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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 8 - Having a ball!
By Kyle Cicero

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Eric watched as Robin quickly shed his superhero attire. “Fuck he is so beautiful,” Eric thought as the now bare arsed young teenager shyly stood before him. Unlike the other super teens that were also amazingly fit and muscular, Robin was chiseled into perfect proportions. His long finely defined body sent waves of lust into Eric. “Get on the bed face up,” the eighteen-year old black manta said.

“Yes sir,” Robin meekly replied as he lay down while never taking his eyes off of Eric’s face.

The youthful black manta rapidly shed his own clothes and joined Robin on the bed. Silently he took hold of each of the Boy Wonder’s ankles with each of his own hands. Eric lifted the long tapered legs of the buff young stud and rested them on his own shoulders. “I’m going to do as you asked right,” he teased while he let his fingers gently touch the softer inner skin area of Robin’s upper thighs.

“Please yes,” Robin gulped as his breathing increased and a warm flush of red came across his classically handsome feature.

Eric then fondled Robin’s hefty nut-sack. As he grazed it with his fingertips the Boy Wonder shivered with delight. The latter’s twin nuts rose up as his pouch contracted from the stimulations.

“Aw God,” Robin squealed with newly discovered arousal. “No one ever…” he moaned unable to finish the sentence as his body turn-on under Eric’s expert touch.

Eric nodded as he focused his mental powers on the prone super teen. “Don’t fight me now,” he commanded as he spread Robin’s powerful legs wider and eased his cock into that virginal entryway. As he pushed his dick into Robin Eric also penetrated into the Boy Wonder’s brain.

“Oh,” Robin groaned in discomfort. His arse quivered under this assault.

“Take my cock,” Eric ordered as he leaned forward to put all his weight into his thrust.

“My arse,” Robin whimpered as he squeezed his eyes shut. His anal ring muscles did the same.

Eric felt the tightness and directed a strong bolt of telepathic energy into Robin’s mental erogenous zone. “Let it in!” He mentally commanded to Robin.

“Fuck,” Robin gasped as the order took hold in his mind. His eyes popped open. Eric could see the pupils of the young hero were now fully dilated. As Robin’s body gyrated in the throes of sexual heat his anal ring muscles slackened.

“Good boy,” Eric quietly whispered as he broke through that line of defense. With one last hard downward push Eric achieved his goal. His hard thick cock was soon buried deep into Robin’s arse at last!

“You’re inside me,” Robin cried out.

“And it feels so good right,” Eric said as he paused to let Robins once “virginal” chute adjust to Eric’s impressive dick.

Yesssss,” Robin replied excitedly. By now the Boy Wonder’s own thick twelve inches were fully erect as well.

“Watch how much better it gets,” Eric laughed as he began fucking Robin.

“Aw shit,’ Robin grunted as, thanks to Eric’s mental commands, the former’s brain went into a racing sexual overdrive!

“You are so hot for getting fucked aren’t you,” Eric gasped as he sensed the heat of Robin’s anal cavity upon his own erection. Robin’s insides were so snug and yet so smooth. “This arse was meant for fucking,” Eric said as he plowed in and out of the strong hard body of the super teen. It was like screwing into satin. “You want my cock in you right boy?” Eric hissed with delight.

“Oh yes,” Robin moaned as Eric relentlessly pounding into him. Robin’s eyes began to roll upward into his eye sockets as he mentally spun out of control. His consciousness was floating on the pleasure emanating from inside his ravished arse-hole.

Eric was just as sexually excited but he was also focused on probing and “fixing” Robin’s brain connections. Sensing this psychological “drift” in the superhero he immediately acted to get Robin out of this state of mind. “Robin,” he sharply yelled.

“HUH?” Robin groaned as his mind lost all concentration. “So good. So good,” he babbled.

Eric knew this mental haziness in Robin was dangerous. The youthful black manta knew this was a delicate mental operation he was engaged in right now. He did not want to fry his young superhero’s brain. It was critical that the Boy Wonder maintain eye contact and mentally lock with Eric. “Robin, I want you to listen to me. Concentrate on my voice,” Eric insisted.

“Your cock feels so great in my arse,” Robin blathered as his eyes showed only pure white. He was fully out-of-it by now. “So great…so great…fucking my arse….” he dully said.’” Getting fucked…getting fuc….” he stopped making any sounds. His breathing grew shallower.

Eric sprung into action. He began to repeatedly slap the Boy Wonder’s cheek. “Robin focus on me boy,” he yelled. “Robin focus on me right now,” he continued barking as he slapped the groaning Boy Wonder. “You with my boy?” he forcefully queried as the blue-grey eyes of his sexual partner came back down to now take in Eric’s features. “Do you see me Robin?” Eric stated as he gazed deeply into Robin’s deeply colored pupils.

“Uuhuh,” Robin sighed as a smile came to his face.

  “Such a good boy,” Eric said in relief as he softly stroked the reddened cheek of the young superhero. “Such a good boy. Now keep your attention on me okay?”

“Uhuh, “ Robin laughed as he reached up to touch a grinning Eric.

“You like my dick up your arse right boy?” Eric grunted as he quickened his thrusts into Robin. His mind filled up then stabilized the Boy Wonder’s. The crises had passed. It would be alright to relax. Eric drove his erection deeper into Robin’s anal opening.

  “Oooooo…yessss,’ Robin sobbed as this final aspect of his virginity was brutally fucked away. “Oh fuck me. Fuck me,” he howled.

“Good boy,” Eric said as he worked his cock farther into the teenaged stud’s guts. “Are you my good boy?”

“Uhuh,” Robin sighed.

“You are my good Boy,” Eric insisted. “Say you agree again.”

  “Uhuh” Robin agreeably signaled back.

The two chanted this repetitive word pattern over and over until, at last, Eric felt Robin’s tight anal muscles grip his own dark skinned cock. “You are going to cum huh boy,” Eric gasped as he felt those muscles squeezing his manhood even tighter.

“AW YES!” Robin managed to yelp. His youthful superhero body began to twitch. His cock fired a large amount of heated creamy jism upward before plopping back down onto his finely chiseled young body. “ARRRGGHHHH,” he cried as he ejaculated.

Eric was so turned on by this sight that he quickly erupted into Robin. “Yeah bitching you now,” Eric shouted as he closed his eyes and spewed forth his own manta spunk into Robin’s guts.

When they had both finished an exhausted Eric pulled out and fell forward onto Robin. The latter’s jism felt sticky between their warm bodies.  They lay there breathing in the scents of their rutting until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. Later they repeated their sexual gymnastics for another four hours. The other super teens, turned-on by the loud noises those two made during their renewed couplings, went off and engaged in another vigorous three-way among themselves.


Eric sat in a chair at the superhero’s headquarters relaxing and contemplating how good things had turned out for him. He now had all four teenaged super hunks craving to be his sexual bottom boy. Eric had to admit that Dick, formerly known as Robin the Boy Wonder , was his favorite. Dick was his personal fuck-toy. No one, not even the cock crazy other three super teens, was permitted to sexually penetrate him or get a blowjob from him. To keep the peace Eric did permit Dick to screw his teammates on a semi-regular basis but only with the former’s consent.

Dick Greyson was a total mental submissive with Eric. In fact, the muscled young stud took on his subservient role so well that Eric was now convinced the once smugly arrogant superhero had always been a psychological bottom. “I probably just helped bring out his true nature ,” Eric said out thought. “All that deferring to Batman. Yeah, Dick was an unconscious sub-boy begging to be mentally conquered. You should have fucked him Bruce. Now you never will ,” Eric laughed.

Under Eric’s command, Dick had quit his partnership with a completely stunned Batman. “No need to risk my dominate role with him by having my best bitch work alongside that bossy Caped Crusader ,” Eric had said to himself.

Thanks to some judicious telepathic creating Eric had implanted into Dick’s brain the re-discovery of certain “repressed memories” from his pre-pubescent life. The former Boy Wonder was now utterly convinced that his former mentor had repeatedly sexually abused him for years. His alienation from the Caped Crusader was total and permanent. “That is what those raping dreams meant,” Eric had told Dick. “What he did to you broke through at last. Don’t worry Dick, that evil man will never get past me to hurt my little boy again,” he whispered to now fully enthralled young buff super teen.

Eric had encouraged Dick to make a full confession about this sexual abuse on video. Eric, with Dick as a silent witness, had then shown it to an appalled Batman. “Stay away from him or this goes viral. It doesn’t matter if you admit it’s true. We both know that, in today’s climate, it will be seen as true. Now get that fuckable arse of yours out of our sight.” Batman had gazed with horror at Dick who only sneered with visible contempt back at him. The teenaged black manta had experienced a thrill as Batman slunk off out of Dick’s life. The mighty Batman had lost to him, a teenaged kid! Eric was so turned on by his triumph that he immediately screwed an equally turned-on Dick right there on the floor of the meeting room.

Dick, again under Eric’s suggestion, soon carved out a new crime-fighting persona for himself and had adopted a better costume. Now known as Nightwing , the buff young hunk fought crime for an adoring public. Eric had “restored” part of Robin’s old “top” persona. The young superhero was back as the team leader with his old decisive confidence back even stronger than before his “breaking-in”. It gave Eric an erotic thrill to think about the publically hyper-masculine and decisive Nightwing meekly moaning for more of the young black manta’s dick up his superhero arse-hole. With Eric, Nightwing was always completely compliant sexually and emotionally dependent as he serviced Eric at every chance he was permitted. As he pondered events, Eric noticed that his “best bitch” had just arrived. He watched as the sleekly costumed form of the leanly sculpted Nightwing moved towards him. Robin, now Nightwing , was still a walking erotic wet dream.

Nightwing dropped to his knees and began stripping the top off his dark outfit. “Fuck me master,” he lightly pleaded as he lewdly rubbed the swelling inside his costumed basket.

Eric grinned as he revealed his manhood to the hungry eyes of Nightwing . With seconds the still partially clad costumed superhero was gurgling and moaning as he slobbered over Eric’s cock. “Oh yes, “Eric silently sighed as he stripped Nightwing of the rest of his costume in order to prep him for a hard fuck. Things were just great!

The End