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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 5 - Fuck his mind and the rest cums!
By Kyle Cicero

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For the next few weeks Eric practiced patience in dealing with Robin. He wanted a total victory over the young nineteen-year-old superhero. He relished taking his time to achieve his aims with someone he had lusted after for years. Breaking Robin down in small steps was utterly erotic for him.  For Robin those passing weeks were one mind-fuck after another to his psyche.

Eric confidently presided at every teen hero meeting. Whenever Robin made a suggestion his fellow superheroes, as secretly ordered by Eric, questioned the wisdom of the Boy Wonder’s thoughts. Soon the latter changed from a confident young man into one who was uncertain in his judgments and hesitant in making any decision.

Eric, with Aqualad’s help, continued transmitting night dreams into Robin’s head whenever the latter slept. Over a few more weeks Batman’s appearances slowly faded in Robin’s nocturnal fantasies. Eric’s face and body took the Caped Crusader’s place. From this time onward it was Eric who dominated then screwed Robin in those dreams. It was his cock that Robin begged to ravish his arse in the growingly compliant Boy Wonder!

This attitude bled over into Robin’s waking time too. Eric noticed the increasing deference the Boy Wonder had around him. How, if Eric chastised him, a glassy look came into those blue-grey eyes indicating an erogenous zone in the young man was flaring up. At one meting Eric changed tactics to verbally put down in very harsh tones, some innocent suggestion from Robin. The latter not only meekly accepted the treatment he seemed to zone out during it. In fact, Eric distinctly saw Robin’s right hand drift into his crotch to press an obviously growing erection. Eric grinned as the out-of-it Boy Wonder sighed while shamelessly rubbing his manhood in front of everyone. It was only after a few minutes of silence that Robin snapped out of his erotic reverie and realized what he was doing in front of everyone! His handsome face grew red and, babbling incoherently, he rushed from the meeting. The other mind fucked superheroes smiled at Eric and gave him “high-fives” to signify his coming triumph.

Robin lay in his bed in his sleeping quarters completely shattered by what had just occurred. He fought to control his emotions over the humiliating demonstration he had engaged in at their meeting. He was still attempting to reassert some inner calm when Eric, without knocking, entered the room.

“I know you’ve been under pressure Robin about something,” Eric quickly told the shocked young hero. “I think what happened at the meeting is nothing big,” Eric continued saying while taking secret pleasure in the embarrassing look that came to Robin’s face. “You should talk to me about it or anything else that is bothering you,” Eric whispered in a highly paternalistic but commanding vocal tone. He sat by the Boy Wonder and placed his hand on the latter’s shoulder. “Go on and tell me,” he quietly yet firmly insisted as he sent another telepathic bolt into the young teenager’s brain.

Robin’s mind shuddered as its energy hit him. Suddenly all the fears and tension became too much to bear. He sat up and began confessing everything to Eric. As he spoke about his dreams and his nighttime emissions he lost all emotional control. “I...what...I... can’t tell what this…what does it mean?” He finally sobbed.

Eric brushed the damp hair from Robin’s forehead then took out a tissue to dab the teary eyes of the once proud young superhero. He took Robin into his arms, giving the latter a firm hug. “There, there,” Eric soothing said as he patted Robin’s back. “It is all right,” he cooed while subtly treating the Boy Wonder as if he was some child. “Just some silly bad dreams. Nothing to worry about.”

Robin’s all-powerful former restraint was now totally gone. He found Eric’s words and embrace comforting. “I was wrong about him, ” Robin thought as he hugged Eric back seeking comfort now in the latter’s embrace. “He is a real leader. I must have been jealous to have treated him with suspicion .”

Eric was inwardly walking on air. Robin was his to anally take if he wished it. But he wanted more first. Eric desired Robin to beg for his fucking. With time, that would be easily secured. He pulled back to gaze at the tear stained face of his prey. “Now feeling better little man,” he teased as Robin smiled and nodded. The black manta grinned back. Robin had not signified any problem with Eric’s use upon him of the term “little man ” or the childishness it clearly implied about the former. “I think,” Eric said as he eased Robin back down onto the bed, “That you need some rest my boy.”

Robin simply nodded. Again, he had raised no complaint about Eric’s use of another childlike term upon him. In fact, Robin felt both aroused and at quite comfortable receiving this high handed authoritarian treatment from Eric. A goofy grin came to the Boy Wonder as Eric literally took a nearby blanket and “tucked him” into bed.

“Now you just get some sleep,” Eric smiling chided. “Be a good boy and rest up. Tomorrow it will all be a silly forgotten incident.” Eric stated as he got up and left Robin in his bed.

Minutes later Robin drifted off into a sleep where Eric appeared and fucked him silly. “Fuck me harder,” Robin groaned in his room as Eric listened at the door. In his dream Robin was on his back holding his powerful legs apart as Eric drove his manhood deeply into him. “My arse needs you so bad,” the slumbering Boy Wonder moaned as his cock went into a full erection. “Oh fuck I’m going to blow my nuts,” Robin yelped as, in his dream, he felt Eric’s warm cum slam into his own guts. Robin’s young fully muscled torso went rigid then lurched upward and then convulsed as his boned rod squirted like a geyser into the covering sheets.

  The teenaged black manta happily walked into the next room where Aqualad was waiting for him. As they waited for the Boy Wonder to wake up Aqualad sucked off Eric. When it came to erotic experiences no one could go down on a guy like the aquatic teenager. Superboy had an arse-hole built for hard fucking. Kid Flash was anally and orally a tighter fit than the others but, for sheer blowjob pleasures, Aqualad was a natural cocksucker. Eric eased back to concentrate on the tongue action of his first mental mind-fuck. How times had changed. Right now Superboy, at Eric’s command, was giving up his arse to a youthful Lex Luthor. Kid Flash was giving simultaneous hand and /or blowjobs to various men in a local gay bar that exclusively catered to overweight men. “Aw fuck, “Eric grunted as he finally exploded and force-fed his submissive “fish boy” with manta juices. As Aqualad licked off the remnants of Eric’s gism from the former’s lips his “master” came up with a new idea. He grabbed what he needed and had his “fish boy” quietly place it in Robin’s room.

When Robin awoke he felt better about himself. In fact, he didn’t care that his sheets were soaked with his spunk. As his eyes took in his surroundings, he was surprised to find lubricant and an impressively large dildo sitting on his nightstand. He gingerly picked it up. Far from being upset by the discovery or curious as to how it got there, he felt a compelling need to grease up the object. As he did another uncontrollable desire took hold of him: to shove it up his own arse and fuck his virginal anal chute. He stared at the object. Part of him was shocked by this thought but another burned with desire to do it. “No its wrong. I’m a man not some cock hungry bitched boy, ” remnants of his old self yelled out to him. Still another voice told him he would enjoy getting fucked and here was a perfect opportunity to experience what he had previously only dreamed about. Robin held the slippery dildo in his hands trying to decide what to do. The ultimate mental battle had truly begun!

In another room Eric sat with Aqualad concentrating on sending these very thoughts into Robin’s head. “Do it Robin ,” Eric mentally commanded. “You already greased it so go on and fuck yourself with it !” The teenaged black manta was surprised at the resistance he was unexpectedly receiving from his prey. He mentally signaled for help from his “fish boy”. Aqualad joined in the endeavor while listening to hear the results of their hopeful victory in this next critical phase!

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