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Teddy's Great Adventures
Part 1 - Brad Gets Had
By Kyle Cicero

A blast from the past from the unpublished secret archives of Kyle Cicero:

Teddy’s Great Adventures

Chapter One: BRAD GETS HAD

By Kyle Cicero


As Brad submitted further in each encounter with Teddy he could feel an ever-increasing desire for more sexual domination by the slight effeminate younger boy. Brad’s own cock was always fully erect during their get-togethers. He felt mortified at how he now debased himself whenever they met, but that very embarrassment produced an overwhelming erotic ecstasy for him that he now constantly craved. The handsome hunk found that during each new sexual degradation and indignity inflicted on him by Teddy he lost any urge to resist. Any mental reservations he experienced were subservient to the consuming wants of his engorged & throbbing dick.

Before this Brad had always prided himself on his strong personality and physical prowess. As the state champion and captain of the school’s wrestling team the six foot two inch, blonde, green-eyed muscular senior had ruled the campus with a breezy arrogant confidence. With his Abercrombie good looks & sculpted body he easily scored on any girl he wanted and had lorded over every guy with a smug superiority. Now no matter how macho & haughty Brad was with the girls who swooned over and flirted with him Brad could not forget that Teddy, lisping, swishy, five foot six inch Teddy, had found the way to de-top his self assured macho sexual persona. Teddy, a nerdy freshman, had taken him down physically and mentally. Brad’s knowledge that this skinny bookworm, who openly stated his own desire for feminization and domination from other men, had kicked his athletic butt & sexually cold-conked his heterosexual alpha-dog self-image only increased the hunky senior’s own sexual addiction for degradation by & submission to Teddy.

The scrawny geek now called the shots and it was the hunky jock that meekly surrendered sexually every time & performed on command to Teddy’s every whim. Brad’s self-important condescending attitude crumbled under Teddy’s taunting domination of the former BMOC.

Brad recalled his conceited statement when Teddy had first made a pass at him. ‘I don’t do guys you fag & I’d never bottom for you if I did’. Things had certainly changed. Teddy had bitched the campus’ jock hero had repeatedly abused & bottomed him sexually and worse had Brad actually craving for more!

Looking back now it all began to unwind for Brad a month ago….

Part One:

“Oh yes baby harder please,” Sheila gasped as Brad pumped his thick 9 inch cock deep inside her now slippery hole. Brad grinned to himself as his hefty low hangers slapped her flesh. He loved that feeling he got as his nuts swayed.

“Yeah,” he thought as he increased his strokes, "take it bitch. Take my fucking meat.” He enjoyed it when the girls begged him to do it to them. He visualized his powerfully sculpted body ramming into them. He was a stud, he thought, definitely a babe magnet. His thoughts suddenly recalled the day’s events. In particular a skinny slight faggot named Teddy who had the nerve to make a pass at him in the in study hall. Had even suggested he, the star of the school, might like taking up his shitter!

”Fuck,” he growled as he thrust harder as he remembered the incident. Sheila thinking it was her that caused his reply just smiled and held on to his tapered waist with her legs.

“He had a fucking nerve thinking I was a faggot like him,” Brad silently reflected. “And he even had the nerve to comment on how hot my ass would be & that he would be home alone tonight if I wanted to get ‘stuffed’. If that teacher hadn’t been there that puny pussy would be dead meat” Brad’s temper rose and he increased his screwing. Sheila was moaning in heat now as Brad’s pumped faster. “Me his fucking faggot. As if that muther could plow my butt!” He climaxed still enraged. “That faggot needs to be shown who rules!” Brad decided. He pulled out.

“Hmmm baby,” Sheila cooed as she ran her hands across his hard body. “You were hot just then.”

Brad wasn’t even paying attention. He was now riled by Teddy’s actions. “Got to go babe.” He said as he pulled on his sweats.

“WHAT!!” Sheila gasped in surprise.

“Got business from today to finish.” He replied as he left. Brad decided to take Teddy up on his offer of a visit. “We’ll see who gets fucked up the ass tonight,” he muttered as he rushed out. If Brad only knew how true his words were!

Part Two

Teddy saw Brad pull up. He smirked to himself. “Yeah I knew making that pass would get you here” he said softly to the empty room. Teddy had been planning this for awhile. His father a noted chemist and addiction counselor was away on another routine conference with his mom. Teddy as his only child had learned quite a lot from his dad about drugs, addiction, & the workings of the brain. Today he was going to use it all to ‘pin’ that smug sexy wrestler that he had lusted after since he first saw him. He heard Brad pounding on the door. Teddy had prepared a special room that only he had a key for. Tonight he was going to use it as well as its contents. He went to let his victim in!

Brad pushed his way in once the door opened. He turned to face Teddy& grabbed his shirt. “We got issues you faggot we need to settle,” he muttered as he leaned in close. “I’m going to fuck you bad you pathetic queen.”

Teddy stayed calm. “Sure, okay. But my mom is upstairs sick. Can we go to my room downstairs?” He replied feigning fear. “I swear I won’t try anything.”

Brad smirked. “Fine you fag. But don’t think getting me alone in your room will get you any closer to getting in my ass. One bad move I’ll pound you to dust okay.” Brad saw he’d scared the shit of the twerp and the thought that that limp wristed punk could ever take him almost caused him to break out laughing. “Yeah you trying to take me on that’s a laugh alright. But one move and..”

“Yes I understand.” Teddy said as he took Brad downstairs. He opened the door and let Brad saunter through ahead of him. Brad saw that the room was only furnished with of some type of electric machine by a table with bottles on it. He turned to face Teddy.

“What kind of place is,” the hunky jock never finished as Teddy pulled out a bottle and sprayed something full force into Brad’s face. “WHAT THE FUCK.” Brad managed to reply before the burning hit his eyes. “YOU FUCKER,”Brad roared as he tried to blindly reach out and grab where he thought Teddy was. “I’ll FUCKING TAKE YOU APART!”

Teddy however had quickly moved behind the powerful wrestler who flailed his arms about wildly trying to find and beat his opponent. Teddy grabbed Brad around the neck from behind & put him in a choke hold. Holding on tight and literally leaping onto Brad’s strong back he started to cut off Brad’s oxygen.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME.” Brad screamed as he tried to throw Teddy off his back. Teddy gripped tighter. Brad soon discovered that not only was he sightless he was rapidly losing his air flow. “GET OFF OF ME YOU FAGGOT!” Brad cursed as his intake of oxygen diminished. He started to feel the first effects as his consciousness decreased.

“Going beddy bye stud,” Teddy laughed mockingly as he cinched in tighter. The thrill of imminent victory aroused Teddy now.

“NO WAY I’M GOING OUT,” Brad howled as he flexed and struggled. No way was this puny younger faggot going to take this star athlete down especially with a wrestling move his mind yelled. He bellowed and gyrated in vain as Teddy, now enjoying the ride on his muscular stallion, held onto him fast and squeezed his grip further. Teddy could feel the powerful definition of the jock that writhed under him. If Brad hadn’t been otherwise occupied he would have discerned that Teddy had thrown an impressive boner that even now rubbed maliciously between the strong back muscles of the increasingly weakening wrestler.

“Go to sleep bro,” Teddy smirked as he felt Brad’s efforts flagging. Teddy was ecstatic. He was taking down the campus hero. He recalled Brad’s strutting demeanor in the past and his boast constant boastings to his fellow wrestlers that HE never went down. Well if they could only see it he thought. “I’m beating you!” He said sharply. “I’m taking you and I’m putting you out!”

Brad couldn’t! He wouldn’t let some lisping queen take him.

“NO…… WAY,” Brad croaked as he felt the room spin. He flailed his arms wildly but soon the strapping stud felt his knees buckle, his resistance lost momentum and, his muscular arms soon flopped limply to his sides. “Never…beaten,” he muttered quietly.

“That’s right go to sleep,” Teddy cooed to his victim. “Big jock boy going down tonight huh.” The younger boy could sense his victory was almost there. He lewdly rubbed his throbbing dick between Brad’s back muscles. “You're getting beat bro.” He hooted in delight.

“No…fuc…wwaaaoooowww,” Brad panted. Brad felt Teddy lowering him to the ground as his breathing softened into a slow rhythmic pattern. His hard butt hit the ground, “ooooffff,” Brad grunted as he expelled more air. His tapered legs spread out ‘V’ like in front of him. He couldn’t rise and his arms got heavy. Brad fell back against Teddy as the scrawny boy finished him off. Brad tried to raise one muscled arm to swat Teddy but lost it half way up. The arm fell back down and his hand rested in his lap “Nooott…gooinngg…unnndderrrr,”he quietly whispered as lost it.

“Sleepy time bro,” cooed Teddy. “That’s right sleepy time.’’ He could feel the hard muscles of his opponent going limp and pressing against him. “Nap nap time stud.” He increased his grip and pulled back so Brad was now supported in Teddy’s embrace. “Sleepy time.”

Brad mumbled incoherently in reply. “Uuuummuuhh.” His chest rising and falling as he went under farther, “noooottt..sleeeeepppyyyy.”

“Putting you out hot-shot,” Teddy whispered to Brad gleefully as he cradled a fast drifting jock into a nice nap. “That’s right cutie go to sleep for Teddy.”

“Ummmmmmmm,” just before Brad lost consciousness a final shocking thought exploded his mind: Teddy, small geeky effeminate Teddy had taken him down. “Noooooooooooo,” Brad rasped as the lights went out .His hot body went fully slack while a tiny bit of saliva dripped from his mouth. Teddy held on a bit more watching the shallow rise and fall of Brad’s chest and stomach. He reached over to lift one of Brad’s arms and watched as it dropped like a dead weight.

“Yep you’re out cutie,” Teddy chuckled as he released his grip & pushed the hunk off him. Brad slumped sideways to the ground. He looked so peaceful and sexy.

Teddy smiled at the crumpled body lying before him. He quickly pulled off Brad’s sweats taking just enough time to admire his strong firm body. Brad was chiseled perfection and his basket was impressive. What Teddy really loved was the wrestlers hot bubble ass. Teddy felt his own rod stiffen once more but he realized he had to get on with business. Eagerly he lifted the unconscious stud onto the table and tied him down. Then he reached over and attached wires from the machine to various spots on Brad’ head. Each spot was located over an addiction center in the knocked-out athlete’s brain. Teddy knew that through the use of electrical stimuli he could activate an addiction response in Brad. Given sufficient time he could cause the young jock to become an addict to whatever he was experiencing while the stimulus was turned on. Teddy then carefully wired some sexual spots on his jock and then injected a strong psychotropic drug into Brad. Teddy wanted to be sure that his victim’s mental processes were screwed up enough to help the progression and that Brad got some outside sexual incentive in certain places. Thanks to his chemical knowledge he was able to lace it with a powerful sexual stimulant. He grazed the back of his hand across Brad’s cheek. “Big shot.” He growled. “Strutting around. Showing off. So cock-sure. Speaking of which.” Teddy let his hands run along Brad’s sculpted torso resting at last on Brad’s thick cock. Teddy gently began to stroke knocked-out stud’s meat causing it to slightly rise.

“Ohhhh,” Brad sighed as a look of contentment came to his handsome face. His rod stiffened and his low hangers rose up a bit.

“Thought what the fuck he’s a screaming queen.” Teddy said roughly as he teased Brad’s meat to a full erection. “Going to fuck me over huh? Maybe with this huh you arrogant macho jackass .Well bud this is one queen that likes to fuck. And after I’m done with you it’s going to be you that prefers getting fucked!” The room filled with Teddy’s light laughter as he continued fondling the helpless wrestling star who mumbled as if in agreement. “Yeah this is one queer that knows how to turn a straight bull like you into a docile sissified heifer! Any objections ass-hole?”

Brad just lay there silently with a goofy relaxed smile on his handsome face.

Part Three

It went on for hours as Teddy methodically went about his plan. Brad’s drug addled brain was subjected to a continuous whirl of experiences. Shame, feelings of degradation, helpless inability to resist, and through it all a series of overarching erotic thrills that went beyond any he had experienced with women. The formerly arrogant sports star learned to appreciate a whole new sexual menu.

“No …I can’t,” Brad begged as Teddy demanded the campus hero rim him that initial time.

“Well, I won’t force you but,” Teddy slyly replied as he lightly stroked Brad’s engorged cock. “But if you do I’ll jerk you off as you do it. In fact the better you do it and the more I’ll….well?” Teddy just smiled & increased the electrical vibrations to Brad’s body &brain. The young athlete’s rod vibrated and thickened as its head reddened. He felt Teddy’s fingers and longed for more of that hand to grip his cock and give him relief. Teddy flicked at Brad’s dick coyly teasing. Could Brad hold out?

Sweat poured out of Brad’s tormented body. Eat out a guy’s ass. Brad was disgusted at the perverse idea. “Fuck you…fuck you ….you faggot.” He screamed. Teddy just laughed. As his body went into a frenzy of arousal however he began to crack up. He felt Teddy’s fingers gently run down the underside of his shaft. His body shivered at how good it felt. “OH GOD I NEED TO CUM,” Brad screamed, “OKAY. OKAY!”

Teddy nearly shouted in joy. He straddled Brad’s head, lowered his butt onto that handsome face and, felt the tentative moist touch of Brad’s tongue as he ate his first chute.

“Lick it bro,” Teddy sighed,” lick it out good and I swear I’ll beat you off.” True to his word Teddy reached down & stroked Brad’s meat and reveled as the young stud licked away in a frenzy. It was all timed with the quickened masturbation he was getting from Teddy.

Brad was repulsed yet his sexual hunger was satisfied. The young hunk tongued out Teddy’s ass in a sort of semi-delirious state. He kept thinking how depraved he was but need to be sexually serviced was too strong to resist. He slobbered and washed out that butt knowing that by doing so Teddy was giving him what he had to have. In fact the waves of lust that Teddy was calming only increased his efforts in rimming. He tasted the folded flesh around Teddy’s hole and then his tongue went beyond to the inner tube. To Brad’s surprise it was soft and satiny. He heard Teddy moan and he felt the younger boy quicken his hand job on his cock. His mind realized what he was doing. He experienced a wave of embarrassment then a searing sexual heat inside his gut.

His addiction centers logged in both the degradation sensation and the erotic relief. The twin emotions were becoming intertwined in that center.

“You roooo…aaaaaa…ck bitch,” Teddy gasped as Brad felt a splash of hot liquid hit his six pack. Teddy had cum. Brad lost it and climaxed . Brad’s muffled grunts when he shot were music to Teddy’s ears. When Teddy finally lifted his ass from off the handsome athlete’s face he gleefully observed that amazed yet contented look in Brad’s eyes. “We only just begun bro.” Teddy said quietly. But he knew a barrier had been breached. The BMOC superstar had eaten out a guy’s butt, cum while he did it and, even better, Brad knew all this. The next time would be easier.

“Hey Braddie not bad. You’re a natural ass-eater boy.” Teddy teased. “Let’s see how you suck dick okay!” Brad’s eyes dully focused on the younger geek. He said nothing but his blue eyes filling with tears spoke volumes. “I think you are still hunger though,” Teddy joked as he injected Brad with more of the drug & re-lowered his wet hole onto Brad’s face. Grabbing the rod in front of him & turning the current slightly higher Teddy enjoyed a second rim job. “Yeah sucking cock but first I think some other sex acts,” Teddy mused. “After all ,we got all night!”

And so it went for Brad. No matter how nauseated he was by the other sexual acts required of him, his drug induced overpowering lusts always got the better of him. With each humiliating sexual deed he performed or let be performed on him Teddy permitted Brad’s to ‘get off’. Electrically placed patches on Brad’s erogenous zones and on his skull stimulated his pleasure centers while encouraging his addiction centers into overdrive. He soon discovered a gnawing desire growing for more of the experiences. A sort of fundamental need was coming to life in him that crushed any former hostility or reluctance to what was happening or what he was doing. He was subjected to a series of sexual situations that filled him with disgust yet he was also in a state of continuous erotic arousals of a kind he’d never been in before and, to his embarrassment he still wanted more! If he had been in a clear state of mind he might have realized that the addiction/pleasure centers in his brain were now completely overdosed thanks to the bolts of vibrating electrical currents Teddy was inducing to them and that the arousals merely drug& electrically produced. But in his chemically disorientated mental state Brad was incapable of any such rationalizations. Teddy however was well aware that Brad’s disgust and shame only added in the process by releasing powerful emotions that could be tapped and redirected to Teddy’s own ends. It was enough for him to sexually conquer Brad. He wanted the smug jock to hate what he would be compelled by his created ‘addiction’ to do. Both sensations were being written in tandem in Brad’s brain to that end.

“That’s right open wide,” Teddy encouraged as he flicked his cock across Brad’s full lips. Teddy rested comfortably on the young athlete’s six-pack. He enjoyed the sensation of them on his bare butt. Teddy reached behind and made sure that he had a grip on Brad’s manhood, which was getting a nice stroke to full flower. “Open up and suck my cock buddy.”

“No….please….I…I…..not that,” Brad shivered even as his raging hormones screamed out to do it to get off.

“I’ll let you cum again.” Teddy snickered as he enjoyed seeing the conflict play out on Brad’s handsome face. He increased his hand job on Brad’s rod.

“Don’t…please…not sucking dick,” Brad pleaded to Teddy’s delight. Teddy increased his masturbation on the hunk. Brad’s brain spun and his resistance began to crack up. “Suck your dick…I..I”

“Do it. You want to. Need to. Get off. Get off. Get off,” Teddy chanted in a rhymed monotone while he ran the palm of his other hand across Brad’s sculpted pectorals & tweaked Brad’s nipples to rock hard bullets. Brad needed to suck voluntarily and Teddy was patient. He rested his cock-head on Brad’s trembling lower lip. The pre-cum ran across Brad’s full lips and into Brad’s throat.

The salty fluids made its way down the back of the hunk’s throat, which caused Brad to involuntarily swallow. The prone wrestler immediately realized he had just tasted a man’s spunk. He wanted to die of shame. Little did he realize that very emotional response would defeat his resistance. The addictions center felt it and its twin colleague of desire flared up. Brad whimpered pathetically as his cock demanded action now. He began to cry and his mouth opened. His tongue tentatively lapped the head of Teddy’s cock.

“Good boy,” encouraged Teddy as he let Brad set the pace. He stroked and watched as Brad’s eyes glazed. He was turning Brad on again. The wrestling star licked more of the head in front of him. A few more manipulations on Brad’s cock set the deal. Brad’s mouth opened wider and Teddy slipped in.

Brad’s eyes popped open “Uuuuummpphh,” came as a muffled sound. Teddy pulled out letting Brad suck in air. “CCCCaaaaaaa,” Brad coughed, “I don’t think I can,” but Teddy cut him off.

“Relax. Just get it wetter and you’ll see,” he cooed as he massaged Brad’s rod. Brad groaned with lust and started to bathe the hard dick with his saliva. With patient instruction from Teddy the feverish jock learned the fine art of sucking cock. Teddy plunged his meat back in brad’s throat.

“Uuuuummphh,” Brad mumbled as he sucked. A mouth full of dick distorted his good-looking visage. Teddy smiled and beat Brad’s meat. Brad’s tongue worked on the dick that was now deep in his throat.

“If they could see their big hero sucking my cock,” he chuckled loudly as Brad, now totally humiliated, felt that all too familiar rush of erotic arousal that came with such emotions. “We are just starting our treatments” Teddy thought as he plowed Brad’s hot moist hole. Brad, now helplessly turned on by his addiction centers, continued licking and lapping on the hard object in his mouth. His nose filled with Teddy’s sexual scent and his chin felt the constant slapping of Teddy’s balls. To his shame shot a wad high in the air. “Yes,” Teddy nodded to himself. We are on a roll!

By the conclusion of Teddy’s ‘initial’ treatments it was over for the handsome strapping campus hero. Brad accepted inside himself that it was imperative to satisfy the ‘need’ that burned in him and he now assumed that it was these desires coupled with the intense degradation he felt as they occurred were the only way to accomplish it. In fact in his drugged and disorientated brain it seemed that it was the latter which made the former even hotter. The more he hated, the more he despised, the greater the sexual thrill which, once sated, momentarily stilled that ravenous craving. It was apparent he required both emotional kindling’s to feed the howling demands that literally burned inside him tonight. His confused mental centers were engaged in a sort of recalculating: overwhelming sexual thrill+ undeniable personal humiliations together = necessary satisfaction. It would take time to fully process that math, set it permanently into his brain and, fundamentally alter Brad’s sexuality but for now the hot stud reluctantly reasoned to himself that he had to slake this relentless appetite and to do that it was necessary to debase himself. As this realization hit home his self-image as a powerful athletic unconquerable super-stud collapsed. “Fuck I need more again.” He groaned at one point after having sucked Teddy’s meat and sack for what seemed like the sixth time. As usual during the endeavor he had climaxed. As typical the twin emotions of longing and mortification locked into his addictive centers.

“Pardon,” Teddy teased as he reached over to turn up the electrical stimuli. Brad twitched as Teddy massaged the bound hunk’s cock once more. Brad impressive rod rose to full staff causing the muscular jock to twitch for more sexual release.

It was all over Brad decided the effeminate nerd had finally won. Someone he had previously considered physically weaker and contemptuous had taken down the unconquerable macho jock. Now for the hardest part, telling this frail gay wuss that he had not only wupped Brad’s straight butt but, that Brad longed to be fucked over by him again. He pathetically began to verbalize his humiliating loss. It was at that moment Teddy heard the next words that sent him in rapture.

“I give.” Brad mumbled hesitantly. “More please,”

“What was that?” Teddy queried in hopeful anticipation.

The tall powerful hunk cringed upon hearing Teddy’s lisping voice. He yearned for more submission to Teddy & the burning ignominy of that fact all only made him hotter as the ‘hunger’ flared up in force.

“More…I want more….please,” Brad said audibly a broken jock-stud.

“More what?” Teddy quizzed happily. This was a moment meant to be savored and Brad needed to be totally mind fucked by an out-loud admission of his desires from Teddy.

“Need to get off again. Need… I…,” Brad whined his voice cracking like a kid as he pled. As he spoke his rod continued throbbing in heat. “I…please!”

“Go on,” Teddy laughed as he watched the formerly arrogant athlete twitching in heat. “What do you want me to do?”

Through bleary hazed eyes Brad could see his tormentor’s smiling face mocking him. He struggled to say it. To admit what he wanted sexually from the smaller frailer boy. The more he felt that despair the more he had to get off and get off in the way he believed would do it. He groaned and said it. “Fucking break me in more……punk my jock assss....pleaseeeeee…getsss….meeee ……hotterrrrr,”

“Hmmm. You want me to… fuck you?” Teddy quizzed happily. The final seal on the deal he thought. Getting that arrogant jock to consent to getting his virginal chute plugged.

A crushed Brad lifted his head. The thought of his getting butt-fucked disgusted him. It would be the final indignity. He couldn’t permit or want to get his ass fucked. Only wimps, faggots, and girls took it up the rear. Brad was no pussy. His entire being cringed and he felt a surge of uncontrollable mortification as he visualized it being done to him. His brain further processed that emotion and it reinvigorated the correlated sexual desire in him to new heights. Brad’s dick was in agony to get relief. He knew the ache had to be to be satiated anew. He sighed and just gave up. “Fuck yes.” He sobbed. He was going to let that effeminate scrawny geek fuck away of his last shred of manhood.

“Then ask me nice now,” Teddy said haughtily.

“Please,” Brad croaked his voice breaking now, “please….. fuck…me!”

“Fucking A,” Teddy hooted as he ratcheted up the current, gave his hunk a large drug dose and, hoisting Brad’s muscular legs apart, prepared to ride his formerly bucking bronco in his own personal rodeo! Teddy, little younger rail thin Teddy had beaten his smug hunky foe and was going to do the unthinkable. Turn hot-shot Brad the school BMOC from a raging alpha male into a bottom-boy cum dump. “Going fuck you boy but only cause you asked.” He hooted. Brad had asked for it and they both knew it.

“Oooooooooooooooo mannn,” Brad howled in response as Teddy lifted him up so that Brad was now resting solely on his broad shoulders. Teddy pushed against Brad’s outer ring. “I…too tight,” Brad moaned through gritted teeth. “You’re too big!”

“Just let me do it you. God your worse than a little girl” Teddy knew verbally abusing Brad at this point would turn him on enough to give it up. “Big tough wrestler. Yeah sure.” He saw the look of surrender in those blue eyes and Teddy felt Brad’s ass muscles loosen.

“OH GOD,” Brad was now over the edge. His hole’s barriers gave way in a fiery blaze Suddenly, Teddy was in. The younger boy began to screw the former BMOC. “You’re fucking my ass.” Brad choked out tearfully. “Oh man you are really fucking my ass,” Brad garbled in agony. After a few more thrusts however Brad’s muscles eased up and his formerly virginal chute sucked in its invader as waves of sexual pleasure engulfed him again. His ass was on fire but in a warm enveloping way & with it came the stirrings of peaceful relief that only came when he shot his jis. Teddy humped into him harder and yet Brad discovered his wanting more. There was spot Teddy was just about hitting .Each flick by it aroused him to another level. Brad discovered that he wanted that spot slapped by Teddy’s rod.

Teddy noticed that Brad’s hips moved under him. It was as if Brad was humping back. “Oh bro, you’re enjoying it aren’t you macho boy?”

Brad gazed at Teddy’s face with a look of despair and desire. “Fuck me deeper.” The stud blushed even as he begged to the amusement of the younger boy. Big bad assed Brad the humpy sculpted wrestler who got all the girls was getting pinned by a physically weaker opponent and loving it! “Hitting a spot.” He whispered sheepishly, “feels so good.”

“Fantastic,” Teddy exclaimed as he went wild ramming in and out of Brad’s chute pounding away in joy. “Fucking taking your jock cherry you bitch,” he sneered. “Fucking your sweet tight ass. And you fucking love it!” his words turned Brad’s sexual needs into overdrive.

“AAAARGHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,!” Brad howled in agreement as Teddy worked on Brad’s spot and sent the jock into a stratosphere of delight. He began to thrust his hips back harder onto Teddy’s cock and soon he knew from the inside rumbles of his own dick that he was getting ready to explode. “GOINT TO CUM. ….I’m GOING TO…..OH SHIT MAN… YOU”RE FUCKING MY JIS OUT OF ME!!” He babbled in ecstasy. Hearing that did it for Teddy as well. Both climaxed in tandem. It was the best relief of the night for Brad. Then the realization of it all hit him. He had begged to be fucked and came like a whore while it occurred. He opened his mouth to scream out some sort of denial but was shocked to hear himself whisper hoarsely, “Fuck me again please!”

“Thought you would want more bitch.” Teddy smiled as he moved back into position, inserted his meat deep inside, and struck that spot Brad had discovered within his chute. “Guess all that strutting you were doing in school was a cover for you really wanting some dude to fuck your hot bubble butt huh.”

Brad nodded weakly as his dick’s demands took command once more. Far from protesting the series of anal assaults that followed however the handsome hunk spent the rest of the night yelling out lewd encouragements to his conqueror. The room was alive with the sights, sounds and, smells of their rutting!

Part Four

Brad left Teddy’s bruised, tired and mentally shock shocked. His mind spun with flashes of what had happened to him and how he had behaved . That night he went to his room to figure out how to get even with the younger boy. Brad had decided that his conduct, his new found desires were just a fluke. If he took some type of revenge then Teddy would have no hold on him. His life would go back to the way it was. The handsome jock lay on his bed & recalled all that had been done to him. His breathing quickened as his brain replayed the events. The young hunk felt his whole body tingling & he broke out into a cold sweat. As the actions recreated themselves in his mind Brad’s found himself emotionally reliving his experience. It wasn’t until he heard himself moaning that he realized he had unconsciously reached down and was stoking himself to arousal. He was shocked to think that he was getting off on thoughts of his humiliation and yet, he found he couldn’t resist his actions. He felt a roar of desire engulf him driving a confusing sexual urge to its natural climax. “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh yyyeahh.” He bellowed as he shot his wad only to restart the process once more.

Afterwards he lay silently in the dark his face streaked with tears. While he couldn’t comprehend what was going on in his mind one thing was clear. Brad had continuously masturbated to the remembrances of his sexual degradation. And he had enjoyed doing it!

The rest of that week Brad tried to blot it all out and resume his old life but at night in the quiet of his room the same scene played out for him. He’d want revenge, he’d recall what was done to him and then, his ultimate surrender to the erotic thrill of the memories that compelled him pump himself into exhaustion. By the weekend his ravenous sexual desires required him to admit to himself that he needed more than mental pictures. Shaking with longing and loathing he reached over from his bed to the phone on his nightstand & placed a call he dreaded making but was forced to do by the commands of his throbbing dick. With each ring he inwardly winced even while his lust increased.

"Hello Teddy," Brad meekly said when he reached the young freshman at home. He knew what he was going to say & could visualize Teddy’s grin at his victory. The thought of himself groveling to the scrawny wimp on the other end killed him but also caused his cock to stir impatiently.

"Yes & what can I do for you," Teddy replied sarcastically. He knew he had the bastard!

"Listen.. I ...ahh..well..I", the once arrogant jock stuttered as he tried to say it out loud and yet still maintain a shred of his old dignity. He looked at himself in the nearby mirror. His taunt muscular body glistening in sweat. He saw his cock rigid and pulsating. As he looked at his face he saw not the image of a handsome ,arrogant, smug jock star but a pathetic beaten pussy! “I was wondering…I mean….if you are …free,” he croaked hoarsely.

"My dad is away again this week. Get your ass over now. Got it!" Teddy barked as he took control of the situation.

"Yes," mumbled Brad in a tone that signaled his resignation.

"Good boy," Teddy answered making sure to emphasis the later word to his conquered hunk.

Brad squirmed as he heard that term yet his cock roared its agreement with delight in hearing it. "And boy,” Teddy continued, " If you want me train you then you better show some respect when you address me. GOT IT!"

"Yes...sir," Brad whined as he unconsciously reached down to rub his crotch area. ‘A pussy. I’m his fucking pussy,” Brad moaned silently to himself as he hung up. The former macho wrestler let that thought pound in his mind while he proceeded to beat his meat. “Pussy,” he gasped as he blew a wad that splashed onto his mirror. He showered and slipped off to his training.

That night began a series of nocturnal visits to Teddy. On that first night Brad’s need for sexual release overcame his initial reservations & he docilely allowed the geeky freshman to re-hook him to the electrical device and ingest whatever drug Teddy commanded. With each subsequent encounter the young hunk’s desires grew while his resistance to the machine and drugs diminished By the end of the week, thanks to the multiple stimulations which increased his addiction response & enflamed Brad’s sex drive , the smug muscular wrestling star’s body and mind were thoroughly obsessed with the pleasures of domination by the slight younger Teddy. The training continued every night after that with Brad slipping out of his house and into Teddy’s ‘special room’. Every night Brad succumbed and allowed his powerful physique to be bound to the table in that room and his muscular frame connected and injected. Teddy never failed to feel a renewed thrill at his conquest of the physically more imposing jock. Watching as the muscular stud wimped and obeyed made life a joy. Teddy never got over the charge of observing Brad slowly strip and climb onto the table. Brad’s face was a study in shame and desire that the younger dominator continually used to reassert his control. He had punked the campus BMOC! As Brad lay in all his athletic glory stretched out and tied for Teddy’s pleasure the lanky younger boy remembered how proud and haughty Brad had been in his athletic ability and striking good looks. Now he lay prone and squirming in sexual heat for Teddy to command. If the girls could see their sex stud now he thought as Teddy twisted Brad’s brown nipples causing a low guttural moan of pleasure from the handsome jock while they hardened. “Got you, you fucking bastard. Got you moaning like a whore for more huh?”

Brad lifted his head slightly and tried to focus on his dominator, “Yessssss,” he hissed as his head fell back on the table. He could hear a chuckle from the geeky freshman he ran his hands across Brad’s smoothly defined chest and abs. “Wonder what the young ladies would say seeing you like this! Shall we see how you like getting your holes filled again?”

Brad knew he was too far gone to object to anything Teddy wanted to do to him. His days as a ladies man were over and he knew it. “Fuckkkk mee pleaseee sir,” he groaning through chattering teeth.

Toward the end of the first month Teddy began to dress Brad in female underwear to further degrade his sexual captive. With the regulation of the drug administered coupled with carefully heighten electrical stimuli during each training session Teddy was able to ensure that Brad would experience ever increasing arousal even as he felt personal contempt for his submission to such dress.

After a month of such reorientation Brad needed humiliation and degradation to enjoy sex fully. With a sort of perverse pleasure Teddy lately had insisted that Brad wear pink lace underwear all the time now. Brad complied even as he moaned in protest. Teddy noted however that his stunning captive was sporting an impressive denial of that protest when Teddy first suggested it.

In school, at practice, even in meets it was all Brad could do to suppress an embarrassing arousal as the satin thongs and frilly undergarments sensually rubbed his dick and reminded him of his new status as Teddy’s ‘bitch’. Surprisingly Brad never wrestled better. On the mat he rocked with a record pin record that had many talking potential Olympic gold. His athletic prowess had given rise to him acquiring a huge fan base quite a few whom secretly lusted over the stunning hunk who seemed to epitomize masculine virility. If they only knew that after every meet the handsome jock raced over to meet with puny effeminate guy so he could grovel on all-fours and submissively lick that geek’s nut-sack while that self same puny geek derided the all-American male’s athletic achievements they might have rethought their opinions. Teddy knew that Brad’s victories were inspired by thus type of reward. Brad savored degradation and his victories on the mat and the praise he received from others after them only made his subsequent humiliation by Teddy hotter for him.

“Such a big man huh,” laughed Teddy while Brad sucked and lapped on the balls and cock provided. “Tell me hot-shot if you are such a big ‘man’ why are you here licking my crotch clean boy,” he taunted. Brad looked up, his mouth filled with Teddy’s sack, a small groan of despair came from his lips but he feverishly continued slurping away! Teddy reached down and tousled the golden haired hunk’s head. “Never mind boy we know why”, he chuckled as the docile athlete continued his oral service. Teddy’s foot flicked brad’s nuts so that they swayed lewdly to and fro. Teddy knew it made Brad hornier when it happened and judging by the athlete’s quicker oral service he wasn’t wrong.

In a final ‘graduation ceremony’ Teddy strapped Brad to a table in the room. The slight freshman hooked up his muscular jock to the machine & then he injected the stud with a massive dose of the drug. Teddy hit full power and gleefully watched as the once haughty athletic hunk’s rod rose to full majesty. While Brad squirmed and begged to shoot Teddy leaned down and whispered into Brad’s ear, “Fucking cunt. That’s what you are boy. My fucking pussy cunt!” He squeezed Brad’s hefty nuts.

“YOU”RE PUSSY CUNT!!!!” Brad howled in agreement as his rod shot an arch of white cream that spattered onto his chest. Teddy dipped his fingers in the sticky jism and lets Brad lick his fingers clean. Teddy savored his triumph as Brad lapped up his own spunk!


The former BMOC was on all fours in the darkened room. He was naked except for the frilly girly underwear he had just brought to please Teddy. He had gone to a store Teddy directed him too and done what Teddy had required of him. Two old men who were real queens ran it. Brad blushed with embarrassment as he recalled their faces when he introduced himself as a customer and how the men held the lacy undergarments up to Brad’s young body to check size. The lewd smile that came to their wrinkled lips when Brad, as Teddy instructed, asked for their help in the back room in trying them on. Brad flushed with shame as he recalled being in the fitting area with the two effeminate men while he modeled a series of frilly pink panties for their approval and later the wheezing grunts as the older men fucked Brad both orally and anally in that back room with their withered cocks. Throughout it all his own cock had remained erect and he even climaxed as he was butt-fucked. As he remembered it all once more he could feel his rod grow and rub sensually against the satiny feel of the panties he wore. Suddenly he heard the familiar clicking of steps down the stairs. Teddy was coming. His breathing increased and beads of sweat dripped down his sculpted pecs and off his six pack. Brad knew that before the night was over he would experience more sexual degradations and domination. He wanted to get up and run but his raging hard on held him in check.

"My , my" ,Teddy lisped as he approached taking in the powerful sexy body that was his to command. He gazed at the hard biceps, muscled legs, tapered waist and firm butt cheeks (contained in the frilly underwear Brad was wearing) that he would soon abuse. "Don’t we look so pretty in our panties. I think perhaps you should go back to buy some seamed stockings and garters; then maybe we will tape you modeling them.” Brad lifted his handsome face. His green eyes met Teddy’s who could see in them a look of shame, yearning & submission. “Possibly I’ll send copies to your teammates and your dad. Wouldn’t that be fun boy?”

Brad let out a low whimper and shuddered even as a wet spot grew in his lacy covered crotch at the thought of it. He was totally aroused by the idea. It humiliated him and thrilled him in equal measure.

“Hmm,” Teddy mused. “You know I think I’ll put an ad in our local gay paper too. I could use some extra cash. I think it will read: Formerly smug, arrogant, athletic straight boy looking to be sexually used & abused by men. A true bottom slut who now needs a lot of men to punk him! Thoughts of humiliation, groveling, & denigration get him very hot!” Brad let out a whine to try to protest but Teddy saw that the young jock’s cock was now straining in its satin confinement. The wet spot grew larger. Teddy laughed as he swatted Brad’s rump with a quick series of hard strokes.





“Ohhhh,” Brad grunted as each hit connected. He felt a familiar fiery heat on his cheeks. His mind recalled the first time he had been spanked by Teddy. How he had meekly crawled over Teddy’s lap after unsuccessfully pleading with the younger tormentor not to make him do this; how he had felt as Teddy lowered his CK’s ; the way Teddy had rubbed his hands across Brad’s smooth mounds; the cool air that he felt on them just before that initial slap that began the series of hits that tanned his butt for the first time in his life. He still shuddered with a mix of ignominy and excitement as he remembered how he had bawled like a baby in the end. But most of all he recollected how, throughout every step of it, his cock had stayed rigid. Brad’s cock throbbed as he contemplated that ultimate display of his powerlessness. The wet spot grew larger still. “Ugh.Ugh.Ugh.You’re whipping my ass again.” He groaned.

Teddy stopped then smirked as he pulled out his dick. He strolled around and went up to Brad. “Going to whip your butt again tonight. Got anything to say about that boy?”

Brad, the once frisky stallion now thoroughly gelded, merely parted his sensual lips so Teddy’s could insert his dick. As Brad’s ears filled with his slurping sounds the punked athlete knew the evening was just beginning and blissful future degradations awaited him. “MMMMMMMMMMMM,” Brad gulped as Teddy shot a load down his throat. As Teddy laughed Brad came.


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