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The Reverse Takeover
Part 5 - Epilogue
By Kyle Cicero

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A week later..........

Hiro read the lead article of the influential newspaper. It detailed how the financial community had been shocked by the takeover of the huge Taylor corporate empire by an insignificant Japanese firm. A curious press release from Brett Taylor stated that he had met his superior in the person who headed said Asian firm and looked forward to serving under him. "All I want to do is sit at his feet and be taught how to contribute to his needs." Hiro chuckled as he lifted his glance from the article to gaze down at his lap. There on his knees before him kneeled Brett. The young formerly smug American was naked ;around his neck he wore a studded dog collar to symbolize 'ownership'. His muscular body had been shaved bare for, as Brett's new father had told him, "It's not fitting for a young boy to try to grow the hair of manhood too soon." One of his muscular beefy butt cheeks sported a new tattoo which simply read "Remade in Japan"!

Hiro reached over to the nearby table and handed his 'young charge' a thick long dildo. Meekly Brett took the item and, like a shy young maiden, slowly slipped it up his previously deflowered asshole. "Good boy," laughed Hiro who watched as his 'son' fucked his hole for his father.

"Fucking myself for my dad," groaned Brett as he drifted off into sexual heat. The handsome young American's face was a study in sexual surrender. Hiro had re-programmed his 'son' well. Brett was now a confirmed bottom boy who got off on any act of sexual degradation his 'dad' asked of him. His old straight life as a conqueror of women and male business rivals was over. He was now totally consumed with a burning desire service his dad's cock and thus to please his 'dad' just as Tag's life was now solely consumed by the task of sexually serving Sano's requirements even as he despised himself for doing so. Hiro smirked as he recalled how the once mighty Tag performed last night at a party for Sano and his mincing friends. The formerly haughty bodyguard spent hours debasing himself in sexual acts that reinforced his subservient position to men that were weaker physically to him. Sano had ordered his boy to dress in lace panties ,heels, and fish net stockings. The humpy American was commanded to parade around while moaning for Japanese cock to fill him as he fingered his hole. The look of grief coupled with embarrassment on the young muscular bodyguards face during that thrillingly disgusting exhibition and later as he went down on & was gang fucked by the 25 guests was spectacular. As a final treat Sano had Tag's chest tattooed with the words "Rice Queen'.The recollection was quite arousing. It was good Brett was here he pondered to himself.

Hiro patted Brett's head he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own hard cock. "Open wide for your father like a dutiful son," he commanded. Brett's eyes stared mesmerized at his dad's engorged cock and quickly complied. Hiro gently pushed his rod deep into Brett's now fully open mouth. As the room filled with the slurping sounds of Brett's delirious sucking Hiro nodded content in his victory. "I have meet with the top executives in what was your former company my son," Hiro sighed as Brett continued his oral work. "I see you hired many young, good-looking &, physically fit American men to work for you. They too are quite smug and arrogant about their superiority. I must meet with each of them. In, particular one extremely provocative well built young man with brown hair and stunning green eyes who lectured me on the superiority of American culture to Japan's culture. I believe he was an Olympic wrestling champion and a former underwear model. He should be first. Don't you agree?"

But, Brett was too busy slurping away in sheer bliss to reply to his dad's question. Hiro's laughter filled the room. " Yes, I will have him here tomorrow," chuckled Hiro as he prepared to fill Brett's throat with his cum. "Perhaps for some tea!"