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The Prisoner Exchange
By Kyle Cicero

The Prisoner Exchange

By Kyle Cicero

Author’s note: I found this rather short tale I’d done long ago then forgot about. I decided to ‘clean it up a bit’ then to send it off to post here on my favorite site. No, still retired.  J Enjoy.

Nice Puppy!

"Okay prisoner,” the Colonel growled at the handcuffed man in front of him. You have three days in the brig for screwing up at usual. He looked at the prisoner in disdain. Before him was a disgrace of a soldier, he thought. He was slightly built, and constantly making mistakes. This man needed to be drummed out of the military , the Colonel thought. Well, three days in the brig on base should do the trick to convince him to leave.  "Sgt.," he buzzed on his intercom. "Send in Corporal Shey." The door opened and in walked Shey. At six feet two inches of sculpted muscle and wearing his dark hair high and tight , Corporal Shey was the Colonel's idea of a marine M.P..

"Corporal Shey," he growled to the M.P. who stood at attention before him. Shey’s blue eyes glanced at the prisoner with a look of disgust. "This sad excuse for a soldier needs to be guarded,” the Colonel stated. “I know the entire base will be deserted for maneuvers in the field but I need you to stay here and guard him. Will you need any help doing it?"

"Help with him," snorted the corporal. “Not a problem at all, Sir!" 

The Colonel smiled, yes this was the answer he expected of his best M.P.. Corporal Shey was as gung-ho macho a marine as they came. All-man and filled with semper fi . He kicked butt on the base and, if rumor were true, fucked quite a few females on it too. Yes, he could handle this loser , the colonel thought. "Good then. Prisoner is yours corporal. I'm off"

The corporal took the prisoner to the barracks. He roughly pushed the cuffed man into the cell. "Turn around asshole," he barked. "If you try anything funny, as I take off your cuffs, I'll pound your sorry wimp ass into the ground." Yeah , he silently said to himself, as if this loser was a danger to anyone .Not for this hotshot M.P. Shey reattached the cuffs to the front of the prisoner. He sneered at the man. A true piece of crap, he thought! The prisoner reached up and started rubbing his eyes.

"NOW WHAT," yelled Shey.

"I think a cinder got in my eye, Sir," the prisoner moaned. “Please Sir can you see if it's there?''

"Shit...oh all right where let me see, “Shey grunted as he gazed into the prisoners eyes “There is nothing there," he grumbled.

"No there is…I swear. Please can you look deeper Sir," the prisoner whispered so softly that Shey had to concentrate to hear him.

"Nothing," Shey replied his eyes feeling funny as he concentrated on the prisoners pupils. They seemed to pull Shey into them and soon, he found himself repeatedly blinking. "Deeper...deeper...look deeper." the prisoner continually stated. “See it?”

"Nothinnthin...I...I...doooonn't..," murmured Shey feeling sleepy and light headed.

"You see it...look deep…feel it…you're sleepy and relaxing now.” The prisoner's voice filled the corporal's head.

"I...don't..thseee...a...thin…sooo sleeeppyyyy,"replied a now yawning Shey. His body began to weave as his muscular arms hung loose at his sides. Shey's eyelids began to droop. A small voice in him seemed to tell him not to look anymore. Then, it faded. He felt all warm and fuzzy. A silly grin broke out on Shey's face.

"That's right," said the grinning prisoner as he reached over to take the keys to his cuffs from the dazed corporal's belt. "Night, night stud, okay."

""Slleeepppyyyy thir...goood...nniiiitteee," Shey moaned as he drifted off.

The prisoner looked at his hypnotized guard. Big macho stud , he thought. Colonel's idea of a man. Colonel’s obedient dog more like it boy . An idea struck him. "Strip boy." 

The M.P. obeyed at once. 

The prisoner watched as his 'guard peeled out of his M.P. uniform . "Slower boy," he commanded. "Like you were in a strip joint." 

Shey, responding like any well-trained soldier to a higher command, complied. 

 The prisoner was treated to a great show, as the M.P. erotically pulled off his clothes in a sensual and suggestive tease that was highly erotic. Shey peeled off his clothes while doing an erotic bump & grind until his muscled torso was shorn of every bit of outer covering.

The prisoner inspected the bare-assed marine stud standing in front of him. He took in the sight of Shey’s muscled torso with its hard six pack. He walked up to the zonked M.P. and fondled his 9''uncut cock and hefty balls.

A deep sigh came from the hypnotized marine and his rod began to stiffen. 

"Like that boy?" The man inquired.

"Yes," Shey replied while the prisoner rolled the M.P. 's impressive bullsack in his hands. The prisoner noted the responsive full erection.

The prisoner let go and watched Shey’s balls swing between his strong thighs. He then sauntered behind young corporal and massaged the M.P.'s bubble butt. Nice firm melons , he thought. Slipping a finger between the man’s butt-cheeks, he tickled the M.P.'s chute causing the once macho stud to squirm and groan in pleasure. Shey's grin grew in size while his marine cock began to drip pre-cum.

"New feeling there huh, boy," snickered the prisoner as he tickled the anal ring of his captive.

"Ohh...fuckkkk," a squirming Shey responded.

"Ever been fucked boy?" asked the man. He watched Shey groan and try to back up onto the probing finger.

"Noooo…ooohhh…" Shey said as he succeeded in pushing the man's finger past the outer ring muscles. "Ah,”t he M.P. gasped as a grin came to his handsome face too.

The prisoner stopped and removed his finger from Shey's hole causing the hunky M.P. to moan in disappointment. Perhaps the macho M.P. was a latent bottom , the man thought. That would explain his over exaggerated, macho marine demeanor . He walked around back to face his former guard. A smile came over him. A little lesson for the Colonel and his "pet" marine was in the future. Hell, he might even be doing good old Shey a favor by bringing his true inner nature out. Quickly the prisoner got out of his prisoner jumpsuit and redressed in the M.P.'s uniform.

He handed his 'former ' guard the jumpsuit. "Open your eyes butthead. Get dressed now, you hear me ass-wipe," he ordered.

Again, Shey quickly complied.

The ' M.P.' went up to his prisoner and stared at the former M.P.'s unfocused pupils. "Now listen carefully," he whispered to Shey. “ Your a prisoner who’s a general fuck up. You got it?”

Shey nodded. "General fuck up," he mumbled.

"Yeah," laughed the M.P. at Shey. “ I bet you hate that don't you because you're a pansy, pussy right."

"Hate that," Shey repeated as his eyes filed with tears at the shame of it all. " Because I'm a pansy, pussy."

 The M.P. hooted in pleasure. He had this arrogant stud in the palm of his hand! " I’m your M.P. who is going to make you better, right" he sneeringly stated.

"Better yes Sir" Shey replied as a dumb smile broke out on his face.

"That's right son," said the M.P. "But maybe you don't deserve it. Maybe if you beg though I'll do it".

"Oh please Sir," moaned Shey dropping down on his knees before his M.P. savior, " I'm a total ass-wipe, pussy who needs your help"!

As he stared at the groveling former M.P.- now prisoner- the man chuckled." Ok asshole but you must obey me at all times.!"

"Yes Sir," replied a joyful tear stained Shey.

The man pulled Shey to his feet and glared into the hypnotized mans eyes. “Big macho M.P. huh. I'm no problem for the Colonel's pet right," he snarled as Shey's eyes grew wide. " I've seen you walking around like a two bit god. Showing off in the gym, on maneuvers, busting the lowly private grunts, as you call them. Who is the one in control now bastard!"

"You Sir," nodded the flying former M.P. “Please Sir, change me from a fuck up piece of crap, Sir."

The new M.P. laughed. “Well then boy, I’d say it is time for some dog training! By the way fucker," the man snorted as he led his ' trainee' to the showers. "Did I tell you my favorite pooch is a Mexican hairless?"

Shaving his zonked corporal was erotic as hell. Shey stood at attention with his legs spread and his arms held rigidly outward. The ex-prisoner deftly removed every blade of the stud’s body hair from the neck down. The final shaving had Shey bent over holding his butt-cheeks apart as the man stripped them clean. “Yeah,” the man said once he was done. “Now that’s a good look on you, boy.” Shey’s hole looked pink and ready to be taken. He dropped his pants and guided his erection between those rounded cheeks and into a now quivering Shey’s rear-end. The tough macho corporal moaned and sobbed as he was fucked until, suddenly, something inside of him was tapped. 

“Aw fuck,” Shey babbled as he felt how good a prostate fuck can be for a man. After that he howled in pleasure and shouted out begging for more of it. By the next day, Shey was devoted to having a good cock-fucking. His training had begun.


Three days later the Colonel returned from maneuvers to find his "pet M.P." totally naked, on all fours, wearing a studded dog collar, shaved bare of all body hair, barking like a dog with his tongue hanging out, and performing "tricks" to the hoots of the assembled soldiers. The grunts were having a field day, finally able to get back at the M.P. who had busted their chops in the past while holding them up to ridicule. Some of them had cell recorders going, getting all of it for posterity. Others just clapped.  Revenge was sweet!

"Hey doggie," one chubby soldier commanded to the marine 'dog' as his squad watched and chuckled. "Do you want a treat boy? I got one for you." The pudgy soldier held out a candy bar. Shey padded up to the grunt on all fours then assumed a begging position. His arms were positioned at his sides with his tongue hanging out while staring at the soldier with a devoted look.

"Arf .Arf." He barked waiving his ass and keeping his mouth open while the assembled soldiers cracked up with pleasure. The fat soldier winked at his friends remembering how Shey had usually taunted him in front of these same men. Now it was his turn. "Roll over boy," he ordered. "Then you get the treat." Shey instantly rolled onto his back, his legs and arms bent close to his body.

"Good boy," sneered the soldier as he threw the 'dog' the candy bar. Shey snapped it up and barked louder returning to a kneeling position on all fours.

"Shey," stated another soldier who had also been abused by the M.P. in the past, " I think you should mark your territory boy, don't you?"

Shey lumbered over to the flagpole and, to the delighted hoots of the amazed soldiers, he lifted his left leg and urinated on the pole. The soldiers went crazy as they snapped pictures and taped the entire scene. Shey, his eyes still in an hypno daze, just smiled and barked in delirious joy.

Then, just as they thought it couldn't get any better Shey, while still on all fours, lifted his right leg, bent at his waist, and began to lick his cock and balls. In the future a video of that event would be passed around throughout the corps. By now everyone was in the spirit of the fun!

"Roll over. Roll over," the troops chanted to their newest mascot. Shey, ever the obedient canine, complied. He flipped on his back and rolled on the muddy field. As he did he growled in sheer delight his flaccid cock slapping his muscled abs!

Thanks to a permanent, deeply hypnotic reprogramming {that defied the Marine Corps best hypno-experts who tried in vain to cancel it}, Shey would become a canine for three days every month without warning. Whenever it happened and despite all efforts by the brass to stop it, the soldiers would parade their 'pup' during visitor’s day.

The Colonel stared in horror at the sight of his prized marine groveling in the dirt for the men's amusement. His eyes caught sight of Shey's newly shaved butt. The image he saw on Shey's bare ass made him ill. There, for the entire world to see, was a newly inscribed tattoo. It was as big as life and simply said, ” "semper fido ".

On a nearby rooftop, the former prisoner watched the results of his work in glee. His eyes strayed over to take in the Colonel. Hmmm, not a bad looking man , he thought. Built in a lean muscular way, at 44 still distinguished but young, handsome, a totally macho gung ho marine, highly arrogant and, from his reputation, a real ladies man. Yep, a prize worth taking, the former prisoner decided. Besides, he promised Shey a playmate , he chuckled to himself.

Colonel Canine

It had been a rough month for Colonel Barry.  His best marine M.P. reduced to acting like a dog by a prisoner who was still on the loose. The general expected the "mess" , as he called it, to be cleaned up fast. . Barry looked at himself in the nearby mirror. He liked what he saw. At 44 he was still young for his rank with a lean, tight, muscular body and clear blue eyes. He had just a hint of grey in his brown hair. A gung-ho marine since 18, he prided himself on his manhood, physical ability, and cut no slack for anyone who acted less than all-man. As he saw it, a marine was macho, hard drinking, and took women at his whim . He would not fail. No, that escaped prisoner was no match for him. He would be caught and made to pay for what he’d done to Shey. As he pondered his next move there was a knock at his door.

"Come in ," he growled . The door opened to reveal a cleaning man.

"Sorry Sir," the man said in a shaky voice, " I did not know you were working late."

The Colonel frowned at the man barely noticing him. What a loser , he thought as a smile came to his lips. "Well, get on with it then," he briskly stated.

The man pulled out a rag, "I'll dust fast, Sir," he said quietly. "Let me just shake my rag clean first." With that , the man shook the dirty rag right in the Colonel's face causing dust to fly directly into Barry's eyes.

"YOU IDIOT,” Barry sputtered trying to get the dust out of his now burning eyes.

"Oh Sir. I’m so sorry," moaned the man "Please Sir let me help clean it.

"Stay away from me you sad excuse for a man," yelled the Colonel.

"Sir that was pretty grainy dust .I better check your eyes Sir. Don't want to cause an infection from anything still there," uttered the cleaning man.

"Oh, all right, "Barry answered quickly. What next , he thought!

"Open wide Colonel, " the man stated in a calm steady voice." Look directly into my eyes so I can check."

The Colonel stared into the man's eyes.

 "See anything?” he asked? The man’s pupils seemed to fill the Colonel’s entire vision.

"Not sure Sir," the man whispered softly. "I need you to look deeper." 

Minutes ticked by with the man repeating that phrase over and over. For some reason, the colonel found he suddenly couldn’t stop focusing on those eyes. He slowly began repeating the words too. "Deeper," he muttered. The Colonel felt as if he was falling into those warm dark spots in front of him. " Look deeper," he sighed in agreement as he felt a calm waive wash over him.

"Almost done,” said the cleaning man as he noticed with approval the Colonel's eyelids starting to droop. " Give it up now. You can fall into my eyes. I'll catch you"

"Catch me," sighed the Colonel. “Give it up."

"That is Yes Sir . Got it boy," laughed the man.

"Yes Sir," responded the Colonel who felt so tired that he began to yawn.

"Tired huh," whispered the man firmly .

"Very sirth," Barry slurred barely able to stay awake.

"Then sleep boy," ordered the man .

"Thsleeeeep, sthir." A feeling of well being swept over Barry as he drifted off. He was so sleepy and he liked that the nice man was letting him rest. Yes , he thought as darkness wafted across his mind. He is a nice man!

The cleaning man laughed as he stared at the unconscious figure swaying in front of him. “Got you asshole,” he stated out loud. Too bad, he thought that the Colonel never bothered to really look at him. After all, he probably never expected that his wanted 'prisoner' was going to come right to him!

"Okay Colonel", he said as he began to strip the officer of his clothes. "Time to go through some new basic training."

He looked over his prize.Not bad , he mused as he ran his hands over the Colonels round pecs, dark quarter sized nipples, and ribbed abdominals.Yep, quite nice especially that bubble butt. That cherry will be well worth the picking, tonight . “First,” the man chuckled as he stood before his prize. “Lets have a bit of fun right now.” The man recalled Barry was always bragging about his manhood and the endurance of his 'helmeted warrior' in action. Hmmm lets start there , he decided. He whispered something in Barry's ear then stepped back

"Open those eyes asshole," he barked. Barry's eyes popped open. Yet, from the hazy look in them, it was obvious that Barry was out of it big time!

"Now boy, I hear tell you think you’re a hot stud huh," the man growled.

A smiled flickered across Barry's face. "Yes Sir!" He proudly stated. 

"Wrong pussyboy," the man replied as he grabbed the Colonel's 9'' uncut cock. "This is a boy's equipment. Hell, I bet you can't even get a hard-on boy." The man released his grip.

"I can Sir, " insisted Barry.

"Show me," smiled the man in eager anticipation. Barry took his meat firmly in hand and began a steady stroke. Yet, despite some darkening, the cock remained totally flaccid!

"Problem son?" Inquired the man in a voice dripping with false concern.

"I can't…It won't…” sputtered Barry as he redoubled his efforts. The room filled with the sounds of Barry's rapid breathing and the slapping of flesh against flesh. Despite all his efforts though, Barry's cock remained soft. He looked up at the man in shock and embarrassment unaware that the man had 'fixed ' Barry's mind with a hypnotic order to remain un-aroused.

"Now listen up and repeat after me. I'm a punk kid whose screwed up bad," the man laughed as he took Barry's former 'helmeted warrior' firmly in hand.

Barry looked down at his rod, which seemed to shrink before his eyes in the man's hands. It was true , he thought. His eyes filled with tears. "Yes Sir," he whined in a cracking voice. “Screwed up punk kid, Sir," responded Barry now sounding like a pre-pubescent kid.

Oh, this will be great , thought the man. This macho marine is super susceptible to suggestions . "Matter of fact, it doesn't even deserve to have this hair around it does it" the man said coolly.

"No Sir," retorted Barry. His shame was now reflected in the tears streaming down his cheeks, "I'm just a punk kid, Sir. I don't deserve to have man-hairs around it, Sir!"

"Well, punk, I will take care of that all right," laughed the man.

A huge grin came to Barry's face "Thank you, Sir."

The man reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. “Tell you what boy. I'll let you taste a real man just this once all right. You love cock boy. Remember that you’ve always loved the taste of a man’s cock. Got it?" He firmly instructed his very willing subject.

Barry intensely glanced into the man's eyes and drifted away into that peaceful acceptance. "I always love a man’s cock. Yes Sir,” Barry eagerly replied to the suggestion. The formerly straight stud gazed in awe at the man's meat. In a second , he was on his knees sucking away in pure delight.

"Do it right boy", the man stated as he signaled Barry to look up in his eyes once again. Barry locked his eyes on the man as ordered though he kept sucking on his prize too. "Now stare deeply into them, boy. Gaze into my eyes while you suck. After you are done you will drift off to sleep until I clap my hands. When I do it, you will awake thinking you are a nice doggie. Got it?” 

Barry moaned his agreement as he sucked that tasty meat. Even as he worked on that delicious cock, a part of him felt like a pooch. In the recesses of his mind, he heard himself already barking. 

The man ran his hands along Barry's neck. He felt a nice leather dog collar being attached by the man. 

Yes , the man thought, as he got ready to fill the Colonel up with his juice, this should be quite a nice training session. However, there was a M.P. canine to pick up on the base named Shey. Heck, why not make it a double fun night,  the man decided as he remembered the tight butt hole of his first conquest: good old Corporal Shey.


Days later, the base’s General was at his desk when his pale-looking orderly came into his office.

"What do you want Lt.?” The General growled.

"Sir you better look outside," the Lt. stated in a quivering voice. "Its happened again!" 

" What!" yelled the General.

"You better see, Sir", replied the LT.

He got up and gazed out his window. There, in plain sight in front of the wives club with the officer's wives looking on too, were Barry and Shey completely naked! They were on all fours wearing dog collars. Worse, they were sniffing each other’s butts in broad daylight with their cock’s semi hard. As they stuck their noses into each other’s ass, the women laughed in high humor. Quite a few of the women had been screwed by either man then dumped so seeing this was fantastic! 

The General ran out to the scene just in time to see Shey 'mounting' a happily, whimpering Colonel Barry. By now, he was in total shock. As he approached all he could hear was the two officers barking their heads off in total abandon. Shey unexpectedly raised his head and let out a large howl;

“AAAAWWWHHHOOO,” he yelped as he rammed into the Colonel’s butt. Colonel Barry’s body shook. Dribbles of Shey’s cum suddenly oozed out from the crack of his butt. 

“WWWOOOOFFF” Barry barked as his cock shot out a blast of cum too.

 To the laughter of the women, the General arrived by the two 'canines' and pulled them apart. He stood between them while a disappointed Barry and Shey sniffed his legs. The women tittered in glee seeing the two men sporting semi-soft cocks that were still dripping the remnants of their spunk. 

The General glared at the amused women. " Ladies," he growled.  “This is hardly a source of amusement . . . " he paused as he felt something wet and warm hitting both his legs. He looked down in rage to discover that both Barry and Shey had 'marked' each of his legs with their urine. The women erupted in applause as the furious General stared helpless at his predicament. Unaware of it all, Barry and Shey frolicked around the soaked general yelping in joy!