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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 3 - The Doctor will see you now
By Kyle Cicero

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Superboy quietly stripped off his familiar costume and donned the paper thin blue backless ‘patient’s robe’ that he found there. “Perverted little runt,” he muttered as he prepared for his “physical”. He opened the door located at the other side of the dressing room and walked through it.  To his surprise he found a large fully furnished medical facility. In the center was a shiny metallic table that clearly was similar to examination tables found in most doctors’ offices. “This manta is one sick puppy ,” Superboy thought as he approached the table.

“Ah good you didn’t take long.” Eric said as he entered from another door.

“Our agreement was two hours so lets start.” Superboy surly replied.

“Yes lets,” Eric answered as he approached the table. “Upse daisy now!” he laughed as he patted the shiny table’s smooth metal surface. “ On your back with both legs in the two stirrups at the end!”

“What kind of sick thing is this?” Superboy spat out in anger. “You said a physical exam not a perverse peep show.”

“I will be an exam I just wanted to give you an injection of dye to take a proper x-ray of your circulatory system later on okay,” Eric gruffly responded with annoyance.

Superboy shifted around on his bare feet not certain he was going to do this until he heard Eric say, “well you gave your word and remember Aqualad!”

With a long irritated sigh Superboy clenched his teeth and, tightening his jaw, he hoped up on the table. The cold from its surface seemed to emanate upward to engulf his exposed back and rear end. “It isn’t going to do any good you know,” He muttered as he bent his powerful legs to place each of his feet into the stirrups. He felt humiliated lying there on the exam table in this position. “You know I cannot be penetrated by earth needles.” Superboy smugly reminded Eric.

“Which is why I’m using a light dusting of Kryptonite on the lubricant,” Eric laughed as he hosted Superboy’s gown halfway upward to fully expose the hard abdominals and, more degrading for Superboy, the impressive but the heretofore-private charms of his “patient.

“Kryptonite.” Superboy loudly exclaimed as he leaned upward from his waist onto his elbows to glare at the shorter manta.

“Relax, I said it just a light dusting. It will merely weaken your anal ring muscles so I can get my nozzle into your arse-hole.” Eric tittered as he brought the nozzle end of a long tube up into view.

“You said a needle,” Superboy yelled. “Not some butt plug!”

“No,” Eric sighed with his own irritation. “You said I needle. Besides it is not a butt plug. Well it is shaped like one but it is a nozzle. See the tube attached to it. Now cooperate or the deal is off! Oh, by the way, I thought Superboy never goes back on his word.”

Superboy took a deep breath. He recalled Aqualad’s plight and, more important, he had given his word. “Okay,” he replied as he lay back onto the table. Do it!”

“Oh I will,” Eric silently responded as he moved to insert the nozzle into his patient’s butt. Up until right now Eric had not dared to hope this could be accomplished with Superboy.  It was going forward as planned. “Got you stud boy, ” Eric giggled inside his mind. When he gently pushed Kal-El’s low hanging nut-pouch to one side Superboy’s entire body jolted. The Boy of Steel lifted his head to glare at Eric. “Relax I just need to get a clearer access to your opening,” Eric said trying to keep the humor out of his voice as he brought the lubricated nozzle against the tightly muscled anal rings of the Boy of Steel.

Superboy’s entire body was tensed. He had never been “penetrated” by anything in his life. Now he about to be “entered” and in the most degrading way he could imagine. “Just keep still ,” he told himself. “Don’t react and give him any sense of a victory. ” Superboy. “That will show him who is the real victor even in a situation such as this one !”

Eric could see the rigidity in Kal-El ‘s facial features. This first step in breaking the Kryptonian could go two ways. Superboy would submit to anything during the next two hours in order to free his friend and keep his word. Eric decided on the slow and steady course in tackling Kal-El. If it worked it would create a crack in Kal-El mental smugness. Clearly Superboy was determined not show any emotion during the process. Eric was equally resolved to make him to that very thing! “Now hold still so we can get the dye in as painlessly as possible. The dye is harmless just to assuage any concerns you might have about that fact.”

“No dye will hurt me,” Kal-El arrogantly snapped back as he closed his eyes. “Go on with it! I’ll have nothing more to say for the rest of this exam.”

Eric suppressed an urge to laugh. What the super hero did not know was that the dye he was to be injected with was composed of a combination of a powerful hallucinogenic drug and concentrated sexual stimulants. In addition however it also contained a nice overlay of specially treated Kryptonite dust. Once it was introduced internally into Superboy, his circulatory system would absorb it then spread it throughout his body. Its chemical makeup had been altered sufficiently so that it would only weaken the Boy of Steel. In essence, it would temporarily nullify the effects of the yellow sun. For the brief time it was in his system, Kal-el would be no stronger than any other muscled teenager. Kid Flash had helpfully suggested the plan and eagerly and provided the mutated Kryptonite from the Legion’s vaults.


“Get it in him dude,” Kid Flash had said upon its delivery. “It won’t last long buddy. His system will absorb it all but ultimately it will processes it and flush it out of his system. So keep in mind that he will only be “human,” so to speak, for just a few hours. Make the most of it! I took a huge risk stealing some from our labs but getting a crack at Kal-El’s butt will make it all worthwhile. Now I have to get back to alter the lab records to cover my arse while you uncover his,” Kid Flash joked while giving Eric a lewd wink.

Eric saw Superboy had his eyes squeezed closed. “Preparing for the worst huh ,” the smaller manta giggled silently. “Well let’s throw a wrench into that .” He pulled the nozzle away. “We better properly prepare you first. After all I’m not cruel,” Eric stated solemnly to the now totally unresponsive Kal-El. With a devilish smile he greased one of his thumbs with some of the treated Kryptonian dust and then pressed it against Kal-El’s anal gateway. Slowly he let his thumb sensually rub the moist soft skin of that cavity. With an expertise borne of long practice, Eric let his Kryptonian coated thumb lightly play with the dark short hairs of that untouched surface. He watched as the muscles weakened under the influence of the green dust. Eric began to tickle Superboy’s chute taking pleasure in observing how this activity was affecting his prey. “I bet you never experienced anything like this before huh stud ,” Eric mocked silently as he worked on his patient. “Never had foreplay I imagine. I wonder what is going on in that brain of yours ?”

Superboy had not expected Eric to “prep” him in this way. True, he had not known what to anticipate yet, to his horror, what he was experiencing was not as unpleasant as he had imagined it would be. Kal-el unexpectedly discovered that this area of his body was quite sensitive to another’s touch. He was about to say something but then thought better of it. He had originally determined to show no reactions. That would still be his course of action. Mentally he scolded himself for feeling anything at all. Kal-El shut his eyes tighter so as to not let Eric see anything was affecting him. Still it was a shock realizing he could be what…stimulated somehow?

Meanwhile Eric continued his massage of Superboy’s anal doorway. To the young manta’s delight, Superboy’s rosy hole soon began to react. Its’ swirling muscles first tensed up then relaxed repeating the process over and over. Soon Eric’s thumb was probing deeper between those satiny swirls. He noticed that Superboy’s chest was now rising slightly higher then lowering. “He’s getting aroused by it ,” Eric thought as he gently slipped his thumb in farther and farther until suddenly he was past the castle’s outer defenses. 

For Kal-El keeping perfectly still was becoming rather difficult. Whatever Eric was doing down there between his butt cheeks it was shocking energizing. What Superboy could not realize was that, thanks to the altered Kryptonite, his body was merely experiencing what it was like to be touched. A lifetime of imperviousness due to the yellow sun had left Kal-el ignorant of the normal stimulations one received in day-to-day skin contact with others. That mental “innocence” would be Eric’s greatest ally. Never having been “intimately touched” in his entire life Superboy was powerless to control the unforeseen effects from this type of interaction. Those sensual parts of his Kryptonian brain that had never been used awakened. A wave of conflicting emotions rushed into him. Given sufficient “down time” from such stimulus he would have been able to logically process this and control himself. Eric however was never going to hand his prey that respite. Just as Kal-el thought he might “get a grip” on his mind, Eric ‘s thumb pushed inside him. A surprised Kal-el, despite his resolve, did react. An almost undetectable grunt of “oh ” burst from his lips.

Eric grinned when he heard that slight almost undetectable gasp come from Superboy when his thumb broke into the latter’s anal entryway. The thin manta’s finger explored and probed the soft walls of Superboy’s inner anus lining.  Superboy’s body unexpectedly quivered. Another short groan of “uh ” slipped out from his patient. Though Kal-El’s face remain stoic with his eyes shut tight the buff Kryptonian’s cock told a different story. Eric clearly saw it jerk.

Superboy fought off an urge to gasp for a third time. He tried to gulp in more oxygen through his nose. The temptation to open his mouth to suck in more air was tempting but he feared that if he did that he would moan again. This was something he was not going to do in front of Eric. He was disgusted with himself for his reactions thus far. “A real man would not behave in such a situation, ” he told himself.  He slightly shifted on his back and quickly tried to counteract any further twitching by ramming his legs into the stirrups. “Keep tense ,” he told himself. Then without warning Eric pulled his thumb out. “Fuck,” Superboy unconscientiously hissed with relief but also with a troubling vague sense of disappointment at the cessation of the experience.

Oh yeah its time ,” Eric thought as he let his thumb slip out of the now loosened entrance. Eric could have sworn he heard another sigh come from Kal-El. Once his thumb was free Eric gently slipped the nozzle into Superboy’s anal cavity.  He briefly moved it in and out of Kael-‘s hole. “Just making sure the hole is greased enough to get this in easier,” Eric said. He happily noticed that when Superboy’s eyes unexpectedly flickered open they had a slightly glassy look to them.

“Just get it done,” Superboy replied in a voice that had the barest of quivers in its tone. Kal-El again closed his eyes.

Quickly Eric grabbed the huge syringe at the other end of the tube and injected Kal-El with the mixture. Superboy lay quiet now on the table with his feet firmly pressing into their stirrups. His strapping body looked as sexy as hell with his bulging legs muscles tensed to hold him still in his current position. Eric could see that his “patient” was continuing his deep breathing. The latter’s hard eight-pac rose and fell in a regular pattern. Kal-el still had his eyes tightly shut yet the well-built teenager had a definitive flush on his handsome face. As he watched the drug combination flow into Superboy he plotted his next activities.

As the heady brew gurgled into his guts Superboy was hit by a queasy sensation.  It was the first time he felt …unwell? Soon he also he was experiencing a growing mental disorientation. He opened his eyes to see a slightly blurry vision of Eric gazing down at him with an odd smile on his face. When the younger manta casually reached out to stroke his cheek, it felt extraordinarily comforting. Kal-el knew he should object to such actions but when he opened his mouth all he heard was his muttering some gibberish that sounded like a contented sigh of “ah ”. He tried to rise up on his elbows but the room spun. “Fuck it,” he moaned as he just lay back down on the table. He felt so strange yet aroused by that very strangeness growing inside of him. To his shock, he found he was grinning. His crotch felt warm yet not unpleasantly so. Unconsciously he reached down to touch his own cock. It felt amazing. He began to let his fingers explore every part of its surface.

“Try stroking it Kal-El,” Eric devilishly suggested to his prone patient.

“Shit,” Superboy gurgled as he shamelessly fondled himself in front of Eric. “My cock feels so nice and warm when I stroke it. I never did this before. It is awesome,” he giggled as he engaged in his first masturbation.

“You are so high right now,” Eric hooted as he took in the sight of the once arrogant Superboy lying bleary eyed on the examination table. “Now we begin,” he snarled as a supine Kal-el, his gown bunched up around his tapered waist, massaged his growing hard-on.

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