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The White Lord of the Jungle Valley
By Kyle Cicero

Part One:

Larza gazed across the fertile lands keeping watch for intruders. As the "White Lord of the Jungle Valley" he had ruled this territory with an iron hand. For many years explorers and natives had challenged him but none had prevailed. Now 34 yrs old he had never been successfully defied since he first became a "man" at 17 years following a childhood raised by jungle creatures. At 17 he had taken on and defeated his own animal "father" and since then those who came to these lands or who lived within were all subject to his authority.

He stretched his six foot two inch muscular frame allowing the warm sun to beat upon his bare flesh. Wearing only a brief loin cloth that barely covered his impressive manhood he let the breezes cool him. His long blonde hair casually brushed across his handsome chiseled features. He knew that the men of the valley envied his good looks & powerful physique even more than his power over their lives but he was supremely confident in his superiority over them. Larza knew that they would always submit to him. After all, had he not repeatedly crushed and conquered all who rose up to challenge him. He was the White Jungle Lord who was truly the man among men.

A flurry of activity caught his attention. He focused his blue eyes intently on a small camp that had gone up in the distance. Someone had come again unbidden. They would be dealt with he thought but first there was a lovely young native woman who had caught his eye in the nearby village. As he contemplated a meeting with her Larza's uncut manhood rose in his tight loincloth pouch. He smiled absently mindedly as he reached into his pouch to adjust his meaty balls & rub his thick eleven inch rod. The jungle lord operated on a primitive level in sex. For him it was all about superiority. Driving his manhood into a woman reaffirmed his masculinity. Being penetrated in his view was the ultimate submission. Larza had known some men submitted sexually to other men but in his belief structure a true man would never do this willingly and still see himself as a man. Once, when Larza was just 16, a white explorer had tried to persuade Larza to be penetrated but the man had learned a hard lesson. Larza had beaten him senseless and then penetrated him with a thick club to solidify Larza's dominance and unman the explorer. The man had even released his male juices during the onslaught further showing his weakness. He smirked as he thought of another man trying to mount him or make him release his man juices. Larza was no man's woman!

The jungle lord's thoughts returned to the native woman. Tonight however he would have this woman. Taking her would serve to reassert his superior manhood and also accomplish something else for Larza knew that the young woman was to be wed soon to the chief's son Kenta. The boy had recently returned from schools abroad and, now 21, he was full of new ideas and anxious to begin his life as the heir to his people's chief. The young man was like all young pups he said and believed wild things. He had told his friends that it was a shame for the tribes to submit to a white man. Larza grinned as he thought of the small skinny young man. How could he dare dream of taking Larza on and ending Larza's over lordship? Larza looked down upon his muscular build and smiled as he thought of that small weak boy taking on his powerful body. Mounting Kenta's "woman' would satisfy two goals: relieve Larza of the building sexual arousal he now felt and humiliate the boy who would feel the shame of having his woman ridden by another man. Larza's sexual release was thus a means to an end for, in the culture of the valley in which he and the tribes grew up, a woman was an extension of the man. In humping Kenta's woman Larza would be physiologically humping the chief's son turning him into a weakling by proxy. Larza swung down from his perch and arrogantly strode toward the village to claim his prize. If he had known what was going on in the camp however he might have been less arrogant in his smugness.

Part Two: The Camp

The old man laughed as he handed the liquid bottle to his former student. "Now be sure he gets a mixture diluted with water at first Kenta then, the final dose full strength to solidify the results understand?"

The young man nodded intently, "And you are sure professor this will work?"

The ancient teacher smiled, "in combination with your doctorate studies on male psychology it will aid you in your plan."

Kenta embraced his former mentor and left the camp. Kenta has earned his degree in studying the working of the mind. From an early age he had known that defeating the jungle lord in a test of strength was useless. But, he also saw in the smug self assurance of his foe the potential to mentally cold conk his arrogant opponent and assert his lawful place in the jungle hierarchy as son to the chief. Kenta knew that he not only had to defeat Larza he had to permanently humble him to insure his victory in the eyes of his people.

At the university he met Professor Rolo. The professor had given a lecture on the biochemical possibilities of certain drug combinations in retraining the brain patterns of humans. In essence one could re-orientate that person's actions permanently if certain primitive passions or drives were harnessed in combination with his drug mixture.

Kenta had spent the final year of his studies developing a psychological profile of Larza. He had gathered all information known from others and at last he felt he knew what made the smug jungle dictator click. Kenta knew he was ripe for the taking and that he, Kenta, was ready to take him. And so to that end he had begun his whispering campaign of complaints' knowing Larza would hear and plot retaliation. His betrothal was a ruse that Kenta knew Larza would fall for. When his father had made the announcement last week it was only a matter of time till the white lord acted. Kenta's "bride" had done her part by signaling him that Larza was coming to the village tonight for her. Kenta raced to the village as the professor prepared things in the tent for Kenta's return with his "subject".

Part Three: The Village Arrival

Larza entered the hut of the young woman who knelt in a corner. "I have come to take my pleasure with you," Larza said firmly. He was experiencing that warm arousal now that came to him when a sexual encounter was about to commence. Larza stretched to display his muscular chest and hard abs to the woman. To Larza se was another demonstration of superiority and virility.

"Yes Lord," the woman replied meekly as she rose and came to him.

Larza noticed she held a cup of liquid. "What is this?" he asked.

"I made this myself oh Lord to give to him who will pour his essences into me. It is my gift to him who takes me." She whispered softly.

Larza laughed and took the cup downing the brew in one long swallow. He felt a tingling as the liquid raced through his system. As he gazed at the woman he thought of how dishonored Kenta would feel once he, the great lord of the valley, took his bride. His manhood stiffened. "Come here," he said as he grabbed the woman close so he could rub against her and let her feel his sculpted torso and engorged manhood. "Feel the body of a man. Feel his muscles and power." He smirked. "Tonight a man takes you not some weak skinny boy-man." Yet, even as he spoke a strange feeling engulfed him. The room seemed to spin slightly then right itself. He stared at the woman who now smiled. "Have you drugged this drink?" He yelled as he pulled from her.

The woman just smiled.

" me," he asked in fury.

"Not what I did lord," the woman chuckled. "Rather what he will do," she responded as she looked beyond Larza.

The mighty jungle lord turned to see Kenta. "You ...did...this?" He howled. He strode to the young prince & threw a punch at the chuckling Kenta but the young man weaved and Larza missed. Larza swung again but Kenta merely dogged it. By now Larza was enraged. Kenta knew that this would speed the drug in the jungle man's system.

"Hold still," Larza yelled as he tried to hit Kenta. But the young man, who had learned to box at school, danced and bobbed. For every shot Larza took and missed Kenta got in three hard body hits. Larza couldn't lay a hand on the young black prince and by now was experiencing the drug and the effects of the blows in tandem. The jungle man grew woozy as Kenta toyed with him. The chuckling black prince started to give the larger muscular man a quick series of face slaps. Larza was driven crazy by this and quickly lost focus. He swung wildly and again failed to connect. That last shot left the jungle man's body open to Kenta.

"You are about to be taken great lord," Kenta said as he raised a fist and hit Larza in his gut with such power that Larza was doubled over and lifted slightly off the ground by it.

"OOOFFFF," Larza grunted. It was music to Kenta's ears.

Kenta swiftly followed it up by a relentless succession of gut poundings that left Larza literally breathless and hunch over.

"OOOOFF,OOOOFFF...OOOFFF" Larza groaned as each hit drove out more of the air in his lungs.

"They call this 'getting your butt whipped' at school jungle man," Kenta mocked as he gave one last blow to the midsection of his opponent.

"UUUUUUUHHHHHHH," Larza moaned as he sunk to his knees. He looked up bleary eyed shocked at the power of the young black prince's blow. Even mentally dopy from the hits he had taken combined with the drug he knew that the skinner man had hidden strength. No one had ever punched him so hard with a gut shot that it lifted him off his feet before! Indeed no one had fought him so well and with such complete success.

Kenta knew that crushing Larza in this fight was a critical initial step. He bent over him and raised the great white lord's face to gaze deeply into his blue eyes. Larza could feel the young man's burning rage drill into him from the prince's brown orbs. He gulped to get the breathe that Kenta had punched out back into him.

"Sleep great lord," Kenta said as he lifted Larza's chin up with his left hand while socking Larza with a tremendous uppercut to the muscular hunk's jaw.

"Oooohhh, " Larza wheezed. The room spun and he fell into a dark pit.Larza went out cold as his muscular body fell backward to the floor. The two conspirators hooted in joy. For the first time Larza had been knocked out by a blow.

"Wake up boy," Kenta said as he slapped the face of Larza.

Larza came to. His eyes were bleary and he couldn't focus.

"This will refresh you Larza," Kenta whispered as he brought a cup to his prone opponent. "Drink up"

Larza complied too out of it to resist.

"Now today I taught you some boxing tricks," Kenta laughed, "But now I will show you a wrestling move." With that Kenta raised Larza into a sitting position. He scrambled behind Larza and cinched a sleeper on the muscle man. "Beddy bye time little boy", Kenta smirked softly into Larza's right ear

Larza suddenly realized what was going on but it was too late. Kenta's hold was too tight. As the jungle man arms and legs squirmed and flailed about he began to go out. The last sounds he heard was Kenta calling him a little boy and finally the steady rhythm of his own breathing as he drifted off into slumber.

Part Four: It Begins

Larza came too and found himself tied to a long table. He struggled but the bindings were too strong to break. At first confused it suddenly dawned on him that he had been cold conked by Kenta. The man had beaten him in a fight! "Who dares do this?" He roared as he flexed and strained to break free trying to recapture the bravado that inwardly was on shaky ground in his mind.

"I dare," came a voice at the doorway. Larza gazed in the direction of the sound. It was Kenta.

"Do you think you can hold me forever," The jungle lord roared as his taunt muscular body moved to pull on the binding.

"I think it will not be necessary for long," the younger skinny man said as he moved alongside the powerful body of his opponent. Kenta took up a cup that was nearby and brought it to Larza lips." You must be thirsty," he whispered. "Here drink."

Something in Larza knew not to and he kept his lips tightly closed.

"Ah let me help you jungle lord," Kenta chuckled as he pinched Alta's nostrils shut. After a few minutes Larza had to open his mouth to breathe. Kenta quickly lifted the cup and poured the liquid into Larza mouth then he pushed Larza jaw shut. "Now swallow it," he cooed as his hand let go of Larza's nose and gently rubbed the throat muscles of the once all-powerful jungle ruler. In spite of himself Larza throat muscles gave in and he swallowed." You see Larza", laughed Kenta, "your own body obeys me. Soon your mind will too."

"Never will you defeat me!" Larza yelled even as his brain clouded up and he felt a heat flowing in his veins.

Kenta came up close. The young black prince rested one hand on Larza's loin clothed package. "Are you sure?" He teased as he let the palm of his hand gently rub and squeeze Larza's manhood. "I think one day you will call me master," he assured his captive.

A warm feeling suddenly hit Larza that halted his protest. He did not realize that the effect was from the drugs he had been given. A flush of humiliation came over him at the pleasure Kenta's touch was giving him. Deep in the jungle lord's brain a drugged control center woozily began the first steps in processing this new factor that humiliation gave him sexual pleasure. As Kenta continued to fondle him, Larza noticed he was getting highly aroused. He stared in panic at Kenta who also had seen the rise in Larza's leather pouch.

"Ah you enjoy being touched there by a man," Kenta said softly as he leaned in close letting his smaller body now rub up against the firm sculpted flesh of his prone captive. His brown eyes bored into Larza's blue ones. A strange emotion hit Larza. It was uncertainty. He tried to look away. Kenta smiled. The unconquerable Larza had been stared down. He knew that this was an important first step. Kenta draped himself further on Larza's form and grabbed the jungle man's face to redirect his gaze back to him. "You like my touch?" He hissed as he massaged and groped Larza's bulge harder.

Larza's torso felt the warmth of Kenta on him. A flare of arousal hit him unexpectedly and his eyes glazed. Before he knew it he realized he had been thrusting up his crotch to press his manhood firmly into the palm of Kenta's hand. He tried to stop but this flaming need of sexual heat would not yield. "What ...happening," he croaked even as he thrust his waist up to maximize the delirious pleasure that the pressure of Kenta's palm on his package gave him.

"It is alright jungle man," Kenta cooed as he joined a mental with the manual manipulations on Larza. "You have wanted this for so long. Give into your desires." He squeezed Larza's pouch securely as the jungle hunk's waist rose higher to let Kenta entirely engulf Larza's enflamed organs into his grip. By now Larza was literally humping Kenta's palm! "You see how you now offer your manhood willingly to me."

"Ahhh......nooo," Larza weakly protested even as he knew that it was true. He, the mighty jungle man, was pressing his sexual equipment into another man's grip. A part of his mind processed the fact that he was eagerly surrendering his manhood to this smaller skinny young prince and also that in so doing Larza was deriving an overwhelming erotic charge .The embarrassment Larza experienced at what he was doing was only exceeded by the erotic thrills his body was enjoying. His drug addled brain connected more links between these twin emotions until it was overloaded by the urge to orgasm sexually. "Oh God!" Larza yelled as suddenly his rod exploded . The warm wet moisture of his juices seeped out from under his now wet loin clothes. Larza realized that he had spilled his seed under Kenta's touch. His brain recalled how he had felt when, as a young boy;

he had caused that explorer to shoot his essences. How pathetic and weak he'd decided the man was by this. In Larza mind this had rendered the explorer been less manly because of it. Now he, Larza, had done the same under Kenta's grip. The shame that coursed through the jungle man and the pleasure of his orgasm flowed into his brain centers. Which even now continued its re calibrations further linking the two in an unexplored mind-set. "I....I," Larza sobbed quietly as he let Kenta wipe him dry. Larza had never known such emotions. He was too drugged and dazed to process it fully.

Kenta stared at the prone man watching as Larza's eyes teared up. He had cracked slightly. But Kenta knew that the encounter was far from over. "WE begin," Kenta stated as he threw away Larza damp loin clothe & left the room to a now distraught & disorganized naked Larza.

In the camp Professor Rolo pondered what could be happening. From everything Kenta told him he knew that Larza operated on a simple set of mental self images. "You see Kenta," he had explained to the young man in their classes, "We are complex human beings. We have multiple desires in us. In this case your Larza has fixated on power and masculinity seeing it in its simplest terms. He has built his entire self view on it. These others urges like fear and surrender he has damned off. Crack the damn and these frustrated desires will cascade out and engulf whatever held them back. My drugs weaken the inner controls to allow one to do this."

"I intend to validate your discovery professor," Kenta said. "I've decided to add some drugs that increase sexual desire as well since Larza's image is tied to his sexuality as how a man acts."

The professor chuckled now to himself as his thoughts returned to the present. A part of him envied Kenta. He had seen the jungle man. Thoughts of such a sensual man being re-trained to desire sexual submission were arousing. He reached down to stroke himself. From his tent the guides heard the unmistakable groans of sexual manipulation. They smiled and went about their work.

Far off Kenta re-entered the room and prepared to do his work.

Part Five: Training Daze

Larza lay bound to the table naked and shivering for what seemed like, to him, an eternity. He was lost in a drug haze and, more importantly, his own memories of everything that had happened to him at Kenta's hands. He had been out fought by the smaller man, knock out by Kenta's punch, and re-awakened only to be put out by Kenta once more. He had been repeatedly told he was not a man but only a boy until a part of him was shaken by the growing fear it was true. Even more shameful he had poured out his juices at Kenta's touch. He felt a weakness he had never known before. The bindings only re-enforced his helplessness which was precisely what Kenta wanted. What was even more embarrassing to Larza was the total state of sexual stimulation he was engulfed in even as he thought all these humiliations he had endured. He could not realize it was the drugs that had his manhood in full erection and his brain whirled as it once more decided that humiliation from Kenta was the essence of sexual arousal.

After a time Kenta entered and approached Larza. He reached out to stroke the rigid organ of his enemy. As he manipulated Larza's manhood he calmly spoke to the vulnerable jungle man. "You seem to be quite aroused by my touch ," he said softly. "But this is what you hoped for isn't it?"

Larza shivered as he felt the growing fire in his gut. "," he weakly protested even as that familiar urge to climax began its relentless progress. "I....not...hope," he replied in a voice that was cracked with a growing uncertainty.

"No you do," Kenta assured his foe as he continued to squeeze and fondle Larza. "You have denied this for so long." He said firmly. "You've finally realized that you truly want is to let a man take you. To rule you."

"Noooo," Larza whimpered. "!" Larza looked at Kenta and then his rigid cock which throbbed under the younger man's touch. "I...ammm...lord...of the jungle." He insisted. But even as he said these words his voice betrayed the growing confusion he was experiencing. A thought exploded in his mind that maybe Kenta was telling the truth. Could Larza have been covering up a need to serve? As he tried to deny it Kenta massaged Larza's engorged manhood to full flower causing his brain to send forth another wave of erotic stimulation coursing throughout his body.

"Then why are you so hard in my hands?" Kenta slyly asked noticing the effect his words were having on Larza even as he continued pumping the prone muscular jungle man. He could see the sweat breaking out on Larza's body and hear the rapid breathing that signaled his once feared foe was fully turned on.

The sculpted chest of the jungle man rose and expanded while his ribbed eight pac tightened and flexed.Larza losing it fast. Kenta pushed the process farther. "You are so tired of trying to pretend to be in control. You are tired of handling thus fake image. You truly desire to serve a strong man." Kenta responded slowly. "The thoughts of surrender excite you now beyond anything you ever felt. You know it is true. You can see how aroused you are right now as you hear this truth."

Larza's mind spun. He could not deny his excitement. He was filled with shame but that only signaled to his brain to set free further waves of arousal. He had never experienced such flaming sexual stimulation before. Every part of him was alive and throughout all the shame of this a part of him wanted more.Needed more. He opened his mouth to deny it one last time but just as he did Kenta maneuvered his thumb under Larza's ball sack and gently rubbed the soft sensitive skin behind it. A strangled gasp escaped from Larza who forgot what he wanted to say as he slipped off into the delirious sensuality of his Kenta's exploitation of his sculpted torso.

"Ah no answer," Kenta stated to his now sweaty captive as he pumped Larza's organ faster. "But I know the truth. You have hidden it behind a fake image. You claim to be a conqueror but you long to submit .In fact giving up control to a real man completely arouses you."

"I...I...I...," Larza babbled as his brain felt these the now continual waves of humiliation that on response raised the sexual heat in the jungle hunk's body. Larza was getting close to erupting.

Kenta could see the glazed eyes of Larza and watched as the muscular hunk's waist began to buck under the manual stimulations Kenta was giving to Larza's rod. Kenta smiled and went in for the kill. "You want to give into a man. You always have. Even as you defeated other men inside you wanted them to defeat you. Feel the heat of giving up .You are so tired .You can't fight what you truly want. Once you spill out your juices it will be like getting rid of your fake image of power. In fact you will do it now!" Kenta gave one last thrust and he felt it. Larza was going to blow.

"I....want...I...want," Larza cried as he lost control. His mind sealed Kenta's words into its makeup as truth. "AAARRR...I want to surrender!" He yelled as his brain locked and loaded the declaration into its thought processes and gushed out his seed spraying forth the jungle man's white juices while still processing that by doing so Larza was spilling out his power to another. From now on whenever Larza climaxed sexually his mind would believe that fact and that arousal was merely the acknowledgement of his submissive nature.

"Good boy". Kenta smirked as he rubbed Larza's sweat off with a towel and gave the bound jungle man another stronger drugged drink. "Rest and then we go on." For the remainder of the night Kenta repeated this scene in a planned re-enforcement that gave Larza no time to think clearly. By the end of this stage Larza had no more juice to shoot and the once mighty jungle lord had totally assimilated into his newly created submissive role.

Finale: Unmanning The Jungle Lord

It had been a marathon session but Kenta knew the next step would be the make or break one. Larza was fully and now naturally submissive but Larza needed that final conquest. Kenta wanted to permanently drive Larza's defeat home to the drugged hunk. Larza the once great lord of the valley had to be totally un-manned. The younger black prince untied his opponent.

"Flip over onto your stomach. " He firmly instructed the once arrogant jungle lord reveling as Larza meekly obeyed. "Now the get up on all fours for me." Kenta ordered as he gave a sharp slap on Larza's buttocks. The sight of the muscular hunk up in a doggie position with his low hefty balls swinging between his taunt thighs and allowing his anal ring to be exposed to view was a sweet victory of sorts to Kenta. The black prince gave the meaty bubble butt of his foe a few sharp slaps.

"Oww," Larza whimpered as the sound of flesh being hit cracked in the room. No one had ever spanked

Lanza. He felt a flush of shame which triggered his new found need to obey Kenta.

Kenta put a bowl under the mind blown white stud's face. It was filled with the undiluted liquid. "Lap it up boy," Kenta sneered. Larza hesitated a moment. "I said lap it up!" Kenta sharply commanded as he whacked the bubble butt of his foe.

"Oww...yes..sir," Larza whimpered childlike as his buttocks grew red. The once smug Larza lowered his face into the bowl & quietly lapped up the contents like a trained dog.

"Good boy," Kenta said as he ran his thumb along the underside of the low hanging ball sack that hung between Larza's muscular thighs. A soft moan came from Larza as his rod began to stiffen. The once haughty jungle stud eagerly spread his thighs to let Kenta get a better access even as he slurped away in the bowl.Kenta disrobed as Larza finished his drink and climbed up behind Larza. "Now spread your legs farther apart boy." The skinny black prince instructed as he probed between Larza's butt cheeks with his engorged manhood.

Larza looked up and turned his head to face Kenta. A vision of complete humiliation and fear filled his handsome visage. "No please." He croaked as he felt Kenta pull his legs apart and the hard touch of Kenta's manhood pressing into his anal entry. Larza could have stopped this at any time .He was obviously stronger in body but his mind had been so screwed by the drug and the mind job Kenta had done he never budged. Kenta knew that the humiliation Larza felt was taking away any resistance. The scrawny black man smiled in triumph as he pushed into Larza. "No ...please...don't....make me ...your woman!!" Larza cried as the arousal of his embarrassing predicament flooded his brain and triggered that now familiar docility and sexual heat in his loins and mind.

"Oh yes," Kenta laughed as he gripped Larza's narrow waist and thrust deep into his muscular enemy.

"OWWWWEEEEEOOOOOO," screeched Larza as he experienced his first anal plowing. The quiet of the jungle reverberated with his howls as Kenta took the once mighty jungle man's virginity and in Larza's muddled brain his manhood as well. "A woman....a woman," he blubbered like a baby as his insides burned under the assault. He, Larza, once proud & undefeated was experiencing penetration. Kenta was stripping him of his manhood. The disgrace of it filled him and his brain signaled that this was arousing.

"Yes!" cried Kenta as he ravaged the jungle hunk's butt. The younger smaller man could feel the quaking power of his foe's sculpted body under him. It reminded Kenta of the time he rode a stallion at his school. The muscular flexing of the beast under him as he broke it to his will. Larza's moans and whimpers only excited him more. Kenta recalled the old haughty Larza and the numerous slights the jungle hunk had shown to others in the village. It energized him to know that Larza's now quivering butt was his for the taking. He thrust in faster, deeper & harder.

"UUUgghh, Uuuuggghhh, Uuuuggghhh," panted a bucking Larza as his meaty butt was ridden by the delighted younger man.

"Take it boy," Kenta cried as he continued his plowing making sure to also slap Larza's but gleefully.

"He is mounting me," sobbed Larza to himself as the realization of his defilement surged throughout him. He was being sexually dominated, spanked &, fully taken by a smaller skinner male who was just barely into his manhood. He, Larza, was being conquered as if he was a woman! A further flare of heat took him over and he felt his manhood rising in response to these thoughts. "Oh no." he cried in shame as he looked down across his heaving six pac to see to his horror that his rod was fully erect.

Kenta heard his steed and as he reached under his mount he felt Larza's own manhood now impressively rigid thanks to the stimulations and the drugs. "Yes boy I feel your arousal too." He taunted as he pumped his former foe's thick hard tube. "I think I will milk my boy of his juices!" Kenta taunted knowing it would turn Larza on even more to hear himself being mocked.

"Ohhh...nooo...ooww..arrrrrgghh," Larza wailed as he felt his debasement made worse by his own need for the more of the sexual pleasure Kenta was giving him. Kenta was completely unmanning him but deep inside Larza was excited at the thought of Kenta's new power over him. The superior macho image of himself that once existed for Larza suddenly cracked & shattered and Larza gave into his new role as Kenta's sexual plaything. ." The lord of the valley had been taken down and the arousal that came in the degradation by that thought sent him right to the edge. Larza was now badly in need of spilling his own juices. He succumbed to what his brain told him would bring that critical release. "Fuck me," he heard himself beg at the top of his lungs. "Fuck me please .............master!!" In the camp a faint sound was heard that they just barely made out. The professor laughed.

Kenta hooted in glee. He had broken Larza! The once confident white lord was calling him 'master'. "Take my seed," he yelled as he blew his juices flooding Larza's guts with the fiery hotness.

"AAAAH...YESSSSSSSSS," Larza screamed. Kenta had seeded him. Larza's own manhood burst its contents. "I'm coming MASTER!!!!" he bellowed in submission. The room soon filled with the delightful sounds of Larza's pitiful declarations of surrender as he repeatedly erupted in a series of sexual climaxes. When the last of his fluids left him the muscular jungle man collapsed flat onto the table. Kenta's warm body on top of his now felt natural and fitting to Larza. "Master Kenta ," he muttered absent mindedly as the final pieces of his training locked in his brain centers. His master had completely milked him dry. In Larza's brain he had lost all of what had symbolized manhood.

Later, as Kenta climbed off his sweating property he reached over to a table and grabbed a chain collar. "I own you now and I want you to wear this as proof understand?."

Larza nodded .He realized what it meant to be collared like a village dog but by now the old arrogant lord of the jungle was gone. He was Larza the plaything of Kenta. From now on he would always long for his young black prince's touch! His manhood stiffened as he debased himself and accepted the collaring.

"Good boy," Kenta chuckled as he brought his black rod close to Larza's lips. "Drink my essence ," he muttered as Larza the once mighty jungle lord meekly opened his sensual full lips to accept his owner's manhood. The gentle slurping & whimpering sounds as Larza sucked away on Kenta's rod signaled the finality of it all. The smug jungle man was now fully dociled.

At the village that night the elders were amazed when Kenta strode in pulling the feared Larza on a leash as if he was some animal. Larza had his head bowed, his eyes meekly down cast and, he moved slowly without any trace of his once arrogantly confident stride. They were even more surprised when Kenta took his place beside his father & Larza sat submissively at Kenta's feet. Kenta looked at Larza and then raised one leg for Larza to hold. A murmur went through the men when Larza quietly started licking the sole of his owner's foot . "See my victory! My father feels it is time for me to be chief!" Kenta proclaimed. "This jungle man is now my woman. He will serve me sexually as well as any man here I chose."

Larza heard the words of his master that were designed to degrade him before all. He whimpered in agreement still slobbering over his master's foot. As he was programmed too the muscular stud became fully aroused by thoughts of how humiliating his actions were to the onlookers. The men cheered as Larza suckled on Kenta's foot.Larza stroked his meat & gazed adoringly at his conqueror never once taking his sensual full lips off Kenta's flesh. Kenta smiled and prepared to assume his new role as ruler of the valley!