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Runt Revenge
Part 3 - Runt Revenge #3
By Kyle Cicero

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Life had really taken a turn in my direction. For the rest of the week I made sure to avoid Chet. I let my big brother mentally process what would happen if those two DVD’s publically got out. I had him on tape doing the nasty with a trannie. Worse, he had verbally, again on tape, spouted shit about his teammates and coach being involved in gay sex and drugs. Of course it was all crap but in today’s climate it would be believed and ruin them. Old Chet would face their wrath plus have his macho jock, girl-fucking image shattered. I did not need to tell him he was fucked. He knew it. Now I need only see if he would follow my latest set of instructions. I had ordered him to throw the big game against our major rivals. That loss would sting and it would fuck up a chance for Chet and his buddies to make the state championships. The night before the game I sent him an email and had him report to my room.

Chet came in to see me looking like hell. Clearly he had not slept. “Please man don’t make me toss that game,” he whined mere seconds after he got into my room.

  Looking at him I almost felt sorry for him until he stupidly said to me.

“Fuck runt it will destroy my image on campus if I lose that game plus Dad will be there. You can’t make me do it runt,” he growled as his old arrogant attitude flashed up.

  Clearly my brother needed further breaking. “No sweat play your best,” I calmly stated. I saw relief come to his face and a return of his confidence. The bastard thought that in the end, he had won. “Better get some sleep brother,” I said as I opened my computer and hit a button. “There now we can both get some sleep,” I laughed as I smiled at him “Oh, I just sent off a signal to an off campus computer.  The tapes go viral ten minutes after the game unless, of course, you lose. So what will it be?” I asked as I discreetly clicked another button on my laptop.

A sick look came to Chet’s face. He stood there for a few minutes. I swear I could see the options flashed around in his head. “I’m…gonna…fucking…throw the game,” he mumbled.

  “What did you say?” I asked again feigning shock. “I could not hear you?”

Chet’s face grew grim. “I said I’m going to throw the fucking game against our rivals!” He spat out. Without saying another word he turned to leave my room.

  I sat in my chair grinning. I hit play on my screen. Chet did not realize I had tapped him making this admission. After some simple editing the tape showed Chet telling his “shocked ” little brother he was going to lose the biggest game of the season. I had just fucked him over again. If this got out he was dead.

True I might be in a bit of trouble for not reporting him but without big risks you cannot expect to accomplish big gains. Besides, I figured I’d simply do one of those “tearful” public pleas about loving my brother and my inability to hurt him. The public would love it and forgive me. I could see myself now on some talk show entitled:  younger brother suffers agony as he refuses to betray his older sibling !” Yuck! As for Chet, he had just slipped deeper into my power.

The next day Chet screwed up on the field so badly our football team was crushed. Needless to say the school and town papers slammed his performance. Everyone knew the loss was due to his actions on the field. Chet went from the campus god to the campus asshole. He was hated. I had taken his campus reputation. Now I was ready to take his arse!

I sent my newest “edited” tape to his computer with instructions to meet me at the same hotel room. Again I warned him of the consequences of disobedience. I knew he would be there as ordered but I wanted to rub Chet’s face in his latest disgrace. I also told him what to bring with him as well. Tonight my golden boy brother would get it good!

That night when Chet showed up he had a haunted look in his eyes. As he walked in he gazed at me without saying a word. We both knew he was whipped. I’d crushed his smug self-satisfied attitude. I had previously instructed him to bring his best football uniform and gear. “Okay strip and get into your stuff,” I sharply stated.

  Chet quietly took out his uniform, jockstrap, socks and, football shoes. He stripped off. I took in the glorious but too brief sight of his naked toned torso. As ordered, he slowly began getting into his athletic outfit. Chet’s long muscled legs looked so hot as they slipped into his tight white laced up football pants. His biceps bulged as he struggled to yank the pants up past his worked out thighs. I admit that I hated it when he finally pulled them up and over his cute round rump. The later had appeared so sexy in their jock-strapped covering. I told myself that soon those upturned globes would be mine.

Chet probably assumed doing this was to satisfy some sort of fetish on my part. I knew different! There was a good reason for this command. I was going to screw him while he was wearing the very uniform that he had taken pride in wearing. Chet had seen himself as an athletic god. This football outfit was mentally a part of his macho arrogant self-image. When I finally screwed him over I wanted it to become something he never took pride in wearing again.

When he finished he turned to face me.

 “What now,” he dully asked. “I suppose you got that sick black bitch in the next room?”

I grinned. “No tonight I get that pleasure with you.”

  A shocked look came over him. He opened his mouth to say something. I pointed to the nearby desk in the room. His eyes glanced at the laptop that lay on its surface. Chet let out a deep sigh. His body seemed to slump. “You want me to suck you off?” He dispiritedly mumbled without any sign of protest at such a possibility. The fight had gone out of him. He was ready.

“Get down on all fours with your legs spread wide,” I hissed.

Chet silently did as instructed. It was a moment to savor! I slowly came up behind him and let my hand rub his arse for a minute before going for his crotch area.

“Fuck,” Chet weakly cried while I “felt him up” for a bit of time.

Without saying anything I took a small razor from my back pocket. Carefully I cut a small slit in the center inseam of his football pants. I slipped my finger through the hole then down into the crack in his rump. It was moist and hot deep in that valley between his arse-cheeks. I reached the object of my search and went for it.

Chet shuddered and let out a stifled groan as my finger played with his anal entryway. “Please not that,” he pitifully yelped. I said nothing in reply. His fists tightly clenched as his eyes squeezed shut but he never moved to get up from his position. Chet was more muscular and certainly overwhelmingly taller than me yet, I was the one dominating him. At that moment I knew for sure that my big jock brother would give me no problem during whatever came next!


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