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Teddy's Great Adventures
Part 2 - Dealphadogged: Teddy's Summer Adventure
By Kyle Cicero

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A blast from the past from the unpublished secret archives of Kyle Cicero:

Teddy’s Great Adventures


By Kyle Cicero

Part One: It Begins

Teddy looked around the ranch. The heat and dust of the place were depressing as hell and he inwardly cursed his father’s decision to send him to visit his uncle at his ranch out west for the summer. Teddy had resisted but in the end his father’s decision held.

Teddy had been looking forward to a summer spent ‘doing’ his mind-fucked jock. Now Teddy was here and Brad was at home spending his summer training for his new career as a rookie cop. Teddy’s recalled how hot his whipped stud looked in his baby cop blues and how he’d moaned in shame and desire as Teddy restrained him with his own academy issued cuffs while Teddy worked his hot officer’s body over with his police regulation equipment. Hearing Brad begging was as much a turn on for him as it was for the young rookie now. A summer wasted Teddy grumbled to himself.

Oh well, Teddy thought, at least he had made sure Brad was going to be occupied. Teddy chuckled to himself as he recalled the look of horror and sensual lust that came to Brad’s face when Teddy told him he had ‘rented him out’ to both a Latino & Black gang during his absence. Watching them bind the young rookie & test him out had been hot. Teddy could still visualize Brad all sexy and buff in his uniform getting cuffed; his tight bubble butt stretching out that blue uniform pants; bent over a ‘borrowed’ police cruiser & getting fucked thru a slit they had put in its rear seam. Brad had shot a gusher through his blues leaving a large stain for all to see on the hood of the cruiser. Later one of the home-boys had pulled the hapless rookie over his lap for some old-fashioned bare-assed discipline. Brad’s cries and whimpers as each guy took a turn warming his cute blonde cop-butt was a sight to behold. Brad had bawled like a baby pleading for them to stop but his rock hard throbbing dick told a different story. Brad’s degradation had been total! Brad later confessed to Teddy that the thought of his white hole getting plowed repeatedly by their dark meat was humiliating and yet it drove him wild with desire. The blonde jock had so impressed the gang bangers with his performance they had gladly paid Teddy’s asking price. Brad’s look of utter humiliation coupled with frenzied craving as he was led away like a prized bitch was priceless. Teddy was so caught up in that recollection he never noticed that someone was speaking to him. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey you skinny excuse for a kid I’m talking to you," a husky voice drawled to Teddy.

The teenager turned and found himself face to face with a powerfully built dark haired man. "Boy," the man said in a mocking tone, “you better keep it sharp mentally. I’m here to pick you up. I’m your uncle’s foreman and I’m here to get you. Now get your gear and come with me!" The cowboy looked Teddy over. “Not much to you boy,” he laughed heartily.

Teddy gave the man a once over as well. The cowboy standing before him had broad shoulders, powerful arms snug in a checked shirt, dark hairs coming out from under the shirt collar, tapered waist, thick brown curly hair and green eyes set in a ruggedly handsome yet sensual face. Early thirties at best as well as defiantly smug and confident. As the man turned to walk back to the truck Teddy’s gaze was riveted on his beefy butt and muscular thighs that strained the worn jeans. The muscles rippled seductively under the faded denim. This guy was hot Teddy thought as he climbed into the passenger seat.

"The name is Jake but you a call me boss like the other guys working here you got it. Your uncle is away on a buying trip for this summer and he told me to treat you like any wrangler here,” Jake said roughly.

Teddy grimly contemplated what he heard. This was going to suck. The truck bounced along the road. Jake adjusted the clutch and Teddy couldn’t help noticing the guy’s tightly packed crotch as it shifted with each movement of those powerful legs. It was obvious that Jake had an impressive sack and judging, from the outline along his thigh under the faded denim, he had a good sized rod as well. He wondered how hung the guy was and suddenly realized that Jake was aware of the direction of his gaze. He looked up quickly to see disgust registered on the handsome foreman’s face. "Yeah I heard from your uncle about that too." Jake spat out, "going break you out of that shit boy. Turn you into a man."

Teddy sat silently fuming. He was a man.

"Boy," Jake lectured on in an arrogant superior tone, "I can’t see how a guy can get off on dick." The handsome cowboy smirked. "Well, maybe if it was mine. Got me a real cunt cracker if I do say so myself." Jake reached down and crudely cupped his bulge. " Ain’t never failed me yet in the female area. But dick sucking a dude. Fuck, let me tell you if some guy tried to get me to lick dick or even tried to dick my ass. Hell, I’d beat-up his sorry butt. I ain’t no dick slobbering pussy -assed faggot."

Teddy steamed. He glanced at Jake. Hot, desirable and a total arrogant ass hole. He was just a more mature version of the old Brad and at that moment Teddy knew what he intended to do about it. He remembered that he had packed some drugs and a small portable brain simulator and shipped it to a storage facility he had located here on cyber just on some off-chance. Looking at the sensual stud next to him Teddy realized that he had found his next pupil. "I’m looking forward to working with you boss and learning how a man like you acts." Teddy stated firmly.

Jake nodded at Teddy. "Good boy. Glad to hear it. It will all work out I think." The hunky foreman smiled suggestively. " You do well and I promise you that I’ll make sure you get some tail okay."

"You got a deal boss," Teddy laughed. "Going to be a kick-assed summer for us both!"

The two laughed as the truck bounced along to the ranch. Yeah boss, Teddy contemplated I’ll get some tail but it wasn’t going to be the tail you expect.


Part Two: Teddy and the Cattle Drive Setup

Teddy was totally frustrated. It had been six weeks since he had arrived at his uncle’s ranch. Six long work filled weeks working under Jake’s ball busting as the humpty foreman continued his efforts to ‘make a man’ out his boss’ nerdy nephew. Teddy was aching to conquer the handsome arrogant cowboy but so far there had been no opportunity to get him alone for any amount of time. So Teddy just plotted and planned and hoped for a chance.

Meanwhile Jake rode herd on his personal project. Today Teddy was digging posts with Jake. It was hot as hell and Jake had stripped to just his jeans. Teddy started at the sculpted chest of his tormentor with its hard pecs and stunning eight pack that tapered down into a narrow waist. The curly dark chest hair was damp and glistened with Jake’s sweat. Teddy could see the cowboy’s jeans ride up into his crotch as he squatted to push a post into place. Jake noticed Teddy noticing and he shook his handsome chiseled features in disgust.

“Boy,” he drawled. “ I fucking hate faggots. I mean some guy slobbering over dick or worse taking up his shit-hole like some pussy. Never see this bull behaving like some heifer!” He chuckled as he adjusted his jeans. “Fucking some pussy that’s the life for me. Especially if she is ah…well a bit reluctant.” Jake hooted. “Never find this guy going down that dick slobbering pussy-assed faggot route!”

Teddy didn’t reply. So far Jake had not come out and accused Teddy of being, as he referred to it at times, a “dick sucker” but Teddy knew only the fact his uncle was the boss kept Jake silent.

“I been trying these last few weeks to make a man out you,” he grumbled to Teddy as they finished. “ But I think you need a more intensive personal concentration from me.”

Teddy looked at the hunky stud in puzzlement.

“ There are some cattle up in the highlands that need to be herded in and branded,” Jake grinned. “ Going to take you up there. Just you and me boy for the next two weeks alone at the cabin up there. Going make a man out you yet. Got it!”

Teddy couldn’t believe his ears. Eureka!

“Yep,” Jake laughed. Going bust your ass up there but you’ll come back a changed man.”

Teddy smiled and nodded. Well Jake was right he thought but not in the way he figured.

The next day the two of them set out for the cabin. Jake had ordered Teddy to prepare the gear for the trip and Teddy had complied. Jake had bragged to the rest of the cowboys on the ranch that he was going to break Teddy of his fagot habits and turn him into a real man! “That nerdy geek needs some lessons in how a man acts. Some broncs just need the right guy in the saddle to get broken in real sweet and I’m just the guy to whup his ass into shape!”

As they went on their trip Teddy smiled in anticipation. On the last leg of the trail the path up the trail narrowed at one point ; as they rode up single file Teddy gazed at Jake’s meaty butt and sighed with expectation. It was so fuckably firm and round.

“What you doing back there boy,” Jake asked as he pulled out his canteen and gulped down the cold liquid inside.

“Just admiring the view,” Teddy replied as he watched Jake gulp more of the contents. Teddy smiled. He had laced Jake’s canteen with an extra strong drug combination. Soon Jake’s sex drive & addiction centers would kick into overdrive causing his pliability levels to equally rise to the appropriate stage for mental realignment. “Well enjoy it now boy cause there is going to be some real ass busting once we get to the cabin,” Jake grumbled in disgust.

“Yes I believe it,” Teddy replied softly. He watched the muscles of Jake’s throat gulp the wet concoction and visualized other things they would soon savor!

“And remember we are up here to get cattle and put our brand on their rumps boy,” Jake pontificated. “You know you own em when they got your brand on their ass boy.”

“I understand,” Teddy agreed as ideas formed in his brain.

“And boy remember we only brand cows not bulls so watch yourself,” Jake laughed.

They rode on as the trail opened onto the plain. Teddy rode alongside Jake now. Teddy noticed that as they did that Jake was fidgeting on his horse. Judging by the way his crotch was swelling as it rubbed against the leather saddle Jake was feeling the effects quit nicely.

“Everything ok sir,” Teddy inquired.

Jake turned to Teddy with glassy eyes. “Yeaahh of coursth,” he slurred. “ Just hottt.” The handsome foreman took another few gulps from his canteen. While they rode Teddy could hear Jake’s breathing quicken.

“Wow the air here is so fresh ,” smirked Teddy.

“Yeath,” Jake mumbled as he gulped in more air and moved on his saddle trying to adjust his mound.

After ten more minutes in the saddle Jake’s crotch was obviously bulging and Teddy detected that Jake was squirming with frustration. In fact the studly macho cowboy was literally rubbing against the saddle horn and panting in sexual arousal. “God,” Jake groaned suddenly.

“You sure you are fine Jake?” Teddy cooed,

“Huh,” Jake replied as his unfocused eyes tried to fix on Teddy. “I’m…ffffiiinnn...I mean..,” his face was damp with perspiration. His muscular thighs were squeezing against his horse now. “Feeling..oh fuckkkkk.” Jake mumbled incoherently as he began to literally hump his leather saddle. “Soooo..waaarrmm.”

“Its ok Jake, just relax and take some more from that canteen,” Teddy laughed as the cabin came into view.” We got a lot of work to do these two weeks.

Jake tried to respond but just let out a weak whimper. He raised the canteen to his full lips and finished the contents. As he did his crotch pressed even more lewdly against the saddle horn. The zapped foreman was gasping by now for sexual relief. As he massaged his rock hard cock against the firm saddle horn he saw Teddy staring at him. He gazed down at his actions and blushed. “Got to cum so fucking bad.” He blurted out. “I’m …what’s happening to me?” He moaned.

“It alright,” Teddy said as they pulled up to the cabin. “Just relax and do as I say and it will be alright. I’ll set you down on one of the bunk beds once we get inside.”

“Allrith,” Jake babbled as Teddy helped the drugged hunk out of his saddle and into the cabin. Jake’s impressive rod was tent-poled in his jeans by now causing the faded material to strain across his meaty butt. Teddy grabbed Jake’s butt and felt the hunky ass give to his grip. Jake just gasped, twitched, and then moaned in sexual heat. Teddy could see Jake was out of it by now and decided to ‘test the waters’. He let go of Jake’s ass and moved his hand to the front of the groaning foreman’s jeans. Slipping one hand under the waist band in front and Teddy cupped Jake’s hefty sack.

“Ooohhh mannn,” Jake babbled as he literally trembled in Teddy’s grip on his nut-sack. “Don’t stop please,” Jake begged as he closed his eyes and gave into waves of sexual pleasure. The scrawny young geek had his muscular tormentor by the balls and the macho cowboy was squealing in delight! Jake reached down and rubbed his throbbing cock through the jeans. Teddy had seen it once when Jake had gotten out of the shower and knew that it was an impressive uncut 9 inches.

“Give in to it Jake”, Teddy whispered to his handsome prey as Jake writhed under the twin actions of Teddy’s ball play and his own palm job on his cock. “Ohhhh teddddyyyy,” Jake pleaded as he lost it. “I’m….FUCCCKKKKKK,” Jake cried loudly as he lurched and spasmed. A wet spot appeared in his crotch. The air filled with the sucking sounds of Jake refilling his lungs. He was drenched in sweat and shaking in shame. A part of his smug brain registered that he had popped his nut under the touch of another man!

“Got you,” Teddy chuckled as the formerly smug foreman turned beat red in embarrassment, “I’ll just tie you up a bit on that bed and then go out back & start the outside generator so I can use the things I brought okay boy.

Jake couldn’t focus on Teddy. He knew he should be resisting but he was all fuzzy in his brain and so turned on. He tried to swing at Teddy but his movements were so slow the young skinny kid was easily able to grab his hand and redirect it back onto his own crotch. It felt so good rubbing his own rod he couldn’t stop. “Aaaahhh…yyeeahhh,” Jake whimpered at he felt himself up.

“Good boy,” Teddy howled in glee, “by the time I’m done with you Jake old boy you’ll really get off on the touch of a man. Yes Mr. Macho Straight Foreman the days of you being head bull on the ranch are over but your days of being the local heifer are just beginning.”

Teddy’s laughter filled the cabin as he shut the door! During the next two weeks however it was the dull hum of electricity combined with sexual grunts and moans that not only filled the cabin but also the plain on which it was built


“Let’s make sure you are set now,” Teddy laughed as he tightened the ropes that bound a naked Jake to his saddle. Teddy stepped back to admire his work. Jake was nicely astride his saddle now. His legs were cinched around the back of his leather saddle and his arms were tied tightly to the neck of the horse. “Yes, that should do it” Teddy smiled. Jake’s naked butt was up in the air with his crotch mashed tight onto the saddle’s hot leather seat. Teddy figured that as the horse rode and moved the saddle would rub against Jake’s dick giving the mind-fucked hunk a continuous masturbation. “By the time you get back to the bunkhouse you should be one cum drained cowboy,” Teddy snickered.

“NNnnnnooooooo plleeassee doooonnn’ttttt,” Jake whimpered as he struggled and moved on the saddle. Thoughts of how the other wranglers would see their macho foreman like this & realize that the small younger boy had taken him down mentally & sexually sent shivers of embarrassment through him. The degradation he felt only intensified an arousal causing his meat to rise under him. Jake found himself pressing and then rubbing his dick on the saddle seat. The friction was unbearably sensual on his over sensitized rod. He couldn’t resist moving to increase the sensations. Teddy noticed that Jake had begun to hump on the leather.

“Easy there girl,” Teddy mocked as he patted Jake’s ass like he saw the guys do with young female colts they wanted to steady as they got ready to break her in. Teddy knew the words and this particular type of physical contact would convey that same meaning to Jake. Hearing that word, especially in its feminine use, in combination with that action would further humiliate the hunky cowboy and thus increase his sexual submission.

“Ffffuuuccc…stoppppp,” Jake groaned as his body betrayed him to its overwhelming new urges. The kid was further busting his bronc, treating him like a fucking filly and, Jake knew it.

“That’s ok girl,” Teddy cooed. “We know that you like something hard to suck on. That saddle horn looks tasty girl.”

Without thinking, Jake suddenly found himself licking the saddle horn by his mouth . He heard Teddy’s roar of laughter and he felt ashamed of how he needed to obey. Even as he criticized himself his cock stiffened and he wiggled harder on the leather under him. “Uummmpphhh,” he muttered as he orally serviced that hard long horn in his mouth to satisfy his raging hard-on!

Teddy stroked his palm across Jake’s rump. His finger slipped between Jake’s spread thighs to give his exposed rosy pucker a nice massage as well. Jake tried not to make a noise but Teddy distinctly heard a soft mewing now from his filly. Teddy decided to give his filly a treat and inserted a finger deep in Jake’s chute.

“Nooo…ooohhh…ffuccc,” Jake sighed as his gyrations increased slightly in response to the finger fucking. “Noooo…nnnoooo…noooooohhhhh,” Jake babbled as he raised his ass the push back on Teddy’s finger. Without realizing it Jake began to suck deeper onto the saddle horn as well.”Ummmmmm uuummmmm uuummm,” Jake slobbered .

“Good girl,” Teddy whispered. Yeah despite his protests the handsome foreman was in heat once more. He liked getting screwed now! Even more he enjoyed sucking something while it happened! But there was one final touch.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot.” Teddy chuckled as he went back to get out something from his saddlebag. Teddy returned with a small object and started to heat it with a lighter he had also brought.

“Hu,” Jake croaked as he rubbed his engorged cock on the increasingly warm leather under him while he sucked on the horn .He had never been so horny and knowing that Teddy was seeing him act like a bitch in heat only made him hotter. He was lost in those desires and humiliations when he suddenly felt a burning pain on his exposed left butt cheek. He pulled off the saddle horn and bellowed.“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCCCKKKK!!!!!!” The valley echoed his screams and the hunky cowboy then passed out.

“Well after all you told me we had to brand every cow before we left right?” Teddy hooted as he inspected the small ‘T’ brand he had put on Jake’s meaty butt. He revived Jake. “Now we go home!” Teddy said as he mounted his horse and, grabbing the reins of Jake’s horse, lead his pony boy to home and the waiting ranch hands. “Let’s take the rougher trail to give you a good workout on that saddle okay girl?” Jake lifted his head and nodded dully at his conqueror. He could feel the wetness under him. During the process he had shot his wad! Jake, the tough swaggering ladies-man, had been ass whupped by the scrawny young boy but good! He was what a short time ago he had sworn he’d never be: a dick slobbering pussy -assed faggot.

The ride home was filled with the sounds of the leather saddle getting a good soaking with Jake’s multiple climaxes. By the time they pulled into the corral that saddle was saturated. The other wranglers were amazed, shocked, but then delighted that it had been their ‘macho bragging ball-busting’ foreman that had been taken on & trounced. From now on he’d be every wrangler’s bitch. That night the ranch’s newest filly got saddled and mounted repeatedly by the wranglers he had lonce orded it over. The morning saw a butt fucked and dazed Jake lying naked and drenched on the floor of the bunkhouse. For the rest of the summer he serviced every cowboy on request. At Teddy’s encouragement, each one also put their own personal brand on Jake’s butt. All had a good time!


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