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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 5 - Probing
By Kyle Cicero

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Superboy climbed up onto the table and, while never taking his gaze from Aqualad, the superhero bent knees to place his feet into the table’s stirrups.  He lay there perfectly still. Every muscular detail of his chiseled naked form was fully lit by the overhead lamps.

Eric took a position between Ka-El’s powerful splayed thighs. He let his hands explore Kal-El-s hard rounded calves. Gently he moved upwards with his exploration. As he ran his hands along the softer inner flesh of Superboy’s upper legs the latter breathing intensified. Eric happily noticed that Superboy’s cock was becoming semi-erect. He gazed at Aqualad. The aquatic hero’s face was a study in concentration. “That’s right work on his brain Aquabitch ,” Eric thought as he let his hands go farther up the powerful thighs of the Kryptonian. Superboy’s nut-sack had now taken on a hard round shape.  Eric extended his right hand toward it while the other massaged Kal-El’s inner left thigh area. He let his fingertips lightly run alone the wiry hair globe.

Superboy moaned and Eric could see the buff young hero’s eyes go totally glassy.  From the sudden swelling of Kal-El’s cock it was obvious there would not be any problems for the rest of the exam.

“Oh God,” Superboy uttered as Eric tickled and teased Superboy’s sack. His powerful form twitched as Eric awakened long slumbering erogenous zones in the young superhero’s body. “My balls,” he gasped as he unexpectedly lifted his waist up to give Eric complete access to his crotch. “I love having my nuts touched.”

As Eric nut-played his squirming patient he realized that, though the later was now compliant and probably mentally castrated, it was best to strap the superhero onto the table for the next steps. Eric also knew that although Kal-El now believed he was into guys his “innocence” about what to do with them needed expansion. “Don’t want you thinking, ‘servicing’ only means hand jobs buddy ,” Eric laughed to himself as he secured Kal-El’s body tightly down. “Plus,” Eric mentally said, “That’s too prime a piece of Kryptonian butt not to fuck silly!”

Eric signaled Aqualad to stand by the side of the table nearest to Superboy’s head. If Kal-el turned to face his crime-fighting friend he would be eye level with Aqualad’s still erect cock. That would show the buff Kryptonian that he was still pleasing his friend during the entire examination sequence.

For Eric it was not enough to “fixate” Superboy on male-on-male sex. He wanted to be sure Kal-El mentally became a total sexual bottom. True, Aqualad had been instructed to rewire Kal-El into that mode of thought. Still some remnants of the old alpha Superboy might survive the mental assault.  Fucking Superboy to an orgasm while Aqualad continued his mental reinforcement “thing” would crush any lingering thoughts of machismo in Kal-El. According to Kid Flash, Superboy was on record as believing guys who enjoyed “taking it up the arse” were not real men. If Kal-El climaxed while being penetrated he would be convinced that he was no real man. His remaining ego would be shattered and he would never mentally question his future role as a sexual server of real men. In essence Eric would craftily use Superboy’s prior thoughts on guys who “gave it up” against him.

Eric next placed his thumb on Kal-El’s rosy pink chute. He took a bottle from a nearby table with his other hand. Silently he poured a light green goopy fluid onto both his thumb and the soft rippling outer ring muscles that bared entry into Kal-El’s interior. “A little more of what we injected into you earlier ,” Eric mused as he lightly rubbed on the soft muscles of Superboy’s anus.

“Oh man,” Superboy groaned as Eric’s thumb artfully massaged the area.

The manta watched as the tightly curled anal muscles of the teenaged superhero’s unfurled. “Good boy,” Eric cooed as he removed his thumb and brought his dick to the hole. “Open up now boy,” Eric sneered as he thrust into Superboy.

“FUCK!” Kal-El yelped as a burning jolt quickly filled his arse. His once super-powerful body bucked but the restraints held as Eric pushed into him.

“I...oh...owwww…it hurts…awww,” Superboy whined and protested as Eric continued his actions.

Eric shot a glance at Aqualad who nodded and gazed at his friend. A few minutes later a peaceful look came across Superboy’s handsome features. Aqualad then unexpectedly reached down to his friends chest area and began to “work over” Superboy’s nipples until they stiffened under his touch.

“Fuck,” Kal-el grunted. Eric grinned as he humped into his prize. “My arse,” Superboy softly moaned again and again as Eric screwed him without mercy.

“It feels good!” Eric rasped as once more he looked at his aquatic sex slave. Eric was confident the liquids in Kal-El would do their magic but he wanted Aqualad’s mental help in this process as well.

Aqualad next lightly touched Superboy’s cheek. Within a few more minutes Superboy’s entire demeanor changed. Thanks to the drugs in him, plus Aqualad’s telepathic control the Boy of Steel’s pleasure centers took over. “Fuck your dick in my arse feels so good,” Superboy unexpectedly babbled. His previous struggles’ in his bindings ceased and he began to buck down onto Eric’s stiff dick.

Oh yeah a bitch is coming out !” Eric thought as he savagely gave the buff strapping Kryptonian a fuck he would long recall. Eric’s smaller leaner body thrust harder and harder now into the taller more muscled torso in front of him. “Taking your pussy huh Superboy? Taking it and making you love it!” Eric yelled as he took great pleasure in his weaker body conquering Superboy’s well built one. “Looks like this time you are going down in a battle against someone else huh bitch!” Eric gleefully hollered as his cock struck Superboy’s prostate. “Now to bang that sucker ,” Eric told himself. “That will drive this bitch into a frenzy!

“Shit,” Kal-El grunted when Eric hit that “sweet spot” he never knew existed inside of him. “My arse,” he gasped as each of Eric’s blows on his prostate sent overpowering shock waves of lust throughout the his body. By now Superboy was out of his head lost in a sexual whirl of newly created erotic desires. “Getting fucked,” he moaned as a strange inner voice told him how awesome getting plowed was and how that was what he wanted so badly from now on in his life. For a second the inner voice sounded like Aqualad. Kal-El turned his head toward his aquatic friend. “I need,” he whimpered.

“To have men fuck you Kal-El,” Aqualad lightly said in conjunction with a similar statement by Kal-El’s inner voice.

Superboy couldn’t think. The physical stimulations his body was getting from Eric were so strong. When they combined with that inner dialogue in his mind it soon seemed so right. He let out a long sigh and nodded. “I need to be fucked,” he slurring said in a deep voice filled with new desires. “I always needed cock!” Unexpectedly a new thought seemed to appear inside his mind. He focused his blue eyes on his friend then let his vision drift downward to see Aqualad’s erection. The voice in him told him what to do next. Eric watched as the once homophobic Boy of Steel moved his head forward.

“That’s right Kal-El,” The aquatic hero softly said as he reached out to tousle Superboy’s hair. He gently flicked the latter’s dark black curl that damply lay on Kal-El’s forehead. “Taste me bro,” Aqualad said encouragingly. He let his erect cock-head run across Superboy’s full sensual lips leaving a sheen of glistening pre-jizz on them.

Superboy extended his tongue to lick the salty wet substance. “Taste you,” he softly inquired of his friend unsure of what to do.

Aqualad placed his thumb on his own cockhead to get it wet with his pre-cum. Then he placed it on Kal-El’s mouth and let it trace along the outline of the latter’s lips. He let Kal-El lick his thumb then, without missing a beat, he pushed his thumb between Superboy’s lips to open Kal-El’s jaw. Silently he removed his thumb and guided his cock into Superboy’s mouth.

Within seconds a docile Superboy was sucking on Aqualad’s throbbing cock. “Suckinth,” Kal-El gurgled as, mentally guided by Aqualad, the teenaged stud gave his friend a most respectable blowjob. “Suckthing cockth…my friendth cockth,” he babbled as he suckled and slurped.

Eric hooted in delight at this sight and increased his screwing actions. He was rewarded by another series of lustful muffled grunts from Superboy’s dick filled mouth.  The Kryptonian’s manhood was now in full flower. A shiny continuous stream of pre-cum dripped from the slit in Superboy’s cock-head. The creamy translucent fluids oozed down the long shaft. Eric reached down to take hold of Superboy’s erection. As he fucked, Eric masturbated his patient. Aqualad, still face fucking Superboy, concentrated on his friends now sensitized chest by tweaking and twisting Kal-El’s nipples. 

“Humph, humph,” Superboy yelped as he slobbered on Aqualad’s meat. The room filled with the strong pungent scent of the three rutting teenagers. For Kal-El it was a total mind blowing experience. Thanks to Eric and Aqualad he was drifting in a sea of erotic fires that burned away inside of him. His mouth was filled with salty juices and his once untouched arse-hole flamed with pleasures he could never have imagined. His mind continually chanted that sex with men was all one could ever desire. “Fuck me harder,” he unexpectedly pleaded even as he suckled like a babe on his friend’s hard-on.

Hearing that statement did it for the manta. “Take it you bitch!” Eric roared as he thrust in hard and shot his spunk into Superboy. The effect on the prone superhero of Eric’s hot cream filling his guts was dramatic. With a muffled loud yelp of ecstasy Kal-el blew his own juices.

“Ahhhhh,” Kal-El bellowed as a geyser of white liquid shot up in the air only to plop back down onto Kal-El’s hard abdominals.

Aqualad then gave out a strangled cry as he too flooded his spunk directly into Superboy’s throat. Superboy lay there gulping it down for all he was worth.

In the end an exhausted Eric pulled out. A loud “popping” sound came as Eric ‘s cock freed itself from Superboy’s ravished hole.

“Fuck I need cock,” Superboy pathetically whined.

Eric smiled and signaled his aquatic assistant to continue the ‘examination’ process. Aqualad took Eric’s place between Superboy’s splayed legs. He reached down to Kal-El’s abdominals and scooped up some of the latter’s cum with his fingers. With an evil grin on his face Aqualad brought the spunk coated fingers to his friend’s mouth. Superboy’s full lips opened so his crime-fighting companion could insert his fingers into the former’s mouth. Greedily Kal-El sucked his own cum. As he did so, Aqualad guided his own cock into the Boy of Steel’s loosened anal gate.

“Fuck,” Superboy giggled as Aqualad humped his defiled chute.

  Eric came over to scrape up more of Superboy’s jism. He lewdly smeared it on Kal-El’s face and hair. The handsome features of the once heroic Kryptonian looked like a sticky mess. “I kicked Superboy’s arse and fucked it too,” a happy Eric joked as he twisted more cum into Superboy’s famous front curl. Eric artfully rearranged Kal-el’ dark hair into spiky peaks. The effect was to make the bleary eyed Kal-El appear like some trashed punk rocker. Eric gabbed a camera and began taking close-ups of the ludicrous looking face and head of the once oh-so-macho superstud. “Smile for the camera bitch,” Eric giggled as he snapped his photos for a later possible Internet distribution. “Show us that superhero grin.”

Superboy just beamed at the camera with unfocused eyes as his Aquatic friend continued to plow his guts. “I got fucked,” he sighed with contentment.

Eric just sat back and enjoyed the show as Aqualad fucked his friend over and over. Superboy lay on the table repeatedly whimpering with desire as he cried out  “fuck me” over and over.

  At one point Eric, as a demonstration of his utter contempt, masturbated into Superboy’s face. The Boy-of Steel merely opened his mouth to let his tongue try to lap up the goop near his lips. When the “physical” was finally completed the old strutting Superboy was just another cock hungry bottom bitch!

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