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The Reverse Takeover
Part 4 - Cause you're daddy's good boy
By Kyle Cicero

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Hiro shook Brett gently. "Wake up boy." He said quietly. "Your father wishes to talk with you."

The drugged CEO slowly opened his eyes. It was obvious from the dullness of his pupils he was still out of it." Dad," he slurred.

"Look at the screen son," Hiro stated firmly to his victim. Brett glanced up to the screen .His vision focused there as Hiro pressed the play button. Quickly an image of the senior Taylor sprang into view once more.

"Boy," Brett's father said warmly. " I know you want to please me don't you?" A dizzy Brett nodded quickly. It was what he always wanted. "Well son if you listen to me you can do that. Will you listen son? Will you make me proud of you boy?" inquired the image.

"Yes dad. Oh yes sir," Brett agreed earnestly over and over with greater force. "I'll listen close sir. I promise!" He was ready Hiro thought. Time to move. Hiro tilted Brett's head back and poured a pure concentrate of the drug down Brett's throat as Brett kept his eyes fixed on his dad's image. After a few seconds Brett's pupils dilated completely. His fried brain was open for businesses.

For the next half-hour Brett was fed by his screen father with a steady stream of 'lessons' all of which reinforced the young American's CEO's pre-existing innermost desire to get his father's approval. With that as a firm base to work from the instructions next subtly shifted to fill Brett's drugged brain with the thought of how much pleasure doing all this gave him. After a short while it soon was twisted to fill up Brett's sensory circuits with how erotic it was for Brett when he made his dad happy.

"It's a turn-on to serve my dad's wants," Brett mumbled as Hiro gleefully noticed Brett's large cock slightly stiffen as he repeated the message that came from the screen .

Lastly Brett was firmly instructed how his dad could never ask him to do anything wrong. Toward the end of the 'lessons' the screen image of Brett's father flickered and flashes of Hiro's own face came into view in its place. By the end of the tape it was now Hiro's face that Brett saw as Hiro's image became the image of the father that Brett longed to serve and please.

As the screen darkened Hiro prepared to test the results. He stood before the American and spoke his first 'parental' command "Get on your knees now son," Hiro requested of the young stud. Quietly Brett slipped from the chair to his knees. The sight of the formerly smug young hunk now on his knees before him sent a thrill through Hiro. As Hiro stroked his cock as he approached Brett.

Brett's eyes widened as he gazed at Hiro's engorged cock. "Taste it son," Hiro said softly as he wiped some of his pre-cum from his cock-head onto a finger and traced it across Brett's lips.

"But its not right," moaned Brett even as his tongue tentatively came out to lick the juices offered. At the last second however he withdrew it back into his mouth. Hiro thought for a second. True the Brett the man had resisted but the boy had acted at first even if for a second. The victory was achievable if played out correctly!

"You love dad don't you," insisted Hiro again. Brett nodded his eyes still fixed on the hard dick now so close to his straight mouth. " You know that dad would never ask you to do a bad thing son," Hiro reminded Brett as he watched his mind game play out on the helpless hunk's face.

Brett nodded again. The Asian CEO could see the opening and Hiro went for the kill, "Then doing what dad asks is good for you right." Brett once more signaled agreement. "So taste what dad offers." Hiro insisted as he re-wet a finger with pre-cum and brought it close to Brett's mouth. "IT WILL PLEASE DAD!"

Brett moaned slightly as the battle raged inside him. His need to please his 'dad' as opposed to his 'straight' self-image fought it out on a silent battlefield of brain circuits. In the end the boy's fundamental desires toward his father aided by the drugs in his system won the day. "My dad only does right for me," Brett said slowly as a smile came to his handsome face. The young muscular American's tongue came out & licked the jis off Hiro's fingers.

"Good boy," soothed Hiro, "Dad loves you son". He cooed as Brett sucked on his 'dad's fingers in bliss at the praise he received..

"Ummmuummm," Brett mumbled in agreement he continued oral servicing his dad's fingers.

"Now open up your mouth son and taste more of dad." Hiro instructed as he gently lifted Brett's head so Brett could see his fatherly love looking down at him.Hiro smiled warmly as Brett's mouth opened allowing the crafty Asian CEO to thrust his cock inside the moist wet tunnel of Brett's throat.

Brett gagged and tried to pull off but Hiro held his head tight. "Show dad how a man takes it son," he insisted as he face fucked his American rival. "Do dad proud!"

Brett stopped struggling. He breathed in deeply filling his lungs with his first scent of a man rutting in sexual heat. A garbled gasp came from him as he began to suck in response to verbal encouragements from his pop. As instructed, Brett began to move his tongue on the underside shaft inside his throat ; in doing so he realized that he could let the moisture emanating from that hard rod provide the slippery lubrication it needed to move easily within his oral cavity. Hiro's sexual compliments started to thrill some inner core of his mind and Brett found his sexual desires rising as he sucked Hiro. His 'dad' felt the change in Brett as well. The arrogant bastard was sucking his cock like he enjoyed it!

"Good boy," Hiro chuckled. "Dad's so proud of you," he encouraged.

Brett's brain took in the validation from his pop that he had so sought for all his life. His mental circuits imprinted the message--thanks to the drug-induced programming he had been subject too as well of course--pleasing dad sexually was the key to being his father's good boy. As that realization hit home the second of Hiro's programming came erupting up inside him. Pleasing dad was sexually hot as well. Hiro noticed that Brett 's cock had begun to stiffen.

"Got you arrogant smug bastard," Hiro thought as he increased his hip thrusts into Brett's mouth. Brett was now happily sucking like a trooper. In his mind he was doing just what a son needed to show his dad how much he cared for him. In addition he was completely turned-on by it.

Hiro waited till he saw Brett start to massage his own hard cock. The young American CEO was now leaking badly and deep throating Hiro furiously. The perfect time to complete the job Hiro thought as pulled out of Brett's mouth. Brett stayed on his knees with his tongue hanging out, his handsome face wet with saliva and Hiro's pre-cum, and panting like a dog in heat even as he still stroked his cock.

Hiro quickly walked behind Brett and pushed his 'son' down on all fours. "Dad is so pleased son with you that he's going to fill you with his manhood." Hiro laughed as he spread Brett's muscular legs and saw his goal----- Brett's rosy virginal chute!

"Huh," the sexually turned on young man moaned as he continued to feel the arousals that now pulsated through him whenever he felt he was getting fatherly approvals.

"Dad is going to fill your young hole son." Hiro said as he pushed his rod against Brett's puckered ring.

"Oh dad," that hurts," Brett cried as he tried to crawl away.

"Just hurts once boy," Hiro replied soothingly as he grabbed Brett waist and pulled him in. "Trust dad...relax back there...and know that dad will be so happy.......will love you the best......once you learn to take this for me son."

"Please my pop," sighed Brett as he voluntarily spread his powerful thighs ever farther apart and concentrated on relaxing his anal muscles. Hiro saw Brett's ring muscles slowly loosen. The Asian spit on American's hole and plunged in his hard wet cock.

"AAAAhhh ffuuccc... ddaaaaahhhddddd" . howled Brett as his ass was ravished .

"Relax son, " Hiro gasped as he fucked away inside Brett. The humiliation of all those years he had suffered from powerful American business rivals ran through Hiro's brain. He was fucking them all in the person of this young muscular stud who was squirming under him now. The room filled with Brett's groans and grunts; each sound coming from the young American inspired Hiro further. He had taken the American down !

"Oh God," Brett wailed as he felt his hole being plowed deep.

"You are making dad so happy." Hiro rasped as he fucked away ignoring Brett's pleadings. " It turns you on so much to please dad. You want this from now on don't you son cause getting fucked by your dad makes him happy just like sucking him off did...and it shows he loves you!"

"My ass," babbled Brett, "my dad's in my ass".

"Just repeat son ---I'm pleasing my dad and it's hot when I do it". Hiro insisted with each ram into Brett's butt.

"I'm pleasing dad," Brett's drugged brain chanted with each thrust inside him. Finally the joy of that concept overwhelmed the initial pain & the pleasure circuits inside Brett's mind permanently imprinted the combination of sexual pleasure for Brett with those thoughts of satisfying his father. Brett's sexual stimuli would now respond to any sexual requirements or actions Hiro performed on him since they so pleased his 'father'.

Brett began to gyrate his hips back to meet Hiro's movements.

"Love dad . Love it when I suck him or he fucks me." He repeated over and over out loud. Hiro had won. He'd turned the macho hunk into his sexual toy. Hiro increased his screwing . He reached below Brett and started to jerk his young boy 's stiff meat. The two continued like this as Brett begged for more until ....

"Oh Dad I'm going to cum," cried Brett as he felt his hard cock start to experience that familiar itch building deep inside his groin. Hiro quickening his hand job on the young stud as he increased his own cock thrusts into the young CEO's ravished chute. Suddenly he felt Brett's ass muscles tighten. Hiro leaned over Brett and, with his free hand, pushed the young hunks head firmly down so that he was looking between his shoulders at his own engorged cock. With a roar the young man blew his jis straight ahead with such force that it hit, as Hiro intended, Brett square in the face. As Brett raised his cum stained face and glanced back at Hiro the middle-aged Asian businessman felt himself exploding into Brett's guts.

At that precise moment Sano pushed Tag through the open door. The bodyguard gazed in horror at the scene. There was his boss, a man that Tag had so admired, buck naked & positioned on his hands and knees like some dog. What was even more horrific the formerly powerful & arrogant young muscular American CEO had his rival's Asian cock up his ass! Brett gazed over to Tag his face dripping with cum. "I'm taking your ass," laughed Hiro as he poured his juices deep inside his conquest. A gleeful Hiro then pushed Brett off his spent cock. The mighty Brett Taylor had been fucked right before Tag's eyes!

"Daddy seeded me good," Brett giggled as he rolled over onto his back his legs still spread allowing Tag to see Hiro's jis leaking out of Brett's hole. "Love getting my dad's manhood up my boy-pussy," sighed Brett as he proceeded to finger his chute while was gazing in sheer adoration at his middle-aged defiler. The young bodyguard felt sick.

" I'm fucked," moaned Tag as he realized that his one hope for rescue was truly gone.

"Perfect thought," chuckled Sano, " I order you to get down doggie style right now as well."

Tag sank down on his hands and knees unable to resist due to his 're-programming'. He felt Sano spreading his luscious meaty butt cheeks and the pressure of Sano's stiff rod pressing against his hole.

The straight young bodyguard tried to tighten his anal muscles against the penetration.

“Loosen up now !” Sano barked. The words no sooner left the Asian’s mouth than Tag felt his chute muscles go slack. The hunky American felt the hard cock against his virginal hole. His mind spun with the concept of his straight ass being turned into Sano’s cunt.

“Please no.” He said in a hoarse whisper. Sano laughter filled his ears as his ring was invaded. Tag felt the stiff rod slipping in hard. “Give me some movement bitch.” Sano snarled. To Tag’s amazement he began to buck his hips back and forth aiding in his defilement. He was moving like a cheap whore now he thought. My buffed American hole is getting reamed by some small effeminate Asian and I’m helping him do it! "Fuck," he sobbed as he felt himself being violated.

As Sano popped his cherry he tried to focus straight ahead.

Unfortunately all it accomplished was to give the hapless stud a clear view of Hiro approaching with his own re-engorged cock.

"I think Mr. Hiro needs to have his cock washed off boy." Sano sneered as he rode his hot American stallion. "Tongue bathe him now! That's an order!" Sano yelled as he slapped Tag’s ass. “You know you want to obey!”

Tag knew it was useless to resist. His need to obey orders now was too firmly set in his macho-brain. He meekly opened his mouth as Hiro slipped his rod down the demoralized young man's throat.

As Tag sucked on his second cock Hiro's mind recalled their initial encounter just a short time ago and a wide grin broke out on his face. " We were not so easy to take after all young boys?"

Sano hooted with joy as he fucked Tag harder and continued to slap Tag’s ravished butt as he did so. “What did they say in those American films.Ah yes ..ride em cowboy!”

Tag was too stuffed to say argue even if he had wanted too!

Hiro intensified his face fucking. He and his assistant had won the contest : final score was Asia two..America zero!

As the two Asian men went to work on the hapless Tag, young Brett just lay there sighing contentedly as he continued fingering his hole while he fantasized about how good it felt and how good he had made his dad feel. Yes, at last, he was daddy's good little boy!

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