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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 2 - A Confrontation and a Promise
By Kyle Cicero

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The next morning Superboy flew out to confront Eric. Within minutes the angry Boy of Steel arrived at the teenaged manta’s undersea domicile. Superboy roughly kicked in the front date of Eric’s undersea lair and yelled out for Eric.

“I’m here to talk to you right now, you Manta scum!” Superboy sharply yelled. His sea blue eyes blazed with anger as he contemplated what Eric had somehow done to his best friend Aqualad.

“Hey what’s with the entryway busting shit?” Eric grumbled as he came out of a side room with a buck-naked Aqualad alongside him. “I mean that kind of stuff hardly fits with your squeaky-clean image out in the world Kal-El,” Eric chuckled as he casually reached out to fondle Aqualad’s low hanging ball-sack. “Besides gates are not cheap to install buddy!”

“Fuck,” a bleary eyed Aqualad sighed as his impressively thick cock went hard. “Oh Master …fuck,” the clearly zonked dark-haired superhero moaned as Eric continued to massage and roll Aqualad’s hefty low hanging testicles. By now Aqualad lengthy dick was in full flower.

“STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Superboy roared as his muscled body quivered in rage. “I KNOW YOU DID THIS TO HIM!” Superboy bellowed as he moved slowly closer to Eric. He turned his gaze towards his best friend. “Dude break free. I know you aren’t some fag pussy boy. Break free Aqualad!”

Aqualad merely stood there in front of the Kryptonian teenager. He was completely oblivious to Superboy. “Fuck I love my nuts getting fondled,” he groaned, as his handsome features grew slack while his face became flushed with lust. He let one of his fingers run along the slit of his cock-head. “I’m leaking so bad for you Master,” the buff nineteen-year-old Aqualad grunted as he took the pre-cum stained finger from his cock head to then coat his own full lips.

Superboy was appalled by this display from his friend. He turned his vision on Eric. “Free him or I swear I’ll destroy you right now!”

A slight grin came to Eric. He knew that this pre-arranged demonstration would enrage Superboy. Now if he could just play his cards right the hot looking Kal-el will walk right into the trap. “I will free him on one condition.” Eric softly said as he stopped groping his hunky aquatic bitch.

“Oh Master,” a clearly dejected Aqualad grunted as the fondling ceased.

“Quiet,” Eric sternly said as he pulled out a dildo from his back pocket. “Superboy and I have business to perform. Go rotate on this you cunt till I come see you. Make sure you tape your activities so I can share it on the net with your future fans. Now off to the bedroom.” Eric watched as a docile Aqualad took the dildo only to begin obscenely licking it. The manta observed the shocked and pained look on Superboy’s face at seeing this activity. “Good ,” Eric mused as Aqualad walked away under Kal-el’s focused gaze of horror. “You will do anything now if you think I will free him from these actions. Already you are so upset you used violence to get into my home and violated your vow to respect life by threatening me with death. Get you mad enough so you will jump at a chance to save him and not truly think out all the ramifications of what I ask of you”

“I swear I will…if you tape him…put him on the net,” a now enraged Kal-el muttered as he stood before Eric with clenched fists.

“I said I would free him if you will satisfy my condition,” Eric said with a yawn of indifference towards Kal-el’s threats.

“What condition?” Superboy asked trying to control his urge to beat up Eric. Kal-el tried to blot out not only what he had just seen but also what his mind imagined his friend was currently doing. “Name it and it will be done unless it requires the taking of life or a crime!

Eric laughed, “Oh sweet Titans you superheroes all have a one track mind!” Eric suddenly stopped laughing. “I want two hours of your time. Two hours where you will do everything I ask.”

“To do what?” Superboy warily queried. He did not trust Eric but he was desperate to free his best friend from this trap. “Besides ,” he told himself, “What harm can this skinny puny manta do to me. I’m Superboy, " he smugly told himself.

“I need to pass my biology exam,” Eric said.

“I will not help you cheat,” Superboy derisively sneered even as a part of him said he would to free his friend. He began to mentally justify taking that very step.

“No I just need to do a report that will impress my teacher,” Eric replied.

“So how can I help?” Superboy asked with uncertainty as to where this was leading.

“Simple” Eric grinned. “I will submit a report on the biological makeup of Superboy.” Eric calmly replied.

“HUH?” Superboy said. He was at a loss to understand this request.

“I want to give you a complete physical exam like a doctor would that all,” Eric stated.

“That is all that you want?” Superboy cautiously said to Eric.  Kal-El was completely at sea over this condition. “Give me stupid physical so you can pass some fucking exam?”

“Do it and I will free Aqualad and restore him to his old self.” Eric retorted then he stopped speaking.

Something seemed weird to Superboy. He knew some type of trick was involved but he could not figure it out. As he stood pondering the request a HD screen flickered to life over on a sidewall. Superboy looked at it in horror to see Aqualad writhing on a huge bed fucking himself with a dildo. “Oh yeah I need this in my superhero pussy, ” Aqualad moaned as he vigorously screwed his hard teenaged arse for the camera while pumping his fully erect twelve inch cock. “Fuck me Kal-el !”

When he heard his name, Superboy’s entire body shook. “Stop this,” he croaked.

“That will go out on the net today,” Eric sighed. “Or not if …” Eric let the rest of that statement remain unsaid.

Kal-el barely heard Eric. He couldn’t stop staring at his best friend. He felt ill and yet, something else as well. He saw Aqualad’s muscled body moving under the overhead lights. His friend’s sculpted torso was visually compelling in its activities. Then too his friend’s face had a look of pure bliss on it. It was all so obscene yet memorizing all at the same time.

Fuck me harder Kal-el ,” Aqualad yelped as he rammed the dildo deeper up his arse.

Suddenly Superboy could not take seeing this any longer. Whatever it took he would do it to free his best friend from this depraved sexual slavery. “You have my word. I consent,” Superboy mumbled as he focused his eyes on Eric. “For two hours anything you ask of me that I will do. I give my word of honor. Just stop that thing!” He moaned in despair as he waved a hand at the screen. Eric nodded in reply and the screen went dead.

“Good then go into the next room and get into the hospital gown there. You will find a door on the right. Go through it and we will begin your physical,” Eric laughed. He watched as the tightly muscled Boy of Steel shook his head and went off to do as directed. A minute late Eric went to another room to prepare his examination tools. “Getting Aqualad to moan Superboy’s name had been an excellent suggestion from Kid Flash ,” Eric mused. “That truly tipped the scales !”

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