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Taking Tabor
Part 2 - The Banquet
By Kyle Cicero

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That night the old Krill drank with his countrymen reveling in their victory over the once mighty Tabor and his officers. He watched as the shorn warrior leader groveled at his feet during the banquet while his former once unbeatable officer’s hung their shame at such a sight. Kiss my feet,” the elderly Krill mockingly stated. Tabor, who had already knelt before his master, lowered his face to kiss the old man’s feet. His strong round rump was thrust upward when he assumed this servile position. His former officer’s groaned in horror; they too had had been drugged into submissive compliance to their elderly Krill “owners” but seeing their once proud macho-strutting leader so “bitched” by a winkled frail Krill was shocking. A few struggled in their bindings only to stop when their new owner gave their butts a hard slap. Tabor noticed that the ropes holding his men’s wrists behind their backs were made up of their own warrior’s braids.

Their faces registered their shame to not only have been defeated by these old Krill men but also having the very symbol of their manly warrior’s pride cut from their head and used as bondage.

“This pathetic cock whore thought he would rule us,” the old Krill shouted to the assembled old men of his race. “Now he crawls at our feet. A few hours ago I seeded him and now he craves our shriveled dicks don’t you boy?” He sneered as he reached down to ‘finger’ Tabor’s butt-hole knowing that would increase Tabor’s humiliation and, thanks to the drugs, trigger his sexual arousals.

“Aaawwwwwwwoooohhh,” Tabor audibly grunted with involuntary satisfaction even as he cringed as the other old men laughed. He could see their contempt. A part of him wanted to stand and fight but his growing erection betrayed him. The sensation of his master’s dick inside him was still fresh in his brain and his needs for another fucking grew with each thrust of the Krill’s penetrating finger. His arse-hole muscles contracted around the Krill’s finger literally sucking it into him. “OOOOO,” he shamefully moaned out. He knew he sounded just like those females who reveled in getting a hard cock rammed hard into them but his drug fueled craving for a dick was now controlling him. “I need…” he shamefully blurted out without wanting too.

“What do you so greatly need,” the old man said as he gleefully finger fucked the now panting Tabor.

“ I need…Krill cock in my arse,” he finally blurted out to the applause of the other old men in the room. “Fuck me,” he shrieked.

“See how he warms to that idea, the old Krill cackled as the buff young warrior’s impressive erection waved about between his youthful defined thighs. “My friends why don’t you fuck him too.”

Tabor gasped. He gazed around in panic as an even older Krill got up and went towards him. “No please,” he whimpered as this first Krill pushed him onto his back and spread his powerful legs. Tabor ‘s eyes took in his former fellow officers. They would see him screwed like a bitch by every one of the Krill.

As the first elderly Krill’s dick rammed into his butt, a wave of arousal took hold of Tabor. He moaned as his own cock rose to its full height. “EEEEEEWWWWW…. Yessssss. I need to get fucked so bad,” he suddenly cried out as his drugged induced sexual excitement took control of him.

“Beg us,” one Krill shouted. “You wanted to master us but now beg us to be the masters and fuck you!”

“Please fuck me masters,” Tabor shrieked as the waves of arousal in his body grew with each thrust of the Krill’s dick up his arse. The Krill let out a collective cheer as they lined up to sodomize him. Tabor saw the disgusted looks on his officer’s faces as he got his pooch repeatedly plowed by the wrinkled elderly Krills. Then his eyes drifted to the side of the room where the Krill dogs were located. To his shock he saw his best friend and fellow warrior, Bri-an, cowering among the enormous hounds. Seconds later a hugely fat old Krill pointed at Bri-an. The young buff blond warrior who had once been the very example of the manliness of Tabor’s officers now meekly crawled to the Krill. Tabor saw that Bri-an famously long yellow braid was now gone. His best friend and companion had also been shorn of his symbol of manhood.

As Tabor was fucked he observed Bri-an humbly turn to offer his butt to the portly Krill. “No,” Tabor moaned as the fat Krill spread Bri-an powerfully muscled thighs apart and thrust his shriveled Krill dick into him.

Soon Bri-an was moaning under his sexual seeding by the slick cock that was screwing him. Tabor’s vision locked onto the enormous cock the Krill had. The man was relentlessly ramming it against a gasping Bri-an’s butt hole. The blond stud had a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. Suddenly Tabor’s friend let out a shrill cry as the rotund Krill began savagely screwing his “bitch”. “Aw fuck,” Tabor yelped as he saw Bri-an getting ravaged. Far from being horrified Tabor found the sight caused the sexual heat in him to build up even higher. He gazed at Bri-an ‘s upturned round rump then at the flabby old body of the Krill that was pounding into it.

“Yes. Yes,” Bri-an loudly moaned. Minutes later, with a loud howl of AAAHHHWWWHHHOOO, Bri-an ejaculated. The Krill joined in the howl signaling that he was climaxing in his newest bitch.

The sight caused Tabor to let out a highly audible yelp of “AAARRGGHH” as he climaxed as well. He was still mesmerized by this display. He watched the old Krill pulled out of Bri-an. There was a very audible “popping” sound as the man’s dick yanked out of Bri-an’s truly fucked arse-hole.

Bri-an moaned his disappointment. Tabor observed another even more fat Krill move in to fuck Bri-an. To Tabor’s shame, he found his dick was boning once more seeing another old corpulent Krill screwing the muscled torso of a now loudly panting Bri-an. As Tabor’s brain reeled from what he was seeing and feeling the next Krill took over fucking him. By the end of that fucking, Tabor’s butt hole was wide open & leaking copious amounts of cum.

“I think Tabor is jealous us screwing Bri-an,”” the old Krill master chuckled. “See how he is fixated on this display of his friend’s defilement.”

Tabor wanted to deny what he was feeling but he could not stop looking at Bri-an being sodomized by the men. From the blissful look on that blond warrior’s face, he was clearly enjoying it.

“I think we need you to experience it, huh,” The elderly Krill laughed as he signaled for Bri-an to be sent over towards Tabor. “Up on all fours bitch,” the Krill sharply yelled. Tabor meekly complied, turned over and, following Bri-an’s example, assumed the traditional “bitch’s fuck position”. By now Tabor had realized Bri-an was going to fuck him. Tabor unconsciously growled his sexual heat. His massive dick sprang outward.

“No it cannot be that I have longed to be Bri-an’s bitch,” thought Tabor even as the Bri-an mounted him from behind. Tabor felt his friend’s hands upon his back then the blond former warrior’s weight pressed against his rear end. Seconds later he felt his second-in-command’s erection push between his butt cheeks then, ramming into him. “AAAEEEEEE,” he howled as the Krill shouted with derision. His arse felt stuffed. “I..I..oh by the great gods… fuck me,” he yelped as the Bri-an’s large cock pushed into him and began ramming upon Tabor’s now overly sensitized prostate. Soon the mighty Tabor was howling like a good bitched-out cunt. His former fellow warriors were now beyond appalled yet soon they too were draped over chairs, arses upward, their strong bodies squirming, their muscular legs flaying & getting butt-fucked by the older and far weaker Krill. The room grew heady with the squealing bawling of the young former fighting

hunks being screwed by shriveled old men combined with the musky odors of old Krills in the throes of rutting sexual heat.

In the end Tabor was commanded to give each Krill man a proper oral cock cleaning. He hated doing it but his drug fueled sexual arousals took control. He thrust his handsome face into each Krill’s cum smeared furry crotch. Their damp wiry hairs gave him a proper beard-burn but, thanks to the drugs in him, he had to obey. As he gobbled up each musky smelling cock his old sense of his masculinity grew dimmer. He glanced over to see each of his once proud young warriors giving their new masters blowjobs while their new Krill owners shaved each former fighter’s heads. Afterwards a totally demoralized and mentally unmanned Tabor watched as his now bald g headed and once proud officer’s were lead away by leashes that were secured to each ones cock and balls. Tabor shuddered as he realized the leashes were woven with the remnants of his men’s own once symbolic long braid of manhood. None of his former officers would look at him. Tabor gazed at them as

tears ran down his eyes. He knew what they thought. He was no longer a man. And his cock boned as he thought it.

The End