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Runt Revenge
Part 4 - Runt Revenge #4
By Kyle Cicero

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“You see Chet it is like this,” I said as I walked around him so he could see me. “You have put me down my entire life, so think of this as payback.” As I spoke I slowly stripped. “And now you are doing to do what I say whenever I say it or else!” I stopped talking to let my words sink in. I dropped my pants; my rapidly growing erection came into view. I was standing inches from his face and, thanks to my short height, my cock's round red crown was right by his mouth.

Chet gazed at my hard-on with amazement. I assume he never thought a dwarf could have such impressive equipment. From the change in his facial expression the use of that to fuck into him suddenly came into focus. “Jeez you wouldn’t,” he hoarsely whispered as his eyes fixated on my now fully erect cock. “I mean..fuck...we are brothers dude.”

I laughed, “Half brothers if you recall. Tell you what though, I promise to fuck over only the half part of you that I’m not related too,” I sneered. “Now you have a choice. You can lick my cock and get it lubricated or….” I paused just to fuck with his head some more by letting him think he might not have to go down on me. “Or I’ll fuck you dry. Trust me big brother THAT will rip out your butt hole pretty bad.”

A low groan escaped from him. He gazed up at me trying to ignore the hefty thick dick that was so close to his lips. “Please…don’t…fuck me,” he asked in a light cracking voice. “Please runt.”

I’m sure he never even thought about using the word “runt” anymore when talking to me. Stupidly for him I never forgot what he subtly meant by it. “You’ve sucked Tina’s cock so don’t play the virgin card on me,” I stated with contempt. “Wet or dry…your call!”

Chet closed his eyes and opened his mouth. I suppose slipping my cock into his throat should have felt more dramatic. It wasn’t. I experienced a mild triumph as the hot moist warmth of his gullet took my manhood into it. I suppose it was because I wasn’t the first in this area. Still a blowjob is a blow job right!

I wasn’t rough during it. I let his tongue lap around my shaft. Actually Chet had leaned to decently suck by now or maybe he was a natural cocksucker. Anyway I simply let him lick me. When I took his anal cherry there would be no softness in that event. “My balls too,” I chuckled after he had sufficiently gotten worked on my hard-on.

Chet squeezed his eyes shut but said nothing. His tongue slipped out of his mouth and gingerly he let it lap around my hairy low hangers. At one point he almost gagged but quickly recovered. I could have allowed this to go on for even more time but by now I was too horny to wait anymore. “Enough. Okay legs spread and head down touching the floor. Its cherry picking time!” I roughly barked as I moved away from his mouth.

“Please,” Chet sobbed as, with his eyes still shut, he lowered his head. His powerful muscular body formed a sexy pyramid with his hard rump as it’s the apex. I quickly grabbed two wires with round rubber suction tips at their ends. As he quivered in anticipation I attached both of them to his athletic cup. Once I flipped a switch they would send a delicate electrical current throughout the cup. My brother’s manhood would get a nicely arousing tingling that would continually increase in intensity. In essence it would be as if his manhood was encased in a stimulating vibrator. I wanted him to drive him to multi orgasms during his fucking. I had recalled reading from some erotic writer that, “you only fuck his arse & he’s your just for that time. You fuck over his head and he is just yours!” I wanted Chet twenty-four seven! I gazed at my giant muscled jock of a brother. He was ready!

I casually walked around to his upturned rear-end. I reached for a small nearby nozzle that had a tube attached. At the other end was an enema bag filled with a potent sexual stimulant. “This will make it easier,” I lied as I eased the lubricated nozzle into his anal hole. It was small so he was able to accept the invader with only a slight verbal grunt of “shit” coming out of him. I unsnapped the clip on the file and watched as the drugs flowed from the bag into his guts.

“Aw Jeez, that...kinda…burns,” he yelped as his guts took in the drugs. Once the bag was empty I let the nozzle stay plugging up his hole. I knew the lining of his insides, if given a few minutes, would absorb the entire contents. I was patient. I’d waited a long time for this event, no need to hurry. Sure enough, the liquids did their job. Chet’s breathing increased as he experienced a sexual flush throughout his system. When I glanced sideways to check out his crotch, I saw the cup pushing a bit forward on the fabric of his pants. I hit the electrical charge and slowly pulled the nozzle out of Chet.

“Aw fuck,” he moaned as the current shifted into higher gear. “My fucking cock …oh fuck,” he muttered as he took in a few deep breaths.

I greased up my now throbbing erection and placed myself between his strongly muscled thighs. This was one time my diminutive statute had an advantage over those normal height guys. I was standing on my feet, not kneeling on my knees. When I fucked into my big brother I could put all my power into it my drive. I ran my hands over his hard rear-end as well as his legs. He was my childhood sexual wet dream. I wanted to savor the sensation of his long strong legs and rounded arse for just a bit before I went into the finale. “Time Chet,” I rasped as I took a firmer stance. Slowly I eased my cock through the hole in his pants then, down into his arse-crack. As I hit his virginal entryway I met my first resistance.

“Fuck don’t,” Chet moaned as I pushed to get inside of him. I increased the electrical current onto his crotch area. By now the device was sending a nice steady vibration into his cock and balls. “AW FUCK,” Chet grunted as he lurched his hips forward to increase the cup’s pressure on his jewels. I chuckled as I let him do it. Finally I just had to have his arse.

“Hold still,” I sharply told him. To underscore my orders I wacked his arse a few times. The cracking sounds of my slaps on his butt made me even more anxious to fuck him. He yelped after each hit but then settled down. I turned up the electrical jolts on my device.

“Man my nuts are …shit,” Chet howled as the vibrations went higher. His hips began to sway as his arousals went into overdrive.

It was now or never. Grabbing his hips I rammed my cock forward. His hole resisted.

“Shit no!” Chet bawled as he felt my cock’s relentless pressure to get into him. Still he stayed in position. He’d fight it but his arse’s defenses would lose.

“Take my runt’s cock,” I grunted as I pushed harder. He screamed all the way but eventually his anal muscles relaxed.

“FUCK!” was all he said before I found myself inside of him!

“Got ya bitch!” I hooted as I moved my cock deep inside of his guts.

“Take it out ……arse is on fire!” Chet shouted as he rocked back and forth. The idiot’s movements were actually doing my fucking for me. I hit the current pulsating into the athletic cup onto its full power. “MUTHAFUCK!” Chet yelped. He reached back with one hand to press the plastic covering harder onto his crotch.” That…feels…aw Jeez…I…love…it,” he gasped as he did his old” push and release” hand job on the protective crotch gear.

I knew I had him. I firmly gripped his thighs and began to rally fuck.

“Aw Jeez,” he gasped. “You’re fucking my arse…oh fuck…my cock’s on fire…my arse…my kid runt brother is fucking my arse,” he babbled as I silently pounded in and out of him. I had nothing to say but loved hearing his mindless babblings. Then an idea stuck me. I suddenly began calling out his football plays while savagely plowing into his rear. From now on, I wanted Chet to always think of getting fucked whenever he played football. I swear it made his deflowering even hotter. My verbal taunting went on for quite awhile. By now Chet was one mindless howling bitch. It was building to an ending I would remember forever!

“Fuck I’m going to shoot a load,” Chet unexpectedly wailed as his hand manually drove the cup into his nuts. “Aw shit…I’m creaming while your fucking meeeee,” he bellowed. His body began quivering. I could feel his powerful thighs pressing against me as he busted his nuts.

As he ejaculated his anal muscles contracted around my dick. It was too much to bear. I felt myself erupt. “Fucking feeding you my jizz big brother,” I yelled back at him as I popped a copious amount of cum deep into his insides.

Chet sobbed, as his shuddering body got totally impregnated with my sperm. As I pulled out he stayed in his pyramid position. I noticed that a large wet oval ring encircled the fabric around the edges of his jockstrap’s cup. Chet had his head buried between his body’s supporting wrists. “Is it over?” he mumbled as I stepped back from him.

“Hell no!” I laughed. “We got hours of fun left.”

That night I sexually took my big brother in every position I could think of both anally and, yeah, orally. By the time I was done he was a mess both physically and mentally. His athletic cup was overflowing with jism causing a large wet stain all over the front of his tightly laced football pants. His face was shiny from my spunk-loads that had gushed out of his dick stuffed mouth. I’d even made him do a “Something About Mary ” thing with his hair. He looked funny with those cum gelled hair spikes! 

After I was finally done I went into the bathroom to wash up. When I came out he was standing in the center of the room. His arms hung by his sides and his head was looking down at the floor. He clearly had not moved to leave which gave me another thrill. His taller muscular body quivered as he stood before me. I had finally broken him and had my revenge. “May I go now,” he softly whispered.

“Look at me,” I sharply said to him enjoying my new found domination and his total submission to it.

Chet’s head slowly lifted upward. His eyes were red from sobbing. I saw something in them I’d never seen before: defeat. Chet had led a life where he was in control and sexually and athletically successful. I had destroyed his smug self-confidence in his godlike image. He had seen me as some inferior form of life. He now knew I’d taken him down hard. He would never be the same. “May I go?” he dully repeated.

“Get on your knees when you ask for something,” I angrily hissed. “Show some respect to the man you took your pussy-arse.”

Chet dropped to his knees. “May I go …sir,” he whined as he gazed at me.

“Kiss my arse and you may provided you crawl out of here as you do it,” I chuckled as I turned my backside to him.

Chet leaned forward without making a sound and did it. He actually kissed my dwarf butt! Then he crawled out of the room on all fours. I loved that sight. I imagined his difficulty in getting to his room without his friends seeing his pant’s wet spot. He might get away with some dumb excuse about the one in the front but there was no way he’d be able to explain the one around the hole in the back of his pants! Poor Chet must have thought this was the worse night of his life. He was so wrong!

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