The Telemachus Story Archive

The Kennel Club
By Kyle Cicero

Dateline: Metro desk

Famed footballer Kurt Beck's was once more involved with another late night altercation. The star player & captain of the winning Cup team were out celebrating another stunning victory with members of his self named kennel club. Beck, who named the group himself, has been quoted as describing the group as just a bunch of hard assed studs acting dawg crazy. The club has as its members many of the best players from various professional athletic teams in the city. The club has been reported to be involved in a series of similar incidents of violence. Quite a few unofficial rumors have these young men connected to gay bashings though no charges have arisen in any of the alleged situations. What is known is that the members are young, handsome, and according to one young lady: built like Greek statues. It is also well known that Kurt Beck is, to again quote him, the top dawg!


It began with a fucking interview with some half ass queer paper. My agent told me it would be good press to do it and that after the recently publicity over how I cold conked some gay guy in a bar it would do me well to be available to local gay media. Hell the guy grabbed my butt and implied I'd enjoy getting fucked by him. Yeah as if this hot bod would ever squirm under some guy's rod. True I'm a walking gay wet dream at 6'2'' and 225 lbs of pure sculptured muscle. Hell I catch them checking out my beefy butt but if they think this blonde-blue eyed boy is going to give up his ass to some limp-wristed fag's dick well fuck them. Shit, they deserve to get pounded by a real guy.

We meet at his office late one night. Said his name was Greg. For an old fag he seemed tolerable and he even had the intelligence to have some of my favorite liquor on hand. So I pour a shot straight and we start the interview. I mean I start by letting him know how lucky he is to get time with me. He just nods and pours me another shot.

I smirk as I gulp it. Does this queer think he can get me drunk and make a pass? I pour another and down it to show him I'm not some pussy assed wimp who can't hold his liquor. Got to admit though this Jack has a kick! I feel funny but in a good way so I settle back in the chair and wait to do my traditional sport chat bullshit.

Instead of going into my career though he began just chatting about how much strain being me must be. How it must be so much pressure to be so in charge of the team and my kennel club. How picking the name of the club might just be my way of inwardly expressing what I truly want to be. I should have thrown his older gay ass out right then but my brain couldn't think straight. I try to move but I feel wozzy. He reaches over and pours me another shot and brings the glass to my mouth. He tells me to drink up and I do. As the warm liquid flows down my throat I look up at him. He just kept talking and I swear I felt myself getting a hard-on as I stared at him.

Next thing I know the guy's hand is in my underwear giving me the most arousing hand job I ever had. I swear he kept me aroused yet unable to cream. He also kept talking and soon everything got fuzzy. I recall I'm just nodding and drinking in his voice. It was like the warm shots of Jack he kept giving me to drink. It just felt so good drinking it in. He seemed so mature and I began to feel so submissive toward him. By the end of the interview I blew my jiz but by then I knew what I had always wanted. I licked my spurts from his fingers and looked at my owner. He came up close to my face and unzipped his pants. Then, he took out his dick and told me how satisfying it would be to suck it for him. I just looked at that thick tube with its round red head and damn if I didn't open my mouth and bury my face in his bush. Never knew how funky a man's smell was too. As I slurped him down my lungs filled with his scent. All the time I was doing him Greg just rubbed his hand on my head and told me how much I must need this.

After awhile he pulled me off, poured more Jack down my throat then let me continue to suck his man cock back into my mouth. When he came in my throat I swear my own dick lurched and I blew again onto the floor. His seed in me felt so warm. Later he told me to get on all fours & lick up all my juices that had splattered on the floor. After I finished I raised my head to see him smile. Seeing him pleased gave me my third hard-on. He took out a leather collar and locked it around my neck. As he did he told me that now I was his property. His personal jock dog.

He then reached for a bowl and poured the rest of the Jack into it. I instantly bend my head to lap it up. As I did my owner continued instructing me so I would know how to be the best puppy for him. He also told me to invite the other kennel jocks over one at a time so he could instruct them. I saw him smile after I finished my bowl. He pointed to his cock and I knew. I crawled over to him and began sucking him once more.


I knew his type. That super macho jock mentality that really covers that deep feeling of inferiority hidden in their brain. I had him over for an interview and made sure it was after hours so we'd have all night alone. I slipped a drug into his favorite bottle of liquor. A rather special mixture that eases the recipient's brain into pliability heightens arousals and sets free the inner submissive side we all carry in us. The guy took a few shots and the effect on him was obvious. As soon as I saw that tell tale drug effect in his pupils

I began my rap to him about how much I understood that pressure in him to excel was & how I bet he'd inwardly love to just let someone else carry that burden. I went on how he must secretly want to be what he named his club for: some stronger guy's frisky sexy puppy. He tried to get up but the drug had kicked in big time by then. I poured him another shot of the stuff and gently eased the contents down his throat. After awhile his eyes really glazed over and his dick tent-poled in his tight pants. He was ready. I just reached under his belt into his jockey shorts and rubbed his hard rod while I talked.

It was so hot knowing my suggestions were pouring into his psyche. I continued on about the arousal someone like him would experience in simply just surrendering to a man sexually. How hot being a submissive little puppy would make him. All the while I jerked on his dick keeping him just on the edge of orgasm. I instructed him to think of me as his coach and like most athletes he always believed what the coach said. His nodding head told me I'd hit the inner normal jock orientation in him to obey a person in coaching authority. Yeah my footballer was programmed to obey coach from the first day he hit the football field as a kid. I just redirected it to a better play-book. I fed him more shots while I verbally took mine to his brain. By the end he was my obedient puppy so I let him cum. As I permitted him to lick my fingers clean of his puppy juices I tousled his hair. He gazed up at me all bleary eyed but adoring.

That type always makes the best doggie cause deep inside them they long to give up the outer shell of power they pretend they have. It just took me to unlock it for him. He cracked big time. The rest of the night was spent re-enforcing him into his new role and collaring him to symbolize my dominance and his submission. That night my macho straight homophobe learned the pleasure that comes in sucking my rod while I instructed him on my future plans for his kennel club!

Dateline: Metro desk

The city's best looking young professional athletes seemed to have turned over a new leaf. The once infamous members of the Kurt Beck's kennel club now spend most of their nights doing charity benefits. Each one is also sporting the latest fad that was first introduced by Kurt Beck, namely the club's distinctive kennel collar. No one is quite sure how this fad came about but every young jock on the city's professional teams is now sporting them. Also of note each athlete in the kennel club has signed on to promote gay causes. Kurt Beck is leading the way in showing young athletes need not engage in anti gay tactics. Beck has been quoted as saying that because homophobia can be engrained in young straight athletes it now a rule that every member of the club be paired off with an older gay man to serve as that jock's own personal educator. Mr. Beck's gay buddy & newly appointed personal manager informs us that it's a full time job keeping "the kennel's pups" on the right track. Also he revealed that plans are underway to enlist other top pro athletes nationwide in the creation of a series of new "kennels".

Fini: (the club's nightly private meeting)


Tonight is one of our private meetings. Been preparing for it as instructed. We are all naked and been spending the day on all fours going alongside each other & licking each other as good doggies do to properly groom our crotches. I even got time to sniff Jake's butt while he sniffed mine. Good pups need to be clean and fresh my owner always tells me. The owners enter and we get up to go to them.


Well time for us owners to hump our young athletes once more. Doing them together really turns our puppies on. Yeah they like performing for a crowd. That professional jockish exhibitionistic streak is being put to a better use. They instantly get competitive & try and outdo each other in sexually servicing their masters in front of the other dogs. By now our young macho pups are primed to beg their owners to fuck them 24/7.

My Kurt is so docile now not the raging alpha male he once was with other men. It is amazing to watch the transformation in this once dominant top straight athlete. The simple act of grabbing his dog collar now sends him onto all fours butt in the air & into complete submission to my every sexual desire. The other men are doing the same to their puppies and getting the same reactions. Things are going well.

My pup is now on all fours as he's been trained to do. His hot muscular butt looks fantastic! I rub my thumb along that small opening deep in that beefy bubble rump and mount my boy's meaty ass. His hard sculpted body quivers under me in anticipation of that ultimate act of domination. I lube him up as he whimpers at my touch. He squirms under me imploring me to do it & I can feel his hips push up to get my finger in deeper.


My owner is preparing to mount me. He's grabbed my collar which signals to my brain that he is asserting his natural dominance and control of me. The other older guys are doing the same to their own personal jock puppies in the kennel club and it blows my brain further to see the other hunky athletes on all fours bare assed up to their owners & moaning like me as their jock butts get screwed. A part of me finds it funny to think of the women in the city who lust over the kennel club jock boys and will never know their muscle boys really like to take it up the butt now from their powerful older masters.

The room is filling up with the musky scent of dogs in heat and the sounds of my whimpering as my owner lubes my chute barely covers the grunts and animal howls of my fellow pups. I look over & see the Olympic swimming medalist Carlos displaying that dreamy look he always gets when his owner gets ready to do him in his ass. To think that hot Latin body of his is quivering now for a guy's cock. He was once his league's biggest cunt man but now he's barking and salivating like all of us for his master's rod inside him. Over in back some big black guy is humping Ryan's white southern rump big time. Yeah good old racist Ryan really took to that dark meat big time. He's pretty flexible being a gymnast and he tells how happy he is that his black owner fucks him silly every chance he gets.


I guide my hard cock through the opening and then past his ring. As I do I make sure to grip his dog collar tighter to re-emphasis his role and begin again that process of reducing him mentally into submission. It is then I fully enter him. I'm conquering him sexually and he knows it. The men in the room cheer as each one take charge of their own pup- boy! Taking down these arrogant good looking athletic studs is fantastic. The sweet revenge by us older gay men on young straight macho jocks like them who put gay guys down.


I feel my owner's dick deep in me and I wiggle my beefy behind back so I can get him in deeper. I fucking love him getting it in deeper. With every thrust into my bubbled butt I'm slipping back into doggie mode. Wow he has totally minded fucked my brain!!!! I wonder what he is thinking. He grabs my collar tighter and pulls my head up. I can see my fellow pups in their collars getting really plowed and then the howling starts from all the kennel jocks as each one blows his wad in response to their owner's orgasms. I feel that one last thrust from my owner in me and then he floods inside me. Oh yes, my owner is coming in my ass & I explode too. I'm drifting away into that animal mind set.


I'm fucking plowing one of the country's all-man sports idols and he's whimpering in heat as I do it. I wonder what is going on his mind right now.

I have to admit ass fucking Kurt in front of others is the ultimate turn on. I remember how arrogant Kurt was when we first met. The guy was a pretty big hot shot jock on a winning football team. Quite popular with the ladies thanks to that beefy sculpted body of his. With his curly blonde hair and those blue-eyed killer looks he scored off the field a lot as well. My paper had asked me to do an interview and the great athlete & he had grudgingly consented. Sure it was a local rag but he took pains to make me feel inferior. When he heard I was gay he made sure I knew how less than a man he thought I was. Now he's wiggling under me as I pound his round full butt while I score the ultimate goal inside my little puppy wonder boy. I control him, his finances and, his career now. The other guys do the same for their puppies. We even rent them out for big bucks. Kurt is the most popular ass in the city. Well hot shot who's the top dawg now baby! The kennel clubhouse is filling up with the barks of the pups we all shoot our loads. Yeah life is sweet!


My dick can't stop erupting. I open my mouth and join in the chorus of my fellow jocks.............. AAAAHHHWWWHHHHOOOOO!!!!!

The End