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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 1 - The Opening
By Kyle Cicero

Black Manta and Aqualad and all the characters herein are the property of DC Comics. No infringement of copyright is intended. Heads up to Christopher Trevor and Telemachus for all they do *>)!

Superboy paced around the Legion room that housed the offices of the world’s teenaged superheroes “Look I don’t care what everyone saw Aqualad do okay,” the six foot tall well-muscled Kryptonian growled with annoyance.

“I’m just saying Kal-El it was seen by everyone right there at the freaking schoolyard. Besides, how else do you explain his current actions with that manta?” The youthful eighteen-year-old shaggy red haired Kid Flash stated with caution. He knew Superboy and Aqualad were the tightest of friends. No one had been more shocked than Superboy when Aqualad had become a voracious sexual bottom totally enthralled by erotically servicing their once ridiculed fellow student Eric.  Kid Flash was unsure what threw Kal-El the most. Aqualad’s blatant public display of sex or the fact his once manly sidekick was now behaving in a way Superboy thought completely un-manly. Kid Flash assumed both were equally disturbing for Superboy. The strapping Kal-El set great store in his hyper masculinity. As for sex, everyone in the league of superheroes knew Superboy, while basically celibate, was rigidly heterosexual in his views. Kid Flash doubted if the handsome teenaged Kryptonian had ever even gotten a hardon. Kid Flash figured it as unwise to stir up Kal-el anymore than he was at this moment by uselessly arguing the issue of Aqualad’s activities or try getting to the heart of Superboy’s rage.

“I know something is wrong,” Superboy forcefully replied holding back his desire to yell. “I know Aqualad. He is no freaking faggot! Even if he was…WHICH HE IS NOT GOT IT,” Kal-El yelled at a now clearly nervous Kid Flash, “he would not take it up the arse let alone go down on a guy. He’s not some bottom-boy!” Kal-El roared finally loosing his composure. “I hang with him or did until recently. Trust me, he is as much of a true man as I am understand! He would not take it up the arse or suck some queer’s dick!”

“Sure you are right,” Kid Flash rapidly agreed even as his mind recalled seeing Aqualad repeatedly do those very same things at a “private showing” Eric had arranged for specially invited guests. Naturally Kid Flash would never tell the others about his attendance at this performance. Nor would he confess how sexually aroused he had become watching the once smug Aqualad “servicing” various guys. Kid Flash had found it all so stimulating that for the last few nights he had lain in bed masturbating over those mental images of the once “oh so manly ” Aqualad mewing and giggling with delight as he anally & orally surrendered his openings to Kid Flash. As he watched the Boy of Steel pace about the room, Kid Flash could not help but notice once more how tight Superboy’s red tights fit his hard nineteen-year-old muscled torso or how well they hugged and defined those twin dimpled round globes that comprised his rump area. Kid Flash knew his own leanly muscled form looked good in his superhero outfit but Kal-El’s more worked out defined torso was perfectly proportioned. Superboy was like a living ancient Greek statue. Kid Flash was soon fantasizing about Kal-El being in a similar “erotically compliant” situation as Aqualad had been that night. Nothing was hotter than when Kid Flash had “super-pistoned” in and out of Aqualad’s holes. The red headed young hero’s cock stirred at the mental picture of Superboy happily “giving it up” to another guy.

“I still won’t believe it is truly in his makeup,” Superboy hissed in disgust. “Maybe someone else but…” he paused then gave Kid Flash a funny look.

The younger teenager kept his mouth shut. He knew what Kal-El was thinking. Superboy & Aqualad had always subtly put down what they thought they both detected in Kid Flash: namely an attraction to guys. Kal-El in fact constantly lectured Kid Flash on being an upright symbol of manhood for other growing lads. When Aqualad had joined in doing the same thing, it had become all too much to endure. “So what I secretly get it on with guys? ” Kid Flash contemplated as he stared at Superboy. The younger superhero wanted to tell off the Boy of Steel by informing him that he always topped them during sexual encounters. Among gay guys he was known as a total top. He’d match his manhood against anyone. “So who is the pussy now Kal-El? “Kid Flash silently mused as thoughts of Aqualad’s “performances” came into his mind. The redheaded loved butt fucking tight-bodied guys so where was the harm?

“I know Eric did something to him,” Superboy fumed. “He couldn’t enjoy being anally screwed…not Aqualad!”

Now if only Superboy got into being fucked…life would be sweet ,” Kid Flash quietly sighed to himself. “Might just take Mr. Big shot down a notch and make life with goody-two shoes more bearable, ” Kid Flash pondered as the younger superhero took in the sight of Superboy still striding about like a sexy wet dream. Then it hit him. Hadn’t Eric cold-conked macho Aqualad into becoming a total bitch? Could the teenaged manta do it to someone else? Suddenly Kid Flash had a crazy idea. A smile crossed the former’s face. “You know Kal-El you are so right,” he eagerly exclaimed. “In fact you should go confront Eric on it.”

Superboy turned to face Kid Flash. His deep blue eyes took in the nodding younger boy. “You are right,” Superboy gruffly said. “I’ll go do that right now!”

“Tomorrow,” Kid Flash jumped into interject. He needed time to set this up. Not a lot of time but at least one night! “Plot what you will say and do first. Then get a good night’s sleep and go tomorrow,” the red head suggested. He anxiously waited then relaxed as he saw the Boy of Steel signal his agreement. After Kal-el left Kid Flash called Eric. He explained the situation and asked Eric how the later had accomplished what he had with Aqualad. An amazed Kid Flash took it all in as Eric told him what the later had done to Aqualad. “Okay here is a suggestion,” Kid Flash chimed in quickly. After a few minutes of explanation a wide grin crossed Kid Flash’s handsome face. “Good. I’ll run over what you will need.” A frown soon replaced his smile. “No way…look Eric…I’m telling you I don’t do that…no I’m not into that type of activity,” Kid Flash grimaced as he listened further to Eric. Ultimately Kid Flash just shook his head in defeat and let out a large sigh of resignation. “Okay it’s a deal. You bitch him and I’ll do it. But just once you understand!” Later that night Kid Flash jerked off pondering what was to come while Eric prepared for his Superboy encounter!


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