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Topped Cop
Part 2 - Squad Daze
By Kyle Cicero

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This story is erotic gay fiction and is for mature audiences only. It may contain supernatural themes, sex scenes, violence, coarse language, drug use, and other adult themes.

This story is copyright the author. All Rights Reserved.

Topped Cop: Squad Daze

by Cicero

Lt. Kevin Yancey awoke the next day completely unaware of his recent adjustment by Dr. Rojors. The doctor had decided it would be a much more amusing lesson for the muscular young officer if he was initially in total ignorance of his new sexual urges. All Kevin recalled was that he had his evaluation test with Dr.Rojors and passed.

Today, he sat at his desk preparing to meet with a detective in his squad who had been giving him attitude. Kevin had planned to show the older man who was 'top dog'& had said as much to the squad that week. Little did Kevin realize that it would play out in a way he never contemplated. He was about to find out.

As Kevin looked over some papers he heard a knock on his office door. "Yes," the Lt. grunted without looking up, "come in".

"You wanted to see me Lt.", a deep husky voice said as someone walked into the room and shut the door. Kevin knew from the voice it was Detective Raheem Carter. Detective Carter was a powerfully built black man who carried his 5'10" frame with confident self assurance. At 48 yrs old he had been on the force for a long time. He had seen it all during his police career and he was not going to let some, in his words, "candy ass officer" tell him what to do.

"Detective I've found you need an attitude adjustment," Kevin began to say keeping his eyes fixed on the papers in front of him.

"Listen Lt. ," detective said firmly. "But if you got a problem with my attitude them maybe we should settle it outside of work instead of you bad mouthing me to other guys in the squad about who is some fucking top dog!". The black cop crossed his arms in front of himself and stood defiantly ready. "And pulling me in here two hours before the other guys arrive is bullshit!"

Kevin slowly looked up at the older man. "Are you...," the younger officer began to reply before he was cut off in mid sentence.

"I may get shit canned for this," The older black cop said heatedly, "but I'll be damned if some young assed snot nosed kid tells me I need any adjustment. Listen Yancey you are the one in need of an adjustment got it!" The detective's demeanor was heated defiance. As Carter glared at Kevin something astonishing came over the young Lt.

"I....I," Kevin stuttered trying to understand what he was feeling. He knew that he was getting trash talked by the older detective and yet, he was far from mad over it. In fact from the tingling in his nuts he seemed to be enjoying being put in his place. To his horror he realized that it was a becoming aroused by it. Kevin couldn't believe it. He tried to shake it off & reassert himself. "Now detective..." but he was again interrupted.

"Shut the fuck up till I'm done you prick," Raheem Carter continued . By now the detective was in full swing and letting the younger officer get it full blast. "You need a lesson in respect for guys wiser and more experienced than you got it!"

As Kevin stared at the man the young officer noticed for the first time the build on Detective Carter. Kevin had never realized how muscular the detective was or how handsome the copper skinned older man looked. What attracted his attention more was the bulge in the black cop's pants. For some reason Kevin couldn't take his eyes off it. He wondered what it would be like servicing this handsome intimidating cop. The thought so stunned him he forgot everything else!

Detective Carter stood in front of the Lt.'s desk and waited with folded arms for some response to his disrespect. To his surprise Kevin just sat there with his eyes blatantly fixed on the detective's crotch. "You hear what I said?" He asked after a few silent minutes. "Answer me you punk ass bastard!"

"I..uh..yes," a startled Kevin managed to reply hoarsely even as he was still visually fixated on the cop's basket. He was overcome by a wave of disconcerting arousal. It seemed that the detective's tirade had awakening a feeling of desire in Kevin. The more he was verbally being abused the more he liked it. "I...yes..didd ..hear," Kevin sputtered as his brain frantically tried to comprehend the engulfing fires of a surprising sexual craving for submission to the older detective. He felt feverish and dizzy. He forced himself to break off eye contact with the detective's crotch & glanced up at the detective.

Detective Carter looked at his superior. Being raised on the street he knew that look of hunger which was emanating from the young officer. No doubt about it, the Lt. was hot for his dick Carter thought. Smiling to himself Detective Carter, who did a bit of the 'down low' at times, decided to try out his theory. "What were you staring at Lt?" he asked.

Kevin's eyes blinked, "I...uh...what...I," he muttered wildly. The handsome young officer's was in a panic by now. He couldn't admit to one of his men that he was getting hot for him. Even that thought threw him. It was impossible. Kevin liked women. Hell, Kevin reflected, he was a big cunt man! "Looking...nothinn," he said quietly even as he lowered his eyes in embarrassment at this obvious lie. The muscular young officer's body itched with lust by now.

The older man just smiled and let one hand drop to brush his crotch area. "I asked," he said once more in a deeper tone, " what were you looking at Lt." As his hand grazed his bulge he noticed the young officer's eyes began to follow the movement of the detective's hand. He continued lightly brushing the area.

The black cop's hand moved across his bulge. Kevin felt mesmerized by the lazy motion of it. "I...I...I..was...what," Kevin replied weakly. The older man's authoritative tone gave him a warm sensation. His throat felt parched. The room seemed to whirl. He raised his vision to the detective's smirking face. "I...I', he croaked before his voice failed him. His lips were so dry. He instinctively licked them. He could hear his heart pounding now. He dropped his sight back onto the basket of the black man in front of him. A part of his brain whispered to him, "taste it Kevin." He shot a look to the detective of fear and longing.

"Answer me now!" Detective Carter gruffly asked as he pressed his advantage. He knew the answer but he knew that if he got Kevin to admit it then the both of them would know who the true top dog was.

Kevin's mind raced with the conflicting urges going through it. The young hunk was in full heat in reaction to the detective's firm control of events. In addition, knowing how pathetic he was acting only increased Kevin's need to further subject himself to more of this degradation. The young officer's own manhood filled. The older black cop just stood there coolly staring his younger officer down. Kevin fought a battle to get a grip on the desires that flared in him.

"Go on, tell me," the detective murmured seductively as he cupped his basket to give a greater emphasis to its heft.

Kevin's imagination of what lay beneath the pants of the detective filled his brain. As his senses overloaded him the former hot shot smug Lt. cracked. "I..I...your ..cccc....cock," he sobbed, "I was looking at your cock," he admitted as his eyes filled with tears. Kevin's ego shattered under the confession even his own manhood roared up with heated lust.

"Relax ...boi," the black detective said patronizingly deciding to go for broke. " It is a fine piece of meat boi." Having said that the detective unzipped and pulled out the thick uncut 9'' he had on him.

The highhanded manner combined with the use of the term 'boi' by the detective caused Kevin to fully lose it. He glanced up at the smirking cop. "," he groaned at he felt his own cock begin to throb in his officer's uniform. He let out a strangled cry and then riveted his gaze back on the now exposed manhood in front of him. "Ooooohhh.....fucccc," he whimpered in defeat to the urges in him.

Detective Carter just chuckled to himself. "Looks like my arrogant superior really needs some dark meat in his throat," he teased as he reached down to stroke himself. "Why don't you crawl over here and take care of business boi!" he said gruffly.

Lt.Kevin Yancey got up and started to come from behind his desk. He never took his eyes of the detective's crotch.

"I SAID CRAWL BOI!" Raheem Carter barked suddenly.

Kevin quickly fell to his knees and inched his way toward the dark prize that now totally mesmerized him.

The detective reveled in the sight of his formerly macho acting Lt. now crawling toward him on his knees with a look of sheer lust emanating from his eyes. "Yeah , come on boi," he sneered in contempt. "You know you gotta taste it right."

Kevin, never breaking his gaze from the long thick black rod he was crawling too, merely nodded. The mind fucked young officer approached within inches of the now erect cock of Detective Carter. He was so close he could smell the musky scent of the cop's sweaty nut-sack. As he breathed in the aroma Kevin felt dizzy with renewed desire. "God." He whispered as he filled his lungs with the heady odor.

"That's right," the black cop responded. He could see Kevin's sculpted chest rising and falling as he took in the detective's funky smell. "Get a good whiff of a man boi" he said as he pushed Kevin's handsome face into his crotch.

"Ummph.Ummph," came Kevin's distorted moans as his senses overloaded on the wafting smell of the older man. He found it intoxicating. After a few minutes the young officer felt his head being yanked back.

"I think you want it now right?" Raheem Carter teased as he waved his erect dick in front of the once smug Lt.

Lt. Kevin Yancey stared at the thick dark rod with its long shaft and now moist purple rosy head. The smell of Detective Carter's pre-jis triggered something in him. "Oh ...fuccc...fuccc," he sighed as he licked his lips. The formerly smug homophobic officer was now ready to beg for a taste of male cock.

"Steady boi," the detective chuckled as he rubbed his engorged cock across Kevin's lips. "Taste the salt first boi before you chow down," he hissed as he wet Kevin's cracked lips with his pre-cum leakage.

"Please sir," Kevin, now having tasty the fluid, whimpered now out of his mind to submit to the dominating man before him. He was lost in heat by now and in full punk mode as he had been programmed by the doctor. "May I suck it sir?"

"Go for it you pathetic faggot," Detective Carter laughed as he grabbed Kevin's hair and pushed him onto his hard-on. Kevin let out a garbled cry of surrender and opened his mouth to suck the massive dark tube down his throat! "Yeah suck that bone doggie." Carter hooted as Kevin slobbered over the meat in his mouth. "Yeah calling me sir too huh!" he roared with satisfaction.

"Ooomph," Kevin yelped as he sucked in every inch of the cock. His tongue savored the hard throbbing veins of the tube. He was totally out of control and ready to serve Raheem in any way he wanted now.

After letting Kevin get his cock slick with his boi spit Raheem pulled his erect rod from the young officer's mouth.

"No...please...need sir," Kevin whined as he tried to orally remount Raheem's dick.

"Easy there boi," Raheem chuckled as he pulled Kevin to his feet and spun him face forward over the desk. "You suck great boi but there is another hole I want to break in." The detective took Kevin's handcuffs off of his belt and secured the young officer's hands in front of him and though the handle of front drawer of the desk. Kevin now prone over the desk cuffed with his own bracelets.

"Fuccc...," Kevin sobbed at the thought that he was being bound by his own cuffs. At the academy a cop giving up his cuffs and then being cuffed by them too boot was the ultimate mark of a pussy. The degradation of it at the hands of Detective Carter however only got Kevin hotter. He squirmed slightly. "Oh man," he panted as he felt the rise of arousal.

"Relax boi," Carter grunted as he unbuckled Kevin's belt and pulled down the uniform blues the Lt. was wearing to expose Kevin's tight rear to view. "Nice fucking ass," the detective joked, "and I do mean fucking ass boi." Carter ran his hands across Kevin's butt at one point slapping the young officer's white cheeks playfully.

"Uh.Uh." Kevin murmured as the strokes warmed his butt cheeks. The young stud was now laying on the desk his pants around his boots and his pale white bubble butt exposed to the black detective's swats. "Oh fuccc," he moaned after each whack as his own engorged dick, now free of any restraining materials, slapped the hard desk top.

"Yeah," sneered Raheem as he backhanded Kevin's hard rear to a warm pink hue. "You like being whipped by a man huh boi?"

"Oww..Owww," Kevin cried as he got his first butt tanning. Every hit drove his waist down onto the hard surface of the desk causing his cock to get erotically squashed and rubbed. Kevin's rod & ass were getting it good and it was mind blowing. It was as if the desk was jerking him off. He wanted it bad now. "Yes sir. Yes sir." He said. "Whip my arrogant ass sir please!"

"Later boi," the now husky voiced detective said. "Time to bitch my Lt.'s butt. He kicked Kevin's muscular thighs apart. "Cherry picking time boi."

As Raheem spread Kevin's legs the zapped young hunk continued to grind his aching cock on the desktop. "Fuccc...ohh...fuccc," the handsome officer muttered as the cool air his virginal chute. "Ffffuuuuccccccc!"

"My thoughts exactly," Raheem laughed as he rubbed his dick head on the rosy cherry pucker of his once arrogant superior. "Tell you what boi," Raheem said mockingly, "while I pop this bitch hole on you why don't you bark for me like the top dog you claimed you were."

"Please...not ..that," Kevin shuddered even as the thought of this last humiliation got him completely aroused. Without thinking he began to hump the desktop. The pressure it gave to his throbbing erection was fantastic.

"BARK BOI!!" Raheem said as he thrust into Kevin's pink hole.

"AAAAAWWWHHHOOO......AAAAWWWHHHOOO!!!!" Kevin howled. "AAAAWWWHHOO...AAAAAWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO," he screamed as his outer ring gave way to the thick dark battering ram at its gates. Kevin's mind reeled at the thought of taking a cock up his ass. "You're fucking my ass sir," he yelped as Detective Carter pushed in deeper.

"Making you mine now boi," Raheem growled as he plunged in deeper.

Kevin's brain rocked with the knowledge that his anal virginity was being fucked away. After the initial shock however Kevin found the sensation of penetration was arousing & enjoyable. Knowing that the older detective was driving deep inside him engulfed Kevin a warm feeling of total submission. Soon he was humping back onto the meat of the black man and grunting for more. "Fuck my white officer's ass sir." He moaned as he felt his own cock edge toward a climax.

"Bark doggie," Raheem laughed as he took Kevin's butt. "Bark as I fucking soak your hole with my jis boi!"

"Yes sir!" Kevin said as he rammed his butt back on his dominator. "Arf ,arf ,arf ,arf AAAAAAAAAAAARRRFFFFFFFFFFF..........AAAAARRRRRGGHHH!" He howled as he felt the hot cream from the detective gush into his guts. The effect of knowing he had been seeded by the older man was so hot for Kevin that it caused the young officer to climax in his own orgasm as well. Kevin's rod shot into the space between his stomach and the desktop. "AAAARRRRFFFFFF," he barked doglike as he spurted .As Kevin collapsed onto the desk his hard six pack abs experienced the sensation of being covered in the wet, hot jism of his first ass-fuck induced climax.

"Good boi," Detective Carter said as he eased out of Kevin. "But we aren't done yet right boi?"

"Yes sir," mumbled Kevin as he drifted into his new sex role of permanent capitulation with undisguised happiness.

For the next two hours Kevin experienced the thrills of sexual submission. Afterward Carter left the now punked Lt. in his office still cuffed to his desk with his legs spread and his chute dripping with Carter's juices.

"We want the other guys to see you like this boi right?' Carter chuckled. "Top dog my ass!"

"Arf. Arf ," Kevin barked as he nodded in delirious surrender. "Arf. Arf. Arf!" Epilogue:

When the rest of the squad came in Carter filled them in on the events of the previous two hrs. After some initial disbelief and shock, coupled by a view of Kevin in his office cuffed and butt naked, the guys roared with laughter at the turn of events. For the rest of their shift they all went into Kevin's office & and took their turn fucking their once alpha dog officer's willing ass. The squad room filled with their groans and Kevin's barking noises. It soon became a regular thing for the guys to fuck their 'doggie mascot' after every bust. Squad production & morale rose among them once more. Of course, in obedience to their orders Kevin put in not to be transferred to any higher command and every night he trotted home with Detective Raheem's where he slept at the foot of the detective's bed wearing a dog collar the squad brought him soon afterwards. The collar had an engraved tag which simply read "Top Dog". Lt. Kevin Yancey wore it with a smile of submissive contentment always ready to service his owners and bark on command!

THE END...for now .