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Sake and Satin: The Mission
Part 1 - The Before Time
By Kyle Cicero

All rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read. A fan wanted to know what became of Mike: well here a glimpse into his new life. The identity of Kenzo's and Taka's father is revealed, and there is Butch, who just happened to be at the wrong place at a wrong time.... this is a work of purest fiction, nasty and naughty, so don't read it any further if you feel offended...but if you dare to continue be warned, you might need some ice cubes ready...nah just a boring story :>)...more may come or not so be patient okay!!



By Cicero & Boloma


Gloria had never imagined her sex life could get even more exciting than it had been with Mike her high school lover boy. Mike the good-looking muscle-packed quarterback had been the fantasy dream date for every girl in school. His healthy well-trained body had offered Gloria continuous erotic action to satisfy her sexual needs. With his broad shoulders, rippling muscles, hard sculpted six-pack abs, narrow waist, well-defined brawny legs and a 9-inch hard-on produced at will Mike was able to fuck her like a wild untamed animal. But since that night with Kenzo she knew everything had changed for her.Kenzo had fucked her hunky athlete raw before her eyes and turned the once arrogant and oversexed jock stallion into a docile brood mare, who craved to bottom for Asian men. When Kenzo took Gloria sexually as well she knew she was his forever.

Kenzo's father's prejudice did not permit Gloria and Kenzo to live their relation openly and Mike provided a cover for them to continue enjoying their sexual heat. For their friends Mike and Gloria, now in college, were still a perfect couple and nobody had any doubt, that they would marry one day. It had caused some astonishment, that the football star had accepted an Asian punk as a very close friend. The three now seemed to be inseparable. They went out together, visited discotheques and were charming guests at parties. The exotic Asian hunk was a frequent visitor at Mike and Gloria's off-campus apartment many times spending the night as their guests. Kenzo convinced the former cheerleader that Mike was the perfect cover for their future & as Kenzo was there for the fun part, Gloria accepted their role-plays willingly.

Kenzo happily sexually serviced his both young Americans as he plotted for the conquests of future generations of healthy Americans who would be under the influence of Japanese indoctrination. Fucking Mike while Gloria watched was truly enjoyable for him. It was stimulating to see the masculine Mike squirming and pleading for more Asian cock up his butt as Gloria verbally denigrated the young American to his face. He enjoyed the ongoing revenge on his former foe that this provided.

As for Gloria, under Kenzo's skilled guidance, she had perfected her lovemaking to heights she had never imagined even existed. Although she had always managed to seduce Mike with ease when wherever she needed it, her hunky lover had been the dominant partner when it came to fucking. Once he began licking her, fingering her juicy cunt, or impaling her on his rod she was unable to control herself and was driven from climax to climax while enduring his arrogant grin. Now she learned control and the thrill of denigration. Every moment of Mike's continued humiliation was a turn-on for her now.

With tremendous patience Kenzo had instructed her in how to manage her emotions and even more her vaginal muscles. For endless hours she practiced riding on Mike's sore cock trying to avoid an uncontrolled climax.

Kenzo kept the quarterback rock-hard throughout these sessions by sitting on his face and letting the young hunk rim his ass thoroughly. Kenzo had 'instructed' Mike on how hot doing it was for him and Mike soon sprouted a hardon by even thinking about performing it on Kenzo.Whenever Mike managed to make Gloria cum against her will, he was rewarded by a pounding ride from Kenzo who was fucked the brains out of the American's defined steaming body.

One night Mike had pinned Gloria down with her knees over his broad shoulders. He had his hefty dick deep into her pussy and had almost had her at the point of a climax when Kenzo seized his hips and stopped his pumping in midair. Mike was panting, his eyes glazed over in sexual lust.

"Now look at his face", Kenzo ordered the wailing girl, "you can beat him, but you must concentrate. Focus! Now we go," and with this he pushed Mike's bubble but down until his dick was halfway submerged into

Gloria's slippery cunt. "Now squeeze! Come on, give it to him!" Kenzo commanded. Gloria imagined the walls of her vagina closing in from all sides on Mike's pulsating cock. She imagined how these walls where

trapping the helpless dick like a wet sausage. Above her she observed Mike's grin vanishing, being replaced by a surprised look. "Now the vortex of pleasure", Kenzo ordered. Gloria obediently set her

hips in a gyrating motion, while wagging them up and down with short but powerful thrusts.

"Aww ...shit, "Mike gasped through clenched teeth and tried to pull back. But Kenzo held him down firmly in place. Mike felt like his cock was getting sucked down a chute. His dick spasmed in sexual heat from it. It overwhelmed him. Gloria's hole was alive and sucking him off big time!

"Oh...oh...nnh..nnh..huuuuuh..ffffuuuuuuckkkk!", Mike's eyes grew wide as his entire load was force-milked from his flattened dick. Kenzo released his grip and watched with a devilish grin as the hunk collapsed on top of Gloria. She continued her sexual stimulations on Mike who found he was unable to withdraw. Gloria's cunt massage on his rod caused him to experience repeated climaxes . She ignored his pitiful pleas to release his cock and let him rest. By the time she was done and permitted Mike to roll off her all he could do was just lay there still jerking uncontrollably from the aftermath of his orgasms.

Playfully Kenzo lifted mike's legs and whacked the jock's quivering buttocks. "Naughty boy, did I allow you to cum?" He laughed as he guided his already hard dick between Mike's ass cheeks. Gloria saw Mike convulsing as he got butt fucked once more and she noticed that Mike's cock was hardening again . She mounted him once more. Her hands were pushed against the moaning jock's heaving pecs, while her fingers started to twist his sensitive nipples.

"Ooooooo...oooooooo," Mike sighed in surrender to the double attack.

Inside herself she felt Kenzo's thrusts reverberating through Mike's dick as it hammered deep into her pussy. "Keep ...him ... hard ...", she cried. Kenzo's breathing was ragged now. He was humping Mike like a rabbit. "Oh yeah Ken, take me with your fucking Asian dick!" Gloria groaned as she leaned forward and thrust her tongue into Kenzo's waiting mouth. They kissed as they sexually dominated Mike once more.

Mike howled as the two above him embraced. "I need it man...oh yeah please..I need it so badly...arrgh.. pleeez don't stoppp!"

Gloria & Kenzo stopped only in the early morning leaving the American completely drained and so exhausted that he missed the next day's game of his football team.


Gloria definitely caused a scandal when she disappeared during a fraternity party into the bedroom of the virile captain of the wrestling team leaving a stunned Mike to slink home alone. When Gloria emerged & paraded out with the guy's favorite lucky black jock strap, well known to both his teammates and various sorority girls he fucked while wearing it, as her personal trophy--the party buzzed with the news.

During the ensuing turmoil and gossiping Kenzo couldn't resist an idea. He fetched a bottle of Sake and secretly went upstairs to look for the wrestler. He knocked at the door, but there was no answer. He tried the door, found it unlocked and, he silently entered. Kenzo locked the door behind him.

The smell of raw sex was still lingering in the air. The buff naked beefy built wrestler sat on one corner of his king-size bed his face buried in his hands. Pillows and blankets looked quite deranged and his

clothes lay discarded all over the room. One sneaker and a pair of cargo pants lay under the bed while another sneaker and a tank top with the wrestling team's insignia was draped on the bedside table. Kenzo knew already where the jock strap was.

"Hi Butch, what's up?" he asked the quiet hunk. Butch looked up at him with unsteady eyes and moaned, "I, Kenny...oh my head, I guess I had too much of the booze... and that Gloria," he didn't finish the sentence and

kept rubbing his eyes. Kenzo sat down beside him, and wrapped one arm around his muscle-packed shoulder. "Man you look like shit. You need a drink. Here , I brought you some special Japanese rice wine; we call

it Sake. It will get you up in no time." Kenzo grinned about the double meaning of his words.

Butch looked doubtful at the Sake bottle, " You sure? I

dunno.....Ahh,. what the heck..gimme that shit!"

Disregarding the glass Kenzo was offering, he seized the bottle and took one big gulp. "Ahhh..not bad.W-what are you do.....?" he looked questioning at Kenzo who was undressing. "Well, as you are already

warmed up, I was wondering, if you can teach me some of your wrestling holds?" Kenzo sent him a warm smile. "I'd love to try some holds with you." Kenzo said charmingly as the bleary eyed athlete swayed before him.

Absentminded Butch took another gulp from the Sake. It felt warm and relaxing running down his throat. He had always considered Asian's as a bunch of skinny nerds, and accepted Kenzo only because he was a

buddy of Mike. But now he felt a sudden sympathy towards the lean but muscular Japanese. He noticed that Kenzo had a crazy tattoo on his defined chest. It seemed to fascinate Butch now.

"You like my tattoo," Kenzo said as he came up close to Butch.

Butch gazed at the colorful dragon tattoo on Kenzo's chest. It appeared to move with every breath Kenzo took. He reached out and ran his fingers on it. It felt warm and soft to the touch.

"Concentrate on it and drink more Butch." Kenzo softly replied. Butch consumed the Sake while he ran his hand on Kenzo's tattoo.Kenzo looked down at Butch with a winning smile.

"Feel the power of my dragon." Kenzo murmured as the drugs did their work. "You are thrilled by it. You long to taste it."

Butch nodded and leaned in. Kenzo felt the hunky wrestler's tongue licking over the tattoo.Kenzo noticed that Butch was erect and was stroking himself as he orally performed on the tattoo. He is ready Kenzo thought to himself as he began his well-practiced seduction and reorientation on the star athlete.

After an hour Butch was just another rice queen. Kenzo could barely conceal a grin when , after he discovered a drop of gooey cum on the wrestler's chin, Butch once the leading campus ladies man willingly parted his lips and started to lick Kenzo's finger clean. "In Japan we say, a man should not waste his precious juices," Kenzo told Butch while his finger was playing with the jock's responding tongue.

" Mmmh buddy...," Butch released the finger reluctantly, "Kenny you are a so hot man... I am sorry, if I never really showed my sym.....". "Shhhhh.." Kenzo closed his lips with his finger," don't you worry pal, I know how you are feeling. We have an old tradition in Japan for men to express their servitude to a more powerful man. We seal it with a kiss!" With that he took a big sip from the bottle, pushed the wrestler back into the pillows and closed his mouth with a passionate kiss.

During that night the captain of the wrestling team learned a number of new wrestling holds that retrained every muscle of his defined brawny body. It was also during that night, in his own bed where he had

popped so many women's cherries before, that Butch lost his own cherry to an Asian dick - and he enjoyed every second of his deflowering.

Butch was Kenzo's willing sexual slave from then on. He even let Kenzo sell his ass to other Asians whenever Kenzo needed some pocket change. Many fat old men were willing to pay to role-play at 'pinning' a well-built American stud wearing a tight wrestling unitard.

As for Gloria, after months of training she was finally able to turn her pussy into a brutal vicious vice able to keep a moaning Mike on the edge of orgasm for hours. Now it was Gloria who was grinning down at a squealing quarterback arching his back in uncontrolled lust who was desperately begging her to let him cum.

Sometimes Gloria denied him release and he was left jacking off - of course with Kenzo's permission - in utter frustration, while watching Kenzo getting what he could not achieve.

But as skilled Gloria was, she found her master in Kenzo. She never exerted control over the hunky Japanese, whereas he surprised her again and again with unexpected moves and techniques that sent

her into climax whenever he wished. Life was sweet for the next few years.


Kenzo's father had had never approved the relation between

his rebellious son and the gajjin girl, but he knew that any interference from his side would only have triggered blunt opposition from Kenzo. He maintained his silence on the issue and had limited his contacts with Kenzo to avoid unseemly encounters with his white whore.

Now at 54 years with silver-haired temples and the first wrinkles appearing around the dark eyes that dominated his stern face the elder father summoned both his sons for a critical misson.Over the years since he had left the diplomatic service he had built an international network of companies operating around the globe. Some of his takeovers like Taylor Corporation even used foreign brand names so that nobody would suspect that they were dealing with a part of the highly influential Japanese corporation.

What had started with spiked Sake had continued with "special" brands of tea delivered as gifts to well placed successful American men. Using that hook combined with subtle hypnosis follow-ups the elder Asian had succeeded in a conquering quite a number of young virile American men in business, politics, and the military. These men , once properly docile, became well-performing sex toys for their Asian master and a valuable information source. It was one source that produced information on a chip that would revolutionize computers. That chip had to be secured!

As Kenzo and Taka listened to the 'mission' that was needed from them their father sighed inwardly. The new assignment was leading him back to one of his earlier "jobs" but this time the risk was high. May be too high?

Hiro shook off his doubts. Had he not always won against the odds . He remembered his first financial victory and sexual conquest of a brash young handsome American CEO(see 'THE REVERSE TAKEOVER'). His sons were aware of the risk and he informed them that HE would act as a backup.

"Perhaps the gajjin girl could assist?" Taka teased his brother. Kenzo stiffened.

"Perhaps she may," replied Hiro calmly as he pondered the situation. Both brothers looked shocked but respectfully bowed . "We begin as we once begun." Hiro responded mysteriously.


"OH yeah fuck me.Fuck my navy ass man." Mark moaned as the young Chinese worker fucked the American naval LT.'s butt in a dark alleyway off a pier in Shanghai. The young worker smiled as he screwed the handsome 28 yr old military man. He had watched the young LT. disembark from his fancy naval destroyer that evening and had noticed how the American had gazed at him, a mere dock worker, as he walked the pier on his way downtown. Kuan was bathed in sweat that day. His work had been difficult and he was glistening with moisture. Kuan was wearing only a small pair of shorts that exposed much of his lean hard frame. The American's look showed no trace of smug superiority but rather undisguised lust. Kuan decided right then to approach the young representative of U.S. military prowess to see what might happen. The well-built dark haired American tried to engage in conversation and Kuan pretended to enjoy his struggles to communicate. As they spoke Kuan casually let his hand run down his wet chest and saw, with amusement, how the Lt. got highly flustered. Kuan hated the arrogant attitude of the visiting navy personnel from America. Now, he thought, here before him was a true all-American military officer that was handsome, powerful with an impressive physique and gazing with hunger for Kuan. He quickly signaled the Lt. to follow him into a nearby quiet alley. Once out of sight Kuan quickly took control. He leaned in and kissed the American hard while his experienced hands groped the LT's swelling crotch area. When he heard the young stud groan in surrender Kuan knew he had him. Practically ripping the uniform off the American officer Kuan pushed him to his knees and thrust his rising cock into the naval man's mouth. "That's right,"Kuan mumbled in a language the American did not understand, "suck my communist cock like the pussies you Americans are!" Mark slurped and savored the manhood of the Chinese laborer totally unconcerned by how much he disgraced himself and his naval uniform. After Kuan felt he was ready he pulled out and positioned Mark for real sex. A good party man Kuan delighted in having the young handsome officer on all fours taking a nice Oriental cock up his American butt. The hard slapping sounds of his balls whacking the officer's cheeks while Mark cried in lust was delightfully erotic for Kuan.So much for U.S. image the wiry Chinese man thought as he pounded the young hunk's ass while Mark begged him for more. "Fuck me.Oh sir please fuck my ass with that hard Asian dick," the LT. verbalized as if to turn himself on even more! Kuan exploded in his American LT. He looked with disgust on the white man. "Pigs and whores," he said to himself," and they treat superior Asians with patronizing attitudes. Only truly good to be fucked and see how they need it."

Mark was panting. Kuan noticed that the young man had cum during his fucking.With contempt he put is foot on Mark's ass and shoved him forward so that he lay sprawled face down on the alley floor. "Arrogant, smug, boastful" Kuan muttered as he put on his shorts. "You are my bitch American" he laughed as he turned away to go home.He left the American lying in the dirt, his uniform filthy and in a pile, with his white ass dripping Chinese cum. As he came out of the alley he saw some friends. They chatted with Kuan and then five of them went into the alley. As Kuan left he heard the young Lt. begin to moan. Kuan smiled. By morning the American's officer will be filled with Asian cream he laughed to himself as he went to tell others.

As for Mark he was in heaven. Since he had turned 18 some ten years ago he had suddenly developed an uncontrollable urge to service Asian men sexually. Before that he had been strictly heterosexual but one day he just found women no longer aroused him. Still something had inwardly compelled him to quickly marry & father a son. Once he had done so he signed up for numerous extended naval tours leaving wife (his former his high school sweetheart) patiently waiting at home for her handsome masculine naval officer. On his tours Mark wasted no time finding Asian men to satisfy his desires. A Pacific tour was a sexual fantasy come true for him. In Singapore he had meet an Asian man and his Aussie friend. Mark had spent three nights servicing the Asian hunk who taught the naval LT. quite a few tricks by the time they left port. Mark's butt was pleasantly sore and his own cock totally drained by the experience. In fact he couldn't sit or produce any cum for three days after. Docking for leave in China had sent his sexual urges spinning into overdrive once more. As the last of an endless stream of Chinese men came into the alley to plow his willing mouth and chute Mark was delirious with joy over the degradations he had received this night and other nights on his naval tour of Asian ports. After tonight his ship would make a brief layover in Japan and then would be heading home. Once there Mark intended to hook up with his brother for the first time in a year. "Oh man yeah," Mark sighed as the older Asian finally shot a stream up into his gut and left. Mark staggered to his feet and dressed. He'd see his twin brother soon. A part of him wondered what his brother Jeff, an air force-pilot, would think of Mark's burning need to suck Asian cock and feel it run in and out of his butt. Mark need not have



Jeff stood under the shower letting the hot water cascade down his chiseled chest. It felt good and relaxing for the air force pilot. It had been a hard day flying the jet which had been equipped with a top-secret state of the art chip. The tests had gone well. The chip was a success. Priceless was what the general had said. Now that it was over Jeff could get back to his home base and join his wife and twin boys who had left two weeks ago after an all too brief visit. The six foot one blonde airman sighed contently as he soaped up. His hard six-pack and defined muscular frame felt so fantastic in the heated water. "Soon I'll be home," he pondered as he got out of the shower. Home to the wife. As Jeff dried off he remembered his last sexual encounter with her; his thick uncut 8'' stiffened slightly and brought a smile to his face. "Soon baby," he said to himself as he hefted his uncut boner and gently stroked it .He was definitely over sexed he chuckled inwardly. Being a good looking air force captain gave him plenty of opportunity to satisfy his sexual needs and when his wife was away Jeff took full advantage of his charms on women. His tough swaggering macho attitude coupled with his gym toned body was an asset he used to great success.When he flew missions overseas he took extreme satisfaction popping the virginal cherry of some foreign girl whose culture frowned on premarital sex. Jeff never cared what became of the women later; it was only the conquest that aroused his interest. Jeff smiled remembering how wide-eyed with envy his co-pilot, Toby, became when Jeff recounted one of his exploits. Jeff got along great with him. Toby was just as built and good-looking as Jeff and he too played the 'conquest' game with a zeal that matched Jeff's. Together they competed to see how many virgins they could bag. Jeff recalled with pleasure the night they got some young virgin drunk and then jointly broke her cherry. Man did she howl that night or did until they both fucked her at once in either opening she had Jeff snickered to himself. Threw her out the next morning telling her she was used goods and should just go home to her papa. "Fucking blast," Jeff said out loud as he rubbed his manhood lewdly. Their sexual conduct was legendary .On the base Jeff & Toby were both considered by their flight crew to be a perfect example of a 'real man's man'.

"Fucking love that bro," Jeff said thinking about his relationship with Toby. Love yeah but never in some faggity way. Jeff hated fags. He constantly lectured the other men about not acting like a man whenever the any of them showed any emotions that did rate as 'manly' by Jeff. Too many faggots in the country already Jeff decided. "All that fem shit and butt fucking. Damned pussies taking it up the ass. Like to see the guy that ever tries to plow my hole," he grumbled out loud to Toby one time, "real men fuck bitches & bitches get fucked!"

Jeff's dick stiffened thinking about the members of the opposite sex. Unfortunately there were no women on this base. Too bad he contemplated as he toweled off. He had just finished when the phone rang in his room. The handsome Capt. picked up the receiver and a voice spoke. In an instant his blue eyes glazed over as the trigger long ago planted in his brain came to life.

"Yes sir," he replied dully. "Yes I am alone. Yes it has a speaker function .I understand master." Jeff clicked on the speaker outlet, placed the phone down and listened to the commands. Slowly Jeff reached back to his butt and slipped his hand deep between the muscular round cheeks. "I am doing it sir," he muttered in a dead monotone. The young American air force captain quietly slipped a finger deep into his own hole. "It's in me sir," he hissed as his breathing quickened. ". Yes, your cock is in me," he agreed as he thrust in and out of his chute literally fucking himself on command. "Oh yeah, it's in my hole good. Yes sir!" Jeff replied as his breathing grew ragged.

"Oh yeah my hole needs it sir," he groaned as he increased his screwing movements in his ass. The pilot's manhood now rose to full length as the room echoed with Jeff's pants and moans. "Oh man you're really fucking my butt." Jeff growled as his knees buckled and he bent forward to get his finger deeper inside himself. Jeff's hefty nut sack swayed in time with the hand action in his rear. His pouch slapped his inner thighs increasing the sexual charge he was experiencing "Your cock in my butt. Need my Asian master in me; yes sir." In his tranced mind the hunky captain was getting butt-fucked by a wiry lean Asian man's cock. "Yes sir, please play with my tits," he said as his free hand reached to his chest & began tweaking his full brown orbs. "Oh yes," he grunted," "my boy's tits love getting rubbed sir". Jeff's nips firmed up under the twisting assault and became hard bullets that sent erotic shocks showering in his body. Jeff was in full heat mode!

By now Jeff was fully bent over and ramming his finger in & out hard and fast. His defined body was bathed in sweat and he was sucking in air. For the next 20minutes he performed as directed working his chute and nipples while heating his mind into a sexual frenzy.

"Fuck my hole sir," he begged repeatedly," fuck my hole, rub my tits please sir." His room filled with the sounds of his degrading pleas. If only his female 'conquests' or Toby could see their macho pilot now. The tall, built, good-looking American was literally whimpering for more Asian cock up his butt. Then it happened. Finally his cock was ready to explode. The young officer went over the edge and erupted. "Muthaaa fuccccc," Jeff howled as he shot his American juices in a long arc. He gulped in air while the voice spoke. "Yes sir I will obey," he said as he hung up. Silently Jeff dropped to the floor and lapped up his jis like an obedient puppy. The swaggering all-man American pilot had been easily taken down just like he had been 10yrs. ago. If his crew could see him now kneeling on all fours with his tongue licking his cream off the floor they might have revised their definition of Jeff as a 'real man's man'! When Jeff completed his oral work he went to the front door, unlocked it, climbed onto bed, got up on all fours, bowed his head down then worked open his hole by fingering it and, got ready. "American pussy-boy needs Asian cock sir,"he pleaded girlishly as Taka entered the room.


Toby arrived at Jeff's house in a state of curiosity. He had received a message from Jeff asking him to come after midnight today. Toby was surprised. He had been asked to Jeff's place before but at midnight! He wondered if Jeff had something nasty planned for them both.

As he climbed the steps to the front door Toby saw a small bottle on Jeff's front porch. A typed note was attached .Toby read its contents: "Toby buddy. By now you are behind on the drinking that's been going on. Drink up and get your ass in here. Cherry busting tonight!" The 6'2'' good-looking dark haired officer smiled. "Oh yeah getting pussy tonight." He hoisted the bottle and drank a third of it quickly.

Toby pushed open the door and walked in. The Sake he drank was giving him a nice buzz. He heard moans from the bedroom. Chuckling he strode in feeling just a bit disorientated. He took another large drink and swaggered in to what he thought was Jeff 'doing' some bitch up right. "That right Jeff make em howl," He said slurring his words a bit now," "show them how a man does em."As he entered he saw a shocking sight. There on his back was Jeff. His powerful legs were spread wide with each muscular one resting on the shoulder of a smaller Asian guy who was busy ramming his dick in and out of Jeff's ass. Toby's mind reeled. Jeff was getting fucked and, from the blissful look on his face & the erect leaking dick on him, the bastard was hot for it!

Oh.Oh.Oh.Oh.Oh.OhOh." Jeff cooed softly with each thrust in his butt-hole. Toby gasped, the Asian guy turned to look at him. Toby saw he was wearing sunglasses. He coolly returned his gaze to Jeff. "Tell your friend what you need," he sneered to Jeff as he kept up screwing the hunky American officer. Jeff was humping back faster now onto the invading dick.

"I need your cock up my butt sir," rasped Jeff, "Deeper. Deeper." Jeff sobbed in delight as the Asian plowed in hard. "Fuck my brains out sir!" Toby was still too stunned to react. His brain was experiencing the booze he just drank before and all he could think was: "Jeff's getting fucked by a guy. A fucking Asian guy is plowing my buddy ass! Jeff's getting bitched!" He instinctively felt the need of a drink & without thinking he raised the bottle and drank up the last of the Sake1

"More...more...more...please," Jeff gasped as Taka increased his strokes into the American's chute. Jeff was gurgling and whimpering in sheer joy by now. As for Toby the laced Sake was having its affect on him. He couldn't concentrate or form a coherent thought by now. He just watched in horror as his fellow brother officer got screwed. Jeff's muscular legs were gripping Taka's shoulders pulling him forward literally driving Taka's dick up into his ass. The captain's body quivered and squirmed like a cheap whore his hard six-pack rippling in contractions as Jeff's breathing spasmed in ecstasy.. "Deeper...deeper...deeper!" He pleaded.

Toby just stared at Jeff's hard body using every effort to further impale itself on the Asian's cock. " Oh.Oh.Oh.Yes.Yes.Yes." Jeff was whimpering like some teenage girl. Toby staggered slightly as the drugs in him activated to not only weaken his will but also to stimulate his sexual fires. Toby's mental controls were being attacked. His control center was under assault while his erogenous system was kicked into overdrive. Slowly he became aware that his own crotch was bulging out. Could watching Jeff get butt-fucked be turning him on? Toby tried to clear his mind of the images he was seeing and Jeff's gleeful babbling. "No. You can't be a fag." He muttered shaking his head. "Jeff not you. And with some slant-eyed yellow bastard."

"Shall we join them?" a voice behind him said. Toby turned and saw a young Japanese punk standing there. The young Asian smirked, "we are here to get something from you both but first, I will get something 'in' you & then you will be only too joyful to serve our needs.".

"Who are you and what the fuck do you mean by 'in' me?" Toby replied in rising anger. "Why should I help you Asian son-of-a-bitch?"

"The name's Kenzo.". He responded," And you will because after tonight you will be my newest American fuck- boy!"

"YOU'RE WHAT!" Toby roared as he glared at the young Mohawked haired Asian before him. The young Japanese man just smiled. Toby was so enraged that he just charged at him but Kenzo simply moved aside and, with a twisting motion, tripped Toby as he charged by.

"That's good," Kenzo said. "I like them to fight a bit before I take them." Toby lay flat on his face. His drugged brain was spinning now and his ears ringed with the sounds of Jeff begging for more fucking. He got up. The drugs were affecting his abilities now .Toby spun to recharge at Kenzo but was once more tripped by the Asian.

"Ready now to surrender?" Kenzo queried.

"No fucking way you slimy little Asian bastard are you going to take me," Toby growled as he tried to rise. His coordination was totally messed up by now from the drugs and his body was tingling with an unfamiliar sexual heat. As Toby rose he titled over onto his back. He felt so dizzy that he just lay there attempting to shake it off.

Kenzo laughed at the doped young American officer lying prone before him. Quickly he moved in, unbuckled Toby's pants and, pulled them down. Before Toby could react he was naked from the waist down. "What the fuck?' he said as he tried to get his mind to coordinate an attack.

"Fuck ....ah yes I agree it is time for that," smirked Kenzo as he raised Toby's powerful legs, spread them, and thrust a bottle into Toby's chute before Toby could physically respond to these newest events. "Have another drink though alright."

"SHIT!!" Toby howled as the nozzle penetrated his ring. He tried to kick away and get the bottle out of his ass. Kenzo however held onto the buff young man and squeezed the bottle. Toby, already drugged, felt even more woozy as the hot liquid raced up his ass into his system. A dazed look came into his eyes his taunt defined muscles ceased obeying him.

"Fucking shit man," he gasped as the drugs swept through him... His mind blurred and all he could see was Kenzo's smiling face while his brain soaked in the sounds of Jeff's moans of pure delight. Toby's rod stiffened as Jeff's screwing turned on an erotic center in his own mind.

Kenzo grinned and he reached down and began to pump Toby's cock. It felt fantastic for the American fly-boy but a part of Toby knew 'doing it' with a guy was bad.

"Nah...please...don't," Toby said as the thrill of arousal, intensified by the drugs, cascaded in his body. His meat rose and Toby tingled all over now.

"But you like it," Kenzo giggled. Toby looked at Kenzo and tried to object but a new rush of sensual excitement hit and all he could do was smile & weakly nod yes. Toby's breathing thickened and unconsciously he raised his hips up and began to pump in and out of Kenzo's grip. His thick uncut dick throbbed with pleasure.

"Good boy," Kenzo chuckled as he grabbed another bottle, took a drink, then bent in to kiss Toby. As he did so he sprayed more drugged Sake down the unresisting officer's throat. Taka saw this demonstration and slightly shook his head in anger. He returned his gaze to Jeff and suddenly began to fuck the hapless American pilot harder and with a barely concealed fury.

"Oh fuccccccccc," Jeff hooted as he got the screwing of his life .As for Toby, he just continued to let it all flow into him and bucked faster under Kenzo's touch.

When the American and Kenzo broke off their kiss Kenzo saw Toby's eyes cloud over. "Got you." Kenzo whispered in delight. Yet, a vague sense of disappointment came to Kenzo. "Too bad you had taken some of the drugs before we met," he cooed as he stroked Toby's cheek, "maybe the fight would have been better." He stroked his American enjoying how the former stud writhed under his touch.

"Never mind your desires," Taka said sternly, "our father is waiting. Finish it up"

Kenzo sighed. "Yes. Yes." Toby was ready to be reprogrammed and Kenzo was ready to accomplish it.

Slowly he unzipped and put his hard cock at Toby's hole, "I am going to enter you and with each thrust I will fuck away your manhood and you will feel increasing need to serve Asian men sexually."

Toby nodded. "Fuck my manhood away. Need Asian men sexually."

"Good," Kenzo said, "we begin." With that Kenzo began his screwing.

"Oh fuck," Toby moaned as Kenzo pushed in. The drugged officer moved to escape.

"Take it," Kenzo replied sharply, "open that hole and take it!" Kenzo grabbed Toby's hips and rammed himself in further.

Toby groaned his hard defined abs began to contrite and flex while his virginal chute parted farther. "Oh gees, your in me." He sobbed.

"You are getting fucked," Kenzo responded firmly, "becoming a bitch Asian men American fly-boy. A bitch that loves being fucked and needs the taste of jism. Got it!" Kenzo began to pound the good-looking officer's butt.

"Ugh.Ugh.Ugh.Ugh." Toby grunted as Kenzo fucked his cherry hole raw while repeating over and over what he had said before about Toby being a bitch and desiring jism. Kenzo was an expert in reprogramming. He was confident of victory. As he got butt-fucked a part of Toby's brain roared that he was not a bitch who loved cum, that he was a straight macho military airman but as his guts got used to Kenzo's meat in him Toby found that the waves of pure bliss it caused for him were overwhelming his resistance! He lost the struggle and the slide began.

Kenzo saw the change come over Toby's face. The grimace was melting into a contented smile. Kenzo slowed up to increase the effect of Toby's fuck. Slow and steady internal massage of Toby's inner nerve endings would completely blow his mind.

"Oh man," Toby cried as with each thrust inward he lost his old self to the building sensuality he was feeling. Kenzo continued his actions. He watched as he literally screwed the muscular macho officer from an alpha man into a docile bottom boy.

"More. More" Toby suddenly giggled. Kenzo felt the familiar joy of conquest. Toby had been turned! By now the young American hunk was humping back like a cheap whore trying to impale himself further on Kenzo's cock. Toby's own meat was rock hard and the head of his dick was full, red, and ready to erupt. Kenzo increased his pump on it and then Toby blew!

"OOOHHH FFFUUCCCKKK," the young officer screamed as he shot his missile into the air. His spunk arched and then fell right onto his face. He began to lick it from his chin. "Yummy," he whispered as he sucked up his cream. Bitched!

That sight sent the Japanese punk over the edge. "Take it and be an Asian bitch forever." Kenzo yelled as he blasted into the handsome young air-force officer's tunnel.

Toby howled as he felt Kenzo's warm jis flood his defiled butt. "YEAHHHHHHHHHH." When Kenzo withdrew Toby reached down, fingered out a wad of Kenzo's cream, brought it to his lips and, sucked his fingers clean. Kenzo broke out into a grin. The brother's had taken down two America top guns!

"Now you will tell us how we get what we need." Kenzo said to Toby who babbled away all the secrets and security precautions of the plane & base while he gazed with new found desire at the hunky Japanese man before him.

The brothers left the two Americans lying in Jeff's bed in a sixty -nine position. They were found by the MP's the next day greedily sucking each other off and fingering each other's holes as they had been ordered to do so by Kenzo much to Taka's disgust.

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