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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 8
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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End Game:

The next weeks afterwards began a regular pattern for Zantar. He was unknowingly feed drugs that stimulated him anally a day or so before Aton would come to see him. The massage would take place and then, Aton would screw the muscular rebel prince repeatedly until both he and Zantar were completely emptied of spunk. The masseur would then anally slip a counter agent to Zantar that would counteract the stimulants in the form of a post-sex chute "fingering". Zantar, in ignorance, soon truly believed that his "itch" was triggered by thoughts of Aton penetrating him and that the lessening of arousals afterwards was merely proof that his defilement was necessary to stop the intolerable urges he felt building in him in the days before his next massage. As Zantar yielded more willingly to this sexual activity his confinement grew more tolerable. He was given a loincloth to wear and permitted the use of an exercise yard where he could spend his days keeping in superb physical shape.

After seven months the use of stimulants grew less important for by then Zantar's sexual arousals had been rewired mentally far enough so that he was aroused by Aton's penetrations naturally. Stimulate drugs were still employed as a safety measure but their potency was reduced to take into account the new situation. Of course the sexual "dampening" drugs were maintained and given to him after every "fuck" in order to permanently train the prisoner's mind to accept his sodomy as a critical necessity for his relief from cravings. Zantar still felt the humiliations of being sodomized by the lisping simpering masseur but he was willing to submit to it to ensure these desperate sexual cravings that had once ravaged him were kept at bay.

For Aton being able to repeatedly penetrate someone as chiseled and manly as Zantar was retribution for all the put-downs he had suffered from other more masculine men. Zantar was a truly virile prize for him and he took fiendish delight in roughly having him anally especially when the buff young rebel leader's firm muscled torso was bucking and squirming under the smaller frailer man's brutal screwing while he yelped in submissive sexual ecstasy in front of his guards. Aton knew, as time progressed he was not only fucking Zantar anally but also screwing him mentally into a state of complete capitulation.

With Zantar in his control the incidents of rebellion against the despot's rule had dramatically lessened. Zantar's underlings were not anxious to undertake anything that might cause retribution against their dashing leader. But the crafty usurper knew a final step was needed to totally demoralize further resistances.

Four days before Aton's next visit Zantar was fed a highly charged sexual stimulant. By the time Aton arrived for their session the buff young rebel was twitching in eagerly uncontrollable sexual lust.

"Aw man," Zantar moaned as Aton entered as he quickly stripped prepared to lay arse-up on the bed. "Please Aton fuck me hard today. I need it so bad," he whined heedless of the snickering from his guards.

Aton smiled then reached into his bag to pull out a radically skimpy pair of pink frilly lace underwear. "Put these on first." He stated as he casually tossed them to a shocked Zantar.

The manly captive gazed in horror at them. "These are women's panties!" He exclaimed loudly.  "I can't wear this," he replied.

"Wear them or know," Aton answered back with a look that showed he meant what he said.

Zantar stared at Aton, then the underwear, then and the guards who were barely hiding their look of amusement. A wave of shame swept over him. No not this, he decided as he prepared to throw it back at Aton. But just then the intolerable burning itch in his arse that had haunted him for the last few days hit him. Tears filled his eyes as he looked at Aton, "please not this," he whimpered knowing the answer and his probably response even as he spoke the words. Aton's twelve-inch long thick cock was the only thing that hit the spot deep inside him that truly ended his sexual torments.  Try art he might, his own fingers just couldn't get in deep enough to tap that zone and both he and the effeminate masseur knew this fact.

"NOW!" Aton barked impatiently.

Zantar gulped back a sob and burning with degradation he donned the tight frilly garment. He stared at a side mirror appalled in mortification at what he saw reflected there. His tall powerful body looked outrageous clothed only in the tight pink satin panties. Worse, the pink underwear was barely able to hold his manhood in place bulging out in front in an obscene large rounded way. The sides rode up high cutting tight into his well-formed thighs and his rump looked ridiculous in the frilly backside that had a lacey design that was composed of a series of embellishing straight lines. He lowered his head and tried to block out the giggles from the guards. Defeated he went to the bed and lay on his hard abdominals. The satin texture of the panties sensually ran across his erect cock's under-shaft. To his shock the feel of the materials' surface caressing his manhood was not only pleasant the sensations it created in his crotch stimulated him. "Fuck," he whispered as, he found himself wiggling his hips and grinding his package into the bed savoring the feel of the soft material enfolding his manhood.

Aton and the guards watched as Zantar ground his impressive torso into the sheets in anticipation of his anal relief. His breathing had increased and it was clear he was in the opening stages of that state of high arousal where he always became the most pliable. The smaller man knew the buff captive was ready and he subtly signaled one of the guards who quietly left the room. He turned toward Zantar. "Get up on all fours like a dog and I'll be able to really hit that sweet spot in you," he said maliciously. "Leave the underwear on boy and I'll also show you a new way to really get off."

By now Zantar's urge to ejaculate was in full control and he obediently rose up as directed. Aton climbed behind him and gently rubbed the full round rump of the man who had once laughed at his effeminacy. "Aw that feels great," Zantar muttered as he wiggled his beefy muscled butt to the erotic sensuality of the satin and Aton's hand massaging his rear.

"Good girl," he hissed as he cut a small slit in the garment directly over Zantar's sphincter area. With a minimum of pre-lubricating with his fingers and little fuss he eased his cock through the slit into Zantar's anal cavity still surprised on some level on how easily Zantar's chute had now adapted itself to accept its girth and length.

"Fuck," Zantar moaned lewdly as the itch in his guts was expertly scratched by Aton's manhood. He drifted off into that familiar zone of arousal barely conscious of the sound of the nearby door opening.

"You like it when I fuck you don't you Zantar?" Aton lisped with an even more exaggerated effeminate tone. "And I just bet those frilly lacey panties you're wearing truly get you hot right sweetie?"

The sensation of Aton's cock hitting that spot relieving his cravings was so intense that Aton's voice seemed far away. His hips began to buck trying to get that cock in deep to relieve the itch in him. He heard a mention of the panties but he was too far gone to process anything more than that the sensation of his erection being held tightly & rubbed by the satin underwear was also driving him crazy in heat. "Aw fuck me!" he groaned loudly as he thrust his hips back impaling himself on Aton's erection with a hunger that needed satiating. He could faintly hear the buzz of the masseur's voice coupled with others sounds but his louder more boisterous grunts soon replaced them in his ears. "Aw fuck me harder Aton. I want it so bad." He yelped as he felt his approaching climax. Then it hit and with a strangled cry of "O" he creamed as the warm wetness of his spunk flooded into the satin underwear he had on. When he finished squirting Aton's voice broke through the sexual fog.

"You got off even more in the panties right girlfriend?" Aton hissed.

"Yes," Zantar whimpered as his head cleared.

"Shocking wouldn't you say gentlemen," came the loud voice of the despot. "And in panties and with some limp wristed...well not quite the manly virile ruler you'd want now is he?"

The young rebel prince turned his face toward the voice and to his horror there was the despot and, even more humiliating, the men who formed his cadre of sub commanders. Zantar could see a mixture of shock, disgust and, contempt on their faces. "It not how it looks," he hoarsely cried as he scurried off the bed to stand before them only to realize he was dressed only in the pink panties and that this had a large wet spot dead center where he had climaxed into it.

The men shook their heads and left leaving a shattered Zantar standing by the bed as the despot led the others away to discuss terms of surrender now that their heroic champion had turned out to be a degenerate cock fiend.

The guards took the now mentally broken hunk to a nearby and tied him face up. "Now we teach you some oral skills," Aton chuckled as he straddled Zantar's powerful chest and crudely plunged his cock deep into Zantar's mouth while one of the guards stripped, pulled Zantar's strong legs apart and, plugged the wiggling Zantar's rear. The other guard undressed and waited his turn patiently as the struggling rebel and former hero gurgled and gasped as he gave his first blowjob!

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