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Under The Big Top
Part 1 - Under The Big Top: Billy Drake
By Kyle Cicero

Under The Big Top: Billy Drake

By Cicero

Part One: The Mission

Major Barrett looked up at the young agent positioned in front of him. The agent stood just a touch over six feet and always remained standing in front of Barrett to emphasis his height over the five foot ten inch senior officer. The agent was Billy Drake. Now in his fifth year with Barrett’s agency. At 29 the young man had risen through the ranks fast to become the forty –five year old agency head’s best man. The unfortunate thing was that Billy knew it and he acted with a demeanor that showed he knew it. Billy never hid his desire to one day replace, “the old fart,” as he referred to Barrett to others and Barrett inwardly seethed with that knowledge. In training sessions at the agency gym Billy delighted in preening about showing off his perfectly proportioned muscular body and flirting with every woman in the secretarial pool. His dashing looks had the secretaries and quite a few female agents in his bed and in his corner in the agency power politics. Barrett was no flabby middle-aged slough. He was as trim and muscular as always and he still ruggedly handsome but Billy signaled a threat that Barrett had yet to figure out how to overcome.

“I have an assignment for you,” Barrett growled as he stared up at the young agent. Billy was perfectly tailored. The agent always wore his clothes tight to show off his body and special underwear to emphasis his large equipment. Barrett hated being eye level with Billy’s bulge but he wouldn’t stand and let Billy win some victory. “I’ve received reports that Rollo Hacker is back re-establishing a new network in this area. I don’t need to tell you how much we need to stop him. The guy may be less than five feet tall but his brains and cunning are gigantic. I want you to stop him. You can use anyone else as backup.”

Billy smiled and lazily stretched to his full height. “I don’t need any help taking down that flabby midget boss. I’ll break his organization and bust his ass easy.”

Barrett trembled with rage. Arrogant asshole he thought. But what was the use. “Okay do it your way. Reports are he is under cover as a clown in the local circus outside the city by the warehouse. Remember though I warned you to take help.”

Billy smirked, “A clown, “he chuckled, “I don’t need help taking down a fucking clown.” Billy turned and sauntered out. His custom-made pants showed his round butt off as intended. Billy knew that Barrett sometimes checked out the young man’s ass. “You wish. Dream on boss,” Billy said to himself, “I’m no fruit you pathetic closet case.”

As he watched the agent leave a part of Barrett, completely unaware that he did at times check out Billy’s butt, secretly wanted Billy to fail. Thoughts of Billy being broken and humiliated sent a tingling throughout his body. Barrett shook it off and, without realizing it; he reached down to his crotch to adjust his own slightly protruding bulge. Quickly he continued reading the latest reports.

Part Two: A Day At The Circus

Billy spent the next few days undercover as a roustabout checking out the circus and letting it be known he was interested in making big money with no problems asked about how it was earned. He quickly spotted Rollo. The diminutive crime czar was the smallest clown in the circus. Dressed in red pants, oversized boots, constantly wearing full clown makeup ,and chomping a cigar that somehow always got switched to a firecracker that exploded in the his face during the finale of his comedy act Rollo hardly looked the part of a dangerous perp.

“A fucking midget clown smoking exploding firecrackers gees, what a loser,” Billy mumbled as he shook his head on his way to meet Rollo one night in the main tent of the circus. The tent, known simply as the Big Top, was dark except for the center ring which was brightly lit by spotlights. Billy had received a note that morning from Rollo in which he asked to meet to discuss Billy’s recruitment by Rollo into a new ‘act’. Billy figured Rollo wanted the young roustabout to join his criminal organization. “Tonight you go down shrimp” Billy thought as he saw Rollo in the ring still in clown getup.

Billy approached Rollo and stopped a foot from him. “You sent me a message?” He smirked confidently as he stood in front of the clown with his legs slightly spread and his muscular arms folded across his wide chest. Billy wanted to be sure that the smaller flabby Rollo was intimidated by Billy’s obviously superior build.

“Yea, “I know who you are asshole.” Rollo barked. “Think I can’t smell an agent especially one as incompetent as you?”

Billy flushed with anger, “okay you know who I am. Let’s cut to the chase. I’m taking you in and if you don’t resist you won’t get hurt.”

“Ya think you can just saunter in and take me,” Rollo said with a smile.

“Yeah I think I can easy,” Billy replied as he uncrossed his hands and moved closer. Was this troll seriously under the delusion Billy couldn’t mop the floor with him. “You are nothing more than a small guy with big dreams who in the end gets a firecracker exploding in his face which by the way makes you a real loser in my book. You go quietly okay.”

“No way,” Rollo cried as he reached behind himself and pulled out one of those fake guns clowns always use.

“Oh you go bang I do down huh,” laughed Billy who dropped his hands to his sides. His tight pecs rippled in mirth under his tapered shirt. “Gees you really think you can drop me huh. Take your best shot then. Want me to lean down so you can try to hit my jaw.”

“My thoughts precisely,” Rollo retorted as he aimed the gun barrel below Billy waist & pulled the trigger. Billy was still chuckling when a small fist-like object sprung out if the barrel and made a direct hit right into Billy’s bulging basket.

“Ughhhhh,” Billy grunted as the blow to his nuts doubled him over. Instinctively his hands grabbed his jewels and he glanced down to his aching sack. As he looked up he saw that now Rollo was at eye level with him. The clown was grinning. Then Billy saw Rollo’s fist making a fast thrust to his now unprotected jaw. “Fuck,” he gasped in amazement.

“Time to go night, night big guy,” Rollo hooted as his round house punch connected with the face of the taller and more muscular agent.

No way the young agent thought, just before the blow struck, could that flabby midget have the power to cold-conk him. Then Rollo’s fist hit. “Uuuuu,” Billy cried out as his head rocked and he saw stars. He flopped ass down onto the floor his legs splayed in front of him while his hands still gripped his nuts. Rollo may have been flabby and smaller but his fist had the power of his full weight and the heft of the roll of nickels concealed in his palm. Billy was almost out of it and a part of his brain was in shock by the butt kicking the clown was obviously giving him. “What …the fuc…going…..on,” the muscled young man muttered as he tried to clear his head. He gazed at Rollo through half closed eyes. “Fuccc…,” he gurgled confused and dazed trying to make sense of it all. “But …you…..a midget clown……take mee?”

“Bigger they are I always say,” Rollo said as he walked between Billy’s legs, grabbed the agent’s hair to steady Billy’s dazed face. Billy‘s unfocused eyes were rolling in his sockets by now. “Wakey, wakey muscle boy,” Rollo smirked as he lightly slapped Billy’s face to bring him around, “by the way muscle boy thanks for the tight pants. It helped direct my aim & bunching your nuts in that underwear truly intensified the impact.”

“Huh,” a woozy Billy grunted as he started to come too.

Rollo waited till Billy was just conscious enough to understand what was going on & how the diminutive clown was whipping his butt.

“Bed time muscle boy,” Rollo sneered as he drew back his fist for another sock to the now not so taller younger hunk.

“Shiiiiiiiiit,” Billy mumbled still half out of it.

Rollo hauled back his fist and rammed one more uppercut to Billy’s jaw to close the battle.

“Oooooooooooooooo,” Billy sighed as the lights went out for the muscular agent. His eyes rolled back in his head & his body swayed. Rollo tapped the stud’s jaw gently with the flick of a finger and Billy fell backward with his hands still griping his bruised nut-sack.

Rollo went over to the ring barrier and took up a needle. He rolled Billy over and pulled down his pants to expose the agent’s creamy white bubble butt, which thanks to Billy’s continued grip on his front crotch, was raised up nicely.

“This is my own invention stud,” Rollo said out loud as he injected Billy’s ass with the contents. “It inhibits resistance, leaves the subject mentally pliable to programming and, I’m told, even stimulates ones sex drive!” Rollo pulled the needle out and playfully slapped the unconscious agent’s rear leaving a nice red welt on its pale surface. “Sweet dreams muscle boy. Tonight we teach you a whole new act!”

Part Three: Billy Gets His Act Together

Billy woke in a haze. His brain was fuzzy and he couldn’t seem to move. He felt cool all over. If he had not been so drugged up he might have realized that he had been tied spread eagle and naked in the center ring with his wrists and feet tied with rope that were attached to tent pole stakes that had been driven into the ground. “Ugh….what…happened,” he mumbled as he attempted to focus.

“Ah good,” Rollo said as he walked up to the young agent. “I thought that knockout punch was too hard on you.” Rollo jumped up and straddled himself on the bigger young man’s stomach. He bounced up and down hard on Billy’s chiseled eight-pack.

“Oof, ooof, ooof,” Billy gasped as the smaller man’s butt drove the air from him.

Rollo chuckled. “Just having some fun stud boy.” He smirked as he maneuvered up Billy’s body to balance on the muscular shoulders of the agent.

Billy looked up bleary eyed and sucking in air. Rollo seemed to loom over him from that position which was exactly the impression the clown criminal wanted.

“I know all about you.” Rollo said. “You see my young swordsman you fucked one too many ladies in your agency and one fair damsel decided to get even. She ratted you out to me.”

“You knew,” Billy replied weakly. He tried to clear his head but he couldn’t. He fought the fog that seemed to run around in his brain.

Rollo signaled off to Billy’s side and the agent became dimly aware of two other men. “Brought a few of my employees,” Rollo said to his prone captive. “Let’s start shall we.”

Rollo reached down and began tweaking Billy’s round brown nipples. Thanks to the chemicals in his system Billy’s nipples were extremely receptive now to stimuli.

“Fuck,” Billy yelped as Rollo’s expertly applied twists and pulls soon had both of then rock hard and erect. Billy felt his cock rising as well. Was he getting turned on by another guy’s touch? A flush of humiliation raced in him and it entwined with the arousals he was getting. A part of his mind took note. The fog grew stronger in his mind. “Oh man…your fucking my brain …doing this….oh mannnnnnn…...fuckkkkk.” He accidentally blurted out as his hot sculpted form writhed under Rollo’s exploitation of one of Billy’s erogenous zones.

Hearing Billy admit this all caused the diminutive clown boss to smile. He was ready to press on to the next phase. He signaled one of his helpers to go to Billy’s cock which by now was throbbing and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Quickly he unzipped his pants exposing a massive 13 inch cock.

“Shit,” Billy gasped as the monster weaved close to his eyes. The man positioned by Billy’s cock lightly took it in his hands and began a gentle pump on the young man’s rod. Billy was so shocked by his first close-up view of a guy’s dick he never noticed the hand job though his body responded to the sensation of being jerked off and his drugged brain made its illogical connection that the sight of another man’s equipment was arousing for Billy.

“Tastes good too,” Rollo teased as he rubbed his semi erect boner across Billy’s full lips. He subtly signaled the man at Billy’s cock to increase his manual actions on Billy’s pole. As Billy sighed involuntarily in pleasure Rollo’s cock dripped some precum onto Billy’s mouth. Without thinking Billy flicked his tongue at the spot and accidentally took in his first salty taste of a guy’s milk.

“Ah gees…fuck,” Billy mumbled as he tried to spit out the taste. His hand job though continued stimulating him letting the chemical disoriented brain make a new judgment that tasting cum was stimulating as well. Unconsciously Billy licked the spot again without thinking.

Rollo nodded. He knew that the more critical stages were now to begin. Billy had an exaggerated view of his masculinity hence his macho attitude and gym antics at the agency. With guys like that ANY deviance from their self image would cause their sexual identity to crack. The drugs in Billy’s system would arouse Billy beyond normal and confuse his thoughts enough to let Rollo re-program him in a new direction. First shatter the macho top then reset his mind to submissive bottom.

“Open up now,”Rollo said as he directed his cock toward Billy’s mouth.

Billy tried to clamp his jaw shut but at a nod from Rollo the main jerking Billy off used his other free hand to firmly grip and twist the young hunk’s hefty nut-sack.

“AAAAHH,” Billy bellowed. As he did Rollo thrust his erection deep into Billy’s open mouth. A muffled “UUUUMMPPHHH” escaped from Billy as Rollo humped the youthful man’s face in a slow but steady pace so as not to choke the neophyte cocksucker. The man released Billy’s nuts and began to quicken his masturbation of the young agent. “Hmmmm,” Billy moaned as he got another bolt of arousal from his groin.

“See you enjoy sucking dick.” Rollo said in a matter of fact tone. The crafty clown boss nodded and his underling pumped Billy’s engorged dick harder now using an expertly applied firmer grip & technique. “Your turned on to it.”

Part of Billy wanted to protest but he couldn’t deny knowing that he was fully erect in fact he was now aching to cum. He tried to move his head but Rollo’s thighs were locked on either side and held him tight. Billy could begin to taste Rollo’s cum and his lungs filled with the musky odor of a man in heat. The underling pumped faster driving Billy wild. He wanted to cum badly by now.

Rollo could see this on some level. “If you give me a great blow job stud boy I will let you come for me too.” He snarled as he faced fucked in rhythm to the hand action Billy was getting.

Billy wanted to resist but the urges in him built even as his brain took notes. Of the arousals Billy was experiencing during his cock sucking.

“Get me off boy,” Rollo said sharply. “You know its hot doing it. Damn you’re as hard as a rock while you’re sucking me. Go on do it. Admit its going to get you off.”

Billy couldn’t hold back by now. His need to erupt carried the day. He had been told that getting Rollo to cum would let him cum as well and so the former macho young stud sucked and lapped away on Rollo’s dick in a frenzy. By now so much erotic thrills were coursing through his sculpted form that his brain fried trying to make sense of it all. In the end it simply set the concept in the agent’s inner core that sucking men’s dicks brought sexual relief.

“Ummph,” Billy gurgled as finally both he and Rollo climaxed together. Billy’s throat furiously swallowed the clown’s cum that was filling his mouth . As Rollo pulled out. Billy gasped for air and saw his eight pac was covered with his own spunk.

The tent filled with Billy’s sobs. “I..sucked..his ..cock,” the former lady killer bawled. “I ..sucked ..his….cockkkkk…and ….I…. came….like….a ….fucking…back alley…whore!” Billy couldn’t comprehend how his reactions had been drug induced. He only knew what had occurred.

Rollo reached in his pocket and drew out a small knife. As his two underlings watched with surprise Rollo quickly cut Billy’s bindings. “Don’t worry,” Rollo laughed as he saw the look of concern on the two. “Billy boy won’t give us any trouble. Right boy.” He said sharply to Billy.

“No…trouble,” the muscular young agent muttered. His brain center was drugged to the maximum. Billy had no coherent thoughts by now. His medicated addled mind tried to make sense of what he had done with the clown boss & more unnerving to the Billy how he had sexually responded to his actions in servicing Rollo’s dick The young agent’s self- image as a hot shot agent had been shattered by his physical defeat by smaller flabbier Rollo and, thanks to the arousal he had experienced while he sucked his first cock, his concepts of himself as a straight macho ladies man was teetering on the edge of a vast cliff.

“Roll over onto that hard eight pack of yours,” the diminutive clown boss commanded.

“Yes sir,” Billy replied docilely as he flipped over barely registering what he was doing or saying due to the haze in his mind from the drugs and the confusion & turmoil his self image was undergoing. Rollo however had noticed the ‘sir’ and he nodded. Bitching the muscled stud was proceeding as planned.

“Up on all fours & head down too.” Rollo said forcefully as he gave the young agent’s beefy cheeks a sharp slap to emphasis the command.

“Owwww,” Billy squealed as he quickly complied. The tall muscular agent’s body now resembled a pyramid with his head and legs forming the base.

“Spread the legs Billy like a good boy.” Rollo instructed as he signaled his men to re-secure Billy to the ring floor.

“Yes sir,” Billy answered absent-mindedly. As he spread his powerful thighs a cool stimulating breeze enveloped his hefty ball-sack causing Billy’s rod to erect almost to its full eight inches. The stimulating air and the strangely arousing feelings he now got from it thanks to obeying Rollo’s order registered somewhere in his brain. He was so concerned over these feelings & how his dick was enlarging that he never noticed that ropes were being refastened.

Rollo stood back to enjoy his favorite view. “Nothing like a hot built stud down on all fours in front of you with his nuts dangling between a set of muscled legs.” Rollo approach Billy’s bubbled rump and put his hands on each cheek. “Time to saddle bust this young stallion into my own docile brood mare huh boys,” He chuckled as he pressed his massive rod at the virginal agent’s chute.

“NO…DON”T,” Billy yelled as what was happening suddenly burst into his brain. “GEES DON”T FUCK ME!” He struggled against the rope bindings but they held him fast.

“Easy boy,” Rollo soothed as he rubbed Billy’s arched back muscles. “Breathe deep& relax. You really want me to screw you boy. You know it gets you hot. See your dick is telling you that too.”

Billy looked under himself. His cock was totally erect! Could the small clown be right ? Could he truly want that cock in him his brain thought? Didn’t he shoot a wad when he sucked Rollo’s dick before? He was so lost in that thought he never realized that his chute muscles had loosen up.

Rollo could feel the easing and he broke out into a huge grin. The straight stud was going to help himself get butt fucked without even realizing it ! Rollo eased in.

“OH GEEESSSS,” Billy gasped as he felt the fullness of the clown’s meat fill his guts. “You’re in my asssss!!!” Billy whimpered as Rollo pushed past the outer ring of his cherry asshole. “Don’t,” he pleaded in vain as his head dropped to the floor.

“Come on Billy,” Rollo replied sharply. “Who are you kidding? Hell your rock hard besides, you could have tried to escape when I cut you loose but instead you just flipped over and got up on all fours by yourself. You knew it was a fucking position and still you did it.” Rollo smiled. He knew it was crap but he also counted on Billy’s confusion and the drugs to short circuit Billy’s ability to see the illogic in it.

“No…can’t… be,” the mind zapped young agent cried. But in his brain it somehow made sense. He didn’t fight when he was untied. He did get on all fours and the throbbing of his eight inches was telling him he was fully aroused with Rollo’s cock in him! “ Oh gees…I…...I…must …have …wanted…to…be fucked,” He sobbed.

“Oh you did Billy,” Rollo cooed softly as he began to hump in and out of Billy’s hole.

“Sweet,” the two underlings said to each other at the sight of their small boss butt fucking this bigger more powerful guy.

“Now for the real pleasure.”Rollo said as he began to thrust deeper in and out of the young man’s ass. “Going to break you boy,” he whispered to Billy. “By the end of it you’ll be begging for more.”

“OH FUCK!” Billy moaned. Rollo’s massive tool felt like a blowtorch in his butt. But then Billy felt Rollo’s rod hit his prostate and too Billy’s shock the massage being given to that spot in him was pleasurable. Billy’s system ,thanks to the drugs was primed for maximum sexual arousals. “Oh….man,” he rasped. His brain went crazy. Was he enjoying getting plowed? He tried to fight it but suddenly the overwhelming erotic satisfaction of it grew so intense he broke. The macho ladies man just couldn’t deny the stimulation the fucking was giving him. “Oh fuck,” he gasped as the waves of heat engulfed him. His butt muscles went slack giving Rollo even more access.

“It gets better if you wiggle your ass on it Billy,” Rollo said quietly. Reveling in the change he had felt in agent’s responses now.

Without even thinking Billy, who by now was caught up in the erotic thrill of his first fucking, did as he was told. The young man discovered that by bucking his body a bit he really did intensify the arousing pleasure of the massage on that sweet spot “Oh …yes,” he hissed out of his mind at the flood of heat in his dick. His nuts were churning in his sack floating n a sea of jiz.

“Yeah your hot for it Billy,” Rollo murmured to him as he reached down to jerk off Billy’s erect cock.

“Fuck,” Billy babbled as the stimulation from his ass and his cock drove him nuts. He began to hump under Rollo giving the two underlings one great show as the agency’s biggest stud was spreading his ass for a guy and by his sounds and actions craving it badly. “Fuck…fuck…fuck.” Billy chanted. His mind connected & aligned up with these new concepts.

”Fucking sweeter,” they said as Billy’s finely defined body became a pliant fuck hole for their diminutive boss. The sight of the handsome muscular straight agent delirious as a small man in full clown makeup humped him silly got both men hot. The men saw Rollo give them the high sign and one ran over &placed a small bowl under the agent’s dick. The bowl had more drug juice in it as instructed.

“Accept it Billy,” Rollo said , “You’ve wanted a man in you all your life. No woman ever gave you this thrill before.”

“No…woman,” Billy agreed in a drug daze. His mind didn’t connect that the extreme arousals flowing through him were anything but natural and the process of converting his sexuality from a cock man for women to man’s cock lover began to settle in. “Cock…hot…hot for….my ass…soooo…. crazyyyy…hottttt.” Billy agreed without hesitation. Then it happened. Rollo’s meat exploded in him. The warm searing wetness hitting his prostate blew out his brain circuits and Billy began to erupt.

“OHHHHHH….GGGGEEEESSSSS,” Billy roared as he squirted . He had never had a more powerful ejaculation before in his life. To his poor confused mind this was the final confirmation. Billy Drake craved cock up his ass! He glanced down and saw that his hot cream had hit a bowl that somehow was under him dead center. His spunk mingled with the liquid drug.

“Go on boy,” Rollo commanded. “Lap it up from the doggie bowl. Trust me you’ll get excited as you do.”

A subdued mind blown Billy lowered his handsome face into the bowl and meekly lapped up the contents. The drug element tingled as it went down. Billy accepted that it must be the taste of cum that was doing it. Another belief grew in his mind. He loved slurping down a man’s cum.

“Well looks like we made some progress Rollo said as he stepped back from Billy’s prone body. He turned toward his two underlings. “Clean him up while I shower and get something to eat.”

Rollo went up close to Billy’s cum smeared face and leaned in so the mind fucked agent’s view was totally filled with the criminal boss face. “Not so arrogant now are we. Right?” He taunted.

Billy stared back with look of complete defeat and surrender. “Yes sir.” He replied submissively. After the events of the last few hours his whole self image had been shattered. The one constant for him was that everything Rollo had said during this all had proven true. From now on Billy would accept anything the diminutive man would tell him.

“You ought to thank me boy for showing you what you’re true nature is don’t you think Billy boy?” Rollo teased as he went for the mental kill.

“Yes sir.” a compliant Billy replied. “Thank you sir.”

“I prefer Master boy,” Rollo responded haughtily.

“Yes master,” Billy said humbly. “Sorry Master.”

“Good boy,” Rollo said with mock affection as he tousled the hair of his former opponent while he gave the young hunk another shot of the drug... “You just needed to learn what you always wanted: some guy’s dick!”

“Yes master,” Billy mumbled as he drifted off. “I want cock”. As he slept visions of men’s dicks filled his brain and the handsome face of the young agent broke out in a smile.

Rollo gazed at the two underlings, “Don’t worry you guys will get a piece of his butt. We are going to redo this stuff to him repeatedly over the next week to solidify what just happened in his brain.. For now do what I told you to do.”

By the end of that week Billy was firmly & permanently broken and reprogrammed. When asked about his agency and their plans the mind-fucked agent spilled his guts telling Rollo every agent’s name, location and, passwords they used to sent messages through secure channels. He became the sexual plaything to every member of the clown’s organization. Billy’s mouth or butt was never without a cock in it. Rollo even programmed Billy to act like a dog on some occasions explaining to his men that every group needs a pet dog for a mascot.

“Good boy,” Rollo smiled as he stared at the dog collared young hunk that was naked & on all fours looking up at his ‘master’. Rollo tousled the now fully submissive Billy’s hair. “You deserve a reward. How about I let you suck my cock again.” He stated as he pulled out his cock once more and waved it in front of the young agent’s eyes. “Here doggie,” he commanded as if Billy was his pet dog. “Come suck on this bone!”

A look of sheer bliss came across Billy’s handsome face. “Arf…arf…arf… Arf….bowwow…bowow,” Billy yelped knowing how it pleased his master when he did this. He crawled up closer with his tongue hanging out. The formerly straight homophobic hunk licked his full lips and took Rollo’s monster down his throat. As he sucked he wiggled his bubbled butt in glee for Rollo’s amusement. He liked being the smaller clown’s pet pooch now and acted as such whenever his ‘master’ called him a dog.

“Ah yeah good doggie,” Rollo sighed as he felt himself getting aroused. “You big arrogant straight muscle boys make the best cock suckers. After I cum let’s get you dressed. We have a visitor for you to greet.” The big tent soon echoed with Rollo’s gasps of eruption that were followed by the slurping sounds as the once macho agent gobbled up every drop of the clown’s seed.

Epilogue :

When Major Barrett entered the Big Top in response to a message from Billy that night he was quite unprepared for what he saw. There sitting ass down on the saw dust floor with his legs splayed out wide in the center ring was his best agent. Billy was buck naked except for two red clown boots. Billy’s arms were hogtied behind him by a rope that was wound across his chest just under the agent’s pecs. Even more shocking one end of the rope had been used to tie Billy’s hefty low hangers and uncut nine inch cock in some obscene manner that thrust them up from the agent’s crotch in a way that fully emphasized them. Billy’s rod was in full erection from this ‘cock ring’ and from the wetness of Billy’s cock-head it was clear to Barrett that the agent has recently cum.

But perhaps even more unsettling was Billy’s face. The handsome agent now sported a blonde page-boy wig, a giant red rubber nose, while his mouth bore a drawn smile in white clown makeup. Billy has a dreamy dazed look on him that showed he was totally out of it. Barrett best agent had been drugged and humbled but good. As Barrett approached his zonked agent a goofy smile came to Billy’s face.

“Looks like you got fucked over huh you bastard,” Barrett said as he looked down at the ludicrous position Billy was now in. Billy bend his legs at the knees to try and lift himself up but the action only caused his thighs to spread farther apart and really show off his rope entwined manhood.

The tent grew silent a Barrett found himself mesmerized by the sight of Billy in this outfit. He gazed at Billy who stared up still dreamy eyed and wearing a goofy smile. Barrett recalled how arrogant Billy had always been. The major knew Billy had told many in the service how Barrett was ‘over the hill’. Seeing this smug six foot muscular youngster in this situation was strangely arousing for the agency head. “Looks like boy wonder got his butt kicked alright.”

“Butt kicked,” Billy giggled tilting his head and widening his smile. It was clear he was out of it. You going slap down Billy’s butt too,” he chuckled mindlessly.

The comment from his agent sparked something in Barrett. The agency boss saw a small barrel nearby and made a decision. He moved his face close to Billy. “I think it is time I showed you who is the fucking top guy in this agency boy,” he rasped as Billy’s eyes widened in surprise. “Try to fuck me huh. Well let’s see who fucks who!”

Major Barrett moved the barrel over and laid it on its side. Then he lifted Billy and draped him ass up over the barrel. Quickly he spread Billy’s powerful thighs to expose the young hunk’s rosy chute. “Boy someone needed to do this too you years ago,” the major snarled. He began slapping the stud’s waiting butt causing Billy’s rear to rock back and forth on the barrel. The muscular youngster was soon whimpering both from the sharp bursts of pain on his bubbled behind and the pleasurable friction of the round barrel on his rod. The effect of the wooden barrel pressing up on his cock was so arousing in fact that the young agent started to rock gently on the barrel to increase its rubbing on the underside of his quickly engorging dick.

“Oh gees your whipping my ass, oh fucking gees you’re whipping my ass,” Billy mumbled as he received his first aggressive butt tanning. He looked over his shoulder and watched as his boss totally humiliated him. Thanks to Rollo’s re-conditioning in some part of Billy’s brain it turned him on to be abused and dominated by his former superior. He turned his head back to face down at the floor in front of him and let waves of sexual desire engulf him. “Oh gees, oh fucking gees,” he babbled as that familiar sexual heat arose in him. “Your whipping my ass boss!” Billy’s meat got harder while his barrel rocking intensified.

Hearing Billy’s moans of surrender lit a further a spark of arousal in Barrett who began really swinging hard at the younger man’s rear. “Yea whipping your arrogant young ass,” the major snickered. Soon the tied up hunk’s meaty cheeks were as red in hue as his chute entry. By now Barrett was sweating and completely turned on. Revenge had become a powerful aphrodisiac. Barret realized he was as hard as a rock. He saw Billy’s body laid out in front of him. That rosy red ring hole wet with moisture. He remembered Billy’s haughty macho attitude and constant subtle putdown on Barrett’s virility & heterosexuality. A part of him recalled the times he had seen that plump agent’s butt as it strode out of his office. The major’s cock lurched and he made another decision.

“My ass,” Billy whimpered in ecstasy as he rocked on the barrel. “You beat my butt good boss.”

“Yeah I did asshole,” Barrett rasped hoarsely as he stripped. “Now let’s see who fucks who!” The major put his hard rod at the entry way to Billy’s hole then rammed it deep into his rival’s guts.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH…….MMMMMMMMAAAAAAANNNNN,” Billy yelped as the major’s dick slammed into his unprepared chute.

“FUCK YES,” Barrett replied. “Think I never heard you call me a fruit boy.” He yelled as he fucked his younger agent. “Think no one told me about it and how you bragged you’d never give up your ass to me you miserable shit. Big strong Billy Drake. Big time women fucker. All macho man. Now just squirming under my dick in you huh!” In a frenzy of hate and heat the older man continued to screw his formerly macho agent. The circus big top filled with the sounds of Billy groans and Barrett’s grunts as the strapping and fit older man repeated plowed his younger stronger rival.

“Your ……..fucking………… my ……….ass,” Billy howled. The young stud was out of his head at the combined pleasure and degradation of it. “You’re ……really…….. fucking ………my….. ass…….. boss”. The muscular young man soon was pistoning his rear upwards to meet the Major’s cock.

“Tight ass Billy.” Barrett growled as he drifted off into a zone of pure rutting lust. He was humping Billy like a madman now as he reveling in this the ultimate dominance over his rival who was bawling yet, by his hip thrusts, was obviously begging for more.
Barrett was so intent on his fucking he never heard Rollo creeping up behind him armed with a syringe filled with his goof ball juice. The diminutive clown criminal waited until Barrett was climaxing to thrust his needle and inject its contents into the bubble butt of the Major. The agency head barely felt the quick pain in buttocks as his body quivered with the exquisite pleasure of his orgasm into Billy. As the drug took instant effect Barrett had barely enough time to finish squirting his seed into Billy before he slumped unconscious over the body of his handsome agent. Rollo pulled out a second needle from his clown costume and gave Billy another shot in his rump that sent the young agent back into dreamland as well.

Rollo gazed at the two men one on top of the other, both ass up and, literally over a barrel. The diminutive clown chuckled as he went to the front of the barrel pulled Billy’s head up by the hair. Billy’s face had that slack jawed just-fucked dopy grinning look and judging by the whitish dribble seeping out from under his tapered waist the macho hunk had shot a wad while he was getting fucked. “You enjoy that screwing from your boss Billy boy,” Rollo teased.

“Fuck …mee …gooood,” an out-of-it Billy sighed blissfully. “More…pleath………Master Rollo.” The handsome hunk giggled.

“All in good time,” Rollo replied as he retrieved an exploding firecracker from his clown pants, thrust it into Billy’s mouth then, let the boy’s head drop back down.

Rollo looked at the major whose face reflected a peaceful air of satiated sex & victory. He stuck another of his firecrackers in Barrett’s mouth as well. “This one’s on me you big time agents,” he laughed as he lit both of the firecrackers. As he waddled away the sounds of the soft burst of the firecrackers filled his ears. “Now who are the losers,” he chuckled. This was going to be quite a night at the big top!

The End

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