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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 4 - Dream a little dream!
By Kyle Cicero

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For three weeks Eric and Aqualad telepathically transmitted to Robin the same erotic dreams to disturb his slumbers. Every night the Boy Wonder was verbally denigrated and mocked before being raped by Batman. To his waking humiliation in every dream Robin squirted his juices as this sexual assault happened. He would later stare at the cum-stained sheets; his body drenched in sweat. For nights he trashed about in a half conscious state desperate not to slip into slumber and relive his defilements. Soon, however, Robin no longer struggled with the activities that occurred in those dreams. He fell into slumber where he now quickly succumbed to Batman’s powerful control. In those new nocturnal visions, he found himself eagerly anticipating being sodomized and dominated by someone more powerful.

Fuck me ,” he heard himself cry out now in his dreams to his sexual conqueror. Robin’s fevered subconscious rapidly became triggered to crave the overwhelming sexual release he achieved as he let himself surrender into a submissive state of being. He became used to waking up at their conclusions and finding that, once more, he had achieved another very exhilarating orgasm during the night. His shame over his ejaculations increased with his guilt as new desires took hold over him. Worse, he was now haunted by thoughts that, on some deep level, he must want this to happen with Batman in a non dream world.

His old smug masculine confidence cracked. Soon he found himself examining every past encounter and feelings he had ever experienced with his mentor. Parts of his brain now saw hidden unconscious sexual meanings where none had existed before. Could his idolatry of Batman be nothing more than sexual lust? Could his deference to the Caped Crusader be a mask for his hidden desire to be controlled by another more powerful person? And, what did the continual “Eric references” made by Batman in every dream signify? Untroubled sleep became a thing of the past. His growing shame over his nocturnal sexual activities with Batman, coupled with his fears over his possible sexual lust for his domination, so humiliated Robin that he cut off contact with the Caped Crusader. Eric was delighted by that fact. It separated Robin from the one man who might have discovered the causes of Robin’s torments.

After three weeks of these psychological attacks, their effects soon became apparent in the Boy Wonder’s demeanor. He looked haggard and at times during meetings he almost lost his train of thought. His confident demeanor at meetings had vanished and even his voice had clear indications of a docility it had never shown before when Robin spoke to Eric. Yet, even now, Eric had to admit the young man impressed him by how long the latter was able to hold out from the effects of this mental assault. Still, Eric felt he had to push things farther.

At a new meeting Robin was slowly explaining how they ought to do a routine scouting mission. It was nothing big in terms of prior team actions. In fact it was rather minor and mundane in nature. Eric, however, knew that Robin had experienced a pretty nasty submissive sex dream that night courtesy of Aqualad’s telepathic suggestions. Eric decided to play out his plan to see if by now, Robin was primed to fall.

“So we need to cover this area,” Robin patiently told the others as he used a laser pointer to show an area on the city map.

“I think another area is better Robin,” Eric suddenly said. “In fact the area you want to patrol is pretty calm so why don’t we do this scouting in another section,” he stated as he reached towards Robin and casually took the laser pointer from the latter’s hand. Without waiting for a reply, the teenaged black manta used the beam to outline his suggestions on the map. He stopped and stared at the Boy Wonder. The old Robin would have instantly took back the laser and clearly instructed Eric who was the leader of the team.

Robin seemed shocked by Eric’s action. His muscle body tensed as if ready to spring into action. Eric focused his mind on his opponent and sent out the telepathic thought, “you want to surrender !” For a few seconds, nothing happened. The atmosphere in the room grew still. The other superheroes watched to see what would occur. Eric grew nervous. Had he stupidly miscalculated? 

“I…I,” Robin sputtered as he glared at Eric.   Eric and Aqualad’s telepathic gifts detected a struggle going on inside of Robin’s brain.

Eric knew it was now or never. “So you agree right,” he stated more forcefully. “I’m right correct!” He said sharply using a no nonsense vocal tone that transmitted his authority. “Maybe I should run things now.”

Robin blinked. His eyes dropped their gaze and his muscled torso relaxed. “If…you…well …okay …sure…no problem,” he mumbled. Eric noticed a barely perceptible swelling in the tight crotch area of Robin’s Lycra enclosed basket. Robin must have sensed his sexual excitement in the face of Eric’s demonstration of authority for he quickly sat down and tried to casually cover his genital area with his hands. His handsome features grew flush as his subconscious thrilled to this non-dreaming reality.

For the rest of the meeting Eric led the discussions while robin said nothing. Afterwards the young black manta went up to Robin. “I hope I wasn’t…I mean it as not my intent to take over from you so sharply,” he lightly said as he drew up close to Robin literarily invading the young superhero’s personal space. “I think though you wanted me to do it right,” he teased as he kept his pupils locked on Robin’s. Would the Boy Wonder blink first in this “vision fight”. Eric knew that the old confidant teenaged superhero would have never conceded to anyone in a stare down contest.

To Eric’s sheer delight, Robin’s eyelids fluttered then closed. A look of defeat flitted across those stunning eyes. The Boy Wonder sighed then shook his head. He glanced at their feet. He quickly glanced up at Eric with a weird frightened look in his eyes. “No…its…okay,” he stumbled to say before rapidly turning to leave. “I need some sleep,” he muttered as he walked back to his room. His still arousing & sensual youthful body seemed to slump right before Eric’s eyes.

Immediately after their staring contest, Eric had also looked downward. He too had seen what had just terrified Robin. During Eric’s visual fight “beat down”, the youthful superhero had acquired an even more pronounced swelling in his basket. “I got you, you arrogant bastard,” Eric silently chuckled to himself as Robin left his line of sight The next part of smashing the Boy Wonder into pussy-boy status would now unfold much quicker, he decided.

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