs might suck cock but, taking cock up the butt and craving for it to be done to them again and again required the guy to get past a mental barrier. The rewards once the stallions were broken however were well worth the work. “Pussy a macho straight guy’s butt,” Rollo told his men, “Fucks his brain as well into permanent submission because it shatters his self masculine image.”

Rollo juiced up Jesse till the muscle boy was flying and primed to experience massive erotic arousals. The diminutive clown boss directed his prey to the big top’s center ring and positioned him on all fours. He ordered Billy to sit in front of Jesse so the young man could see his older brother. Slowly he spread Jesse’s sculpted thighs and lubed the young man’s chute with his thumb.

“Ahhhh yessss ,” Jesse hissed as the wet cool lubricant was massaged into his outer ring.

Billy , on a nod from his master Rollo, began his prearranged talk with his young brother. “Yeah baby brother. Feels so good. He’s going to make it feel better too.”

Rollo grinned. Billy was so mind fucked that he was going to help Rollo punk Jesse’s ass. Judging from Billy’s throbbing erection he was finding the process of helping in the gelding his brother’s masculinity arousing as well. Rollo began to finger fuck Jesse’s hole.

“Oh yeah. So fucking good.” Jesse moaned as he wiggled his beefy muscled butt hole on Rollo’s finger.

“Wait till you feel his dick bro,” Billy replied. “I can’t get enough of it man.”

“You took his dick up your butt Billy?” Jesse asked hesitantly even as he reveled in the finger job in his rump.

“Bro,” Billy responded encouragingly. “His dick up my shitter was fantastic.

“But a dick up your butt man.” Jesse sighed in confusion. Part if him resisted even as Rollo’s digital penetration was turning him on to it

“Go on Jess baby,” Billy hissed lewdly as his own dick ached to see Jesse get humped.

“Take it like I did,’ Billy suggested knowing that would do the trick.

“Yeah like my big brother did,” Jesse agreed. He was too out of it to focus on anything but Billy.

Billy smiled and nodded to his master as Rollo nodded back.

Rollo took his thumb away and slowly inserted his massive dick up Jess’s butt. As he got half way in Jesse’s body quaked.

“OH GEES IT HURTS!” Jesse bawled as he tried to pull off.

“Relax baby brother you can take it.” Billy cooed as he grabbed Jesse’s face and got eye ball to eye ball with his hunky brother. “Do it for me bro.”

Jesse gazed at his idol and nodded. “Yes bro.I can take it.”

Rollo felt Jesse’s hole relax. He pushed fully in.

“Oh man. My ass. He’s fucking my ass Billy,” Jesse groaned in dismay.

“Come on baby bro,” Billy said softly. “He’s seeding you man. Your ass is getting seeded like mine was.”

“Like yours was ,’ Jesse grunted. In his mixed up mind anything Billy did or had done was fine. “Billy said it was fine,” Jesse would accept it and do it too.

Rollo barely suppressed an urge to laugh. It was so sweet. He had not only punked Billy but also had Billy had set up macho younger brother to be butt busted. The small clown began to fuck harder and faster as the taller younger man under him squirmed and bucked.

“ ass is on fire,” Jesse bawled .Soon however Rollo’s cock hit the sweet spot of Jesse's prostate. “Oh man…oh shit yeahhhh,” Jesse cried as the massage by Rollo’s dick triggered an erection for him.

“Getting seeded little brother, “ Billy replied as he reached down to stroke his own throbbing member. Billy was so turned on seeing Jesse ‘s first fuck.

“Seeded like a dog in heat huh,” Rollo whispered to the drugged and dazed young hunk as he plowed him over and over still rubbing that spot in Jesse’s gut that further released a cascade of arousal through the young stud’s body.

“Like ..a…,” Jesse replied as his brain processed the erotic thrills with this suggested role.

“You are a dog in heat,” Rollo continued. “It’s what you crave. Billy is one and you want to be just like him right!”

“A dog in heat….like Billy…like Billy…be… like Billy,” Jesse answered as his brain whirled and lost it.

“Yeah Baby bro,” Billy urged as well softly into his brother’s ear. “You crave to be a dog like me”

“It’s what....I crave”. As Jesse’s pre-programmed craving for cock and his continuous desire to being just like Billy got all mixed up with Rollo’s & Billy’s words. “Dog in heat. I’m a dog in heat.” He babbled as he ground back on Rollo’s cock and humped himself into his new mental role. “Oh man your really hitting it in me good.”

“You need to sound like one,” Rollo whispered devilishly. “Show him Billy!”

“Arf,Arf,” Billy howled in obedience as his dog mentality kicked in as it was programmed to do on Rollo’s command. The former macho agent spread his muscular legs and stroked his meat too.

“Arf!” Jesse suddenly responded as Rollo’s dick hit Jesse’s prostate full on. Soon both Drake brothers were baying away. “AAAHHHHWWWHHHOOOOO!”

A hugs grin came to Rollo.He had once again done it.“Fucking take my cum you dog,” Rollo yelled as he spurted up Jesse’s chute.

“Ahhhh…ahhh…aaahhhwwhhoooo,” Jesse howled as he became that dog mentally forever. Billy’s handsome younger brother erupted as well sending a spurt of cum to the floor.

The sight caused Billy to ejaculate as well. “AAHHHWWWHHOOOO!”

“Good puppies,” Rollo said as he reached over to his side, grabbed a needle and, gave Jesse a massive shot.

“Bowwow,” Jesse muttered as he lost consciousness facing face first into his own sticky spunk.

Billy bent his head down and greedily licked the jiz off Jesse’s face. Then he lapped up his own on the floor next to his mind fucked baby brother.

Rollo climbed off Jesse. “going to repeat this breakthrough over and over you arrogant bastard.” By the time I’m done you will permanent connect arousal with being a dog. In fact your brain will think you always were!”

And so another week went by for Jesse.

Rollo sat at the desk trying to concentrate .Billy and Jesse, in full dog mind set, were making their usual ruckus over who was going to service some underlings dick.The barking and growling competitiveness between the young men was getting out of hand.Rollo knew it was time to separate the pups. He turned to one of his men. Tell our friend in Japan I’m going to ship him his ‘order’ in ninety days.Oh and ask him to give my regards to our mutual friend Mr. Boon when he sees him.”

Rollo yelled to Jesse to come to him. The happy pup crawled over wagging his butt and hungry for more cock. Unlike Billy, who was doglike only on command, Jesse was all dog all the time except when he was sent to work out on weights. Jesse ambled between Rollo’s legs and sniffed the clown’s crotch.

“Okay pup go for it.” Rollo smirked as he unzipped and let Jesse chow down on his meat. “You are going to Japan puppy,” Rollo said as Jesse slurped away. “But first you’ve a debt to pay!”

Conclusion: Dog daze

Shawn Terry heard a knock at his door. Life had been pretty bad this last year for him. After being driven out of his school by the taunts of his other students he had almost given up on life turning out okay for him. As the slightly built 5’6’’ young man opened the door he was amazed to see Jesse Drake squatting there on his doorstep. His once arrogant main tormentor was buck naked except for a collar around his neck and a leash dangling at his side... His muscular arms were raised slightly in a dog’s begging position. And he held a large manila envelope in his mouth.

Shawn blinked. “What the fuck is going on?” He asked to Jesse who just squatted there looking up at Shawn through his dilated green pupils. Seeing Jesse’s strapping six foot sculpted torso naked, hairless from the neck down and, fully dog-like in front of him filled Shawn with a wave of lust. The brown haired twenty two year old jock still had the most perfect eight pac and chest Shawn had ever seen. Jesse’s taunt muscular thighs and arms glistened in the daylight.

Shawn slowly took the envelope from Jesse’s mouth and opened it. To his shock it contained a cheque mad out in cash for one million dollars. Inside was a note which read, “A present from a friend courtesy of Jesse’s entire trust fund. As for Jesse please use him for the next three months. Treat him like the dog he always was and make sure you feed both his holes regularly because this pup is still growing & is crazy for cock now.”

Shawn stared down at Jesse who was busy licking his impressive privates as he had been trained to do. Shawn suddenly broke into laughter. He reached down and grabbed the leash. Jesse immediately leaned forward on all fours and barked happily to Shawn’s delight. "Oh yeah,” Shawn grinned. “Come on you bastard.I’m going to feed you right now and believe me I’ve dreamed of this!” With that he led Jesse in .As the zapped hunk passed in front of him Shawn reached down to give his pet a sharp slap on his dimpled well-developed butt. Jesse yapped as a laughing Shawn took off his belt.

“You once took a belt to my bare butt telling everyone that only a whipped punk ever gave up his ass to a guy. Guess you are going to be right huh doggie.”

Jesse just looked up at his master, “Arf.Arf.” He replied smiling. As he ambled on his hands and knees into the house his creamy rear wagging in excitement.

That night the neighbors heard muffled howls from Shawn’s house. “Sounds like the boy got himself a pet,” a neighbor said to his wife. “That pet sounds happy too,” the wife remarked.

The End