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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 6
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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It Begins:

It had been a quiet two weeks for the tyrant. With the capture of Zantar incidents of rebellion had all but ceased. The evil usurper had not visited his captive since that first day but received a steady stream of reports about the imprisoned crown prince. Thanks to daily feedings of the drug in his meals, Zantar was in a constant state of sexual arousal. His masturbations had become so self-destructive he had commanded the guards to secure the prisoner's hands and legs tightly to the wall of his cell to stop him from physically doing any more damage to his manhood. Even so he continually tried to hump into an orgasm inside his chained genital coverings.  The ruler then instructed the covering to be removed and had Zantar's waist bound to the cell wall to stop these actions as well. For the last week Zantar had been unable to cause himself to ejaculate and was said to be screaming for release so he could satiate the needs of his throbbing manhood. The wily autocrat decided the time had come for the next phase of his plan.

Briskly walking into Zantar's cell the usurper was truly surprised by the change in his foe. While Zantar was still a striking handsome young man with the sensually defined body of a natural athlete he now had the wild-eyed look of desperation in his eyes.  Naked, dirty, sporting a full waving erection and, shivering in the amp cell the defiant arrogant Zantar was gone. He gazed pleadingly at his once hated enemy and with a cracked voice begged for permission to masturbate.

Feigning shock the gleeful tyrant moved forward in his crafty plan.

"WHO HAS LET THIS HAPPEN!" he roared in fake anger at the terrified guards. "THIS MAN IS OF ROYAL BLOOD!" He yelled in louder tones. "GET HIM DOWN NOW AND YOU THERE," he hissed at the captain of his escort," GIVE ME A FLASK. HE IS DEHYDRATED!"

Quickly the guards released Zantar who collapsed into the waiting arms of the ruler. "My boy." The man cooed as he held Zantar tightly in his arms so he could not touch his manhood, " I am truly sorry. True we were enemies but this is barbarous. Here drink this," he said as he had the captain raise the flask, which he had previously given to his captain, to the cracked lips of his opponent. "No don't touch yourself just yet my boy. Drink and let me hold you as you do. My poor boy," he soothingly said as he held Zantar in his embrace and watched as the captive took in the liquid that had been cleverly laced with another drug that would immediately counteract somewhat the sexual stimulants Zantar had been feed over the last few weeks. "If I had known that by fucking you I'd awaken these sexual desires I never would have done so. Zantar I never knew giving in to your request that I sodomize you would release in you such strong sexual reactions," he softly whispered into Zantar's ear.

"I asked you to screw me?" He weakly replied in some confusion. He couldn't have asked that. He was a man not some degenerate. He would never degrade himself that way by asking some other man to sodomize him. He was a true man who only engaged in sex with females; everyone knew this fact. He would never behave like a sodomite yet, his brain was so fuzzy at this point in time. "No ...I would...not," he replied uncertainly.

"But of course you did," the ruler soothingly replied as he cradled the semi-delirious young rebel. "You begged and begged until I gave in. But, if I'd have known how it would sexually drive you to this state of arousal..." he let his voice trail off as he gazed down toward Zantar's erection.

Zantar took in the man's words wanting to say it couldn't be true, that he wouldn't have wanted to be anally used by another man. He thought had been raped but then he took in the sight of his stiff manhood. He gazed up at the man holding him so tenderly. "No," he answered with a growing hesitation now," I was raped. I ... only women...I've only fucked... not another man...not fucked...or been fucked," he quickly added as if the convince everyone. "I' not...not...till you but...not aroused...aroused by that," he croaked even as the vision of his erection seemed to mock his words.

"I thought that...well we all thought that was true Zantar," the man replied in pretend sympathy as he looked at his guards who merely nodded terrified to disagree at anything the tyrant said, "but your continuous state of arousal since you were penetrated seems to only proves my point Zantar," the wily ruler said in mock tones of sincerity. " Even you yourself must admit that ever since you willingly surrender your arse you have been in a state of constant excitement. Clearly you have always secretly wanted it. I imagine that you just tried to cover it up with all those less sexually satisfying encounters with women."

 The buff young rebel let the logic of the words soak into his mind. It was clearly true that, since he had been screwed, he'd experienced wave after wave of sexual lust unlike anything he'd ever had before in his encounters with women. Could his successful & boastful sexual prowess with females have hidden some inner femininity in him? Was he that degraded inside that he was unknowingly exactly what, until now, he had mockingly told his followers his enemy was? The thoughts of him secretly coveting to couple with men or worse, of desiring their manhood in him filled him with humiliation yet also this unstoppable fire in him to ejaculate, which only arose after he had been sexually penetrated, was beyond endurance by this time.

By now in his weakened condition his mind was incapable of rational thought so instead he eagerly gulped in the fluid hoping that by doing so he would be permitted to stroke himself to achieve a temporary release of the longing to ejaculate. To his surprise, as he drank, the agonizing urge to masturbate dimmed. For the first time in weeks he felt at ease. He gazed up at the man who he had always vowed to defeat and felt ...gratitude. Part of him said that this man was his foe and he should rise to attack him but his thoughts were jumbled now. By now he was so rattled by the last few weeks and what he had just been told that his mind could not formulate any coherent thoughts. All he could process now was: 1) he had been in the thrall of uncontrollable sexual stimulation since he had been anally taken either against his will or by his consent and 2) in this man's warm embrace he felt at peace and his desperate sexual cravings had been stopped. He gave up trying to think just content that he was mentally and physically at ease for now for the first time in weeks. A peaceful calm came over him.

"Now isn't this better," the despot whispered to Zantar as he affectionately tousled the young man's head as if he was a mere naughty boy.

The rebel prince smiled at the man he once fought against and found himself snuggling firmly into his comforting embrace. Now that his sexual hungers had dimmed the fatigue of his sleepless nights caught up to him and the last conscious thoughts he had was drifting off to a blessed sleep in the strong comforting arms of his enemy who even now lightly stroked him while calling Zantar "his boy".

Gleefully the ruler had the drugged sleeping "boy" lifted and taken to his private apartment.  As he watched them carry the unconscious young man away he replayed in his mind the events that had just occurred. Zantar had not violently rejected the suggestion he had requested to be penetrated or the further suggestion that being sodomized was what he secretly desired and enjoyed. True it would take more mind games and the alternating uses of both drugs at various times to keep him mentally off balance but the first steps were now underway in undermining him.

The despot knew that Zantar firmly saw himself as a virile manly fighter opposing some effeminate man-loving deviant usurper.  He had boasted to his men of his success in the sack with women and laughed at the despot calling him a true degenerate who willing let his own men anally have him on a regular basis. Now Zantar had the knowledge that not only had this "effeminate degenerate" screwed his manly rear end but also that since he had been butt-fucked his sexual urges had increased. He was now mentally off stride! The crafty tyrant knew that if he could continue to shake Zantar's macho-masculine self-image then, the entire edifice of his conceived macho persona would crack.

By the time the ruler was done Zantar would begin to believe that his prior sexual activities with women were a mere deluded cover-up for his true natural proclivities to be sexually submissive toward men. Show him that he was that which he abhorred, a man who enjoyed being anally taken by men, and he would lose his unquestioning conviction in his other beliefs esp. in his cause.  Show the others their handsome heroic & dashing youthful champion was a pathetic sexual bottom and they would turn from him and his fight. After that, he would be neutralized as an opponent.  Having the buff strapping young man as his personal fuckable sex toy was just extra pleasure. The process of the total conquest of this proud spirited opponent had begun.

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