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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 3
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Taking His Virginity:

Zantar had been securely fixed to the usurper's bed. As he approached the prone bound figure the tyrant let his gaze linger on his captives' sensual body. The rebel prince just lying there butt-naked like a sexual feast to be partaken of was almost too much to contemplate. Zantar's long body with his chiseled back muscles; that deep line marking his spinal column as it ran to a pair of dimpled round full but cheeks. As the rebel writhed in his bindings yelling curses at his captor his legs muscles rippled seductively. The villainous ruler came up and let his fingers trace that line downward to that arse before then resting his palm on that mound. Eagerly he began to kneed and rub the pale smooth softness of Zantar's, for now, undefiled rump.

"Get your degenerate hands off my arse," Zantar yelled as he bucked helplessly in his restraints.

Watching the well-defined muscles strapping young rebel prince yank and pull at the ties only inflamed the despot's arousal. One of the chief personal attacks on him that Zantar exploited in his campaign of rebellion was how manly he was compared to the usurper, who was older, less fit, and rumored to have perverted sexual inclinations. The smug preening rebel prince had probably been embarrassed not only by his capture but also the circumstances of how it had been accomplished but wounded pride was easily healed. Taking away his manhood was now the chief goal. As these thoughts were pondered Zantar continued to ineffectually gyrate and yell his threats while his hated enemy massaged his manly rump.

The villainous autocrat decided silence was his best ally at present. Why engage in needless traded insults with Zantar. Absolute silence would drive his enemy into ever more violent fits of increasing rage that would ultimately exhaust him. Besides, the ruler smiled to himself, there was that strapping torso to exploit instead. Eagerly he let the palm of his left hand move up to stroke the broad shoulders of his captive savoring the hard musculature of the rebel leader. Zantar's body was firm and defined, truly a true man's body which was now completely in his control. At one point he reached down to lightly cup the heavy ball-sack that dangled between Zantar's splayed thighs. The wiry short hairs lightly scratched his open palm causing a very pleasant tingling sensation. He let his fingers fondle them savoring the texture of the soft ribbed skin that held Zantar's juices.

"Let them go you sick pig," Zantar moaned as his hated foe rolled his balls like a set of marbles before giving them a slight squeeze that brought a most delightful shocked gasp of "awww" from the younger captive. Zantar followed this with another amusing stream of invectives demanding that his foe answer him as well. The silence tactic was working the tyrant chuckled to himself.

The usurper merely ignored the bound stud's insults and happily continued playing with the captive's nuts with one hand while massaging those long muscled thighs of the prince with his other free hand. As he did so the autocrat felt his own manhood rise in response to the sensation of those low full orbs now rolling in his firm grip. Zantar's insults quieted and his body stopped moving. Was he enjoying this, the tyrant wondered, or was he now terrified to have this more vulnerable part of his body in the complete control of his enemy's grasp? He reluctantly released Zantar's nuts and stroked himself into an erection while ignoring Zantar's renewed yells, insults and, protests even as he used his other hand to fondle his prey's body in more obscene ways.

Soon, with a muffled grunt, he ejaculated into the palm of his hand. He then climbed upon and straddled Zantar's prone form resting his own buttocks on the small of the young prince's back. The touch of those hard orbs on the rear of his butt was thrilling. For a few delirious seconds he wiggled his rear on the smooth youthful skin that it sat upon.  Throughout Zantar yelled and screamed swearing untold vengeance. The ruler smiled and decided to bounce up and down on the hapless captive taking pleasure in the loud sounds of "OOOF" which came from the buff bound man as air was driven out of him by the actions of his enemy.

After a few minutes this action had Zantar gasping to regulate his breathing. The wily autocrat then gazed at his cum filled palm and laughed as he reached for Zantar's head. Grabbing the hair on Zantar's scalp he yanked back jerking the prince's head up. The shock of this violent action caused Zantar to open his mouth to gasp a shrill "HUH" . As he did the tyrant slapped his spunk filled palm directly across the young leader's open lips to smear his own seed into Zantar's mouth. With a strangled roar Zantar bucked like a fiery steed but the despot held on and kept his palm across the open mouth of his foe. He reached with his free hand to pinch Zantar's nostrils closed. Cut off from air Zantar, in the end, was forced to suck in air and with it his enemies very seed past his throat into his gut. With a silent chuckle the tyrant "dismounted" his rebellious stallion and watched as Zantar coughed and swore trying, without success, to expel the remnants of the salty spunk from his mouth.

As Zantar wheezed and cursed the tyrant greased his still engorged cock and came up between Zantar's open legs.

The undefiled entryway glistened in a soft pinkish hue.

 As the images of what happened next filled the autocrat's mind some of Zantar's words came along with them.

"Get away from me," the rebellious prince bellowed as the despot placed his cock at the virginal gateway into Zantar's guts. By now the muscled hunk was bucking and squirming so violently the autocrat had difficulty inserting himself into the younger man's outer anal ring. "You are not going to fuck me!" Zantar had yelled just at the precise moment his enemy finally positioned his cock in the entry and to accomplish precisely that very thing!

"AAAAARRRGGGHHH," the rebel prince howled in shock then in agony as the despot roughly plowed his way deep into his captive.  A true virgin , the tyrant thought as the tightness of Zantar's royal anus gripped his cock. Yes, a definite virgin , he chuckled reveling in the pressure of Zantar's inner muscles as they squeezed to unsuccessfully deny this invader access. The satiny texture of Zantar's inner channel enveloping itself along his engorged cock was amazing. The ruler felt invigorated by this sensation or, he pondered, was the fact he was butt-fucking the boastful manly Zantar giving him this thrill?

By now Zantar was shouting curses and threats at the top of his lungs in between grunts of pain. Heedless of these cries the deliriously happy usurper proceeded to screw his enemy with a savage fury until at last, he had Zantar sobbing and begging for him to stop. His once defiant tones now reduced to the pitiful whining of a boy whimpering, " more...oooowww...I beg you. "

Hearing the once defiant rebel's pitiful cries for mercy interspersed between a series of loud "ughs" as Zantar's arse was pounded and savagely taken only sexually enflamed the ruler into more vigorous action as he ravaged his captive's rear-end with mindless abandon until at last he experienced the most powerful climax he had ever known. As his hot juices flooded in the bound muscular body under him he heard his once feared opponent's somewhat unintelligible babbling of pain and humiliation turn into a sustained cry of degradation as he realized that a man, and his despised enemy at that, had actually anally seeded him. For a few minutes there was silence as the two sweating men processed the activities that had just happened. The ruler felt the flush of total victory and contemplated what Zantar, who always preened about and loudly took pride in boasting of his complete superiority and masculinity over the tyrant, must be feeling even as his cock began to soften. Slowly he withdrew his rapidly deflating cock from Zantar's anus. Just before he alighted from Zantar's prone form he leaned downward. Placing his mouth close to Zantar's ear he uttered the first words he would address to his captive before he summoned the guards to take him away, "I FUCKED YOU!"

Zantar's muscular body quaked as the words were spoken yet no other movement or answer was given in reply.

The bound man just lay still on the bed; the only sounds were his sobs. They both knew what had taken place in this room today. Zantar would never be able to strut about as he had before mocking with total distain his foe's manhood while touting his own total virility. His enemy had sexually taken him and they both knew it!

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