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Night Warrior
Part 4 - Doctors Orders
By Kyle Cicero

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Doctors Orders

For the next few weeks Juan made regular visits to the doctor. Each visit followed the same routine. They meet in the office and shared a drink. Juan would recall talking with the older man though he could never quite recall what they discussed. He was not sure why he still came week after week but he did find that after each visit he felt refreshed. What he did not know that at the close of every session the doctor “implanted” that revisiting desire in his subject.

For the doctor it was his wet dream come true. He would dose & hypnotize the handsome wrestler then act out sexually with him. Throughout all their encounters Juan never lost his mask. In fact Juan keeping to his persona as the Night Warrior was critical for the doctor’s arousals.

“That’s right,” Campanos hoarsely croaked as he watched the partially naked muscled body of the Night Warrior lying arse up on the coach and humping it. The doctor sat gazing with desire as the tight rounded butt-cheeks of the youthful Mexican wrestler clenched and pushed downward on the underlying pillows.

“Fuck,” the zapped champion grunted as he sodomized them with deft thrusts. His naked lower half glistened with beads of sweat as he continually screwed what, to his addled brain, was some girl. “Babe I really want you to stick your finger in my butt,” Juan unexpectedly groaned out to the invisible female he imagined was squirming under him.

“Oh yes,” the doctor sighed with excitement as he moved to comply with that suggestion. He let his hand gently caress the light brown skin of Juan’s exposed rump area.

“Yeah babe stick it in me,” Juan gasped. “I cum harder then babe,” he cried out.

The doctor slowly let his hand slip between the hard firm cheeks of his hypnotized hunk. The soft inner hairs between those anal orbs felt like tiny satiny ribbons on the surface area of his hand.

“Yeah that’s it bitch,” Juan begged as his screwing movements quickened.

“God it’s so moist in there,” the doctor softly said as he stroked his erection with his other free hand. He eagerly thrust the fingers of his other hand downward until he reached the rippling circular ring of Juan’s anal cavity. “Fuck its so damp and hot,” the doctor croaked as his fingertip teased and stroked those tight ring muscles.

“SHIT!” Juan yelped as his sculpted torso quivered in delight at the tickling. Suddenly Juan’s powerful legs pushed his arse up causing the doctor’s finger to insert itself in the wrestler. “Yeah fuck my hole bitch,” Juan sharply growled as he literally began humping his own arse on the doctor’s finger.

“Sweet Jesu,” Campanos yelped as the sensuality of it all overcame him. He shook as he achieved a violent orgasm.

A few minutes later Juan did the same thing as well. “Take it bitch,” he roared to the imaginary women under him as he repeatedly squirted into the pillows.

Some minutes later the doctor sat in his chair watching as Juan lay back on the same spunk soaked couch and slowly masturbated for him.

“You are so perfect,” the doctor giggled as the still zonked stud, now totally naked from the neck down, lay there with his legs bent at the knee and slightly apart playing with his balls for the amusement of the older man.

Juan’s hard ribbed abdominals glistened with perspiration. He was gulping in air by now from his exertions. The deeply cut ridges between his rising and falling eight pacs held tiny streams of water that flowed down from those sweating muscular stomach peaks. “Fuck,” Juan grunted as he pushed his spread fingers down between his erection & onto his nuts causing them to expand outward like some brown toned donut. The light hairs of the sack became more prominent while his darker skinned cock became visually erotic reddish brown. “Shit,” Juan lewdly mumbled as his other free hand drifted up to tweak each of the nutty tan nipples of his fully developed rounded pectorals. “Fuck,” he grunted as he squeezed and rubbed then until each one became a hard dark bullet. By now his cock was leaking down from his cock-head’s slit. Its shimmering gooey liquid flowed down the erect shaft into Juan’s dark wiry pubic bush. “Fuck,” the out-of-it champion and crime fighter gasped in heat.

“Like raindrops,” the doctor moaned as he sat mesmerized by the wet beads of pre-cum on those short curly symbols of manhood. He too was fully erect and yet, he was so fascinated by the sheer display before him, all he could do was sit and stare.

“Aw fuck yeah,” Juan whimpered as his eyes squeezed shut. Thanks to a suggestion by the doctor, Juan thought he was performing for Carlos. The thrill of that fantasy drove him towards an orgasm. Mentally, Juan still hated doing it but also overwhelmingly craved the degradation of it. “Aw fuck…I’m going to…going too…aw fuck…Car…,” he sputtered as his muscled body lurched up and down on the couch. Then, his legs shot straight out. His toes curled. “CARRRRR,” he roared as his dick erupted sending a geyser of white liquid up into the air. Seconds later they fell spreading across his chest and abdomen. As he lay panting on the couch Juan groaned with despair. “Carlos’s bitch,” he sobbed as a voice told him to sleep. When Juan awoke he was dressed. He left not knowing anything about his erotic performances. What was more critical, he did not realize that the doctor has set up a trigger that would make his next encounter with Carlos a night to remember!

“Yes unconsciously he still deeply wants Carlos to dominate him,” the doctor sighed with annoyance to the promoter as they talked on the phone. “Thanks to me the poor fool now believes he can take Carlos. Yes, I swear he will still think of each opponent as a surrogate Carlos until they actually meet. No,” Campanos said with growing irritation, “if anything, thanks to my suggestions, he will be even more aggressive and vile in his fights. Good set it up soon okay.” He hung up and went towards the couch. Kneeling beside it, he lowered his face onto it to take in the musky odor of the champion’s creamy jism. As he did, he masturbated and thought of the promoter’s upcoming plan. “Soon,” he grunted as he shot onto the floor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the wrestling arena the promoter hung up the phone. He looked over at Carlos who was sitting across from him. “So you are in right,” the promoter said to his guest.

“Oh I’m in, thanks to the 50-50 cut you offered to me but, as I told you before, my only concern is how to ya know do that kind of …,” he said before his voice drifted off.

“Not to worry,” the promoter quickly replied. He pressed a buzzer. Immediately some of his other wrestlers came into the room. “Just go with them.” He said to Carlos as an evil grin came to his puffy features. “These men all have a real hard-on about him. Trust me they will get you ready!”

The promoter watched as the men left. “It should be about two months at most,” he muttered as he looked at the new Night Warrior poster he had commissioned for the latest bout on the calendar. “Then you fuck head..., “ he growled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For the next two months Juan was unstoppable in the wrestling ring. Yet, with each brutally humiliating victory over an opponent caused the crowds to only despise him more. Then one night, after finishing a bout, the promoter walked into the ring accompanied by a red spandex clad masked wrestler. On his well-built chest was a large yellow “K”. The promoter gazed at the stunned looking champion. “What are you doing here?” A perplexed Juan asked. “And who is the monkey in the red suit?”

The promoter merely grinned and handed a microphone to the new wrestler.

The red costumed wrestler took the mike. “ I am here to challenge you to a match,” he said in a mask muffled voice. “Loser gets unmasked and butt-fucked right out of wrestling!” He laughed while gazing at the stunned champion. “Agree or admit you’re a coward.”

The crowd roared its approval. Juan was enraged. Who did this newcomer think he was to insult the champion right in the middle of the ring? He grabbed the mike. “You got it punk,” he yelled. “I will be fun giving you the old nighty-night then unmasking your sorry arse.”

The wrestler nodded then walked towards the ring ropes.

“Hey what the hell is your name,” Juan shouted as the wrestler went through the ring ropes and moved to the exit ramp.

“The tall powerfully built red costumed man pointed to the “K” on his chest. “Knock Out” he laughed before he turned to leave a now very shocked Juan in the ring.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You should have seen the look on his face when Carlos said the word knock out ,” the promoter smirked as he and the doctor talked in his office. He glanced at the mind zapped Night Warrior who was performing a lewd stripper dance for the two men.

“I’m sure it was amazing,” the doctor muttered as he focused his full attention on the sensual gyrations of the wrestling champion.

The still fully masked Juan had just finished removing his lower outfit. Slowly he brought it up to his face and placed its crotch area to his face. “Hmmm,” he sexily groaned as he took a deep breath. His other free hand rubbed his chest then moved gradually downward letting his splayed fingertips caress his hard abdominals before proceeding towards his impressive erection. All the while, his sculpted torso leisurely swayed to some imaginary music. Juan kept sniffing his costume’s crotch as he turned around before  the men to show them his round firm rump. Suddenly he slapped his arse-cheeks. “Fuck,” he moaned. He did it a few more times until they took on a reddish hue. “Beating my arse,” he whined. “Fucking whipping my arse,” he gasped as each blow sent a loud crack throughout the room. As each whack landed the vibrations they created upon Juan’s body caused the champion’s throbbing erection to sway like a pendulum between his long sculpted legs. “Shit,” he cried as he vigorous continued this abusive activity on his rump. All the while his cock stayed hard. It was obvious a new aspect of his sexuality was opening up. Juan got off on being spanked!

“Gees he is really a total degenerate huh,” the promoter chuckled as he watched this display. Juan unexpected stopped. He spread his muscled legs apart and bent full over to touch the floor exposing his ruby red arsehole. “Yeah that bitch needs it bad now,” the promoter hoarsely coughed as he watched his champion wrestler move his free hand to the crack between his butt-cheeks.

“Ooooo,” Juan moaned as he inserted one of his fingers into his anal opening. He pressed the crotch area of his costume firmly onto his face while talking in deeper sniffs of his own sex smells. “Mmmmph,” his muffle voice said as he proceeded to finger himself. “Uhuh…uhhh...huh,” he whimpered in sexual heat. By now, his cock was dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. A long silvery line dangled from the slit of his cock-head to the floor.

“Shit,” the promoter croaked as he reached for a nearby glass of Tequila. He gulped the brew down and took out a hanky to wipe the beads of sweat from his face. “Was he always such a punta?” he softly asked.

“I just…just…released…his...real…inner submissiveness,” the dry mouth doctor mumbled as he quickly unzipped his pants to release his own throbbing manhood.  He fixated on the Night Warrior’s finger as it screwed in and out of the young hunk’s hole. Juan’s pleasurable sobs and cries filled his ears. “Can’t we...fuck him,” he whined as he feverishly masturbated.

“No,” the promoter sharply stated as he took out a cigar. He smiled as he lit it. “He loses his cherry to Carlos. That was the deal I made with him.” The corpulent businessman watched the macho Night Warrior’s further erotic performance with glee.

By now Juan was rocking his  strong hips back and forth screwing his arse with his own finger. His cock was oozing ever more pre-cum. A small pool of it was growing  at the stud’s feet. “I need it,” he moaned. “Carlos…need…it,” he panted as he wiggled his body to try to fully impale himself on his own anal invader.

“After their match you and the whole fucking world can hump his arrogant butt all you want. Hell I’d line up for it too. But not till after Carlos gets it first,” the promoter firmly said as he turned his head and glared at the doctor. He grinned. “But his mouth is another matter.”

Minutes later the masked Juan was on his knees before the two men orally servicing them. When the promoter left Juan was till on his knees smiling in contentment. The corners of his mouth dripped with the other two men’s cum.

As usual, the doctor cleaned up the zapped stud. He let his ‘patient’ sleep it off before later waking the relaxed Night Warrior and sending him out for his nightly crime fighter rounds. As he watched the costumed clad butt of the young stud walk out of the office the doctor sighed. The big match was only a week away now. After that event, he knew those luscious orbs would be open for his explorations.

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