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Runt Revenge
Part 2 - Runt Revenge #2
By Kyle Cicero

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The next day my big brother received a series of emails from me in which I enclosed a few sets of choice pictures of him and Tina in sexual action. I also enclosed a “list of names” that would get said pictures if he failed to do as instructed. I wanted him off-balance and ensure that his fears were kept at a fever pitch. Fuck a jock’s arse it might last one night. Fuck up his head and that arse of his was yours 24/7 forever!

That night my brother showed as ordered. He was dressed in his tight white football pants and scrub uniform top-jersey. I loved how the latter looked on him. It was cut off just below his chest area enabling me to savor the sight of his hard eight-pac abdominals and the sexy way his narrow “V” waist flowed smoothly into those laced up pants. “Turn around slowly,” I barked to him.

“You shit,” he muttered even as he reluctantly obeyed.

I gazed at his round muscular rump in those uniform pants. The material was stretched so tight across them that I could make out the outline of his jockstrap. He wore his jockstrap…awesome! “Okay face me,” I rasped as I plotted my next moves. When he did, I saw the hate in his eyes. We both knew however the consequences of any disobedience on his part. “You need a drink to chill out brother,” I chuckled as I reached for a flask in my back pocket.

“I’m not thirsty,” he shot back.

“I’m sorry, but are you under the silly impression my statement was not an order?” I roughly growled as I threw him the flask. I watched as he caught it then opened the top. He stared at it then at me. “Just a nice gulp to ease your nerves,” I snickered as he glared at me. “Of course if you are too much of a pussy you only need to take a small sip. It’s Dad’s brand of whiskey so it might carry too much of a punch for you.”

“Fuck you,” he angrily spat out as he lifted the flask to his mouth and chugged a few huge gulps.

I knew that taunting would do it. He was so easy. The asshole did not realize the liquor had been doctored with Viagra as well as a mild drug that disoriented whomever consumed it. I stood looking at him and waited.

“Well what the fuck do you intend to do tonight?” He grunted in disgust as he handed me back the flask.

I said nothing knowing that tactic would enrage him. That anger would get his heart pumping the drugs faster throughout his system. Sure enough the effects quickly showed themselves. Chet’s pupils dilated. Shortly after that his rounded crotch area moved slightly outward in those hot white football pants. “You still with me big brother,” I laughed as his increasing bleary eyes tried to focus upon me.

“Fuck you runt,” he wheezed as he swayed in front of me. “What the fuck… what… where are we,” he mumbled as he reached down to adjust himself in his athletic cup. “Fuck my cock is really pressing inside this cup,” he giggled as he pushed down on the bulging round plastic cup that encased his family jewels.” He glanced sheepishly up at me. “Where are we man…fuck I’m so fucking horny,” he grunted as he continued pressing his hand down onto his crotch. He released his pressure on it then quickly pushed back down onto the hard plastic cup. A loud sigh of contentment came from him as he continually repeated this activity of downward hand pressure followed by a release. From how he was expertly doing this I suddenly realized it was not the first time he had engaged in this action. I suppressed a laugh thinking about how he must have sometimes done this activity to masturbate himself while his hard-on was encased inside his jockstrap’s plastic protection.

“Stop that right now,” I sharply said to him. I wanted him in sexual heat so his jerking-off right now was not part of my plan. His hand dropped to his side. “Come here,” I said forcefully.

He stumbled a bit trying to move towards me. I quickly strode forward till I was right beside him to guide him to the bed. From his sluggish reactions and illogical mutterings he was clearly in an out-of-it state of mind. I positioned my big brother so he’d lie face up on the bed. Next I leaned him forward and placed two pillows under his broad shoulders to prop him up at the waist. “Whatssup,” he mumbled as I bound his strong arms by their wrists to the bedposts. I grabbed the flask from my back pocket and lifted it to his lips. My big brother lapped up more of the joy juice. “ I needth to geth offth soooo badth,” he whined. He was so ready!

“Tina we are ready,” I said. I gazed first at him then over at Tina who entered from the bathroom. Tina was wearing only the top of a cheerleader’s outfit. From the waist down she had on crotch-less panties. Her erection was in full bloom. “Remember no anal,” I instructed as I set up the lights and camera then got out of camera range.

“Hello my big football hero,” Tina huskily said as she stood at the foot of the bed. She reached up to squeeze her large bosoms. A goofy grin came to Chet’s face. From his position he could only see her from the waist up. My camera setup had no such limitations. “Want to suck on this,” she whispered as she squeezed one tit with her hand while reaching down to squeeze her erection. “Or do you want to suck this one?”

“Both pleathhh ,” Chet slurred with laughter as he reached down to press the cup enclosing his cock. To any viewer it would appear Chet could see and, critically, was anxious to suck both Tina’s tit and cock. From where I stood Chet’s pupils were totally dilated. He was flying thanks to the drugs and experiencing a growing sexual heat.

Tina climbed onto the bed and crawled upward towards him. A true professional she once more moved in a way that made it unlikely Chet saw anything other than the approaching tits. “Close your eyes and stick out your tongue,” she cooed. Chet was only too happy to obey. “Blindfold taste test honey,” she teased as she straddled him. She took a bandana from her waist area and blindfolded my drugged up big brother. “I’ll let you flick your tongue on the one you like best,” she said as she straddled up closer to him. Carefully she brought the tip of her cock to his lips.

“Oh fuck bab yeath,” Chet groaned as he flicked out his tongue to barely lap on the head of her cock. I was sure that in his dazed state Chet thought he was licking tit but only Tina and I would realize that fact. To any viewer Chet was licking a dick! “You want more of it like you usually do?” Tina giggled as Chet carefully swirled his tongue around the cock-head. Tina was careful to keep the rest of her “tit” away from his lips. At one point she leaned back onto his crotch and playfully bounced up and down on his athletic cup.

“I neeth it so mushhh,” Chet moaned as he thrashed at his wrist bindings. He began humping his waist upward into her crotch. I could barely hold in my glee. My macho jock brother was dry humping a trannie and I was getting it all on tape!

Tina reached to the nearby table and grabbed a small vial from its surface. “Let’s party dear. I’m so glad you brought this with you. Your team’s drug dealer is the best,” she laughed as she brought the small bottle to Chet’s nose. “Inhale!” I smiled. That pre-arranged lie would prove valuable. Chet’s teammates could not afford being labeled as drug users.

Chet was so zonked he simply did as he was told. The amyl nitrate hit him like a nuclear bomb. “OH FUCK!” he yelped as his brain fried. Tina glanced at me. I nodded. As per our agreement, Tina would get his oral cherry first!

She moved up to his face still straddling his muscled torso. “Open up,” she cooed.

A now completely zapped Chet eagerly obeyed as she worked on his cupped dick. His mouth sagged open and his tongue flicked the air in front of it. “Give me,” he whined, “Put it back by my mouth,” he begged thinking solely of his need to get his rocks off and eager to suck what he thought had been her tit!.

Tina expertly slipped her impressive hard-on down into his throat before he could do anything else.

“MMMPPHH,” Chet managed to gurgle as Tina drove her manhood deep into his throat. He pulled at the bindings and trashed about as muffled cries escaped from his mouth. Tina eased her rod slightly back from inside his throat. She gave him another strong hit from the bottle. Chet moaned. Tina then reached backward to press one hand downward on his encased bulge then she lifted her hand up, only to repeat doing the same two maneuvers over and over upon him.. I realized she must have watched his masturbatory action and decided to see if it might have some effect on him. Boy did it ever. Chet stopped gyrating and actually began thrusting upward with his hips. His muffled cries actually became clearly contented moans. Tina kept up her activity while using her other free hand to give Chet a few more good hits from the vial. Soon Chet was whimpering with sexual frenzy as he humped upward trying to pop his nut. As he did Tina’s cock moved gently inside his throat. “Lick my dick honey,” Tina patiently instructed him. “Oh do it like you told me you did for coach and that tight end on your team.”

Chet was beyond any comprehension by now as to whatever she was saying to him. He was completely high and equally desperate to squirt his juices. I was so turned on by it all I nearly ran into the scene myself to join them. I saw him licking her dick and felt my own rod grow stiff. “Mmmmphh,” he muttered as he worked Tina’s cock while she worked his cup. Every so often she gave the golden boy a few more whiffs of the bottle. Soon Chet was in total “fuck mode”.

“Yes Chettie you suck so well. I’m jealous of how you only service my cock when your teammates are out scoring some steroids from your dealer.”

“Ummm,” Chet gurgled as he sucked away as instructed. Tina pulled out of his mouth.

“You like sucking coach’s dick too and using drugs with your coach and teammates huh Chettie?” she teased.

“Servicth teamth …steroids….drughth,” he unexpectedly replied as his tongue fluttered out in the air before it. Tina’s‘s hand rapidly pumped up and down upon Chet’s crotch area. “AW FUCK…coach,” Chet yelped.

Tina had a shit-eating grin on her face. I knew, that for her too, this was revenge on all those uptight jocks that had made her life agony. Still he kept it all inline making sure to play my big brother for the camera. She kept up her patter about Chet’s teammates and drugs while Chet gurgled his agreements to it all. Happy she had gotten my high-flying brother to say enough crap to be useful, Tina re-inserted her dick into his open mouth and face fucked him. She increased her masturbatory hand job on him as he groaned and grunted with sheer sexual bliss. But every good time has an ending.

Suddenly Chet violently grunted, “UGH!” His hard toned body arched his waist upward. “Ah fuck,” he yelled through his dick stuffed mouth. He was having his sought for orgasm at last!

Tina hooted and pushed her cock further down into his mouth then yelped as she got her release as well. The camera got both sexual explosions. Chet’s hard chiseled body slumped down onto the bed. An exhausted Tina pulled out of his mouth then got off him. I moved the camera in for Chet’s close-up. My spent macho big brother lay on the bed. I was able to get a nice lingering shot of his Dad’s golden boy contently smiling as Tina’s cum dribbled out from the left side of his lower lips.

I paid Tina then sat in a chair reviewing the night’s tape. I had Chet so bad. Worse I had him fucking over his arrogant teammates and pompous coach. I set up a laptop so it would continually play tonight’s events then positioned it so Chet would see it when he first opened his eyes. I left him tied to the bed. When sleeping beauty woke up he would find himself hogtied. It would take him a bit of time to get free. “Hopefully before the cleaning crew arrives,” I laughed as I patted his chin.

I gazed down at the growing wet circle that was appearing in the crotch of his pants. No doubt more of his jizz would ooze out from around the sides of the athletic cup. It would make a humiliating oval ring in his football pant’s basket areas. I snickered as I pondered how my brother’s cock would be drying in that cup. The pain it would cause him when he had to get his cock detached from the plastic covering to which, thanks to his spunk, it was being glued. I scribbled a note of instructions to him and left it on his chest. Before leaving the room I took one last glance at the sleeping Chet. “Now I get that arse!”


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