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Runt Revenge
Part 5 - Runt Revenge #5
By Kyle Cicero

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For the next month I made sure to fuck Chet every night in that same hotel room. By the next month he was mentally shattered and totally compliant to my authority. I admit the arousing sensation of his mouth or arse taking in my hard rod never got old for me.

The next month I decided to mix it up. I sent emails to the three hottest guys on Chet’s football team. After Chet had fucked up the big game the entire team had snubbed my older brother. I knew the team and, these three dudes in particular, were still pissed off at Chet. I was going to use that fact for some further fun!

“What the fuck do you want dwarf,” one said as the three powerful football players entered my dorm room.

I gazed at the new players in my revenge scenario. First off was the guy who had just spoken to me who was named Brandon. He stood at six feet. Powerfully muscled he had a reputation as a guy who had a short fuse but a long dick. He wore his hair in a buzz cut and was always spouting some evangelical crap at everyone about living a Christian life. Of course his religious beliefs did not stop him from beating up gay guys in dark alleys. Butt ugly but highly vicious, he was a “handle with care”.

“Yeah white boy what the fuck do you want. I do have anything to say to Chet if this is what you want to ask me buddy,” said number two in my little crew. Now Kelvin was another walking wet dream. Just a shade over six feet tall with a body of well defined muscles. Skin the color of polished bronze and golden eyed. Unlike Brandon however good old Kelvin was stunningly handsome. Rumor said he scored more touchdowns in the sororities than he ever did on the playing field.

“Yeah thanks to your pussy brother we lost our shot at a title,” chimed in the final ember of the gang. Now this one was a bit different. Scotty was team’s kicker. Barely 5’ 11” he had the leanly defined muscular body that most placekickers possess. His best asset was his legs. He ran track too and many was the game I’d watch him bending over in the starting blocks in those tight lyric suits and contemplate slipping my “big one” between those long tapered thighs. Unlike most of his football teammates, who had short hair, Scotty had a full head of curly dark auburn locks that gave him a sort of pre Raphaelite look that set off his striking facial features. His green eyes gazed at me with a look I could not quite make out.

I took in the sight of my trio and just grinned. Casually I hit a button on my laptop screen and watched their aces as they saw Chet in action with Tina. A sick look came to their eyes that were rapidly replaced by anger as they heard Chet telling her about drugs use by the team.

“That’s shit,” Brandon growled as he clenched his fists.

Kelvin was about to say something but, just then, the scene shifted to the part where Chet “told me” he was going to throw the big game. Scotty’s mouth dropped open. I swear Kelvin and Brandon’s faces grew red with anger.

“I couldn’t tell anyone because Chet swore he’d beat me up,” I sobbed using my best “whiny voice”. I looked at them. “He beat me up badly once and I’m always terrified of him. But I can’t keep this from you guys. You deserve better. I’m ready to be hit by him and probably by you three too,” I sniffed trying to appear as a pathetic dwarf in terror of his bigger more powerful brother. Hopefully it would prevent my getting beaten up. Again, great gains require great risks. I figured playing up to their bigoted serotype view of how puny little people are would aid me in this sham. It did!

“Relax shrimp,” Kelvin said. “Just tell us where to find him.”

“Yeah,” Brandon sputtered. “We just want to talk to him. Relax we don’t blame a dwarf for not standing up to a real man!”

Tearfully I “reluctantly ” agreed that I would take them to find Chet. So off we all went to the hotel room where an unsuspecting Chet was waiting for me. Kelvin and Brandon had murder in their eyes. Strangely Scotty seemed indifferent to getting revenge. Unlike Kelvin & Brandon, he was never one of my tormentors. I wanted him in on this plan simply because I wanted to see him in the action that I’d planned.

As I drove them I pointed out the “Jack” that was in the car. “Maybe a drink will take your edge off,” I softly told them.

Kelvin snorted but grabbed the bottle, took a healthy gulp and, passed it to Brandon. Ultimately by the time we got there he and Brandon had chugged quite a bit from the whiskey bottle. Scotty took one swig but never seemed to get into drinking more of it. We arrived at the room. I nearly broke out laughing when we entered & I saw first Chet’s face then Kelvin and Brandon’s expressions. Chet face up lay on the bed & cuffed to the bedpost. Thanks to some help from Tina, my macho brother was dressed in a push up bra and lacy black thong. His strong manly legs were decked out in a pair black fish net stocking and heels. Tina had fed him a Viagra so his cock tent-poled quite nicely in his lacy thong. “Guys it’s not what you think,” Chat babbled in a panic as he took in the sight of his disgusted teammates.

“What a faggot,” Brandon woozily sneered.

“On our team too,” Kelvin hissed as he swayed a bit on his feet. He turned to Brandon. “This bitch fucked us up.”

Scotty said nothing but, like his teammates, he began sprouting a boner. I had laced the whiskey with Viagra and a drug that released inhibitions. My three new actors were about to become stars.

“I’d fuck him then,” I gleefully whispered. “Treat him like the bitch he clearly is right guys!”

Brandon’s hand cupped his growing hard-on. “Yeah I always hated him from the start. He was always a big smug asshole putting me down in front of the ladies on campus. But I never thought he was this sick. Let’s do as the dwarf says and fuck him guys as payback!”

Kelvin paused then gazed at Chet in his drag. A cruel smile came to his handsome face. “Yeah gonna push me into some white pussy tonight,” he laughed as he quickly shed his clothes. “You cut me out then fucked one of bitches I had my eye upon. Well tonight is my turn,” he snickered as Brandon stripped just as fast. The two approached Chet.

I knew that my preening brother had caused a lot of hidden resentment in his teammates. I also knew they were jealous of his sexual prowess with coeds. The drugs in them freed those feelings. The Viagra would give their release a nice sexual dimension.

“Guys listen it wasn’t my fault,” Chet cried out as he saw his teammates coming at him with their erections waving before him. “My kid brother…he forced me…the stuff…set up,” he wailed as Kelvin came up close.

“Shut up bitch,” Kelvin growled as he slapped Chet across his face a few times. Chet began to cry but stayed quiet.

Scotty slowly undressed & simply stood by a nearby wall. His lean defined body was a sharp contrast to more heavily muscled teammates. Still he was primo beef. He glanced at me then at Chet. A smile came to his features while he started to stroke himself into a respectable eleven inches of hard cock. He just leaned back on the wall. Clearly he only intended to be a witness. I was disappointed but told myself to chill and watch the events unfold.

“Don’t do this,” Chet sobbed as Brandon got to Chet’s legs and hosted them into the air. “I’m telling you I was…. oomph,” he gurgled as an impatient Kelvin literally shoved his engorged cock into Chet’s mouth. My macho brother ‘s body shook on the bed as he tried to get free.

“SUCK IT CUNT BOY!” Kelvin yelled as took Chet’s head in his hands and began pumping in and out of his quarterbacks’ face. The rippling muscles of his gorgeous bronze toned body flickered in the overhead lights as he moved his torso forward and back into Chet’s throat. The room filled with the choking sounds, as Chet was violently face-raped by the hulking black player. “Fucked us out of our game. How does it feel being fucked bitch?” He glared at Brandon, “ You gonna plug his arse or what bro?”

Brandon took this as his cue to get his rocks off too. “Yeah get me some pussy,” he laughed as he grabbed Chet’s ankles and pulled my brother’s legs upward. “Bet he’s tight huh Kel?” Brandon snickered as he spread a struggling Chet’s stocking clad legs far apart.

“MMMM…mmmm…mmm,” Chet moaned in protest as he ineffectively squirmed on the bed. He knew what was coming and fought to prevent it by trying to break his ankles from Brandon’s grip.

“Fuck that shit you’re pulling man. I can see your hard as a rock too Chet,” Brandon taunted as he drove his hips forward. The guy’s dick was as thick as my forearm but he managed to drive it deep into my big brother’s anus in one powerful swoop.

“EEEEEOOOOOQWWWW!!!” Chet howled through his cock stuffed mouth. He trashed in his bindings as his two former teammates hooted with glee over what they were doing.

“The white bitch loves it,” Kelvin laughed as he increased his thrusts in and out of Chet’s mouth. “He’s still boned.” He glared at Chet. “Get me slick bitch cause I’m popping your ass next.”

I watched as the pent of envy of these two players burst forth. Chet was shrieking and squirming as his powerful teammates reamed both of his holes out big time. Scotty just stood still and continued masturbating. Seeing him naked and sexually aroused was hotter than what was going on with Chet. I suddenly realized I wanted Scotty more than I had ever wanted Chet. Reluctantly I pushed that thought aside. Time for that encounter was at a later date.

By now Kelvin and Brandon were really going at it. Their cocks were pounding in and out of Chet’s holes so hard my poor sap of a brother’s body was shaking from the vibrations.

“I’ve sacked a few quarterbacks but this is my first bed-sacking of one,” Brandon huffed as he ground in his dick so deep Chet’s yelped a loud sob. A few minutes later however Chet began emitting a distinctly different noise. His sounds, combined with the subtle but distinct change in his body’s movements, clearly showed everyone that my big brother was getting turned on by his fucking.

“Oh the bitch is coming out in him now Brandon.” Kelvin laughed as he savagely ravaged Chet’s mouth. “ He likes it rough. Fuck his pussy Brad,”

“Hell yeah,” Brandon yelled. “Take this hard dick you faggot!” He increased his penetrations into Chet. My bother’s moans of pleasure were clearer now. His cock was totally rigid. Copious pre-cum oozed from the slit in his cock. The two players saw this and went crazy fucking him in both ends with even greater energy.

By now Kelvin and Brandon’s features were flushed by the drug and sexual heat coursing through them. They had become animals in their desire to sexually abuse and punish Chet. All three were profusely sweating. The heady musky odor of men rutting filled the room. To my shock the two rapists became so turned on they actually leaned toward each other and passionately kissed. I heard Scotty whisper, “fuck”. When I glanced at him, my hunky placekicker was drenched in sweat himself. His damp curls lay plastered around his good-looking features. I boned myself now as Chet’s aroused gurglings filled my ears. Kelvin and Brandon continued their mutual lip lock until suddenly Kelvin broke it off.

“Aw yeah I’m creaming,” Kelvin moaned as his powerful body shuddered. I saw Chet’s eyes grow wide. His throat muscles began to move as Kelvin gushed down his throat. “Yeah do it. Swallow or drown bitch,” Kelvin gasped as he unloaded his spunk. Chet swallowed more and more of the jizz. Finally the football player was done. When he partially pulled his shaft out of Chet’s mouth, his dark meat glistened in the lights.

“Aw fucking hot,” Brandon cried out when he aw this action. “OH SHIT,” he bellowed as his beefy body went rigid. “I’m blowing into his faggot arse!” Brandon yelped as he fell forward between Chet’s upturned thighs. Chet’s muffled howl pierced through his teammate’s gasps. His cock exploded sending out his jizz like a frothy geyser. Then he too went limp.

“Jeez,” Scotty moaned as his own cock exploded. I watched as his wad blew out in a white arch before it hit the floor. He was wheezing from the effort and damn it, he looked sexy from that exertion.

Kelvin and Brandon glanced at each other and laughed. They raised their arms up and give each other a high five.

“I want his arse now. You fuck his mouth,” Kelvin insisted as he pulled his dick from Chet’s throat.

“I fucking blew,” Chet groaning. From the dazed look in his eyes he was out-of-it.

“I’ll let this faggot drag queen lick his crud off from my dick,” Brandon said with contempt.

As my brother lay moaning the two players switched positions and began another round of screwing Chet’s holes. Chet gave them no further problems. I watched as he sucked Brandon like a good cocksucker while Kelvin plowed his huge cock into Chet’s anal opening. Little did these guys realize they were performing for my camera.


Things moved pretty fast over the next few weeks. Chet dropped out of school. I found out later from Tina that the golden boy was now hooked up with some leather daddy. Chet also performs at some bondage bar in the city. Seems my macho brother has become a totally submissive cock hound who loves sexual abuse and control. Guess it was in the cards for him and I just brought it out.

As for Kelvin and Brandon, after I showed them their “rape “ tape I pretty much had them in my power. Brandon sexually services the gay nerds on campus. As for Kelvin, I gave him to Tina. Kelvin was her cousin. He made Tina’s life a hell for being a trannie now; he serves up his arse to her and her trannie friends’ everyday.

Scotty stayed that night to help me clean Chet up. On the way back to the dorms he confessed he had a thing for guys who were “little people” and for me in particular. The only thing holding him back from approaching me before was that I had always seemed too passive for him. He liked the new aggressive “fuck em hard up the arse” persona in me that he saw that night with the guys. Once we got into my room I really showed him that new persona in action. The next day he walked onto the practice field a bit funny but that night I found him waiting at my dorm for another session. We have been together ever since as full time lovers. Tonight he is helping me set up his football coach. Yeah I sent that gay baiting scumbag the “Chet confession tape” where Chet lies about sexually blowing his coach. The later called me all angry and threatening shit about it but we both knew I had the former hotshot pro-football player in a bind. He is scheduled to meet us at that hotel room. Should be fun bagging his hot thirty-eight year old body.

I did learn something as well. Revenge fucking is sweet but screwing the dude you love is sweeter. Later!

The End???