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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 6 - The grand opening
By Kyle Cicero

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Robin gripped the slippery tubular object in his right hand. Almost against his will he slowly moved his fingers up and down letting the erotic sensation of its long thick hardness fill his very core of being. He knew, on some deep level, that he was at a mental crossroads. His dreams of being fucked were beyond his conscious control. But actually contemplating placing this long dildo up his arse was something else. As he fought this mental battle between disgust and desire he found his mind wandering to thoughts of Eric. The young teenaged black manta’s image blossomed inside his brain. Robin felt his breathing increased as a familiar sexual tingling took hold of him.

“I...can’t,” He pitifully moaned as he placed the object on the table. “I won’t,” he grunted even as he pushed down the lower portion of his costume until the fell down around his ankles. Robin stood bare arsed in his quarters. His right hand reached out towards the dildo. “NO!” The Boy Wonder told himself as he summoned up his usual inner self-control. Beads of sweat came to his handsome features. As he fought the war in his head, his hard abdominal eight pac began to rapidly expand and contract as his breathing increased. He gulped & exhaled in more amounts of air not realizing his hyperventilating would only make him woozier and thus mentally an easier prey. Something inside of him focused on guiding his hand towards the dildo. Robin blinked in horror as, despite his resolve, the hand gripped the instrument and then moved it towards the Boy Wonder’s tight muscled rump. “I…won’t” he sobbed as unexpected a vision of Eric flash into his brain urging him onward.

“Go on boy,” the voice of the young black manta cooed. “Do it Robin. You know it will feel so good up your arse. Just like surrendering it in your dreams to my cock. Do it,” Eric calmly insisted. His commanding tones triggered a flush of arousal in parts of Robin’s mind.

To his horror Robin realized he had now placed the greasy projectile lightly between the dimpled cheeks of his quivering rear-end. “NO…I…won’t…I’m a man,” the Boy Wonder weakly replied as Eric’s powerful mental commands guided his hand to probe into that valley. Without realizing it, robin gently thrust the dildo into his butt-crack.

“Do it Robin,” Eric’s voice told him.

“This isn’t right Eric,” Robin sobbed while moving the dildo deeper towards his virginal hole.

“DO IT!” Eric mentally yelled into Robin’s brain. Immediately his sexual centers came into full force. They sent vibrating waves of arousal into the already weakened young teenager.

The exhausted young superhero suddenly let out a deep sigh. The pulsating stimuli inside of him were just too much to beat back. As he tried to decide what to do next he felt a sharp push into his anal entryway. “OH FUCK!” He gasped as, without realizing it, he had just popped the dildo past his outer chute ring. To his further stunned humiliation, he not only did not pull it out but instead pressed it fully into his anus!

“Yeah wait a bit then plow that hole boy,” the laughing voice of Eric ordered.

“AW it hurts,” Robin groaned as he struggled to adjust to this hardness thrust inside of him. As he squirmed and cried out for it to stop his right hand seemed to be governing itself. Despite his protests, that hand began to forcefully fuck its owner. “No… please…oh. Stop,” Robin begged as he lost control of part of his own torso. The Boy Wonder’s now sexually realigned subconscious had taken over that section of his body. Unable to beat part of the old Robin in the latter’s head, Eric and Aqualad had craftily concentrated on merely seizing total domination of one appendage. As Robin cried and yelped his right hand vigorously thrust the dildo deeper and deeper with a series of quick “in/out” movements. “NO...I…why...I’m fucking…myself…like…argh fuck…bitching …myself,” Robin babbled as his arse hole burned with the heat of his self imposed defilement. “AW FUCK. MY ARSE!” He bellowed after one very hard push up his now tenderized hole.

In another room Eric and Aqualad took in the squeals and howls of Robin and laughed. Giving themselves a fast high five they returned to the mental task of continuing to control Robin’s self-sodomy.

With every new thrust forward and back the dildo moved deeper into Robin’s guts. Unexpectedly it hit a place in the Boy Wonder that sent a new uncontrollable wave of erotic stimulation into Robin’s head. “FUCK!” the youthful hero cried out as he rammed the dildo over and over onto that spot. To the young superhero’s shock, his cock sprang to life. New energizing sexual arousals explode into him with such force that Robin couldn’t fight it. “Argh...Fuck. Yes," he shamelessly hissed as his left hand griped his erection and began masturbating his cock. Within few minutes the once emotionally self-restrained young superhero was grunting and yelping in a state of abandoned sexual bliss. “Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard,” he wailed as his balls churned in response to these stimulations. He could swear he actually felt the fluid buildup inside his hefty nut sack. “Aw man. I want it deeper,” he gasped as the dildo continually slammed into that place inside of him.

“Yes you always wanted this Robin,” Eric’s voice cried out inside his fevered brain. “Admit it Boy Wonder. In your real core you knew that you were a submissive cock hungry punk. You need a real man fucking you to be truly happy!”

By now the sexually overheated young superhero was vigorously screwing his arse while furiously beating his meat. “Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m a bitch. I am bitch,” he yelled as he felt an orgasm approaching. “AW…Eric I’m going to cum!” He shamelessly wailed in agrrement.

“THEN DO IT!” Eric’s voice ordered.

That command, coupled with one more powerful push of the dildo into his prostate, did the trick.   “AAAWWW JJJEEESSS!!!”  Robin screamed as the room around him faded. His muscular torso tensed as his cock erupted. As he squirted copious amounts from his cock, he was dimly aware of a sound in the room. By now, however, he was too overcome with his orgasm to register much of anything. Globs of thick creamy jism hit the wall in front of him. Robin had never had such an intense sexual explosion. The after-effects left him exhausted. He reached out with his left hand to steady himself and touched the spattered moisture that his cum had made upon it. The heated warmth of his spunk felt good against his palm. He brought back the now sticky wet hand and placed it close to his face. His nose filled with the scent of his release. Minutes later his breathing returned to normal and his room came back into focus. Tentatively he reached out with his left hand to again touch the jism stains on the wall. “I wonder what I taste like?” He mumbled.

“Well Robin you surprise me,’ said a voice behind him. Turning quickly Robin saw a grim faced Eric staring at him. The Boy Wonder was stunned. How long had his leader (for by now that concept was mentally embedded into the youthful hero ) been in the room? Had Eric heard what he said? Had he seen what just happened? Then Robin was suddenly aware that he was standing in front of Eric with his uniform around his ankles & his right hand still gripping the end handle of the dildo. Even more humiliating, Eric could clearly observe that the dildo was still partially embedded in Robin’s butt. When Robin’s eyes dropped with shame he, to his further disgust, saw that his exposed cock was still semi-hard and dripping with the remnants of his precious ejaculations.

“We will talk about this later,” Eric said as he turned to go. “Clean yourself up and go on taste it,” he forcefully stated as he left a demoralized Robin standing in his room. Once he was safely out of sight Eric grinned. He cast his mind back into the room and “sensed” Robin licking his own spunk off the palm of his left hand. The once defiantly smug teenager had been broken into a full mental compliance. The finale to Eric’s plan was about to unfold!

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