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Sake and Satin: The Mission
Part 2 - Marine Guards
By Kyle Cicero

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All rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read. …this is a work of purest fiction and ends the saga. Bye….. it was a great run!


By Cicero & Boloma


After having thoroughly drained and exhausted the two young pilots, Kenzo and Taka seized the access cards to the base from the discarded overalls and met Hiro and Gloria who were waiting outside. “Got it. It was a peace of cake ..I’m tellin’ ya that asshole…”, Kenzo blurted, but was interrupted by an icy look from his father’s eyes.

Grimacing he jumped beside Gloria on the backseat of Toby’s car. While Taka drove the car, he avoided looking at his father who sat on the right front seat, staring straight ahead, but one could have imagined a tiny amused grin under his eyes, which were hidden by the mirrored sunglasses.

They arrived at the small side-entrance that Taka had selected earlier because, the gate, closed during the night, was guarded by only one marine. The guard recognized an army car but approached suspiciously as he realized that it was driven by civilians.

“Hi officer, could you kindly help us, I am afraid we got kind of lost here”, Gloria directed the focus of his attention to her. “Ma’am?”, the good-looking young marine stepped forward to the car, raising his index finger to the rim of his helmet as a short salute.

“Oh you are so kind, Officer!” Gloria responded while offering her most girlish smile. Gloria stared at the young guard. He was one 6’dark haired beauty she thought and, judging from his uniform’s snug fit, very well built as well.

“Uh-hm..not officer Ma’am, it’s Lance Corporal but please call me Randy”, the marine stud said as he visibly relaxed.

“Randy? What a promising name!” Gloria whispered with a wink as she beamed at the young soldier who blushed under her continued stare. Kenzo smirked. As he watched Gloria's performance he was turned on by her lewd flirtation and subconsciously rubbed his cock. Hiro noticed both of them & took it all in. For Hiro their conducts were quite disgusting but for now he had a job to do.

“Please, Randy if you could have a look at this,” Gloria cooed as she held a map on her thighs. When Randy pointed his flashlight inside the car to get a better view at the map, he couldn’t avoid spotting how Gloria’s tight shorts bunched up at the center of her crotch.

“Is this the right location?” Gloria’s questioned as her fingers rested in her lap. She seductively began flicking her thumb in the area where her thighs met rather than pointing at the map causing the flustered young guard to blush even more as he tried to focus on the map and not the place of the girl’s fingers moved . Gloria smiled and let her fingers rub the tight shorts even more subtly. The young handsome guard’s breathing deepened and she could see that his gaze and concentration were fixed on her overtly sexual conduct. Randy was so occupied by Gloria’s actions he never noticed that Hiro had left the car.

“Can you take a closer look Randy? “ Gloria giggled. Randy leaned in half way. The muscular young hunk suddenly felt the sting as if something had penetrated his camouflage pants . He experienced a warm burn in his nicely shaped buttocks. He tried to pull back out of the window and turn to see behind him but Gloria threw her arms around his neck, keeping him momentarily in place. This enabled Hiro to finish injecting the drug filled syringe's contents into the hapless young stud's butt.“What…?” was the only word Randy was able to say before his world went blank.

Hiro watched satisfied as the muscular young American marine 's body went limp and slip down the side of the car. Hiro bent over the sleeping stud and whispered into his ear. After a few moments he straightened up,” he will remember nothing now," Hiro said knowing that the drug made Randy’s thoughts susceptible to a quick reprogram. “When he awakes he will think the car was only occupied by the two pilots. You boys take him inside his guardhouse!" Hiro commanded.

While Taka end Kenzo dragged the unconscious soldier inside the small guard house, Hiro and Gloria swiped the access cards through the scanners and the gate opened. “Come at once we must move quickly,”Hiro commanded as the young men ran back to the car.

“Wait a minute, I just thought of something.” Kenzo said as he reached into the car and fetched two bottles of Sake from his duffle bag. Kenzo shoved one in the pocket of his biker jacket, and jumped from the car before Hiro could stop him. They watched him disappear back into the guard house.

The marine still lay unconscious on his belly. Kenzo reached down around the narrow waist and opened the young American’s belt. He quickly unbuttoned the camouflage-pants and exposed the Lance Corporal’s sexy buttocks. He grinned when he saw the tight blue thong Randy was wearing. “Too bad I have no time soldier-boy,” he murmured. He spit at his fingers , pushed the thong strap aside, and probed the marine’s asshole. The drug had relaxed all of Randy’s sculpted muscles and Kenzo could push his fingers in without any resistance. He couldn’t resist having some fun and he probed for the prostate.

“Oooooooooooo,” Randy softly moaned as his prostate got rubbed. Instinctively the drugged stud slightly wiggled his hips.

“Too bad,” Kenzo replied regretfully as he fondled Randy’s meaty butt,” we could really have had some fun.” He pulled his fingers out, inserted the bottle and made sure it was sufficiently deeply plugged in to remain in an upright position. He squeezed and watched the clear liquid slowly diminishing into the guard’s chute.

“Oooohhh fucccc,” Randy responded huskily as his bubble butt moved upward and his legs spread under the onslaught. Kenzo’s cock rose to full staff. He turned Randy over and lifted his uniform shirt to check out Randy’s sculpted chest and stomach . Primo sighed Kenzo to himself. Kenzo then maneuvered the drugged guard’s thong to check out his package. Randy was hung like a horse and his meaty balls were hot as well thought Kenzo.

“Man that is one tasty set of meat and potatoes,” Kenzo groaned as he rubbed his throbbing cock under his pants. Without thinking he leaned down to lick Randy’s balls and cockk. Suddenly he heard a sound behind him. Kenzo rose up & turned. It was his father with Taka!

“You dare disobey my direct order!” Hiro was fuming. ”And you dare act like a whore !”

“Well pop.” Kenzo blushed.” You always complain about my lack of efficiency. You’ll see, when we leave, that fucker will be ready, without any effort.” Kenzo babbled faster trying to erase his sexual actions from his father’s memory and to justify his conduct in some small way. “Let me tell you though that American hunk has some tasty looking cock. It will be easy to 'take him' when we get back That’s what I call eff..”.

“Kenzo!”, he was cut off by his father in an icy voice and he knew that he had crossed the line. He bowed his head, “I am deeply sorry o-Hirosama, and I am seeking your forgiveness.” Kenzo quickly redressed the guard after one last ‘checking out’ of the young sleeping hunks impressive package & six pack then, Kenzo left the guard house and rushed back to the car with his father and brother.

Hiro grunted as they got in the car. “Go on”, he commanded Taka who was looking straight ahead. The car drove across the tarmac towards the huge hangar. They had entered a top security facility of the USAF. Hiro fumed. His son was consumed by sexual lusts he thought. This was a grave matter!

Kenzo, Taka and the girl rushed towards the hangar gate, while Hiro watched as a backup. With both pilot’s access cards the hangar gate opened without any difficulty. The dark steel blue jet was illuminated by a number of bright spot lights.

“Wow!” Kenzo shouted in admiration.

“Shut up, idiot!” Taka hissed at his brother.

“Who is the idiot?” Kenzo retorted, furiously grabbing the front of his brother’s leather jacket. “If you need it, ya can have right here!” Kenzo’s nose was almost touching Taka’s, he saw his own threatening eyes in the mirrored glasses. “And your fancy glasses….”

“Anytime, bro …. anytime”, Taka replied with a cold menacing voice, seizing Kenzo’s wrists.

“Are you nuts?” Gloria interrupted. She started towards Kenzo to pull him back, then the brothers were trapped in the beam of a torch light.

“FREEZE!”, the shout echoed from the steel walls of hangar. Terror struck the three as they turned around to face two marines -one pointing at them with a flashlight- the other with a submachine gun. Both marines couldn’t have looked more different.

The one with the gun wore a name tag identifying him as Pvt. Russell Tompson. The private wore the full set marine camouflage uniform with his chest protected by a black bulletproof vest. Attached to his belt was a holster holding a heavy army pistol and a pair of cuffs.

Russ had grown up at his parents’ farm in a small Mid-West town. He was 5' 10''and 170 pounds of pure muscle. His blond curly hair had been tamed by the buzz crew cut of the marines. Since he had joined the corps he had lost none of the naivety of a Mid-Western corn fed farm boy,& he still had his friendly open boyish face coupled with a pair of shock green eyes that were curiously still exploring the world.

His harmless innocent looks made him very attractive for the girls, who easily developed a kind of mother instinct for the shy country boy, who was an exception to his macho marine buddies who were always bragging with their conquests.Russ stayed away from drugs and limited his consumption of the booze, because he wanted to enjoy the nights with ladies who felt compelled to smother him with affection and , in many cases, quite more. He had quite a reputation for conquests on base but inwardly he missed his farm-life.

The guy with the torch was a giant of a man. Vincent “Bull”Rockland was an African-American who stood 6,4 ft tall a 230 pounds fighting machine. He was trained in all kinds of martial arts and the living nightmare of the recruits. There was not one muscle under is ebony skin that was not thoroughly trained. The systematic build-up of his muscles had provided Vince with a body to die for. His chest was covered with rippling pecs and his protruding nipples seemed almost to pierce the green army undershirt he was wearing under his open camouflage jacket. Broad shoulders narrowed to a slim waist that rested on two pillars of heavy-muscled legs. But the most the fascinating part of his body was his cock. Which sported a hefty 12' of uncut meat with big low hangers Bull promised unforgettable nights of pleasure, and Vince was proud that he always kept this promise. He was a super stallion, who could give the ladies what their white husbands and boyfriends where not capable of. For Vince a marine had two duties, First to guard the USAF property. Second to satisfy the needs of the neglected wives of the “fancy ones”, a name he gave to the pilots on base. As the pilots’ training required frequent trips abroad, Bull’s reputation made sure that he was called to the rescue sometimes even before the husband’s jet had left the runway. On some rare occasions his special rescue missions resulted in some unwanted results, which although healthy were nevertheless embarrassing because of the color of their skin. But the cheated husbands accepted the mishap as nobody dared to mess with Bull.

The black master sergeant towered over the private who could not hide his excitement having caught foreign intruders in the very act of terrorism. “Bull, what shall I do?” Russell asked his superior.

“Stop waiving around your fucking gun and cuff’em”, the giant marine snarled handing a second pair of cuffs to the private. His eyes never left the three youngsters, Bull pulled a colt from his holster backing up his partner who had ordered the Asian with the mirrored glasses to turn his back.

“Could you please turn so I can cuff you’, Russ politely asked.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” the big Marine yelled at the private who was as stunned as the three intruders. “ Would you turn around please?” Bull mocked Russ in a high-pitched voice. “Come back here and cover me!”

While Russ watched with wide open eyes, still pointing his gun again at the three trembling youngsters, Bull grabbed Taka by the neck and pushed him up against the wall. “Spread ‘em!” Taka’s legs were kicked apart. Powerful hands searched him. Taka felt a massive hand squeezing his groin and forcing his arms behind his back. Click! He was cuffed.

It took Bull just moments to secure Kenzo in the same way. The Japanese looked terrified up at the glowering marine giant; there was not a slight sign of defiance in his eyes right now.

“She is a girl, Bull!” Russ pointed the gun at Gloria.

“Nice observation, private!” Bull sneered , “you can put your gun away then” He laughed.

Russ gathered all his courage ,”We have no more cuffs, Sir what should we do?”

Bull was close to exploding.” I told you to put your fucking gun away, farm boy! Take these two punks to the guard house and bring me another pair of cuffs, MOVE!”

“Yesss Sir!”, the private managed to produce a meager salute. ”Two punks to the guard house and return with a pair of cuffs, Sir!” He pushed the two Japanese through the door and walked behind them.

Bull shook his head and turned to the trembling Gloria, “And now sweetheart , can you fuckin’ tell me, what are you doing’ with those two Asian wimps by my jet?”

* * *

Taka and Kenzo were desperately trying to regain their coolness while they were stumbling through the darkness. They knew, their father was out there. But what could the old man do against a heavily armed marine and that black giant?

“It’s all your fault!”, Taka hissed at Kenzo.

“How could I know!” Kenzo shouted, his rebellious temper awakening.

“SHUT UP!” The marine commanded from behind. Taka stopped and turned around.

”Please Sir, this is all a big misunderstanding. We are part of a tourist group from Tokyo and had visited the base in the afternoon. We somehow got separated and lost our way!”

“I don’t know anything about visitors, move on!” Russ pushed Taka forward.

“ I cannot see with my glasses…..Aaarggh…aaaaeieiii”, Taka yelled as he apparently lost his balance. With an ugly sound of cracking bones he slammed down to the concrete tarmac.

“Oh no, no, no my knee,” he cried,” it hurts, it hurts so much; oh no I broke my knee…awwwww!”

Kenzo turned to the private. “That is going to be trouble. Our father is a diplomat, he will launch a formal protest to the US Government. A US Marine has tortured a Japanese student. What a headline!”

“ Torture??? I did not…I am sorry.. I…I…” Russ was in panic.

“My brother needs help,” Kenzo shouted angrily, “take these fuckin’cuffs off!”.

“I …dunno?,”Russell hesitated, “ that would be violating the procedure. Prisoners of War have to be kept secure at all times. Section 17 a…”

“Prisoners of war?”, Kenzo yelled furious,” we are tourists, peaceful tourist you killer! Take the cuffs off, now!”

“I ain’t a killer,” the confused private protested meekly. He quickly uncuffed both of them.

“Please Sir, …oooh such a pain”, Taka pleaded.

Taka was rubbing his knee with his freed hands while Kenzo was supporting his brother’s back, who was apparently too weak to sit.“Bro, please I need something … a pain killer.” Taka begged his brother. ”Pain killer? , where shall I find a pain killer at night on a tarmac. In the hotel may be….but, wait!” Kenzo reached inside his jacket.

“What are you doing?”, Russ reached suspiciously to his pistol.

“Be cool man!”, Kenzo smiled now,” it’s just a bottle of our Sake. It will help him, you’ll see!”

Russ stepped three steps back took a straddled stand and pointed the colt at Kenzo, “ Ok but slowly.” He watched as the Japanese produced a small bottle and put it to the lips of his prone brother who seemed to take sip. The injured Asian started to cough. It sounded miserable.

“We have to make him comfortable”, Kenzo said. “Can we have your vest as a cushion, please Sir?”.

Russ seeing a chance to minimize a ‘diplomatic incident’, decided that the tourists meant no danger. He put the gun away and removed his bulletproof vest. The whole action had made him sweaty anyway. He knelt next to Taka and placed his vest under Taka’s back. Taka seemed to relax now. He smiled grateful at Russ, “Thank you, Officer, by the way, my name is Taka.”.

Russ blushed . “Not Officer, I am just a private not an officer..…my friends call me Russ!”

Kenzo smiled ,” You are a nice guy, Russ, my name is Kenzo and my friends call me Kenny.”

“Nice to meet you Sir, uhm …Kenny”, Russ replied, “I am sorry for what happened to your brother. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Nay…the Sake will help, don’t worry”, Kenzo drawled.

“Man…. I could use a drink now as well”, Russ moaned.

“Well, be my guest,” Kenzo offered the bottle, smiling.

“Thank you Sir, but…” Russ started to object.

“Kenny”, corrected the smiling Japanese.

“Thanks Kenny, but Taka needs it and I am on duty”, Russ smiled back, feeling more at ease now with the tourists.

Taka managed to produce an innocent smile, “Please Russ, I would feel highly honored to share our Sake with you, and it’s not very much”. Kenzo added in a low voice,”In Japan it is regarded an insult to reject a drink.”

Russ felt again panic rising. These Asian cultures were so complicated. He had already hurt a harmless visitor to his country and now he was adding insult to pain.

“Thank you Taka, Kenny,” Russ answered,” I would love to try your Sake.” He took a careful sip. “Nice stuff, not to strong”, Russ said happily.

“Take one more,” offered Kenzo generously.

“Your friend made us frightened,” Taka remarked while Russ took a generous gulp and found he enjoyed the warm liquid running down his throat.

“Ah … don’t worry, Sarge isn’t that bad in the end. I will explain the misunderstanding”, Russ replied. “Oh gosh! Bull is waiting for me. I’ve gotta move!” He hurried to get up, but stopped as he felt slightly off-balance. “Oops!” he giggled, “th-that Sakeee sommmehoww, got-to-me.”

“Please don’t leave us alone here!” Taka yelled in panic. “If another guard finds us, we might get shot!”.

Russ agreed to stay for a while, at least until he could clear his head. Incredible what that little Sake could do. “It’s hot”, he groaned as he took off his jacket. Kenzo looked admiringly at the barbed wire tattoo circling around the defined right bicep of the muscular blonde marine.

“I see you like tattoos?” he asked the marine.

“Yeah, I got me one after I joined the corps,” Russ grinned,”everybody here has them. The girls get turned on by it.” He giggled again.

“Kenzo has a dragon.” Taka said as he offered more sake to Russ.

“Really?” Russ asked as he took another gulp of Sake without thinking.

“Yep,”Kenzo replied proudly, ”wanna see?”

“Oh yes please”, Russ answered as his mind began to feel the full effects of the drugs.

Kenzo took off his biker jacket and slipped the black leather jacket over his head.

“Wow!” Russ looked at the colorful dragon tattoo that spanned over Kenzo’s pecs , circled around his waist toward the back, and dipped under his waist band toward his butt.

“Do you have more?” Kenzo asked. Russ took of his undershirt and pointed proudly to a USMC tattoo on his left shoulder. Kenzo’s cock stiffened at the sight of Russ’defined chest and hard six-pack. The young blonde’s skin was pale and smooth and his nipples were a sexy dark brown. Russ gazed back at Kenzo with those sexy eyes of his. He then noticed Kenzo’s nipple.He looked curiously at the small gold ring which was pierced through Kenzo’s right nipple. “That looks cool, man”he said.” We don’t have that kind of stuff in the corp or at home.

“I think you would look great with both of your pierced,” Kenzo said seductively,” “yes, I think if they attached them here.”He reached over and gently pinched Russ’ nipples. Russ let out a small gasp as his nips hardened. A slight glaze clouded his eyes. He likes it Kenzo thought. He looked down. Yes, a definite stirring in that pants. Kenzo began to lean in. He wanted to suck those brown orbs badly now.

“I….uh……man,” Russ muttered . The young marine was trying to clear his brain now.

” Where do you come from?” Taka interrupted quickly realizing Kenzo was moving too fast. He was now sitting after a miraculous recovery. Kenzo stiffened and straightened up. He let go of Russ’nipples.

“Come,” he slurred a bit in reply. “Damn my throats really dry”.Russ took another sip of Sake and told them about his father’s farm. The life in the small town, about the most exciting events being the spring and the thanksgiving festivals, with cow-milking contests. Russ told them proudly that he had won the contest several times by milking the largest number of cows in the shortest time. “God I miss cow milking. Had me a real beauty. Big and black and could milk all day. Damn I miss Bossy.” He sighed. “That was my name for her,”he giggled,” a bit bossy but she was great. Sometimes I’d spend the night with her feeling that warm body next to me.” He blushed becomingly as he took another gulp of Sake. “That was before I sprouted and discovered girls of course. God did she have udders.”

“Are these udders big?” Kenzo asked innocently thinking that more went dsown with ‘Bossy’ than Russ admitted..

“Have you never seen a cow udder?” Russ asked in surprise.

“No, we buy milk at the supermarket” Kenzo said.

“Well, how shall I describe it…an udder is big ...looking like a balloon with four dicks,” he laughed as he drank more Sake. Russ was now pretty high I used to take a couple quick sucks right from old Bossy’s udders ,” he whispered in an exaggerated tone. The Sake was working!

“I wonder how love-making would be if I had four dicks?” Taka laughed. Kenzo burst out with roaring laughter. “I guess you could cum a whole night through”, he added.

Russ blushed slightly he didn’t get it. ”Where is the joke? I don’t need more dicks. I cum plenty with one. Pretty hung ya know” He muttered proudly.

Kenzo looked at Taka. Taka looked back ,”I told you Americans are quite hung.”

“Is that true?” Kenzo asked Russ apparently extremely excited.

“Well…” the marine felt slightly embarrassed.” Yes…..I mean no problem”.

“Wow!” said Kenzo looking at the marine’s crotch. “”Can I see it?”

Russ looked shocked. He wanted to object, but then, maybe he would insult these guys again; besides he was not shy about his body. It was like in the shower with his buddies. “I guess there is nothing wrong with it”, he gulped and took another sip of Sake.

The marine got up opened his belt and unbuttoned his camouflages. The weight of the holster and the other equipment on the belt dragged his pants down to his boots, leaving him in a pair of white Calvin’s hugging tightly his firm ass cheeks. His legs were well defined and tapered. A real stunner thought Kenzo as his eyes devoured the hunky young blonde American soldier.

Russ noticed Kenzo’s reaction & grinned a bit embarrassed. Kenzo and Taka looked at him encouragingly. The marine took a deep breath and stripped the briefs down to his knees. His 8-inch uncut cock dangled loosely over a well-filled sac of balls between his brawny legs. Kenzo wanted him badly now.

“Hm”, Kenzo said attempting to appear unimpressed,” looks like mine.”

“No, his is bigger”, insisted Taka.

“No, it isn’t!” Kenzo seemed slightly pissed. “Let’s compare”. He opened his belt and unbuttoned his biker pants. He stripped them down and stripped out of the black jock strap that had once belonged to Butch the captain of the college wrestling team. Kenzo recalled briefly how he had ko’ed that hunk sexually. A sly grin appeared on his face.

Kenzo moved close in front of Russ holding his dick in the palm of his hand. Before the private could object he reached over and took the marine’s dick and placed it alongside his own. “See”, he bragged over Russ’ shoulder to Taka, “it’s even bigger than his!”.

“No way!”, Taka replied incredulously. He rose - his knee was completely healed it seemed to Russ - and moved close behind Russ to gaze over the marine’s shoulder down at Kenzo’s hand which was still holding both dicks.

“I’m bigger I tell you,” Kenzo insisted as he gripped both cocks and started a subtle back& forth movement on them.

Russ now felt challenged sexually image wise and Kenzo’s hand job felt strangely nice. “If it gets hard it is much bigger”, he protested. He stumbled slightly but was steadied by the bodies of his two friends who kept him in place.

“Let’s see’’ Kenzo put both dicks together letting both touch together. He rubbed at the sensitive underside cupped between both his hands and started to rub his dick against the soldier’s.

Russ now thoroughly drugged and susceptible to the two Asians responded instantly to the stimulation. “Oh,” was all he could moan. Kenzo leaned closer and started to kiss and bite softly his throat. While he did so Taka unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. His already half hard cock touched the marine’s ass crack. He embraced Russ from behind and nibbled more intensely at his ears while his hands started softly rubbing Russ’ the pecs stimulating the hardening nipples of the softly moaning young soldier.

“Geess….youu..guyss,” Russ weakly protested as his body came alive to the sexual over-charge of the drugs induced. Kenzo winked at Taka and then took a gulp of Sake. Taka tweaked Russ’ nipples more.

“OOOOOhhh ….yeeeessss,” Russ gasped opened mouthed; his nipples hardened to bullet-like points.

Kenzo reached up to Russ’ face and cupped his handsome firm jaw. A bleary eyed marine gazed at him. When Russ opened his mouth further to protest Kenzo the punk Asian boy leaned in and gave Russ his first man-on -man kiss. Russ was too shocked to react. He felt a burning liquid spray into his mouth and down his gut.

“OOOOOOHHHH,MMMMAAANN”, Russ yepped as he tried to pull away. Kenzo and Taka linked arms and held him tight. Russ struggled as the two Asian boys held him sandwiched between them. Taka thrust a Sake bottle up the young hunks butt and flooded him. Russ moaned louder!“Oooohhh….whhaattt…arreee..yoouu… dooinggg.”

“Taking you down American marine boy,” Taka growled in his ear.

“What the fucccc…” Russ whimpered dazed and totally disorientated as Taka squeezed more drugs up his butt. Kenzo gulped more Sake from his bottle & reached up to kiss the young American again. As he did he sprayed more of his Sake filled mouth’s contents down the squirming guards now unresisting throat. The handsome hunk felt a fiery burn coming at him from both ends. He tried to break free one last time but then the two streams hit of liquid fire hit each other inside him. ”Oooowwwwwww wwwooowww,” he muttered as his brain rocked. From his view Kenzo could see the struggling young marine eyes glaze completely over. He was theirs!

“Good boy,” Kenzo laughed as he let go of Taka . He backed away and watched Russ crumple to his knees. Taka pushed Russ forward as Kenzo grabbed the drugged blonde muscle-boy to position him on his hands& knees. Russ lay there panting as his mind reeled. “So you are a farm boy ,”Kenzo giggled. ”You even drank milk directly from the cow’s udder correct boy?”

Russ lifted his head. He was out of it. “Hhuhhh.?” Russ mumbled. His All-American Abercrombie good looks excited Kenzo now. His drugged appearance only highlighted his seductively sexual appeal. Kenzo was on fire.

“I asked you if you drank milk directly from the cow’s udder boy,”Kenzo barked.

“Yes,” he whispered.” Sometimes …I….during….milking…” the dazed young marine replied.

“And you enjoyed it?” Kenzo asked horsely.

“Huh…ooohhh…fuucc..yeahhh sir,” a looped Russ responded licking his lips at the memory.

“Then you will enjoy my milk you American pussy-boy. Direct from my Asian udder!” Kenzo growled in full heat. With that he thrust his engorged cock into Russ’s mouth.

“Uuummmpphhh,” Russ gurgled as Kenzo force feed his dick into Russ’throat.

Taka watched in disgust. His brother was a sexual slut. It was obvious that Kenzo was in lust for this American. Their mission was to conquer for revenge not pleasure. But still Taka thought, he would not let Kenzo enjoy this new victory alone.

“Oh but you must try this as well.” Taka replied as he spread Russ muscular pale cheeks and exposed his tight lightly blonde fuzzed chute. Russ tried to protest but his mouth was stuffed by Kenzo’s dick. Taka greased his cock with some lube and then Russ’ pink hole. After a few minutes Taka was able to penetrate that never violated rosy bud. Russ grunted as he received his first finger-fuck.

“UUUUmmmmpphhh…uuummmhhh,” Russ continued , his voice muffled but clearly signaling delight at his de-virgining.

Kenzo watched and seemed to thrust even faster into Russ’ throat in response to Taka’s actions. As Taka stroked his dick to get ready he noticed Kenzo staring at Taka’s rod with a look that signaled desire. Taka made a mental note. He had found the key with Kenzo!

Smiling smugly Taka proceeded to ram dick into the marine’s cherry butt. Russ’s’ screams were muffled by Kenzo’s cock in his mouth . Both Asians smiled at their victory and together they showed the corn-fed American farm boy a whole new meaning for the term ‘plowing’.

Kenzo pulled out only long enough to pour more drugged Sake down Russ’ throat. “Let’s do him up right,” Kenzo laughed as the boys began their practiced conversion techniques.

Thanks to the stimulations of the drugs and the Asians mental re-programming to his weakened control centers it wasn’t long before Russ’s body grew aroused by the twin actions on his mouth and butt. As both boys encouraged him the American marine slowly turned onto the joys of man on man action. With his brain fried by drugs and the sexual stimulation onslaught Russ’ defenses crumbled. After awhile Taka felt the telltale thrusts of the American’s ass on his dick while Kenzo experienced some distinct tongue action at his end. The handsome hunky blonde‘s sudden heavy grunting sounds filled their ears with joy as they continued in programming him in the fine art of being a cock-slut!

“Uuuumphhhh,” mumbled Russ lost in his new sexual thrill. His cock rose to full staff to the delight of the boys. At one point Russ lifted an arm to rub his steel rod.

They pulled out from either end leaving Russ gasping for air. “More….more…pleaseee sirrrrr!” he groaned as he crawled toward Kenzo’s manhood like a pitiful bitch in heat.

The two Asian brothers laughed at the hunky young marine who was now begging for their cocks. They laid the muscular young marine on his back and continued their ‘plowing’ while the eager young blonde guard beat off.

Hiro had watched the entire scene from his hiding place close-by. Helpless he had observed the arrival of the guards. The two marines had acted too fast for him to warn his sons. When he watched the brothers been arrested he decided to follow them and to free them first. The gajjin girl was dispensable; his sons were not.

But after he observed the marine slowly going down to defeat, he changed his plans. Taka and Kenzo could handle the situation. He also , like Taka saw how Kenzo behaved. His mind filed it away .

Now he had to return to the girl; as little as she counted, her arrest would be an inconvenience, because she knew too much.

* * *

Without any noise Hiro slipped inside the hangar. He watched surprised & disgusted at the scene before him. The hulky black marine was naked to his waist with only his camouflage-pants and his boots still on; he was on his knees in front of a work bench, his head buried between the legs of the girl who - totally naked – was sitting on top of the table, obviously enjoying the treatment she was receiving.

“Yesss…,”she moaned, “don’t stop. That feels soooo good…ahhh!”.

Vince looked up grinning. “I knew you would like it. Every chick likes it. It makes them relax. You should relax too. I don’t mean you any harm. If you tell me what I want to know, I will even help you to get out of this mess fair and clean. If not, believe me, you will beg me to listen to your story in no time.”

“Bull, you are so strong,” Gloria purred while her hands glided across the broad shoulders.

“My buddies call me Bull,” Vince grinned, “my whores call me Vince, better learn quickly who calls the shots.” He continued his stimulations lifting her up until the girl was sitting on his shoulders, giving him full access to her pussy with his skilled tongue.

Gloria felt the sweet penetration from below and it rocked her system. “Ahh…yes …ohhh…yes”, she winced in a high-pitched squell .

The marine registered satisfied that this bitch was no different from anyone he had before. “Vince, I want to see all of your body, it truly turns me on, I never had a muscle-guy like you before.” the girl pleaded.

“No wonder, hanging around with those skinny Asians.” Vince grunted. He decided to show her what a man, an all-American black roughneck marine looked like and put her back on the bench.

Gyrating his hips he imitated a strip-dancer and unfastened his belt. Gloria was hooting, while Bull kicked his heavy boots off. Finally his pants sank down and his half hard monster cock snapped free. Vince never wore nay underwear. First because he never found a jock strap fit for his size, second he considered briefs simply uncomfortable and boxers, he felt looked just funny with his thick black cock dangling out one leg slot.

Gloria’s eyes grew wide,. That dick was marvelous and so was the man attached to it. She had never met such a beautiful perfect physique among her lovers in high school or in college. That was the man.

While she tumbled back in awe, her hand struggling to balance herself on the bench slipped into a jar. “Uhhhiiehhh,” she yelled in disgust at the oily gooey slime which covered her hand when she retracted it.

“Afraid of a little engine grease?” Vince laughed. “The mechanics need it to keep the jet engines well lubricated.” He grinned devilish and took some grease from the jar and started massaging Gloria’s boobs.

“You pig!” Gloria giggled, mimicking disgust as she started to rub the grease over his pecs in retaliation. Her fingers concentrated on his nipples. “Wow your tits are ..big,” Gloria started to twist the meaty knobs between her fingers.

“Well not as big as yours,” Vince replied, now somewhat earnestly as he felt his body respond to the girl's massage. His arms, shoulders and abs were now greased up and the hangar lights made his body glisten.

Gloria hopped from the bench and started to massage his lower legs moving up to the knees and thighs. Vince was backed against the bench and watched her through half-closed eyes. Her hands touched softly his heavy nuts and a moment later her hands were massaging his cock, making it glistening and slippery. A deep groan emanated from the hunk’s throat while he closed his eyes, to fully enjoy his massage.

Gloria knew she was on the right track. She tried one of Kenzo’s tricks. Her thumb traveled to a spot between the balls and the asshole of the jock and rammed it with a quick thrust into the sweaty flesh.

“ Huh!”, Bull’s eyes flew open, “what…..?” Looking down he saw that his once half hard cock was throwing a fucking boner.

“Not bad, huh?” Gloria smiled, “come on big guy let me massage your back. Without a word Bull took her to a small side room that had a bed and some weight machines. It served as a gym and rest area, which was used by the mechanics during their breaks. He spread his hunky form belly down on the blanket.

Gloria took the jar down and started to apply grease to his shoulders. Bull’s eyes closed again. ”Yeah baby, that feels good!” he moaned.

Seemingly from nowhere Hiro appeared. He put his finger over his lips, signaling Gloria to remain quiet. He was holding a small vile with a dark green fluid and poured it into the grease.

It was a drug based on Japanese tea, which removed all sexual inhibitions and forced the subject into a cycle of sexual arousals that rendered its subject completely mentally pliability. The same tea that had conquered Brett Taylor, Tag and Ryan. He smiled thinking about these success stories. This specimen would make a fine addition to his “collection”. As for Gloria, after witnessing Gloria’s actions with the Sgt. Hiro could care less how the drug would affect her.

Master Sergeant Vince Rockland’s muscle-packed body was completely covered in a mixture of engine grease and his own musky sweat. Gloria had not even left out his strong ankles and his big feet. His ass cheeks had been spread apart and the oily mixture was now covering his chute. Bull felt horny as hell, he had to have that chick now.

The marine turned around and snatched the surprised girl grunting as he rolled her small body onto his. ”Enuff foreplay bitch, I am ready, you want it - so let’s have some action”.

Bull was up for a surprise. He had expected the girl to scream and squirm under him when his well-oiled rod slipped inside her cunt. But she took him effortless; she even smiled. Gloria too was succumbing to the drugs. She lost whatever inhibition Hiro’s presence normally would have caused.

Her legs closed tight around his waist pulling him even deeper inside. He felt her amazingly tight pussy gripping his dick.

Gloria noticed the questioning look on is sweaty face. ”Come on big guy, take me for a ride”, she cooed him. It was actually the big man himself who was taken on a ride, because she started to buck from below and left him no choice to join into her rhythm.

Bull had never experienced a love-session like that before. Bull’s body was hunched up in a half rise. The girl’s arms closed behind his neck and forced his head down at her heaving breast. One tit was forced between his lips and instinctively he started to suck.He was so hot he didn’t feel the soft pinch of the 3-inch super fine needle puncturing the sweaty skin of his neck, penetrating effortless the ring of hard muscles protecting his spine and finding the target, a small tiny node of nerves. With a smile Hiro injected the needles contents Vibrating impulses hit the nerve center and corrupted the micro-electrical impulses they were transmitting throughout Vince’s body furthering the drug effects. Hiro wanted to be sure this prize‘bull’ was ready for training!

Suddenly the marine felt his arms going limp while his brain spun wildly out of control. Gloria pushed him off her and the hulking stud collapsed backward onto the bunk.

“Whhaaattt….tthhheee…fucccc,” he groaned as his vision grew blurry.

“Get dressed, go to the car, and leave us,” a voice said from somewhere. Vince tried to figure out who was talking. Gloria appeared to be leaving but he couldn’t fix it in his brain. He felt someone roll him over. The big marine was now laying face down his exposed meaty ebony butt embarrassingly high up in the air as he was raised on all fours. While he tried to understand what was happening, an elderly Asian man wearing a dark grey business suite squatted down beside him.

“What is going on? W-who are you?” Bull stuttered still fighting to regain control over his body & mind to get up.

“I am sorry for my rude behavior. We hadn’t had the opportunity to get properly introduced, because you were …uhm … occupied”, The businessman talked in a soft and friendly manner, overlooking that the marine was buck naked. “My name is Hiro and I am here for some important business”, the Asian continued. “But Mr. Bull”, Hiro said softly ,”I will also change , just a bit, how you practice sex!”. Hiro’s voice was suddenly hard and menacing.

Bull did not understand, ”W-what do ya want from me? Who are you?”

“I am the man to whom you will show respect from this moment on, your new commander. I want you to teach how you will make love to men in the future in particular, Asian men.” Hiro explained patiently as he stroked Bull’s naked firm butt.

“Y-you want me t-to fuck goddamn gooks?” , the marine sputtered incredulous. ”You must be kidding’ old fart! I will never ….what the fuck….aaaiiiiiiiiieeehh!” His sentence ended in a wild scream. Hiro had inserted another needle into a sensitive area of his spinal region. The agonizing wave of pain almost knocked Bull senseless.

“I said you will respect me and you will obey me,” Hiro said coldly. “Now , if you please me, you will get out of this unharmed…if you make me angry….”. He touched the needle softly. Bull’s reaction followed Instantly.

“Aaaaooooooaaaaiieeeh…stop…ok ok I’ll do it!!” Another snap at the needle. “What fuckin’ …aaaiiiiieeeh..oh no stop ..I said I’ll do it, SIR please no more SIR!” Vince was pleading now.

“I see you are a quick learner”, Hiro smiled satisfied. “But it is not you who will as you say ’fuck gooks’ but rather…” Hiro let the sentence remain unfinished.

Bull was terrified. He was still face down on the bed & totally at the elder man’s mercy. He felt Hiro raise him up by his waist on his arms and knees with his ass forming the top of a pyramid.

Hiro squatted behind the marine, reached under Vince and, seized his dick with his left hand. Vince had never been touched by a man at this place before. His body contracted involuntarily. “Now relax, Mr. Bull, I know it is difficult the first time but later you will learn to enjoy it.” Hiro cupped the marine’s balls with the palm of his right hand and inserted his thumb deep inside Bull’s virgin asshole.

Bull howled in discomfort shame, when he realized he was going to get finger-fucked by a guy. ”Oh no, not that man..uhm Sir I am not queer”.

“Not yet but soon you’ll be young man”, Hiro replied in a friendly manner. His thumb went in deeper and hit the wailing hunk’s prostrate causing Bull’s hips to buck. The Bull’s hefty dick slipped along Hiro’s hand in an up and down motion.

“Ah you are doing fine, Mr. Bull”, Hiro remarked appraisingly as the bucking speeded up in response to the drug enhanced anal stimulations it was getting.

“Fuck! Shit! That is not happening!” Bull shouted. But his drugged ,pliable brain & body betrayed him as he fucked the Asian’s hand. He was engulfed in a sexual heat from the continuous anal probing; Hiro’s grip on his rod was like a tight pussy. His body howled in sexual arousal. Soon he felt that telltale rush hitting his cock. “Nnno, I don’t want to cum…huh huh aaahh ooh, no I am not a fucking faggot. I can’t hold it. Shit, shit, shit arrgh, You’re doing it, you make me cuummm!”

Hiro knew he had the hunk where he wanted him to be and squeezed the sweaty balls with a rough grip. “Yes, you are mine now!”

“Fuck no aaawww, oh huh..huh.huuuuuuh”, Bull’s dick lurched and exploded sending his seed splattering on the grease and sweat soaked blanket.

Hiro watched amazed as the Sgt. repeatedly came & finally subsided only after 8 strong shots that left a remarkable puddle on the blanket.

“Actually it’s a waste, young man, you should consider licking it clean!” Hiro suggested.

Bull was still recovering from his enforced climax. “Never…huh..huh..never will…I do such a thing.” He gasped.

Hiro raised his eyebrows, ”Mr. Bull that was an order! Lick that blanket clean.”

“No I won’t! I am not queer! I am a marine, a man you Asian faggot cannot break.I won’t,” but suddenly he found himself head down and lapping up his own cum. What was happening to him? “ Fuck what have you done to me? “ he moaned as he licked up the last of his jis. He looked over at Hiro , his mouth wet with his own cream.

The marine was unsure of what would happen next and was surprised when he felt Hiro’s hands traveling across his shoulders, down his spine, and then rubbing his crack, then his balls. His low hangers tingled as they were manipulated and he found himself giving in to the stimulating massage to his package. His brain was reeling from the stimulation and the knowledge that a guy was turning him on. He heard the Japanese whispering into his ears. “Doesn’t that feel good? Why do you fight it? I promise you pleasures beyond anything you’d ever experienced.

Hiro’s other hand reached under and felt Bull’s cock responding once more. He intensified his massage by rubbing the young man’s throbbing dick. Bull started to moan. “Ohh yeah..feels good..ohh”. He gave himself up to the pleasure and in that moment he was lost.

Hiro quickly broke off contact to disrobe. A moan of frustration from the powerful Sgt. brought a smile to Hiro’s face. “Don’t stop man,” Bull whimpered. The drugs had worked. It was time to turn this arrogant ebony bull into a docile heifer!

Hiro and rubbed his lean torso over Bull’s broad back. ”Isn’t that what you always wanted?” Hiro asked in his soft monotone voice. “For a strong Asian to give you such sexual pleasure?”

The marine lost control under the sexual enjoyment that even now was reorienting his sexual desires. Hiro’s hands seemed to be all over him. The small body of the older Japanese man seemed to wrap around his larger body like a blanket of soft satin. Bull felt comforted and cared for. He now understood why he needed Asians

“Oh man, you are right, it feels so good. Do me in any way you want…any way..yeahhhh.”

Hiro kicked the legs of the moaning soldier apart and there was nothing Bull could do about it. In fact his throbbing cock demanded it .He felt his ass cheeks parting and knew what was coming.His sphincter did not offer any resistance when it was conquered by Hiro’s dick. He heard Hiro’s voice in his ear,” I am taking you now!”

As Hiro popped Bull’s virginal cherry it hit and rubbing his prostate. A cascade of erotic pleasure erupted in him and his drugged addled mind totally slipped into a permanent docile sexual submission. Bull moaned joyfully when he was filled by Hiro’s seed ,”OOhhhh yyeaaahh.” He as he pleaded for Hiro to bring his raging hard-on to climax . When Hiro masturbated him one more time Bull sealed his total capitulation and admitted defeat,” Ok, I give up. I can’t go on fighting it. I need cock sir., you win!”

Hiro spent the next 20 minutes finishing his reprogramming on a meekly accepting Bull. When he was done the old macho swaggering Sgt Bull was no more. In his place was a submissive cock hungry muscle queen.

Without showing any emotion, Hiro walked away from Bull. He dressed and turned his back leaving the hunky marine gasping and begging for more. Just then Taka and Kenzo entered leading a naked Russ in by a makeshift rope collar. It was obvious from the dopey grin and erect cock Russ was sporting that the boys had done a good job. Hiro looked at Taka and Kenzo who was leaning in to lick Russ’ neck while he rubbed his own crotch. Hiro remembered Gloria’s actions. He gazed at Kenzo and made a decision. “It is done. Finish the mission.” He left the gym. He would talk with Taka later.

Kenzo & Taka went over to the defeated Sgt. and slapped his butt. Bull whimpered but stayed still. His heavy set of balls and his cock swung in rhythm with his body as the boys gave him a bare-assed whipping. After all they had a score to settle! Tears soon formed in Bull’s eyes but he stayed silent and obedient to his new Asian masters. Suddenly a brain storm hit Kenzo.

“Hey farm-boy,” Kenzo called on Russ who had looked on in fascination at the dismantling of the Master Sergeant, “we’ve got your favorite cow here and this cow needs milking.”

Russ almost in trance knelt beside the crying Bull ; his hands seized the Sgt. nuts and he started long strokes alongside Sgt.’s shaft in a pumping motion. Bull whimpered and soon his cock rose to full glory.

The closer Bull came to climax the more his body was jerking. Russ had trouble in holding onto the Sgt’s swollen rod. Russ swatted the muscular Sgt.’s flexing bubble butt. “Easy bossy, easy girl”. The Sgt. Groaned and stayed still; his strong body shuddered as he gulped in air.

The first shots of Master Sergeant cum splashed to the floor, but Russ did not stop his milking. His skilled hands kept Bull hard and although the Sgt. was still in the thrills of the aftermath of his orgasm he already felt another climax approaching.

“Ooooooommmmoooo”,” Bull bellowed as Russ smiled and milked his Bossy.

Within the next 40 minutes Russ milked the super stallion dry. In the end Bull managed to produce only a few tiny dribbles of clear liquid and his once proud rod was so deflated that it fit easily into the private’s palm.

The brother’s dragged Bull’s exhausted body to a lat machine. The marine’s hands were cuffed to the pull bar supporting his limp body in an upright position.

“Let me screw that bitch!” Kenzo positioned himself under the hunk and with Taka’s help he lifted Bull’s body and lowered it slowly on his hard dick. The marine moaned softly when Kenzo’s cock slipped inside his ass hole.

Without Kenzo noticing it, Taka switched the weights from 260 lbs. down to 150 lbs. Kenzo started to thrust his dick upwards. “Like that, soldier boy?”, he sneered at Bull.

The huge marine responded to the stimulations at his prostrate. “Yes, I like it.” His hands seized the pull bar and the heavy packs of muscles at his arms and shoulders started to bulge. As Taka had expected the reduced weights of the machine couldn’t tame the marine’s raw muscle power. Bull’s ass slumped heavy down on Kenzo’s balls. “Uhhh, that feels good,” Bull muttered and he started gyrating his hips while at the same time his heavy body was bucking up and down slamming into the gasping Japanese under him.

“Wow, slow down man, you’re crushing my fuckin’ balls” Kenzo moaned. He tried to push Bull upwards, but was no match for the 230 lbs of horny marine meat. His rock hard cock was buried up to the hilt in Bull’s ass and the weight of the hunk pressed his buttocks flat on the bench.

“Yeah, come on give me your cock!” the horny marine demanded, pushing even harder to get the dick deeper inside of him.

“Look’s as if someone needs some help,” a grinning Taka laughed as he straddled his brother’s knees to face Bull. He guided his dick under Bull’s depleted balls and inserted it along with Kenzo’s dick deep inside Bull’s hole.

“Uhhhhggg, that’s tight, bro,” Kenzo’s face blushed and his breathing accelerated, clear signs of his heightened arousal. Without interrupting his thrusts Taka reached around Bull’s waist and started to twist his brother’s nipples. Satisfied he registered the knobs responding and getting hard.

“Aaargh, I’ve got two Asian dicks in my hole,” Bull moaned increasing his bucking. “Oh yeah, men, fuck me with your wonderful Asian rods. I need it..uhh..I need it bad!”

“Listen to the gajjin, bro”, Taka said, knowing that Kenzo would get turned on by the American’s dirty words, “listen carefully.”

Kenzo was still struggling under the bouncing Bull. As Taka had assumed right, the marines words were getting to Kenzo & making him horny.

“Heaving trouble, bro?” Taka asked innocently. Kenzo’s face was crimson now, ”Bastard!” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“What am I doing to you, bro..tell me,” Taka teased.

“ are making me cum!” Kenzo groaned.

“And how am I making you cum, bro?” Taka asked.

“Damn’ you, you are jacking my cock with your hard rod against mine…uh.uhh,” Kenzo gasped.

“And where am I jacking you, bro…tell me!” Taka asked.

“ are jacking me off inside a fuckin’ gajjin ass hole…..Fuck you!” Kenzo’s voice sounded weak now and Taka knew he had him.

“And what can you do about being jacked of by your own brother inside a fuckin gajjin ass, tell me?” Taka thrust hard.

“Nnnnnnoooothiiiinnn….uh …uuhhhh here is my fuckin cum! Uhhh gawwd, arrgh….arggh….arggh!” Kenzo arched his back in uncontrolled lust while he shot his load up the marine’s ass. At that moment Bull climaxed as well.

“AAARGHHHHHHH,” he howled as his shot…..nothing left. The mighty Bull. The conqueror of many women had shot his last bolt. His massive body slumped as he passed out.

Kenzo had watched his own writhing body in his brothers sunglasses during his own climax until the force of his orgasm had forced him to throw back his head. Then he heard only his own howls and yelps, while Taka’s dick continued to rub the highly sensitive head of his shriveling cock.

Taka looked down in disgust at his shuddering brother as they both pulled out of Bull who crumbled to the floor by Russ . The young blonde soldier instantly reached over to stroke his unconscious Sgt.’s cock once more. As he laid his handsome blonde head on Bull’s ebony six pack and began to suck Bull’s ‘udder’ Russ drifted off to sleep, “Nice bossy,” he sighed.

”Pathetic bro, you’re a shame.” Taka grumbled as he dressed.” Every whore has more self-control and discipline then you. Get dressed while I secure what we came for!”

Kenzo lay still panting in exhaustion. From the hanger doorway Hiro looked at the scene. Silently he turned and left.


The chip was easily secured by the brothers & brought to a lab where it was examined and copied by Japanese scientists. Of course the theft rocked the military who hushed it up quickly especially in light of the discovery that morning by ground personnel of a trussed up Randy and then both the pilots and the marine guards engaged in some sort of deviant sexual activities. A massive secret search was launched but, as it turned out, two state troopers accidentally discovered the chip in a routine auto stop. The thieves, two ex jocks named Mike & Butch, quickly confessed to being part of a Satanic sex cult with the pilots and two marines. The group that had hoped to make a quick profit but found no way to find a buyer for their loot. With the chip safely secured and the men arrested and sent to a jail ,thanks to Randy’s testimony of how they had overpowered him after a heroic resistance, all that was left was to reward the two troopers. Officers Tanaka & Todd received an appointment to the presidential body guard detail from a grateful nation. They currently guard the teenage sons of the president. One note however, curiously Russ was quietly pardoned when a powerful young Senator had intervened. The dashing and handsome Senator , just back from a tour of a Japanese company, had put pressure on the President who, needing the vote of the charismatic and fast rising Senator, had yielded. The young former marine had been quickly released into the Senator’s custody and to the shock of many now served as the Senator’s personal 24/7 bodyguard and aid!.


Kenzo was feeling pretty damned good. The mission had gone great. The company was marketing its latest ‘discovery’ in an intense media campaign run by Kenzo’s friend Lee who had one of his athlete‘clients’ the football star Jason Crawley [ See “Sacking Jason” ] touting it in print and TV. Profits were flowing in. Of course losing Mike and Butch was disappointing but on a brighter note Jeff’s arrest and disgrace had caused his brother to offer to resign his commission. In typical sentimental American fashion the officer had not only been refused but the young Mark had been promoted as a way of showing by the top military brass that he was untainted in their eyes. Now, on a fast track there was no telling how high Mark would rise. His future services to them were limitless! Kenzo couldn’t help but brag to Taka and had been pretty arrogant and smug to his father about his own contributions to all this especially in his acquisition of a Senator. Of course both Taka and Hiro knew that Kenzo’s actions concerning the young hunky Senator had been guided by his lust for young Russ. They quietly steamed at his actions which brought unnecessary risks to them all. Kenzo, however, could care less and he foolishly let them know it. Today he was relaxing at home having just gotten in from an all-nighter with his latest American jock. Lee had been annoyed as hell after Kenzo had ‘taken over’ Lee’s young NYC baseball client as his personal ‘fuck-boy’. If only his female fans could see their playboy hunk begging for more cock up his cute bubble butt. His teammates would probably be shocked as well that their highly paid handsome ‘media darling’ was hot for Asian dick.

Funny thing Gloria wasn’t here serving him as she usually was. She must have gone out early this morning and not returned. Kenzo decided to discipline her on this. After Mike’s arrest he had told his father he might even marry her once she got a divorce. Maybe even pop out a few kids with her too.. The look of horror on his dad’s face had been priceless. But assimilation was the key he insisted in their row on the issue. Besides no traditional mousy Japanese bride for him. Taka had one and two young sons were all he could show for it.

The doorbell rang. When he went to answer it he was surprised to see Taka. “What’s up bro,” he said. Taka never visited. He never even let his traditional Japanese wife and two boys visit their uncle. Taka always felt Kenzo’s lifestyle was too disorderly to expose them too. Now, a visit! Taka said nothing and walked in wearing the emotionless face he always did behind his sunglasses.

“Don’t you ever get tired of the inscrutable oriental persona man,”Kenzo chuckled as he passed by Taka to go into his living room. “Listen make it fast whatever you came to say. I got plans involving that marine Randy to set up. Too hot to let that one go un-fucked bro.”As he moved past Taka he felt a sharp pain in his arm. He looked. A dart was sticking out of it. Taka had shot him with a dart! “What the fuck did you…ooooooo,” he started to say but then lost it mentally . The room tilted and he began to fall into Taka’s arms.

“My brother, our father feels you are no longer one with our ancestor’s spirits.” Taka replied as he lowered Kenzo to the floor. He quietly stripped his brother and then himself of clothes. Taka then straddled Kenzo’s prone body & sat on his chest. Taka’s cock now inches from Kenzo’s mouth. “Your rampant emotions & arrogance, your white bitch of a whore who I am pleased to tell you that our father just sold her to a customer……marry a white woman… have mongrel children….such disgrace to him and our ideals will not happen!” Taka coolly lectured to Kenzo’s widening gaze of shock. “You are not Japanese any longer .You are pure American.”

Taka picked up a nearby flask ands opened Kenzo’s lips. "Drink the Sake and serve Asian men you American!” With that he poured down the drugged brew into a helpless gurgling Kenzo. As Taka programmed his brother’s overdosed brain the last free thought Kenzo had was how beautiful & tasty that Asian cock of Taka’s looked as it passed through his lips & how great it would feel up his butt!