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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 6 - Paying the Doctors Bill
By Kyle Cicero

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In the exam room a compliant Superboy was up on all fours as Kid Flash was fucking him from the rear. “Oh yeah work it into me Kid Flash,” Superboy sobbed as he thrust his hard Kryptonian arse backward onto Kid Flash’s engorged cock. “Fuck your dick harder and deeper into me Kid Flash!”

“Yeah who’s the hot shot manly guy now baby,” Kid Flash laughed as he moved into hyper drive to screw Superboy at a pace beyond the speed of light. Knowing the Boy Of Steel could take all he could give was so hot for the redheaded superhero. He really could cut loose into his former tormentor’s anal cavity.

As Kid Flash became a blur of movement, Superboy lifted his head and howled in delight. “Oh Kid you’re really drilling my arse,” he shouted as he pounded on the table’s surface with a fist. “Damn it’s so hot with you inside my arse,” he whimpered as he squeezed his eyes closed and docility hung his head between his splayed strong arms. “You’re truly making me your bitch!” He sighed in defeat recalling how he had once put down Kid Flash for “doing guys”. Now here he was getting butt-fucked like some snot nosed punk yet, craving every bit of it!

“Yes that’s right give it up,” Kid Flash excited laughed in triumph. Suddenly, without warning, he pulled out of Superboy’s arse. Quickly he flipped Superboy over onto his back. Hoisting both of Superboy’s long powerful legs upward by each of his ankles, Kid Flash then tightly crossed the former’s legs to make a large “X” pattern with them. The effect of this action was to squeeze Kal-El’s nut-sack between his own thighs.

“My nuts,” Superboy groaned as his heavy Kryptonian pouch was pressed in a enveloping vise created by the young hero’s own well developed thigh muscles. From the increased leaking coming from Kal-El’s erection the effect must not have been unpleasant. “ You’re crushing my balls!” Superboy grunted as he reached down to begin masturbating himself.

Kid Flash just smiled as he violently re-inserted his dick up Superboy’s arse. Superboy gave a loud cry but still continued with his own hand job.  As Kid Flash continued his anal assault, he twisted the legs of his prone victim to increase their gripping on the sack. “Come on you like it hard and rough,” he chuckled as he increased the pressure by pulling the legs farther into opposite directions.

By now Kal-El’s low hangers were lost inside his own forcefully squeezing thighs. “Argh…I…I…fuck!” he yelped as his eyes rolled up inside his head. His strapping youthful body spasmed. “AWWW FUCK!!” Superboy roared as he felt his spunk shooting up from his now completely compressed nut-sack up into his erect cock. “My dick is bursting!” He whined as he began blowing copious amounts of creamy jizz.

Kid Flash was so turned on by hearing this that he screamed with victorious pleasure. He too began to continuously erupt into Superboy’s ravaged arse-hole. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah!” he chanted as he rammed in deep and squirted into his fellow crime fighter.

As each spewed forth their juices the room reverberated with more obscene yells from both muscled teenagers. Kid Flash’s spunk seared its way so far up into Superboy butt that the buff Kal-El could almost taste Kid Flash’s salty cream at the back of his throat!

“Fuck,” Superboy softly replied as their ejaculations ended. “That was awesome!”

“I’m not done yet Super-bitch,” Kid Flash chuckled as he flipped Superboy back onto his stomach. Instantly he shoved his still erect dick back into the jism slicked Kryptonian hole in front of him. “We got hours to fill…you,” Kid Flash hooted. “I’ve been wanting this for so long. Trust me I’ve still got a lot more junk in my nuts to get into you boy,” he mocking stated as he pounded away inside a moaning Kal-El!

“Fuck that was hot,” Kid Flash told Eric hours later in the exam room as a fully satiated slumbering Superboy lay prone on the table with a peaceful look on his handsome face. Superboy’s strongly formed arms hung limply over the sides of the table. His long tapered thighs lay still spread apart to expose his red violated hole to the harsh overhead lights. The muscles of his anal cavity’s outer ring were still puffy and slick with a thin covering of Kid Flash’s jism. “Best piece of arse ever buddy,” Kid Flash laughed as he slapped Kal-El’s naked rump then began to towel off the sweat from his leanly muscled naked body.

Eric slyly smiled at the well-formed young teenager. “Glad you enjoyed my…or shall I say our triumph.” He walked over to tousle the dark curls of the unconscious Kryptonian. “Truthfully I think on some deeper lever Kal-El was always screaming bitch. I mean clearly he had a deep-rooted attraction to Aqualad. Why else would he so quickly agree to my offer or get so mad over what Aqualad was doing in my bedroom. If you could have seen his face when he saw my Aquatic bottom-boy humping on a dildo crying out for Kal-El to fuck him. I knew at that second this would clinch the deal!” Eric chuckled.

“Yeah whatever dude,” Kid Flash mumbled as he walked o get his lyric costume from the nearby chair. “A good fuck into a hot piece of arse was all I care about not some Freudian mumbo-jumbo!”

“Speaking of receiving a good fuck,” Eric lightly responded. “I think a certain red headed superhero owes me one hot piece of arse.”

Kid Flash froze in his tracks. He turned toward Eric with a grimace on his face. “You weren’t serious about that deal were you man? I mean you got his hot arse,” Kid Flash replied waving a hand at the deeply slumbering Kryptonian.

Eric shrugged and roughly pushed Kal-El off the table. Superboy was so exhausted by his sexual performances he barely noticed hitting the floor. He let out a contented sigh of “ah ” and resumed his sleeping. “Up on all fours Kid Flash,” Eric grinned as he swatted the now unoccupied tabletop. “A deal is a deal! If you renege then I could tell your legion friends how you set up their friend. I surely will if you don’t honor your contract with me.”

“Shit,” Kid Flash grumbled. He reluctantly went to the table Gingerly he complied by getting upon its shiny surface. “Okay let’s get it done. But its one shot okay. That was the deal!”

“Naturally,” Eric answered as he disrobed. “Get into position. Let’s say doggie style for now,” Eric mockingly said.

“There is just this one shot at my arse you geek,” Kid Flash snarled. “You get one fast fuck up my shitter manta boy. So forget that ‘for now’ concept off your mind. I don’t bottom. I especially wouldn’t do it more than once with a pathetic guy like you. Got it!”

“Yes of course. I know your self-proclaimed reputation as a total top. I also know how you put down guys who ‘take it up the arse’ but a deal is a deal,” Eric lightly answered. He hoisted his leaner torso up behind Kid Flash’s more fully developed one. “Now open up total top!” He said as he eased himself between the red head’s legs.

“Fuck you,” Kid Flash grunted as he spread his powerfully built thighs apart. His inner arse area felt the cool air hitting it. “I swear if you tell anyone. Just get in and out fast got it!” He harshly said to Eric.

“If you help by relaxing your chute I can get it done as fast as you want,” Eric teased as he grabbed the teenager’s narrowly tapered waist to steady himself.

“Yeah okay,” Kid Flash responded as he willed his virginal anal cavity muscles to relax. “Remember, if you tell anyone…” he paused as he felt Eric’s cock rubbing on his anal cute opening.

“Not a word," Eric hissed as he glanced at a nearby screen and nodded. He looked over at the ceiling lamp and saw the red light of the video camera go on. “Not a word,” he repeated as he stopped his actions to reach over for a bottle on the side tray.

“What the fuck,” Kid Flash yelled. “Will you get this over with already! Remember if you talk I will beat your arse. Besides,” Kid Flash chuckled. “Who would believe you anyway? By the way what’s up with the bottle dude?”

“It helps if I’m slick,” Eric replied as he greased up his thick cock with a specially prepared lubricant.  He put down the bottle. “Also you need to be properly aligned and yes, not a word to anyone,” he softly said as he fixed Kid Flash’s body into position on the table. “Of course digital recordings are not words ,” he mused as he eased his way into a gasping Kid Flash’s arse-hole.

“Fuck,” Kid Flash groaned as he was penetrated. “Just get it in, blow your wad and, get it the hell out of me.” He complained. Kid Flash as he sensed Eric slipping into him further. “ I can’t believe I agreed to this especially with a wimp like you.”

“If you stop your protests you might enjoy it,” Eric laughed as he gave Kid Flash’s beefy rump a hard slap.

“Hey cut that out faggot,” Kid Flash yelped as a large red imprint of Eric’s hand appeared on Kid Flash’s pale skinned right butt cheek.

“Okay. Okay,” Eric replied with a smirk as he began to move his erection inside Kid Flash. “Stop whining like some bitch will you!”

The buff young red head shut his mouth determined to just get it done. Suddenly his anal cavity felt tingly. “What the fuck did you grease up with?” He suddenly asked. His arse hole felt weird. “That’s it I’m done.” He barked in annoyance. Without warning Eric pressed a button on a wristband he had been wearing. Instantly curved metal clamps came up from the ends of the tabletop to grasp each of Kid Flash’s wrists and ankles. “What the fuck is this?” He yelped as he struggled to get out of the metal restraints.

“Relax and enjoy it asshole!” Eric hooted in derision. “I need you to stay in position while I fuck your ‘oh so top’ arse. Put down bottoms huh. I think not after today!”

“LET ME GO!” A now bucking Kid Flash shouted. His arse felt alive as Eric screwed into him. An itch arose inside his guts that somehow Eric’s long pole seemed to be just able to scratch. “What did you use”? Kid Flash groaned as his fights to break the clamps subsided. The itch in his arse was taking pre-eminence in his brain.

  “Oh nothing much just Viagra type of sexual stimulant only more powerful. That and a strong mental relaxing drug so my friend and I can fuck your mind as I fuck your arse,” Eric hooted Aqualad came into view. “A few mental telepathic rewiring from both of us on you and Mr. Total Top will be just another cock hungry superhero bitch,” Eric yelled in delight as he violently thrust into Kid Flash.

By now, Kid Flash couldn’t mentally focus on this new danger. He just wanted some cessation from the itching. He knew doing it required something to scratch him inside. Eric’s hard cock was only lightly rubbing at the itch. Kid Flash needed it to roughly scrape on the burning linings of his tingling guts. He suddenly realized there was something he could do that that might just accomplish that very thing! He tightly clamped his anal muscles onto Eric’s rubbing cock so the itching could get some hoped for relief. To his joy it did the trick. “Fuck don’t stop rubbing your dick inside me dude,” Kid Flash begged as the burning itching in him subsided. 

“If you insist,” Eric joked as he roughly screwed his bound captive.

“Ah shit dude,” Kid Flash grunted as he felt Eric’s stiffness now hitting his prostate. An itch struck there but somehow, Eric’s cock-pounding on that organ kept the itch under control. “Shit that feels great,” Kid Flash sighed as he wiggled onto Eric’s erection.

“Yeah I thought it might,” Eric yelped as he repeatedly slammed his dick-head onto Kid Flash’s prostate.

Unexpectedly Kid Flash’s own rod started to stiffen as a blast of erotic stimulation hit him. “Fucking hell Eric!” Kid Flash moaned. Unconsciously his strong hips began to move back and forth onto Eric’s manhood. “Fuckingggg …hellll,” Kid Flash stuttered as his body’s anal area became sexually animated.

Eric immediately observed the changes in his red headed prey. “That’s right Kid Flash just go with the flow,” Eric whispered into the red head’s ear while he increased his own screwing movements. Silently Eric signaled Aqualad to telepathically concentrate with him to use their gifts to alter Kid Flash’s mind. He gazed at the still operating video camera.

“FUCK!” sobbed Kid Flash as he felt the full effects of the lubricant, the mental probes and, his arse being royally plowed. Soon his thrashings and screams went from protesting outrage to pure sexual hunger. “SHIT! FUCK MY SUPERHERO ARSE, ERIC!” He pleaded as the camera took it all in for posterity. 

“So you like my cock up your tight arse right boy,” Eric snarly asked as he gave the once total top Kid Flash the butt-fuck of its life.

“I love your cock up my arse man!” Kid Flash huffed as he bucked on the table.

“Too bad I promised to do this just this one time,” Eric mocking said twisting his words so it appeared that Kid Flash had been the one to originally ask to be butt-fucked.

“Fuck please I want it so bad,” Kid Flash grunted lost in waves of stimulations that both the drugged lubricant and telepaths had created in his mind. “I take it back. I want to get fucked a lot now dude!”

A now triumphant Eric humped even faster knowing what a nice show this tape would make when it was posted on the local school’s Internet.

“So you like cock up your tight muscled arse then,” Eric giggled. “All that crap about only topping was pure posing huh bitch boy! You secretly want your rump bitched right…say it!”

“Yeah...oh…shit…yeah…fuck!” Kid Flash eagerly replied without thinking. “Bitch my fucking arse will ya!”

I got you ,” Eric silently told himself as he really gave Kid Flash’s once undefiled arse-hole the fucking it so richly deserved. Eric roughly slapped Kid Flash’s creamy pale rump a few times causing the buff young superhero to cry out in pain. After a few more hard whacks Kid Flash’s rear end was as flaming red as his hair.

“AW dude you’re beating my fucking arse while you are fucking it,” Kid Flash groaned as wave after wave of pleasure and pain mixed into a heady sexual stimulation.

“Now who’s the faggot,” Eric yelled as his violently arse whipped and screwed the redheaded superhero.

“Aw fuck man I’m going to shoot my wad,” Kid Flash yelped as it all exploded inside his mind.

“Then take my jizz too you bastard,” Eric chimed in as he too fell over the edge.

To loud shouts both teenagers soon popped their respective loads. A satiated Eric quickly climbed off the table and instructed Aqualad to replace him inside Kid Flash’s quivering arse.  Eric wanted no break in Kid Flash’s sexual conquest. The anal assaults would continue for the next few hours. After Aqualad was fully spent inside Kid Flash, Eric woke up Kal-El who eagerly and repeatedly violated Kid Flash’s by now much abused anal hole.  After a short rest both superheroes and Eric then taught Kid Flash about the joys of giving oral blowjobs.

“Oomph, “ Kid Flash continually grunted as he slurped away on every cock that was placed in front of him. Eric made sure Aqualad kept up the telepathic rewiring at every step of the breaking process. Eric also made sure that every dick Kid Flash slurped was generously covered in the drugged lubricant. By the end of the day a completely jizzed covered and trashed Kid Flash lay face down on the table in a state of total exhaustion. He had been totally fucked in both mind and body. The once arrogant alpha-boy Kid Flash was now truly a voracious cock-loving bottom that was always ready to take any cock he was offered. For Eric it was so sweet. Even better, it was all on tape ready for some discreet editing followed by a public showing to everyone at their school. Kid Flash’s secret reign among the gay boys at their school as the smug Mr. Total Top was soon to be over! The shorter lighter built Eric had sexually taken on and taken down the three once conceited, preening, buff, muscled hunks all by himself! Thanks to some additional “conditioning” all three super-studs would eager seek out every puny, nerdy or overweight guy at school to sexually service them.

Later that week, as all three teenaged hunks screwed on themselves on huge dildos, an ecstatic Eric answered a phone call. He listened as the other party shouted over the phone line. “I can promise to free them if you will come see me and just permit me one small request. You see I have a school project to finish.” Eric sneeringly said over the phone. A half an hour later he heard the bell by his gate ring. Eric grabbed a drug filled syringe. “Now we shall see what Robin has in his tights. After I get done with him tonight no one will ‘wonder’ about that boy. He’s the last of the school’s self-righteous and arrogant superhero straight boys.” As Eric walked toward his entryway he heard Robin yelling and pounding on the gate. “Coming Robin. This doctor is so ready for you!”


Author’s Note:

This is the end of this series. I swear, there is honestly no more manta tales so don’t ask…LOL, sorry.