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Robin Vs Eric, the Black Manta
Part 3 - Oh Batman My Batman
By Kyle Cicero

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“I can’t believe you can let Eric take over so easily,” Batman sternly told his teenaged sidekick.

“It’s not like I haven’t tried. He has done something to…” Robin quickly replied trying to explain to Bruce why he had not succeeded thus far to terminate the black manta’s influence on his friends.

“You failed. It is not something to make excuses about Dick,” Bruce interrupted with a tone in his voice that demonstrated his disappointment in the Boy Wonder.” “Clearly you lack the ability to man-up enough to win in some situations.”

Robin stood silently in front of his crime-fighting mentor. Bruce’s comments stung his self-confidence. In a small part of his mind the thought grew, could the Caped Crusader be right? Did he lack some sufficient quality of manhood to beat this teenaged foe?

“Maybe you want to join your friends in being this teenaged sex-toy? “Bruce sneered giving Robin a look of contempt. “Is that it Dick? Do you secretly crave to submit to him?”

“No way…you can’t think…being his…” Robin sputtered in shock. He could not believe Bruce would think that of him yet, in his mind, he found himself wondering now if Bruce saw something in him that he refused to acknowledge? “I’m not…I know how to be a man!” Robin excitedly replied. His felt a growing fear inside of his very core. He idolized Bruce. He wanted to show his mentor that what he said was untrue. Yet, even as he spoke, he could hear the rising panic in his voice. He realized that he was rapidly losing his emotional control but he could not get a grip on himself. “I’m not...I don’t…I can’t …I mean I can…stop him,” he shouted in a voice that had a whiny quality to it.

“Even your voice betrays you Dick,” Batman said. “You sound like a young kid. Listen to yourself. Where is your self-control? Where is the pride in you? Be a man for once!” Bruce harshly said to his increasingly demoralized sidekick.

“I am a man,” Robin insisted. But, even as he said it he heard his voice cracking with emotion. His usual steady deeply confident demeanor was gone. He gazed at Bruce and felt tears welling up inside of him.

“Well I may just have to teach you what it takes to be a man,” Bruce growled as he grabbed Robin’s wrists. “At least we will find out if you want Eric to run your arse!”

  The Boy Wonder was so shocked by the unexpected move that he failed to break free. With a deft movement Batman grabbed a set of cuffs from his utility belt and secured Robin’s wrists together. “Maybe if you feel a man in you it will make an impression.” Bruce laughed as he thrust a stunned Robin towards the floor. “Or prove you are a Eric’s potential bitch.”

“What is going on Bruce?” Robin yelled as he fell forward. He reached out to break his downward drop and found himself on all fours.

  Quickly Bruce straddled his youthful waist. The boy wonder felt Batman’s own strong legs pressing the sides of his own tapered middle holding him steady.

“Bruce!” he yelped as he sensed his mentor’s hands grip the waist band of his crime fighter’s clothing. A few seconds later the Caped Crusader took hold of Robin’s Lycra tights and began pulling them backward exposing the top of Robin’s rump to view. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Robin yelped. But his protests were useless. Bruce kept pulling until the tight material had completely come off Robin’s rear end.

“Time to see Dick,” Bruce laughed as he rapidly yanked the youthful Robin’s costume down fully exposing his upturned round butt and hard muscled thighs. Before the Boy Wonder had time to think, he found he was bare arsed with his crime-fighting uniform bunched up on the floor around his knees. Quickly Bruce pushed the Boy Wonder’s strong thighs apart to fully expose the latter’s anus. The cold air in the room hit the sensitive skin area between his cheeks and behind his ball-sack causing the youthful hero to shudder. “If you can’t be a real man then maybe its time you became a real bitch!” Bruce laughed as he deftly switched positions so that he was now facing Robin’s naked arse. He rapidly used one of his own hands to pull down his tights to reveal an impressive erection. Bruce eased his hips forward guiding his hardness inward until it hit the Boy Wonder’s undefiled anal entryway.

“Stop!” Robin railed as he suddenly realized what was about to happen to him. He began to struggle but the more mature muscularity of his “idol” proved impossible to overcome.

“You know you want it,” Batman sneered as he lurched his powerful body forward. “I don’t know why I did not see it before Robin. All that deference you give towards me. Your continual acceptance of a secondary role during our crime-fighting career should have told me. Face it boy your actions as a teen leader was all a cover-up to hide what you wanted…submission to a powerful man!” He laughed as the squirming Boy Wonder shouted and finally pleaded for his mentor to cease his actions.

“No. NO, “Robin yelled as his anus felt the first thrusts of Batman’s cock into his youthful guts. It was as if his arse was on fire. He screamed and sobbed as Batman relentlessly screwed into the former’s back opening.   Bruce’s taunts echoed in his brain. It made the pain worse for him. Then unexpectedly, the pain ceased and an erotic warmth exploded in his young muscular body. “Fuck,” he wheezed as he experienced his own unexpected sexual arousal.

“See you like it,” Batman said as he furiously pumped into a now increasing turned-on Boy Wonder.

  Robin’s head insisted this couldn’t be true but he also knew his body was experiencing uncontrollable waves of overpowering sensual heat. “Could he be a closet submissive?” He wondered for one brief second before his mind spun out into a hazy mist of uncontrollable stimulation. As Batman plowed into him and hit his prostate, Robin ‘s cock throbbed. A few more hits on that “sweet spot” did the trick. Robin felt himself slipping over an abyss. As he shot his spunk he screamed in ecstasy. Everything went dark. Dimly he heard some type of pounding along with a loud voice.

“Robin are you okay?” the voice said as the pounding grew louder.

  Robin slowly came into full consciousness. He blinked as he looked around. He was in his own bed in their headquarters. He soon realized the pounding was Eric knocking at the door to his sleeping quarters.

“I heard you screaming. Are you okay?” Eric insistently yelled as he hit the door.

Robin suddenly felt moistness in his crotch area. Gazing down he saw a large wet stain in his tight white underwear. He had experienced a wet dream. Embarrassment flooded through him followed immediately by horror as he recalled the details of the dream that had triggered his orgasm. “I’m fine,” Robin haltingly replied in a panic not to be seen in this condition. “Just a bad dream. You can go.” He lay in his bed trying to stay calm. Anxiously he waited in the dark listening as Eric moved away. For the rest of the night, sleep eluded him as the recollection of Bruce’s words and actions replayed in his mind. “I shot,” he quietly moaned. “I shot while he was raping me and I enjoyed what he did too,” he sobbed as he emotionally lost control. His mind relentlessly wondered if Bruce’s taunts could be true. He soon unconsciously assumed a fetal position in his bed shivering in the darkness. In another room a smiling Eric lay in his bed getting a blowjob from Aqualad. “Poor Robin doesn’t realize we jointly used our telepathy to put that dream in his head tonight,” he sighed as he sensed an orgasm building in his cock. As he blew into Aqualad’s throat, he contemplated the next step in breaking his prize!

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