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Topped Cop
Part 1 - Topped Cop
By Kyle Cicero

This story is erotic gay fiction and is for mature audiences only. It may contain supernatural themes, sex scenes, violence, coarse language, drug use, and other adult themes.

This story is copyright the author. All Rights Reserved.

Topped Cop


Lt. Kevin Yancey figured he had it all under control. A stellar career in the marines as a young man and now as he was approaching 40 the youngest Lt. of an elite state police unit. A man on the fast rack career-wise. To the men under his command the muscular 6'3'' officer had a reputation as a hard driving tough arrogant SOB. He was hated by his unit who wished someone would take their smug superior officer down. Lt. Yancey knew that but didn't care. In fact, he secretly enjoyed putting down the men and woman who worked under him. The officer was convinced he could take on anyone mentally or physically. After all, he constantly worked out to keep his buff body in perfect shape. At the gym his bulging biceps, hard eight pack, tapered waist and muscular legs often made the handsome square jawed officer the object of admiring stares. Lt. Yancey knew they looked. On the whole it boosted his ego higher except if it was some gay guy doing the looking. For some reason the buff Lt. found gays unsettling. He always made sure they got 'roughed' up during his arrests knowing his homophobic superiors would turn a blind eye. In fact, although he did not realize it, after any encounters with gay men at work or his gym he seemed to need to have a sexual tryst with a woman. Lucky for him in his interaction with women the handsome cop had no trouble getting them into the sack. His sculpted build and good looks was an asset he exploited to the full. He pretty much had a "fuck em and dump em" attitude in his sexual exploits. For him they were merely functioned as a way to get a temporary stress reduction. To be honest what really did it for him was listening the sounds of their sexual submission. Something about that aroused his sexual drives to higher levels. It filled his brain with arousal in a way he did not consciously understand. Unfortunately he never took the trouble to figure it out. He should have though.

The handsome Lt. was smugly cocksure in his role of top alpha dog both in his job and his life. He was flying high. If you'd have asked him he would insist he had it all under control but, that was about to change! Chapter One:

The police psychologist put down his folder on Lt. Yancey. The slightly older professional had been asked by the higher brass to evaluate the Lt. for advancement. He had been informed privately however that the younger officer's promotion was a foregone conclusion and that he was not expected to put up any roadblocks. During the doctor's interviews with the men & women in the Lt.'s command he had noticed a low morale. They did their job well but the psychologist knew that they needed to experience a victory over their boss to reclaim their equilibrium and become an even better law enforcement unit. He also knew that the Lt. hated gays and that more authority in his hands would only increase the danger for gay men and women in the city. Lt. Kevin Yancey needed to be taken down a peg for the greater good and the psychologist intended be the guy who busted the Lt.'s smug self image. After reading the Lt.'s psychological profile report he saw a way to do it. A buzzer rang on his desk.

"Lt. Yancey is here Dr. Rojors," a voice said over the intercom.

"Send him in," the psychologist said as a door opened and a confident Lt. Yancey strode in & sat in the chair in front if the doctor. The psychologist couldn't help but notice how the tightly tailored blue uniform fit snugly on the taller officer. From the massive budge in the crotch that was visible as the Lt. sat down and adjusted himself it was also clear that the cop was packing some impressive equipment under his belt as well.

Lt. Yancey fixed his green eyes on the Dr., "Ok let's get this done fast. I'm due for a raid." He grumbled. The built officer ran his hand over his dark buzzed haircut. It was clear he saw this encounter as a waste of his time.

"I understand but procedures must be followed, "The doctor replied. "Now I just need to test your powers of observation and then we are done."

"Why the fuck do you need to do that? "The police officer barked.

"A new requirement," the psychologist said firmly as he placed an electrical spinning wheel on his desk.

"Listen Doc I've no real patience for this crap," The young officer snapped.

"Lt. this is a requirement. I hope it will not be necessary for me...", but he was cut off.

"Doc," laughed Lt. Yancey, "I hope you are not trying to intimidate me. I mean Doc I've got about 50lbs of muscle and 15 years on you." Kevin began to chuckle at the thought of the man trying to go toe to toe with him.

"It is not my intent to coerce you Lt. Yancey," Dr. Rojors said. "But it IS a requirement!"

"Okay Doc," Kevin responded sarcastically. "Do it alright but know who is top dog here. Just busting your balls anyway."

"Oh I know who is top dog and whose balls to bust," the doctor replied softly. He turned it on the item gave off swirling colorful lights. "Now you concentrate on it and try to accurately determine the various colors it flashes." The doctor instructed as he turned off the room lights. The multi hues from the wheel played off the handsome face of the Lt.

"Okay," Kevin muttered as he focused his attention. The officer tried to make out separate colors but it all seemed to swirl together too quickly. After a short time it got to be disorientating. "I think it's running a," He said slowly as his concentration started to blur.

"No the speed is fine. I'm surprised you think so.," the doctor responded softly as he watched the handsome face of the officer grow slack. He smiled and threw in a line that he knew would forestall any hesitation that the officer might have. "No one else had a problem but if you do then..."

"No," muttered the Kevin who would never be second best. He zeroed in on the colors. "It's fine....just..." his voice trailed off. He felt woozy but he was determined not to complain since the other guys hadn't.

"Just relax and focus." Dr Rojors teased as he watched his officer's eyes blink rapidly. From the look on the Lt.'s face he was succumbing.

"The colors....they....can't seem to ....separate," Lt Yancey replied weakly as the room seemed to shift around him. His breathing slowed as he tried to focus and fight the mental churning he was experiencing. "Bit...fuzzy...doc," he said as his voice trailed off. He became conscious of the air he was taking in. Its intake was taking on a sort of comforting pattern for part of his brain. He took in greater gulps of it unaware that he was overloading his system by creating a mild form of hyperventilation. The total effect was increased disorientation.

The doctor noticed the change in his subject. The policeman's chiseled chest rose and fell into that rhythmic breathing which indicated the arrogant officer was in the first stages of going under.

"These colorsssss....kind...of...fuzzzyyy," Kevin sighed as his eyelids began to droop. He shook his head trying to clear the building cobwebs but every time he managed to get close to clarity he'd see the swirling lights in front of him and he'd lose his concentration.

"Are you alright," Dr.Rojors queried as he touched Kevin's shoulder.

"Huh?" Kevin muttered. He was totally lost in a swirling maze of color. "Dizzyyyyy." he continued as his voice drifted off. "Big...seeee...bigggg...fuccc...holeeeee."

"Fall in. Don't fight." The doctor whispered to the zonked hunk.

"Fallllll ...innnnnn," Kevin asked hesitantly. "Shoulddd.....stooppp." He started to rise from the chair.

"Sit still" the doctor said as he came up from behind and reached out toward Kevin's body.

"Got...too..stopp," Kevin stated as he moved to get up. He felt unusually weak by now. "If...get...up...feel..bettttterrrr," he protested as he felt the doctor grabbing his shoulders from behind.

"I said sit still . That's an order Lt." Dr. Rojors stated firmly as he put his hands on the broad shoulders of the cop & pushed Kevin back into the seat.

" ...up," Lt. Yancey insisted as he rose again slightly. He struggled to break the doctor's grip. He couldn't seem to push the man off and he felt his ass hit the chair.

" Looks like your 50lbs of muscle and 15 years are not much help." Dr Rojors sneered as he overpowered the muscular Lt. to keep him in place.

Kevin's brain couldn't believe it. He was being restrained by the doctor. He couldn't be beaten by this guy and yet it was obvious he was getting taken. "I...get up," he gasped as he rose only to be pushed back into the chair once more. His eyes darted around. He forgot what was going on for a second and looked at the desk. The whirling wheel caught his gaze. The lights filled his brain cells and he experienced another sensation of disorientation. "Oooohh fuccc," he said with a cracking voice .He needed to get up. He moved upward.

Dr. Rojors however had other ideas. The doctor held on reveling in the thrill of victory over the taller built man. He was determined now to succeed in his project. "Sit." He yelled as he drove his hapless stud back down with such force it stunned Kevin who let out a gasp.

"Uh." The once smug officer said as he wiggled under the strength of the doctor's hold.

"Sit still," Dr.Rojors yelled as he backslapped Kevin's head twice. The doctor emphasized the point by thrusting down hard on Kevin's shoulders to drive the young hunk's meaty butt fully into the seat.

The more powerful officer was too shocked by all this to resist by now. "Uh huh." The handsome officer grunted as he slumped back into the chair His muscled body was like jelly. He felt the doctor's hands directing his head straight into the lights." No...pleaseee,"he cried, yet he couldn't break the doctor's grip. "Please not ..more....lights," he whimpered like a frightened teenager.

The doctor smiled at the physical control he now had over Kevin. But he required more. He was confident that Kevin's training to obey 'orders' would kick in and help close the deal. He was so close now to taking the hot stud down. "Look at the lights Lt. that's an order from your superior officer got it!" The doctor sharply said.

Kevin now completely stunned by being overpowered by the older man instinctively responded without really thinking to the programming that had been drilled into him by the military and police. His training to automatically respond to that tone of voice & scenario was his final undoing. He directed his attention as commanded to the swirling colors and lost the battle. " Orderrrr....obeyyyy," he agreed as he slipped over the edge and into the abyss. His face went totally blank . His eyes glaze over. "Fucccc," hissed as his conscious brain went out.

"That's right drift in," the doctor whispered softly. "Can you hear me Kevin?" he queried.

The young officer nodded. "Uh huh." He responded dully.

"I want you to listen now and accept everything I tell you as correct alright?" The older man said as he rubbed the back of Kevin's neck. As he kneaded the powerful muscles in Kevin's neck the doctor could sense them relaxing. "It feels good me doing this right Kevin?"

The young cop nodded again and let out a groan of pleasure. "Yesssss."

"Yes....sir right?" The man said firmly.

"Yes sirrrr," Kevin replied in surrender. He let his head droop under the massage.

"You see when you listen to me it feels good right?" Dr. Rojors laughed.

"Feels good listening to you. Yes sir!" Kevin murmured.

The doctor let go of Kevin's neck and moved his hand to the front of the dazed hunk's body. He lifted Kevin's head and stared at the handsome face. Kevin's pupils were completely dilated. He was under and primed to be taken. He positioned Kevin's face back up to the wheel.

"Got you." Chuckled Dr. Rojors as he reached down to cup the officer's crotch. The large mound felt good in the doctor's hands . Judging by the slight moans emanating from Kevin he liked it as well. Dr Rojors unzipped his subject's zipper and reached in to pull our Kevin's manhood. The young officer had a thick 8 uncut inches and rather nice nuts to match." Speaking of busting balls Kevin let me say you've a nice set here. Full and low hanging." He smirked. "Going to get you excited and use that endorphin high to help me re-program you." Dr. Rojors began to run his palm under Kevin's cock. "You don't mind a guy handling your cock now do you?" He teased as Kevin's rod began to stiffen. "Remember your orders. Keep you focus on the lights and listen."

"Awwww," the handsome young Lt. gasped. By this time the once alpha bragging homophobic Lt. Kevin Yancey was too out of it to care. The built young officer sat panting in the chair with his eyes fixed on the wheel. The older slightly out-of-shape man had truly cold-conked the muscular cop who began to writhe as his manhood was being manipulated to stimulate him into full arousal. As the doctor felt up the cop's family jewels the zapped stud let out a soft sigh. "Yesssssss....sirrrrrrrrrr." Kevin whimpered in surrender.

"Good boy," the doctor said, "you are going to be my good boy right?" He quizzed as he watched the Lt's manhood rise in his grip. He began to pump the officer's meat.

"Yesss...sirrrr,"Kevin agreed. His breathing deepened and a flush of arousal came to his face. He lifted his hips from the seat to rub his cock in the doctor's hold. "Be a good boy for you," he muttered. "Be...good...boooooooyyyyy...ooohh...ffuucccc,"Kevin groaned as he shot his jis up into the air. His cop cream arched upward and then fell in a direct hit , thanks to Dr. Rojor's aiming of the cop's rod, straight onto Kevin's face. Epilogue:

For the next hour Kevin was carefully instructed by the doctor.

"You see Kevin it was really all about your submission in sex that got you hot," Dr. Rojors patiently explained as he jerked off Kevin to another climax.

"My..uh...submissiooooonn," Kevin whimpered as his brain, now zapped by the lights and completely turned on by his masturbation, just soaked it all in without thinking it through. His blue uniform was streaked in sweat and clung to his sculpted frame.

"Yes you now get so hot thinking about submitting to someone more powerful right?" The wily doctor queried as he felt Kevin's rod pulse toward another climax. "In fact you want to sexually submit to other men because they are the most powerful and THAT makes you want to come even more."

" oooo...powerfullll....yes..I cummmmm aaarrgghhh," Kevin nodded as he deliriously exploded under the hand job. "Powerful men..turn...on." He mumbled.

"Yes," smiled Dr. Rojors. "Your profile showed that under your smugness there was a true submissive. Why else would you need constant re-enforcement of your alpha manhood by listening to sexual submissions not to mention your homophobia which showed that you feared what you desired right boy?"

But Kevin was too out of it by now to debate the issue. As the police Lt. sat there with a goofy look on his visage the doctor reached down to stroke him again. "But we've got to make sure you are cemented to your true nature boy ." As he worked the laughter of the doctor mingled with the moans of his subject.

And so , Lt Kevin Yancey learned how it was not sexual submission by others to him that was arousing but rather HIS sexual submission to other men that really turned him on. To make sure his new rewiring carried with it the correct sexual excitement the young hunk was masturbated repeatedly throughout with every spurt directed into his face so the taste of cum would be part of the mental equation and trigger an overwhelming need to sexually service another man.

By the end of the session Kevin was a mess and totally reinstructed in his attitudes. He would be every man's pussy-boy now.

"Remember Lt. Kevin Yancey", the doctor instructed ," whenever some man gets up into your face from now on you will be unable to fight the urge to sexually submit in fact it will get you so hot you will beg to submit. You love cock and the men who use. Got it!"

"Love cock and men who use me. I fucking love it I LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO ...FUCCCCAAAAA," Kevin roared as he jerked himself off now & shot his last load for his doctor without further prompting. The final effort to climax caused the young stud to pass out.

Dr. Rojors smiled as he looked at the one proud officer splayed out unconscious in the chair. There he sat. The once smugly arrogant Lt. Kevin Yancey. His face was dripping with his own cum while his now fully milked & deflated cock hung limply out of his uniform blues still leaking creamy spunk onto the floor. "Who is top dog now?" The doctor thought as he contemplated Kevin's new future.

The End...for now but there are the boys of the squad so who knows what Kevin will do for them

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