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Night Warrior
Part 1 - Prologue
By Kyle Cicero

To Tom Isern. Thanks to his masterful instructions, I was able to correctly understand the mindset in submissiveness. I've never forgotten it or him in my writings :). The mental psyche of main character, in this and many past stories, herein hopefully reflects his teachings on that subject. Tom is a hot mind in a hot body. A truly deadly combination:)

Lucha Libre wrestling is well known in Spanish speaking countries and, in particular, in Mexico. I hope you enjoy. A shout out to junglekingkazar whose art and stories from his extinct blog also inspired me. Miss your work and hope you return soon. To the BG East's wrestler Rio Garza who has inspired Night Warrior.

Night Warrior (Guerrero de Noche)
By Kyle Cicero


“NIGHT WARRIOR, NIGHT WARRIOR” the cheering crowds shouted as their city’s masked wrestling champion pushed off from the side rope of the wrestling ring. His muscular torso literally flew sideways at his young opponent hitting him with full force. The opposing leanly muscled wrestler staggered backward before falling to the mat with the Night Warrior literally on top of him. The referee quickly began his counting. Before he could finish tapping out the prone wrestler the crowd began to yell, “nighty-night, nighty-night!”

Clad in a body suit of midnight blue Lycra, the Night Warrior grinned at the sound of the familiar chant. His strikingly handsome Latino features glowed as he took in the adoration. Even though masked his good looks were obvious to the patrons. His legion of female, and quite a few male, fans spent long nights sexually fantasying about lay behind his partially covered upper face. Rapidly he got off of his beaten foe. As the fans roared he grabbed his opponent’s hair to shift the man upward into a sitting position. With deftness and speed the Night Warrior moved behind the sitting foe and clamped on his patented sleeper dubbed the “nighty-night”. As the other wrestler flopped his well-built arms in the air, the heroic champion tightened his grip. The mob shouted its glee.

“Go to sleep,” the Night Warrior teased as his opponent’s body movements slowed. “You’re just another chump going to beddy-by town,” he laughed into the man’s ear. He observed the slowing movements of the younger wrestler’s sharply defined abdominals. It was a clear signal that the latter’s oxygen intake was diminishing. “So pathetic getting put out chump huh,” he chuckled as the other man gurgled in weak protest. “Down and out,” he sneeringly taunted over the gargled protests of his foe. “No one takes out the champ youngster,” he jeered as the well-defined torso of his young challenger went limp.

It was soon over. The referee waved his arms to declare the match was over. The victorious wrestler held onto his sleeper a few more minutes taking pleasure in the approving screams from the crowd and the surge of power he always experienced in knocking out a foe. Maintaining his sleeper he rocked the prone body of the challenger back and forth just for fun. Finally he let go of the slumbering opponent. As he did the younger man tiled over sideways to lie face up and splayed out on the ring’s mat. The jubilant Night Warrior vaulted to his feet. Placing a foot on the chest of the unconscious man he waved to the crowd. The crowd applauded as the referee raised the Night Warrior’s arms in victory.

“ I always put them down then put them out,” The muscular champion told the happy crowds. “In the ring I put the chumps to sleep. On streets the crooks...” he paused and waited.

“All get beat,” the people yelled in reply as they finished his famed motto. He was undefeated.  He was their masked hero both in the wrestling ring and on the streets as a famed crime fighter.  He boasted he could never be taken and everyone believed it to be true.

“Nighty-night,” he loudly laughed while looking down at the wrestler. He bent down to turn the slumbering opponent over onto his face. As the crowd watched the Night Warrior quickly stripped the wrestler’s briefs from his prone body. He waved it over his head then slung it over his shoulder. Next he unlaced the back of his foe’s mask. He pulled off the mask. Grabbing the beaten wrestler’s hair he jerked the former’s head upward to expose his slack-jawed attractive face to the crowds. Unmasking an opponent was the ultimate put-down and quite a few in the mob did not enjoy this action. In this case the Night Warrior’s challenger had been a popular up and coming younger wrestler. While defeating him had been fine with the crowds that last action did not go down as well for many. A murmur of disapproval began to rise among the patrons. Leaving his foe bare arsed on the matt he arrogantly sauntered from the ring. As he entered the backstage more than a few wrestlers gave him a hostile stare. “Ya don’t have to humiliate a guy ya know,” one grumbled to him. “The sleeper hold was not necessary.”

“Yeah,” another wrestler said with anger, “He was being counted out. Why pour it on like that especially after he went out. Then striping him too. Unmasking him was not cool man,” he growled.

The handsome Night Warrior grinned. “Putting another guy out cold is so freaking fun and his briefs are my trophy,” he laughed as he turned to leave them. “Now everyone knows what he looks like too. With that and being butt-arsed naked in public. Well I bet he won’t show his face here anymore either!”

“One day you’ll get beat. I hope he sleepers you too,” the first wrestler yelled to the t retreating Night Warrior. “ Then strips you too before that crowd. That’ll fuck up your ego.”

“Yeah like that will ever happen,” the city champion laughed. He turned to stare at the assembled group p of wrestlers. “Tell you what. The day that happens you can all fuck my ass too right in that very ring,” he said with a louder laugh. “Cause only a loser gets whipped and put out cold to boot. And only a bitch gets his clothes and mask taken off him in public.” He grinned then turned to exit.

As he left the other wrestlers gave him a deadly stare of hate. They had watched the match and noticed the reactions. True the Night Warrior had the fans but tonight, in needlessly trashing a younger popular wrestler, he had alienated them.

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