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Night Warrior
Part 6 - Epilogue
By Kyle Cicero

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“We are rich,” the promoter said to the doctor. “Knock Out is even more popular than the Night Warrior ever was especially after unmanning our former champion in that public way.” The fat promoter puffed on his cigar. “Too bad about Juan though. Ah well I have him wrestling as a jobber in the outer rural areas. Ya know, really private stuff. Loser gets fucked by the audience and,” he chuckled as he took another longer puff, “Juan always loses. That faggot has no confidence left in him. Hell he’s a total sub-bitch. He needs domination and abuse now pretty bad.” He glanced at the doctor. “I hope you aren’t too,” he paused with a look of concern, “I mean I know you had a thing for him.”

The doctor smiled. “As we watched Knock Out fuck an unmasked Juan that night I realized that only really have a thing for masked wrestling champions.” He gazed over at his couch where a totally butt-naked yet, still masked naked, Knock Out was busying fucking himself with a dildo. The new champion glared with hate at the two men as he repeatedly violated his swollen red arse-hole with the immense tool in his hand. As he screwed himself, his other hand was lustily jerking himself off.

“I…awww…fuc….swear…I’ll…shit,” the current masked wrestling champion groaned in anger as he repeatedly rammed the dildo farther and farther up his hole. “I…argh fucking…my…arse,” he whined as he quickened his manual cock abuse.

The doctor gave a contented sigh as he took in the sight of the masturbating champion. “I’m happy sodomizing our current champion,” he said, “especially knowing that, thanks to my work on him, he is still aware of being fucked over by us, raging inside at being made a sexual submissive for our amusing pleasure & yet, utterly helpless to stop submitting to our sexual dominations.”

“I…won’t…be…your…aw shit,” Knock Out roared as he felt himself approaching an orgasm. His eyes began to glaze over. “Your…pussy…can’t…must….aw fuck!” He moaned.

“Go on,” the doctor sneeringly said to him. “Blow your wad for us. Thought you’d be top dog huh. Well just like Juan you’ve become simply another a bitch.” He chuckled. “Shoot for us Mr. Big Shot !”

“AWWWW…going…cream….” Knock Out suddenly he yelped. His strongly muscled body shook with a series of violent spasms as his cock squirted out short bursts of creamy jizz into the air. “Fuck,” the exhausted champion finally grunted when he had finished. His powerful body relaxed. Glistening with beads of sweat he laid panting spread out on the floor.

“Now Let’s see if our wrestling champion is a champion cocksucker too. Oh Knock Out…”the doctor laughed.

“I…swear…kill…you…two,” the helpless muscled former criminal thug groaned as he slowly crawled to the two men. He gazed at the doctor’s erection with a look of utter distaste even as he opened his mouth to accept it. “One day…I’ll…mmmmph,” he mumbled as the doctor’s cock, now stuffed deeply into his throat, cut off his tirade. As Knock Out gurgled his protests he did as ordered performing oral services on both men.  As his slurping sounds filled the room the other two men sipped drinks and gave each other a “high-five”.

The End