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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 7 - Careful what you ask for!
By Kyle Cicero

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For the next few weeks Robin could barely look at Eric. At meetings he said nothing. He was humiliated by what the eighteen-year-old manta had seen that day. Eric however behaved as if nothing was wrong. He was continually kind to the increasing embarrassed young superhero. This conduct only made Robin feel worse about what was going on at night in his sleeping quarters.

Ever since that first time he used the dildo, the Boy Wonder had felt compelled to repeat the experience. Over the course of time he engaged in this self-sodomy at every opportunity he had to be alone. What made the situation intolerable was that soon, as he plowed his hole to achieve an orgasm, thoughts of Eric fucking him became part of the experience.

After a few weeks, Robin quickly realized that he felt sexually excited whenever he was in Eric’s presence. He also sensed within him a growing need to obey Eric in everything. It began to feel natural to defer to Eric on all aspects of his life. Quite rapidly any thoughts of not complying with Eric vanished. The Boy Wonder also became conscious of something else. On those rare occasions when Eric corrected Robin on something, not only did the latter experience this now compelling necessity to obey but he also was sexually aroused by the discipline. After every such incident Robin would disappear to relive that corrective event while furiously sodomizing himself into a highly pleasurable orgasm. Then one day the mentally screwed up buff young hunk decided to see Eric about when the former had seen Robin fucking his own arse. Little did Robin know that Eric had telepathically ordered this decision. The latter knew what robin had been sexually doing since that date. He wanted to finally bring his plans to completion.

Hours later a highly agitated Robin hesitantly knocked at the door to Eric’s room. He inwardly cringed when he heard Eric tell him to come into the room. “I have to talk with him about it ,” Robin told himself as he opened the door. “I want to tell him .” He quickly realized.

He entered to find Eric sitting at his desk the young black manta gazed up at the Boy Wonder. “Yes. Can I help you?” Eric said.

Robin could barely maintain his composure. “I wanted to explain,” he sputtered. His eyes grew moist. “ I mean about…what…that time weeks ago…well what you saw in my room,” he suddenly blurted out. As he looked at Eric he discovered that he felt like a small boy facing an adult. An adult that was naturally superior to him in every way possible. He began to physically quiver as mentally a boy’s mind-set replaced the formerly arrogant teenager’s. He felt tears run down his cheeks as his utter humiliation over his conduct took hold of him. “I…am…such…I…” he said in a voice that crackled with youthful emotion. By now even the tone of his voice had shifted. Its formerly deeper masculine tenor had somehow gotten more childlike in its sound.

Eric smiled and rose from his chair. He came up to the now shivering young hunk. “It is fine,” he softly said as he reached into his pocket to pull out a tissue. Gently he dried the tears that were now filling the teenaged superhero’s eyes. “You have just been under too much stress to be something we both now know you are not. Let me just run things now for you and it will be fine.” He backed up and opened his arms to Robin. “You are such a young boy. You just need a firm hand and someone to always tell you what to do.”

Robin let out a chocked sob. Immediately he went into Eric’s embrace. “I’m so…I…I feel,” he managed to say before his crying cut off his words. “Thank you.”

“Shh,” Eric cooed in triumph. “It is fine. Listen to me and relax. It will be fine you are a good boy. I will take care of you. I’m sure that makes you feel better to be my good obedient little man right?”

Robin nodded as he buried his face into Eric’s shoulder. As Eric repeated how good it would feel to surrender to his control a comforting warmth flowed into the Boy Wonder. Little did the latter realize it was Eric’s telepathic signals that created this warm glow now filling his athletic form. Robin soon noticed a growing sexual excitement, once more courtesy of Eric, developing in his groin that came along with this heated pleasure. “I want him so much ,” Robin silently realized. He then recalled how good he always felt when he screwed his arse while thinking about Eric. Another idea exploded into his mind. He lifted his head to stare into the eyes of the younger black manta. “Will you,” he shyly said.

“Will I what boy?” Eric sharply asked with a grin. He increased the pressure of the telepathic suggestion he had just planted in the Boy Wonder’s brain.

Robin blushed. “I …I dream about you…about you,” he paused. He wanted to ask but feared rejection. Suddenly he heard a voice telling him to just say it out loud. “I want you to fuck me please.” His handsome features grew red with embarrassment. “I want to be your boy in everything Sir,” he heard himself say to Eric. “I need you in me so bad Sir.” A flash of erotic heat exploded inside him as these words came out. Again, Eric had used his gifts to stimulate Robin’s erogenous brain centers.

“Of course but only if you promise to always be my good little boy,” Eric condescendingly replied.

Robin quickly smiled and nodded his consent. “Yes sir,” he said as his blue-grey eyes dilated with the arousals Eric had triggered inside his mind.

Eric grinned. He had won what he set out for. Unlike the other three super teens the once haughty Boy Wonder had asked to be made into his bitch. Even more wondrous, Robin had spontaneously used the term “SIR”. That was beyond his hopes. He now concentrated on mentally solidifying his victory inside the addled head of the teenaged superhero. “Strip boy NOW!” he barked as he focused on the last remaining places in Robin’s head that might defy him. Eric intended to burn them out with massive heat waves of sexual stimulations.  Screwing Robin would generate the searing fire he would need to accomplish that goal!

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