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Night Warrior
Part 5 - The Challenge
By Kyle Cicero

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The Challenge

For weeks the upcoming wrestling match between the Night Warrior and his unknown challenger, Knock Out was the only thing the Mexican fans could talk about.

“We are sold out,” the promoter laughed as he sat with the doctor in his office. “I’m just worried the bitch over there will not put up a decent fight. I mean he’s a total faggot now,” the corpulent man grumbled as he glanced over at the couch where the nude masked Night Warrior was lying on his back while jerking off. The young hunk was softly moaning as he stroked his erection. His dark reddish hued genitals glowed with a light covering of perpetration. His balls bulged against the tight nut sack that had constricted in the chill of the room. One of his muscled legs was lifted upwards to allow his other hand to finger fuck himself at the same time. The two men watched as the stud’s lewd utterings took on a purring quality. His masturbation quickened. “Look,” the promoter growled. “I know that this chump is hot to be butt-fucked by Carlos but there has to be a show of a fight or a riot will break out! Not to mention the bookies will slaughter us if the poof over there doesn’t really fight back!”

“Ah fuck,” Juan whimpered as he squeezed his eyes shut. The toes on his upraised leg curled. It was a sure signal the strapping young champion was close to an orgasm. He quickened his jerking off while raising his leg even higher so he could get his finger deeper up his anal chute. “Fuck me harder Carlos,” he whined as the muscles of his upper thighs flexed.

“Relax,” the doctor replied. “I have put a mental block in his brain about Carlos. He will simply see him as another opponent to destroy! He will not recall any of his youthful encounters he ever had with this guy. He will be able to fight like he always has before in the ring.”

“No he’s gotta lose you idiot,” the other man shouted. “More to the point he must ‘give it up’ sexually in front of everyone!”

The doctor sighed. “ He will. I put in a trigger to cause that blocking wall in his head to dissolve. I will let Carlos know the trigger. He can use it at just the right time to cause our young stud to mentally remember everything both from his youth and even what he does here. His macho self-image will crumble before waves of a craving to submit.” The thin man smirked. “His collapse will be both gradual and total in that match. Happy now?” He asked with irritation in his voice.

“Awwwww yeah,” Juan suddenly sobbed as his cock shot bursts of gooey cream. His upraised leg began to flail as he shot each wad. “Fuck,” he yelped as he violently rammed his finger further into his anus. When he was done he pulled out his finger and let the leg down. “Shit,” he huffed with contentment as he face up & lay spread eagled upon the narrow couch. His powerful legs and arms hung limply over its sides.

The promoter nodded. “Okay I’ll tell Carlos to come to see you this week.” He got up to leave then paused. Softly laughing he went over to the prone hunk that was peacefully lying on the couch dreamily fondling his soft cock. “I can hardly wait till you go down,” he snarled as he unzipped himself to pull out his cock. As the bleary eyed Juan gazed up at him, the fat older man stood next to the Night Warrior’s masked face and preceded to masturbate. “Yeah, no so big now huh,” he grunted as he achieved an orgasm. As he squirted he directed his spunk at Juan’s face causing the zapped champion to sputter as the ‘cream-pie’ hit him.

A look of abhorrence came over the doctor’s features as he watched this scene unfold. “How dare you,” he muttered. He stayed silent yet inwardly bubbled with rage. He had now come to think of the hunky Night Warrior as his personal sexual property. Such degrading tactics disgusted him. Still, a deal was a deal and he kept his tongue. When the manger left he quickly cleaned up his sexual boy-toy. He was still angry hours later when Carlos arrived. The latter’s haughty & condescending attitude to the doctor only made things worse.

“I’m going to butt-fuck his arse in public so bad and so deep that when I blast my junk up his hole he will taste me in his throat,” The well-built villain mockingly told the older man. “Now what is this trigger I need to pussy the bitch full out!” The doctor gritted his teeth. Later, when Carlos left he had been fully instructed on how to act.

Finally, the night of the match arrived.

The night of the event found the arena packed. It was as if every Mexican wrestling fan had come out for the event. Thanks to the sale of closed caption television rights, even remote places in the country could see the event live.

As the Night Warrior entered many in the crowd cheered. Even with those with whom he was not as popular as before, the champion still had their residual respect. He was after all, still undefeated and old fan sentiment died hard.  Juan sauntered to the ring as if he had nothing to fear. When he climbed into it and casually walked to its center he seemed invincible. He raised his arms in triumph as a loud roar arose in the arena. Yet, an even louder roar suddenly erupted as Knock Out raced up the aisle. He dove under the bottom rope and skimmed the matt surface with his muscular body. Then, with amazing agility, he pushed up from the surface of the ring mat to stand inches from the Night Warrior’s face.

The two men glared at each other. “Going down buddy,” Knock Out hissed. “And when I say you are ‘going down’ I mean more than any defeat in wrestling tonight.” He subtly grabbed his crotch and laughed.

“Fuck you,” Juan growled as he stepped back to let the referee come between them. Still, even as he said those defiant words, the sight of Knock Out impressive basket created a stirring hit his own crotch. He couldn’t place why but there was something vaguely exciting about his opponent. A strange mental numbness wafted into him. Juan mentally brushed the sensation aside. He had a match to win! Seconds later the bell ran. The fight was on!

Juan counted upon his skill and vast experience in wrestling to favor him. He was not wrong.   Knock Out hesitated for a second after the bell sounded. It would cost him dearly as the Night Warrior quickly closed into his opponent.  He gave his foe an elbow jab that stunned the latter. Without wasting time the Night Warrior reached out and, using his hands, moved them around each side of Knock Out’s neck. Lacing his fingers tightly together the Night Warrior used the grip to pull his foe’s head downward where his jaw met with the rising right knee of the champion.

“Uh, “ Knock Out grunted in pain. The force of the violent collision jarred his head. When Juan let go the Knock Out staggered backward. “Son-of-a…” he moaned as he brought a hand to his throbbing head. As he did this, the Night Warrior came up closer to deliver another harder elbow to the chin. Knock Out groaned as, seeking to escape and clear his head, he tried to move back from the night warrior.

But the champion was having none of that. He took hold of Knock Out shoulder to steady him in the ring. “So pathetic, ” the now totally confident champion thought as he put one hand on his foe’s shoulder. Using it as leverage the Night Warrior lept upward from the matt then pivoted his muscled torso sideways to deliver a devastating flying kick to Knock Out’s chest with both his strong legs.

“Ugh,” Knock Out yelled as the force of the hit sent him falling backward until his butt hit the matt.

The Night Warrior raised both his hands in triumph and strutted about the ring. “I am never defeated he yelled out!”

By now the crowds was screaming in disgust. Knock Out ‘s initial inability to put up a fight was angering them. The promoter glared at the doctor sitting next to him. “If things go wrong we are ruined,” he angrily spat out. The doctor calmly waved his hand at the sputtering red-faced man.

“Relax,” he simply said.

By now Juan was feeling elated. He grabbed Knock Out’s mask and pulled him to his feet. As he gazed at the woozy look in his opponent’s eyes he raised one hand in victory. Then he head butted Knock Out sending the latter once more to the matt. Knock out lay spread eagled on the surface of the ring. His eyes were closed and his muscled body twitched. Completely confident of triumph he once more swaggered about the ring with his hands held up. He focused his attention on the fans. Many were now jeering at Knock Out. He had them back! That mistake in attention to his foe was costly.

Knock Out soon shook off the blow. Waiting until the moment was right, he lay on the matt floor while pretending to be out. When the Night Warrior turned his back to him he quickly rose to his feet. Many in the crowd screamed he moved towards the champion.

The Night Warrior was still in his mid strut when he turned to see Knock Out right in front of him.“Whaaaa,” he barely managed to say in shock seconds before Knock Out sank his right knee upward to strike between Juan’s splayed legs. “AAARRGGGHHH…fuccc,” the champion screamed in pain as he bent over from the ball-shot. He instinctively cupped his nuts in a bit to comfort them. “My nuts,” he cried out. “My fucking nuts,” he cried as he cradled them with his hands. He lifted his head giving his foe an amazed teary-eyed look. “How?” He croaked. He thought he’d won and yet his opponent had rallied!

“tThose are my nuts,” Knock Out corrected as he grabbed the still hunched over Night Warrior’s mask to  spiny the latter backwards to a side corner post.

“Arrghh,” The champion gasped as his back hit the metal rod. He slumped slightly. He only held himself up by managing to drape each of his arms over the top rings. As the champion groaned Knock Out viciously brought an elbow up into his foe’s jaw.

“Try my elbow you bastard,” Knock shoued.

The blow to his jaw rocked the champion’s head upward. “Fuccc,” he wheezed as he saw stars in front of him.

“Oh that too is coming ,” growled Knock Out as he next delivered a series of punches to the champion’s exposed abdominals.

“Ooooffff…oooooff,” Juan grunted as each blow sent more oxygen escaping from his lungs. When Knock Out stopped the gut shots the Night Warrior slide down until his arse hit the matt floor. The crowds shouted for more.

“Oh sweet,” Knock out shouted as he next jumped up onto the lowest ring rope to pin the sitting champion to the corner. He waved to the crowd as he lept upward. Using his elbow like a hammer he hit a driving blow into the top of the Night Warrior’s head.

"Uuuuuuh,” the champion cried out as he flopped face forward to hit the matt.

Knock Out stepped back to the ring center and waiting as the champion pushed his upper body up from the surface of the matt.  Now on all fours, he literally crawled towards the defiant Knock Out. The crowd was yelling. The scent of blood was in the air. About half way to his opponent, the champion slowly rose to his feet. He shook his head trying to clear the fuzziness inside of it. Knock Out was not taking chances by then as he raced towards his foe. Quickly grabbing Night Warrior’s right wrist he pulled the staggering champion forward and spun him backward into to the same ring post.

“Awwwww,” the champion cried out again in agony as he reached to massage the pain in his back. He blinked and looked around trying to get the arena back into focus. “Got…to…clear…head,” he muttered.

Knock Out pulled the woozy Night Warrior into the center of the ring only to whiplash him again into a side rope. He was eager to finish off his opponent with a flying drop kick. He assumed the Night Warrior would bounce off the rope and be propelled towards him with enough force that the kick would finish the champion off. Unfortunately he had become too confident. Even dazed, the champion had the presence of mind to grab the ropes as he hit it. Instead of landing his kick into the other wrestler, Knock Out’s feet hit air. With a loud thud the challenger’s body hit the matt floor. His head bounced off the surface of the matt stunning him for a few seconds. He lay face up totally exposed holding his own head.

It was now the Night Warrior’s turn to take full advantage of this fact. He went up to the prone wrestler. “Now its your turn to feel a stomach ache,” he snarled as he leap upward then fell down using an extended knee to hit directly into Knock Out’s stomach.

“Uhhhhn,” the challenger groaned as the knee hit him dead center into his guts. He doubled over and rolled onto his side.”Fuccc,” he gasped as he lay there on his side as the Night Warrior stood over him.

The champion grabbed the mask of his still groaning opponent to force the latter up onto his feet. Pulling him into a bear hug, the night Warrior performed a belly-to-belly suplex. As the fans shouted the champion sprung back up to his feet leaving his opponent writhing in agony in the ring. Laughing the Night Warrior made a familiar hand signal to the spectators. They knew what it meant: the next move would be his trademark ‘nighty-night!

“Shit he is signaling he is going to Nightly-night Carlos”, the frantic promoter screamed to the doctor who was silently sitting next to him. “Why didn’t Carlos use that fucking use the wall remover to mentally fuck over the guy?” He angrily gazed at the doctor. “I swear if this is a double-cross!”

“He can’t use it yet,” the doctor sighed. “You wanted a decent match right? Five minutes into my meeting with him I realized he’d say the phrase and defeat your champion in the first few minutes of the match. So I slipped him a drugged drink and hypnotized him. He will use it. I wanted him to suffer first so I put a block on the phrase’s use until,” he grinned, “right about now.”

“Fucking too late you arse,” the promoter screamed.

“No,” the doctor said with a smirk. “Our champion will first perform one more maneuver before he does his sleeper. That will give Carlos the time he needs. The champion will also say something to Carlos that I preprogramed him to tell his opponent before using his sleeper. That boast will dissolve the block in Knock Out. Relax and watch.”

Sure enough, to the shock of the fans, the champion did not lock on his patented sleeper. Instead he pulled the woozy Knock Out back up to his feet and dragged him to a ring corner. Lifting his foe upward he sat Knock Out on the top turnbuckle of the side post. To everyone it was a well-known wrestling tactic. The wrestler would climb up to grab the back trunk area of his opponent then back flip the man to the matt floor. Everyone assumed it was a prelude to the famed finishing sleeper. “First this, then its nighty-night,” the champion smugly laughed to his challenger. As the words ‘nighty-night’ were said Knock Out slightly shook his head.  While the Night Warrior placed his right foot on the first ring to begin his climb, Carlos croaked out “suck my cock Juan.” The words rattled the champion as he was hoisting himself up to position for the flip. His foot suddenly slipped as he was climbing the ring rope sending it back to touch the matt. Suddenly, all his sexual antics from his youth and with the two older men flooded into his brain. He stood eye level now with the sitting Knock Out’s crotch. His eyes focused on the bulge and his throat went dry. Your…cock,” he muttered. He stood with his arms at his side in front of the seated challenger unable to focus on anything other than the costumed outline of the challenger’s dick.

“Suck my cock Juan,” Carlos growled again. He grabbed the mask of the champion and pushed the Night Warrior’s face into his basket.

A low strangled muffled moan escaped from the champion as his mouth and nose nuzzled against the crotch area of his foe. The familiar heady sex scent hit the Night Warrior brain like a powerful headshot. “Mmmmph,” he mumbled as he gulped in the smells that had always reduced him into a state of submissive arousal.

“Good bitch get a nice strong whiff” Knock Out chuckled as he shook off the effects of the blows he had received. He tightened his hands upon the other wrestler’s mask to pull the champion’s face off the crotch. A pair of dilated pupils met his gaze. “Oh yeah my bitch Juan is flying now,” he mocked as he shoved the Night Warrior’s masked face back into his crotch. “Sniff it up cause soon we go to school!” As the champion did just that, Knock Out softly whispered encouragements. “ Good boy get that musk into you. Take a few more good heady smells now Juan,” he mocked.

“MMmmppphh,” the Night Warrior moaned while taking in deeper breathes. His will to resist Carlos’s domination was lost in those familiar scents of the man. His arms grabbed Knock Out’s sides so he could thrush his face deeper into his challenger’s crock. When Knock Out finally pushed him backward he staggered. To those close to the ring he appeared drugged. Even more interesting a noticeable bulge was growing in his crotch.

Knock Out hopped off his perch then casually sauntered over the dopey acting champion. “Bend in respect bitch,” he yelled as he gave the Night Warrior a standing kick to his guts that caused the latter to double over in pain.

“Arrrrggghhh,” the Night Warrior managed to blurt out before his challenger hooked the champion’s head in an arm-lock. Without missing a beat Knock Out fell backward towards the matt causing the champion’s skull to hit the matt’s hard surface. As Knock Out got up his foe’s body lay twisting on the matt.  “Oooooo,” the Night War whimpered as his arms cradled his throbbing head. He was almost out of it by now. The delighted crowd sensing an upset and Knock Out’s win chanted for his name.

Knock Out rolled the barely conscious Night Warrior onto his stomach to straddle the fallen hero.  Squatting down on Night Warrior’s back, Knock Out lifted each of the fallen champion’s arms to position each one over each of his own knees. Smiling to his “fans” he locked his hands under the champion’s jaw and pulled upward. The ring filled with shouts of glee as they watch the undefeated champion suffer in a Boston Crab! Laughing now, Knock Out loosened his jaw grip to bounce his own rump up and down onto the rear end of his opponent.

For the champion the pain in his back was agony but worse was occurring. The sensation of Knock Out’s hard rump beating on top of his own was causing the champion to get sexually aroused. With each downward blow of arse on arse, The Night Warrior’s erection grew. Soon it was being erotically mashed upon the matt’s surface. “Stop,” he groaned. “I’ll give,” he desperately whispered. “My cock is rubbing on the…oh fuck…stop before I cum,” he softly begged.

But Knock Out wasn’t going to stop. Defeating the Night Warrior was not enough. He eased up on Juan’s back only to thrust downward with even harder butt blows. “Cream then juan,” he sneered. “Fucking blow a wad right here in public. Go on, show them all whose bitch you are!”

“My cock…please...oh fuc…I’m…not here…oh fuc…I can’t…hold…out…I’m…eeoooww,” he screeched as his legs and lowered body twitched. Unable to stop he felt himself ejaculating inside his costume. “You fucking made me come,” he sobbed as he finished one final squirt.

Knock shouted in triumph and released his hold. Grabbing the man by his mask, Knock out pulled the embarrassed champion first to his knees then to his feet. As the mind fucked Night Warrior swayed in the ring, his challenger slowly spun him around so every side of the crowd could see the obvious darker blue wet spot in the champion’s costumed crotch area. “ The bitch loved my arse on his,” Knock Out roared. “Creamed right under me,” he yelled to the fans as he used a hand signal they had often seen when the Night Warrior was in the ring. This time, however, it was not a sign from the champion. He then clamped on that trademark move.

The crowd was laughing by now at the sight of this soon-to-be-defeated hero with cum stains in his tights. As Knock Out clamped the sleeper into place they roared their approval. Chants of ‘nighty-night’ filled the hall.

Desperately the champion tried to break the hold. His strongly muscled arms flayed about ineffectively slapping at the head of his opponent. It was useless. The lack of oxygen was rapidly getting to him.  As the room spun his weakening body began to relax. Slowly he slunk downward in the challenger’s embrace.

Knock Out cinched his sleeper on tighter. “Go to sleep,” he muttered. “Just like all those guys you did it too. Nighty-night huh,” he grunted as he continued his lock.

The champion’s butt his the matt. “Please…don’t,” the Night Warrior hoarsely croaked as his powerful legs spread outward on the matt. He raised his arms once more trying to slap at his opponent but it was still ineffective. “Please…I…give…I...give…but …don’t…put…me outttttt,” he sighed as his arms limply flopped to his sides. “Doooo…nooo,” he sighed as he realized he was going to be a victim of his own nighty-night. The thought of being beaten by Carlos excited him, however, on another deeper psychological level. As Knock Out tightened his sleeper even further the champion’s cock rose up into another full erection.

“That’s it champ or now should I say chump,” Knock Out whispered into Night Warrior’s ear. “Sleepy time. Good boy. How does it feel getting fucked over by your own wrestling hold! Ah fuck you got a hard-on!” He laughed. “Look the champion is getting his rocks off being sleepered,” He shouted to the ringside fans.

“Ahhhh,” the Night Warrior softly responded as he found himself drifting off into the growing darkness. His last conscious thought was that tonight he was not only losing his tile but he was also being put to sleep for the first time in his life. He slowly went out not even aware that his subconscious, excited by being dominated by Carlos, caused his cock to orgasm once more.

To those closest to the ring action a bubbling liquidly ooze emanated from the crotch of the now slumbering champion. The fans went wild as they shouted out to the crowds behind them that the buff macho Night Warrior had “creamed” as he went out. The applause for Knock Out grew deafening as the referee counted him to his triumph. They chanted in tandem. “Nighty-night. Nighty-night. The champ is out! The champ is out! He went and came before he went out”

“Gotcha,” Knock Out yelled as he released his hold and let the cold-conked now ex-champion face sideways to the matt. As the masses cheered Knock Out positioned the slumbering Night Warrior’s face down on the matt. He then proceeded to strip off Night Warrior’s lower costume to expose his legs and rounded tight arse to public view. “Wakey Wakey,” Knock Out chuckled as he playfully slapped the upturned butt of his opponent.

“Uhhh,” the dethroned wrestler muttered as he came too only to now find himself lying bare arsed in the ring.

“Up now,” the newly crowned champion growled as he delivered a fast series of hard butt slaps to the ex-champ using the very championship belt he had just been handed. by the referee.

“EEEEEOOOOWWW,” the humiliated Night Warrior sobbed as he tried to crawl away from the hits. Everyone was laughing as they watched the once arrogant now former champion getting butt wacked while crawling on all fours around the ring in a futile attempt to get away.

Whack! Whack! Whack! The hard sounds reverberated through the arena. Each one brought a cheer from the crowd.

Wasting no further time Knock Out stood alongside the Night Warrior and, using his right leg,” pushed the red-arsed former champion downward onto the matt. He straddled the fallen hero and deftly unlaced the back of the Night Warrior’s mask.

“…no,” The beaten former champion pitifully moaned as Knock Out loosen the mask’s bindings. His strong torso wiggled under Knock Out in protest over this ultimate degradation.

“Behave!” the new champion shouted as he brought the belt down hard on the night Warrior’s arse.

“OOOOOWWWWW!” the formerly undefeated wrestler yelped. As his head shot up in pain his victorious opponent yanked up on the loosed mask. Seconds later Knock Out was holding Night Warrior’s mask aloft in triumph. He grabbed the damp dark hair of the unmasked hero and yanked his head farther up so everyone could see Juan’s face. The applause at seeing the once fan favorite get unmasked sent them all into wild shouts of glee.

“I was told you boasted what you’d do if you got unmasked. I think they are waiting bitch,” Knock sneering whispered to the humiliated ex-champion. “Give me the belt from your fucking pants,” Knock Out shouted at the referee who quickly complied. Making a loop with it. Knock Out secured it around Night Warrior’s throat. Knock Out stood up while holding the other end. “Come on doggie and only move on all fours.” He yelled to the quivering former champion. To a standing ovation the victorious challenger led his “dog” crawling out of the ring and up the aisles. Juan, sobbing and thoroughly humiliated meekly complied. As he crawled doggie-like past the jeering crowds many swore they observed that the former champion had a hard-on swaying between his legs. As Knock Out entered past the curtains to get backstage his “dog” glanced up. There were all the other wrestlers that , as Night Warrior, Juan had once sleepered and unmasked. They were naked and stroking their erections. “I fuck him first guys,” Knock Out gruffly stated as he led the crawling Juan into a private room.

“Please,” Juan begged while still on all fours as Carlos shoved the former’s legs wide and positioned his erection at the still basically cherry arsehole of the ex-champion.

“Shut the fuck up,” Carlos yelled. He turned to the fattest wrestler in the group. “Plug his mouth.”

The rotund beefy wrestler waddled to Juan’s tear stained feature. “Suck me cunt,” he angrily said as he slapped the handsome Night Warrior’s face. “You spent the last year calling me names now you are my cocksucker,” he yelled as he grabbed the jaw of the defeated wrestler. Forcing Juan’s jaw open, he rammed his meat down the ex-champ’s throat.

“MMMMM,” Juan gurgled in pain only to have another even sharper excruciating invasion into his rear-end as Carlos shoved his own hard-on up Juan’s anal entryway.

“Take it cunt,” the new champion gleefully snorted as he thrust in and out of the butt-hole of his conquered prize.

“MMMMMPPPPHHH,” Juan muffled voice cried out in weak protests as the two men savagely sodomized him at both ends. The pain and humiliation was agony but then suddenly felt something pleasurable fire up inside his guts.  Carlos’s cock was just hitting some spot in his anal canal that was sparking his own cock into rising. Without realizing it he thrust his arse backward so his anal defiler could whack that area a bit more.

Carlos noticed the movement and a smile came to his face. “I think our macho strutting ex champion likes it,” he snorted as he rammed his erection in deeper.

“MMMM” Juan grunted still protesting but now finding this was exactly what he wanted. His verbal objections soon slipped away and were replaced by low groans of sexual excitement. “Mmmmmmm.” His body became alive in anal stimulations. Any further resistances in brain shriveled up. He began using his tongue to suck at the dick in his throat.

“Fuck he’s doing a blow job here too,” the fatter wrestler laughed as he plowed into Juan’s now eagerly slobbering gullet.

The other wrestlers watched in shock as the ex champ was turned on by this sexual assault. Hoots of triumph came from the men. They fondled their own cocks while waiting for their turn to pussy the former champion. Their derisive comments filled Juan’s ears as he humped and slurped on the twin cocks. Their shouts satitated his inner craving for cheers from fans. He quickened his anal and oral maneuvers on the two wrestlers in response to them. Suddenly he let out a low muffled moan of, “ooooooo”, as both men exploded into him. His strongly muscled body twitched as his arse hole and throat gulped in their hot seeding. Stars exploded inside his brain as he felt himself creaming as well. After they were done, he lay on the floor quietly sighing over how much he had craved this abuse. His crotch felt wet and sticky lying in a pool of his own jism

“Get back up on all fours,” Carlos barked. “You ain’t done by a long shot. Payback time is here gentlemen.” Carlos glanced under Juan’s body as the latter meekly resumed his ‘dog-position’. The former stud spread his legs apart exposing his now violated anal hole. The remnants of Carlos wad glistened as it leaked from the abused swollen anal cavity.

“Yes sir,” Juan quietly uttered. His arrogant ego was shattered by now. He had been fucked over and climaxed during the process. He wanted more from the other wrestlers. He would never be a mental or sexual top again. His dick stiffened as stimulating thoughts of the other wrestlers fucking him flooded into his brain. A shimmering thin watery rope of spunk oozed from his cock-head towards the floor. “Fuck me,” Juan whined as his sexual heat for submission took permanent control.

Carlos laughed. “Fuck, the bitch is hard and yeah he is leaking too. Have him hard boys. He seems to love it.”

For the next hours every wrestler had the fun of taking the once strutting Night Warrior’s arse and mouth as payback. During each butt fuck, to Juan’s had multiple orgasms. By the end he found being fucked was beyond any pleasure he had ever experienced as a fan hero. “Fuck me again pleaseeeee,” he pathetically begged. They left him lying on the floor oozing copious amounts of their multiple deposits of their cum from his mouth and anus. He was still sobbing for more as they exited.

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