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Spidey Milks
By Kyle Cicero

To my fans, if any lol, a small vignette of a tale to usher out one year and user in another. Though nothing is ever predictable, I think this is my finale as KC. New year and new writers abound and will more than adequately hold the fort. So, thank you for all your support over these 15 yrs of my erotica prose.
Kyle Cicero

Spidey Milk


Spiderman slowly entered the abandoned warehouse. A street snitch had told him that this wreck of a structure secretly held the Green Goblin’s lair. As he silently swung into the interior through an open window a feeling of unease came over him. It seemed to easy to enter a place that should have some type of alarm system. “My spider senses are tingling. Something is not right ,” he thought just seconds before, a powerful bolt of electricity hit him. “It was a trap,” wrre is last thoughts as he lost consciousness. When he awoke he found himself tied to an St Andrew’s cross. “What is this,” he angrily said as he struggled in his bindings. His rippling muscles showed the strain of his efforts under his skin tight costume.

“Play time,” the familiar voice of the Green Goblin chuckled.

“You won’t win,” Spiderman yelled over his shoulder. “I will get free.”

“Oh winning is not the purpose of tonight’s encounter,” the villain snickered. I have another objective in mind after which you can go,” the crafty villain stated as he came up behind Spiderman. “Tonight,” he purred as he pressed his own body upon the leanly muscled back area of the bound hero, “is all about taking cherries.”

As he spoke Spiderman felt the Green Goblin’s erection pressing upon his own muscular bubbled butt. “You are sick,” he roared as he realized what the goblin had meant about cherry picking. “You cannot be that sick,” he continued to shout as the Goblin’s stiff prong did some pressing frottage up and down between the costumed arse crack of Spiderman.

“No just horny,” the Green Goblin murmured in correction as he grabbed at the latex covered rump of the tied up hero and pulled on it.

Spiderman wiggled in his bindings. He felt the part of his costume covering his rear end being yanked away from him. Then the sound of a tearing cut. “What are you doing,” he yelled as he vainly fought to get free. A cold breeze hit his arse.

“Just a slit in your outfit to get into my prize.” the villain assured his prey. “Very nice too. Love the dimpled butt cheeks on you.” The Goblin’s hand tenderly caressed the exposed muscled rear end of the young hunk. “smooth and so nicely rounded too,” he hissed.

“Let me go,” Spiderman shouted.

“Oh relax,” the Green Goblin whispered as he brought two vials up to Spiderman’s nose. “A few whiffs of these and you will be fine,” he giggled as he cracked the capsules and thrust each one up into Spiderman’s nostrils. His other hand deftly covered Spiderman’s mouth cutting off any alternate way to breath.

“You sick….oh shit,” Spiderman groaned as finally his need to take in air forced him to breath through his nose. As he did, the vial’s fumes did their work. After a minute his strong defined body soon felt like jelly. “Whaaa…did…dooooo,” he sighed as he involuntarily took in more of the vapors. He soon sagged slightly in his bindings.

“Good, now lets begin,” the Green Goblin laughed as he eased his thick 13 inches between Spiderman’s once costume clad butt cheeks.

To Spiderman’s shock the press of the hefty cock felt nice rubbing the sides of his cheeks. “What did you give me,” he groaned as his own dick began to tingle from the pleasing sensations the area between his butt cheeks were getting. “What…aw fuc…was…in…my rear end crack feels,” he gasped as Soon sensed the dick of his hated foe press onto his virginal anal entryway. Without thinking he squeezed his cheeks to increase the rubbing pleasures.

“Oh a combination of horse tranquilizers, amyl nitrates and, and a dash of sexual stimulation drugs. You will be relaxed for easy entry yet your erogenous zone will be super sensitized,” the Green Goblin replied as he pushed into his foe.

“Aw fucccccc,” Spiderman grunted as his hole was entered. He involuntarily took a few more “hits” on the vial’s fumes and willed his arse hole to relax. Minutes later the Green Goblin was fully inside of him. “Fuc…awwww gheeees,” he moaned as the “stuffed sensation inside his guts” felt shockingly stimulating. He wiggled like a speared fish yet, as he was told, the feeling of the first dick up his arse was quite arousing. “Fuck,” he whimpered as his anal muscles gripped then relaxed on the Goblin's dick. His own cock was now fully erect and straining to get out of its costumed prison. A large wet spot appeared in his crotch.

“See it’s all about surrendering to the arousals,” the Green Goblin chuckled. He reached around to cut a slit in Spiderman’s cock and freed the hero’s throbbing erection. “My you are quite huge and those balls too. I’m impressed,” the villain laughed as he reached into the front slit of the stud’s outfit to pull out and expose Spiderman’s “jewels”. The Goblin fondled Spiderman’s nuts causing the youthful hero to emit a series of low unintelligible animalistic grunts. By the sound of these noises the Goblin knew his prey was ready. He began a series of deep thrusts in and out of the now totally flying hero.

“FUCK,” The young crime fighter yelped even as his guts tightened on the invading cock. The bolts of a sexual heat shattered any desire to in him to resist this anal onslaught. “Aw shit…aw fucking shit,” Spiderman repeatedly sobbed with delight as his prostate was relentlessly pounded. Soon he was grunting like a bitch in heat begging for more. “Fuck…never knew…oh fuck …yes…deeper…oh Goblin fuck me hard please,” he purred. He had never been so turned on like this during sex with women. “Fuck me. Yeah, fuck me you green scum,” he shamelessly howled as he felt an approaching climax building inside his churning ball sack. “So …close…to…fuc me!”

“Going seed your butt. Are you ready bitch,” the Green Goblin derisively shouted as he gave a last violent push into a now vigorously nodding captive. “Feel it now!” He screamed as he exploded.

As the warm gush of Goblin jizz hit his insides, Spiderman lost it. “AWWWW FUCKKKK,’ he railed as he erupted into his own powerful orgasm in ways he had never done before. As his cock began to squirt, his Spidey webs also began to unexpectedly spray out from each of his bound wrists. He sniffed in more fumes and went with the flow of his sexual release. "I'M FUCKING CUMING!" he roared. “ YOU’RE FUCKING THE CUM OUT OF ME. EVEN MY WEBS…AWWWWW FUCCCCC! “ he screeched.

“Yeah cream it all bitch,” Goblin shouted in triumph as he poured more of his spunk into the still screaming hero. "Cream like the two bit back alley whore I've turned you into tonight!"

Spiderman sailed into sexually uncharted orgasms. As the Goblin trash talked he continued his multi-ejaculations from his dick and his wrists. At one point he thought his own jizz as well as his web ejaculations would never stop. His seminal cream shot out of his cock like a geyser while the walls on either side of his hands were splattered with his splashing webbings. Finally, however, both his cock and his web fluids were spent. “You fucking drained me,” he wheezed in humiliated defeat as he slumped in his bindings. “Fucked me and milked me dry,” he sobbed as the Green Goblin cut him down. "You bitched me."

“That I did," giggled the Goblin. "You may kick my arse in future contests but I fucked yours tonight and milked you dry of both your creamy cum and sticky webs. Tonight you are truly my bitched boi,” the Green Goblin sneered. He left the exhausted and drained muscled hunk lying alone at the foot of the St. Andrew’s Cross wondering how he could fill the newly awakened aching needs of his hungry arsehole.

Spiderman knew he would want to be drugged and aggressively fucked like this by another villain many more times yet, what criminal could he bargain with for such services? Stil, even as he pondered his new sexual predilections, he unconsciously reached behind himself with one hand to finger fuck his arse.

The End