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Tapping and Topping an Officer
By Kyle Cicero

Tapping and Topping An Officer

By Kyle Cicero

When I first started writing gay erotic stories, it was for MC Stories. The rule was every single tale had to employ some type of mind control through hypnosis or drugs. When new sites opened that did not require the use of that trope, I branched out leaving hypnosis behind. I haven't done a hypno-story in quite some years. I thought it would be nice to go back to my original writing roots. I hope you enjoy. Feedback welcomed and strongly encouraged. .

A nod to K!

Thanks to Jack Parker for his suggestion too.

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First I want to say that things didn’t happen because I had some type of grudge against him. Things happened because, quite frankly, ever since high school I had a thing for Alessandro Galantavi. From the very first day I saw him, I fantasized about him. I was just a gawky kid whose family had arrived from India just before I was borne. I barely hit five foot seven. I was also a bit chubby back then too. Of course,I wore glasses. Yeah, your typical nerd.

Alex, as he insisted he be called, was six foot. In his freshman year he made the school’s wrestling and baseball team. A natural athlete with a toned, defined body that was walking sex on a stick. He was your typical Italian-American with dark wavy hair, brown eyes, and a manly sexy voice. By his sophomore year, he had a nice bit of chest hair while the rest of us were barely growing anything. Then there was his junk. I remember back in freshman year in high school when I saw him for the first time in the showers. He had an uncut dick that was thick and long with a set of lightly haired huge low hangers. If I didn’t know I was gay before, seeing those two orbs swinging between his strong thighs totally had me hot for dick.

We were barely into our first month in high school when, he scored on the girlfriend of our school’s football team’s quarterback. His rep increased when, meeting up with the angry senior, Alex hauled off and cold-conked him with one punch. Thereafter he ruled our high school. By his sophomore year he was known as a ladies-man.

Alex coolly and calmly strode through high school like he owned the place. He was the envy of every guy and the wet dream of every girl. It continued when we both went to State University. He soon was cock of the walk on campus with a reputation as a sexual swordsman who knew how seduce and then expertly to his equipment. One thing else, he loved being admired and complimented. His ego knew no bounds and that was the key to what happened later on with us.

I spent my high school years being totally awkward and invisible, well until Alex decided to target me with pranks. To be fair, he targeted every guy he felt was ‘faggy’. Still, he took pains to make my life hell either by mocking me in front of everyone or engaging in petty acts that made me the laughing stock at school. The day we left for separate colleges was my liberation from his tormenting.

We both graduated from State. He went off to serve in the Marines and I went off to get a degree in psychology. After I finished, I established a pretty good practice especially in the area of hypno-therapy. By the time I was 28, I had a pretty good reputation in my field. Being a minority, led to being hired by a local town’s police force to conduct psychological reviews of their officers. In light of events involving the police, they wanted to be sure that there were no bad apples. Having a session with me was essential to staying on the force. Imagine my surprise when, while going through the files, there was one for Alex . I felt a stirring in my crotch as I read it. I took note of his service in the marines with a stint as an MP. He left with an Honorable discharge. I also noticed a comment from his now retired former Captain that Alex was a take-charge, straight shooter cop but was a bit too flirty with a superior officer’s wife, a tendency to be boastful, and sought out praise.

Nothing jumped out about him that required seeing him but, I decided if I was ever going to get payback for his treatment of me, there would never be a better opportunity. I wrote a quick note to the chief of police saying that most of his officers were all right, but I thought that a few like Alex could use a brief counseling session. Nothing to worry about as it’s “just to make sure everything was in order”.

He walked in on the day of his appointment with that same coolly confident strut to his step. In school he had always been the sexiest guy I’d ever seen but now, in his late 20s, he had come full flower as any gay guy’s sexual fantasy. He’d come straight from work wearing a blue uniform which he had clearly tailored to fit him like a glove. He had broad shoulders leading down to a tapered waist. Not an ounce of fat showed above his tightly secured leather belt. His pants, which, were just as snug, showed off every rippling muscle in his lower torso. It took all my effort not to fixate on that bulge in his crotch area. Images of that thick cock and the hefty low hanging balls which, set it off made my throat dry. It was summer so, he was wearing a short summer police shirt whose sleeves were straining against his round biceps. A tattoo on his arm that read ‘bad boy’ only added to his sex appeal. Open at the collar this shirt revealed just enough of his dark curly chest hair.

“Look Doc,” he spat out, showing a bit of irritation. “I don’t see why I need a session.”

“Just routine. Give me a half hour. We sit and talk, and it’s done,” I calmly replied neglecting to mention hypnosis was part of my planned talk. I’d noticed that he hadn’t even recognized me. Still, perhaps that wasn’t so surprising since, I was barely a blip in his world. Besides, thanks to an unexpected growth spurt, I’d grown to five ten. Also, thanks to gym workouts, I’d lost weight, put on lean muscle and now wore contacts.

“ Doc is this really necessary?” he asked.

I just looked at him. I knew he’d comply. Walking out on me was not an option but I decided to raise the stakes. “If my not being white makes you uncomfortable…” I calmly stated. I waited letting that implication unnerve him.

I saw a look of panic in his face. “No…gees no.” He took a deep breath. “Sorry. Sure whatever you want.” He gave me that patented “Alex Grin” that I’d seen him use on people to charm them.

“Okay then let’s get started,” I briskly replied to indicate he had failed in his effort. “Oh and it’s Doctor, not Doc.”

‘Sorry Doc…I mean Doctor,” he sputtered. “ I apologize…honest. No disrespect was meant.”

I suppressed a desire to laugh. My remarks had shaken his prior smugness. Not only was he unsettled but, to prove he wasn’t a racist or being disrespectful, he would now be mentally primed for compliance. I directed him into the office so I could check out that round beefy butt of his rippling under his pants. If I had any doubts about what I was going to do to him, seeing that object of so many nightly jerk-off fantasizes convince me to go for it.

Officer Downed

“So, how does this work?” Alex tentatively asked as he sat across from me. “I mean do we just discuss a lot of stuff or what?”

“Simply try and to relax,” I said as I stared at him.

“Easier said than done,” he replied in a manner that showed he was trying to inject some humor into his voice to hide his nervousness.

I smiled. Good , I thought, you’re still off balance .I bet this is one of the few times you feel you’re not in control of what’s happening . I smiled and decided the best attack was to put a warm but paternalistic tone in my voice. “I know you’re nervous. It’s normal.”

“I’m not nervous,” he insisted a bit to swiftly which only demonstrated he was indeed feeling it.

“No need to worry,” I went on ignoring his protestation. “Now, we’re going to try a little technique that I think will help us make our session productive. That will mean I must take the lead in it. Is that agreeable?”

“Okay, whatever you say Doctor,” Alex replied using a respectful manner which I was sure was his way of trying to show me his prior arrogant attitude towards me was a thing of the past.

I couldn’t help but think how easy it had been to castrate his smug attitude. It gave me an assurance that I would castrating other aspects of his personality might be just as easy. Throughout his life, Alex had been a manly, overconfident Italian stallion. My hope was that, after I was done with him, his machismo would be gelded. “Now just do as I say and we can finish and get you back out there,” I assured him. I reached to my desk and activated a mechanical metronome. “I want you to focus on that,” I instructed as I pulled it out and set it in front of him.

“If you’re trying to hypnotize me I should warn you I’m not sure it will work. I know some brains are susceptible but I’m a bit stronger willed,” he told me with a hint of his old arrogance in his voice.

“Simply concentrate on the device,” I slowly replied. “The pendulum’s back and forth movement can be so relaxing.” I watched his eyes follow the swinging. After a few minutes I could see him succumbing. His breathing took on a slower pace. Soon his eyes had a vacant look. “It feels so good to simply relax,” I gently told him. “Tell me how good it feels. How relaxing it is.”

“Relaxing…feels so good,” he dully repeated as his breathing deepened. “Not…going…to…work,” he mumbled even though it clearly was taking hold of him.

“Keep watching it,” I softly said. “Your eyes can’t stop being firmly fixed on it. So relaxing. Let yourself relax. That’s an order Officer.” I firmly added.

“Yes Doctor,” he sighed.

A lifetime of listening to instructions/orders from his coaches and superior officers both in and out of the military and police force had already conditioned him about obeying orders. I was counting on that preconditioning inside of him to piggyback my way into his subconscious.

“Don’t fight; just relax. That’s an order,” I firmly told him.

“Relax…don’t fight,” he groaned while letting out a deep sigh that signaled he was going under and fast. His body gradually slumped down in the chair. As it did, his legs shifted slightly farther apart causing his pants to ride up around his crotch in a way that nicely hugged his budging crotch.

I stared at him. In spite of his prior protest, it appeared Officer Alex was quite receptive to being hypnotized. There he was, sprawled out in the chair, his mouth slightly open, with his eyes dully unfocused. I then proceeded to do the usual hypnosis patter about his eyes being so heavy, his feeling so sleepy. I could hear his breathing deepen even further until his drooping eyes fully closed. I took a few more moments to continue bringing him even more deeply under simply to make sure he was ready. As I did, I thought about how my fantasies about him were about to come true. There he was in front of me under my hypnotic control. As I got ready to begin his gelding a silly phrase from TV cop shows popped into my head. Under the current situation was so true: Officer Downed .

Officer Alex’s Conditioning Begins

What to do first with my tranced stud? I wondered. “Open that shirt,” I said. I watched as he slowly complied. How many times had I dreamed about his chest. Each unfastened button exposed more of it to view. Alex had quite a nicely developed chest area. He had just enough chest hair to highlight his rounded pectorals. He also had a thin honey trail running down his ribbed abdominals towards his belt. I took a few moments to enjoy the sight of him lying in his chair with his shirt pulled open. Alex had been sexy in school but now, in his late twenties, he was even hotter. “Play with your nipples,” I suddenly stated.

His hands reached up to rub those two large brown-hued orbs. “Fuck,” he groaned as he expertly massaged this chest. Suddenly he got more aggressive and began pinching his nipples. “Shit…yeah,” he grunted as he roughly abused them. Soon they had shrunk in size and stiffened into small dark mounds. He let out another deep sigh while flicking their now hard tips with his fingers. “Fucking …yeah,” he moaned. He leaned back in his chair to let his thighs move apart. “Fuck,” he hissed as he took deep breaths and flowed with it.

I noticed both a slight rise had occurred in his crotch area and that his brown pupils had fully dilated. So my stud likes nipple play , I thought. For the next few minutes I had Alex working on his chest or making a sexy slapping sound as one palm ran up and down his washboard abdominals. I quickly observed a small wet spot appear in his crotch. Once or twice he had attempted to reach down to rub it but, I verbally thwarted those endeavors. I intended to take my time with him. For now, I was content watching him engage in this activity. Of course I also recoded it all too for later viewings.

After a short while I instructed him to stop and button up his shirt. By now, his nipples looked quite raw and the wet spot in his uniformed crotch had increased in size. “From now on when I say Alessandro you will return into a deep trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he mumbled.

“You will wake up on the count of three,” I stated. “When you do, you will feel fine. In fact, you enjoyed our session so much you insist we meet again. You will not notice the stain in your pants. You will ask to use a restroom. Once you go in, you will give into an irresistible urge to masturbate into your hand. After you ejaculate, you will spread it throughout your hair without even realizing what you did. Use your spunk arrange it to have a slicked back gelled look. Do you understand?”

“Yes” he whispered.

“Lastly whenever I say the word ‘come’ you will unconsciously massage your crotch. Are we clear?” I instructed.

“Yes,” he dully replied.

“Good..1…2..3,” I said. He blinked and gazed around. “So I believe this was productive, don’t you?” I asked.

He blinked again. “Yes Doctor I think it did. I’m sorry I made a stink about it.”

“Not a problem. Would you like to have another session?” I quizzed.

“Yeah that would be great,” he quickly replied while flashing that trademark smile. He paused and looked around. “I really need to use a restroom. Where is one on this floor?”

“Please use my private one. It’s that door on your left,” I responded.

“Thanks,” he told me again flashing that smile that only made him sexier.

After Alex walked in, I went to my desk. I had previously rigged up a cam in my restroom. Pulling out a small screen from the drawer, I turned it on and hit record. Alex stood in front of the toilet, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and balls, and began beating off. My camera caught it all, especially the look on his face as he closed his eyes and focused on his masturbation.

“Oh fuck,” he loudly moaned as he beat his dick.. “Fuck yes,” he noisily grunted.

“Well it appears you are quite vocal when you get off,” I muttered. I resisted the urge to pull out my meat and beat off with him. After all, this was my office and one had to be professional. Besides, I could do it tonight while viewing the recording at home.

He grew even more audible as his strokes took on a swifter movement. “Fuck yeah,” he began repeatedly saying. Clearly he was an expert at beating off. I was pleasantly surprised when his free hand reached under his shirt to clearly do some more nipple play. “Fucking tits,” he grunted

“Interesting,” I softly said. I learned my cop stud liked his nipples played with and, even more interesting he’d used a distinctly feminine word to refer to them.

“Shit I need to blow a load,” he grunted as he then moved his free hand from his chest to reach down to cup his nut-sack. I noticed him give it a light squeeze. “Fucking yeah,” he hissed. Suddenly his body shuddered. His hand quickly moved from his balls to make a sort of ‘cup’ just inches from cock. “Fucking yeah,” he bellowed as he began to ejaculated into it. His muscled torso made some slightly forward humping movement as he squirted an impressive load into his free hand. “Fucking yes,” he hissed as he finished.

On the whole seeing him his uniform with his cock and balls hanging out had been quite stimulating. I closed the screen after he smeared his hair with his spunk. A minute later he emerged all smiles and his once curly locks nicely jizz-gelled into a slicked-back helmeted appearance.

“Thanks,” he said.

“No problem. I look forward to when you come again,” I subtly teased making sure to vocally emphasize the word ‘come’. “Shall we say this Saturday afternoon at twelve?”

“That would be great,” he answered while reaching down to rub his crotch. “Well I’m off.”

I watched as he left and then plotted our next session.

Session Two: Free balling

Two days later I received a call from Alex asking if he could meet again. I instructed him I had to time today after office hours. He quickly thanked me and said he’d be there right after his shift. Sure enough he arrived on time.

“Hey Doctor,” he said as we settled in our respective chairs.

“Glad you could come,” I replied taking a small pleasure in how his hand drifted down to rub his crotch. “So Alessandro,” I stated. I watched as his pupils dilated and his body relaxed. “You keep rubbing your crotch. I think you need to free that cock of yours? Do that for me, okay?” I suggested

“Yes,” he replied. He unzipped and pulled out his cock and balls.

I noticed Alex went commando which was quite sexy. “Why not stroke your cock a bit. Just to get it stiff but don’t cum until I tell you,” I instructed.

He began masturbating. I took some nice picture of him dressed in his uniform. I was sure quite a number of men would pay for images of a hot looking cop dressed in in his officer’s uniform with his nuts and erect cock sticking out of his pants. “So Alex do you like sex?” I quizzed.

“Yes,’ he happily murmured as he stroked his meat. It was obvious he was an expert at it for, although he was fully erect and the head of his cock was growing wider as it filled with blood flow, he was only leaking slightly.

“Recall the first time you had sex with a woman?” I said.

A sly smile came to his face. “She was older,” he replied. “She told me I had a hot body. She really got off admiring my build. I get g hot having my body worshiped.”

“So you enjoy being admired?” I inquired.

“Oh yeah,” he grunted as he worked his erection. “I have a fucking awesome body.” He quickened his masturbation. “I have a great dick and set of balls too,” he snickered as he worked his meat for me.

I had to admit that Alex had a great package. I like thick long cocks with some heft to them and his certainly did fit that bill. His dick was impressively long and hefty. As his hand stroked, I could see a throbbing vein swirling along his shaft from its base to his heads. I also find it sexy when such a weapon comes, as his did, with a matching set of low hanging balls enclosed in a lightly haired pouch. Yes, Alex’s jewels fit that bill. Yet, I wanted more. “Do you like showing off your body?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied with a smile. “I have a fucking great build. I work at the gym on it too. Not like some other slobs who are cops. Fat fucks,” he said with disgust in his voice.

“I bet you pose in a mirror at the gym too, don’t you,” I stated.

“All the time,” he boasted.

I noticed that as he talked about his body his cock was leaking. I took note that he found showing off sexually arousing. “Why don’t you strip and show me your body then,” I instructed.

I watched as he stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. It was quite erotic seeing my cop standing in front of me, his balls and cock hanging out of his zipper while he undid his shirt buttons. “Slow down,” I told him. I wanted to savor each second of this even as my cam recoded it all. “Take your time. When you finish, I want you to play with your nipples. Savor showing off,” I said. I smiled while thinking of how I was using his own ego about his torso to further my goals.

When he undid the last button, he pulled his shirt open. “Fucking great body,” he rasped as he used one hand to run up and around his chiseled pectorals. His other hand was still stroking his shaft. I marveled at his self-control. It was clear he was an expert at edging himself.

“That's right,” I said to him. “You've got a great chest. Run your hands over it. Fondle it. Enjoy showing it off,” I instructed while counting on his ego help me get him to comply.

“Yeah, I have a fucking great chest,” he stated with a smile. “They go wild over it,” he grunted while slowly those nicely rounded, muscular pectorals up. “Love getting my nipples played with too,” he confessed. I watched as once again, he sensually rubbed his thumbs over each large quarter sized brown orb. He tweaked them between his thumb and his forefinger until they became dark, small circles with bullet point tips. All the while, he was lewdly starting groaning. At one point, his eyes closed, and his head leaned slightly backwards. “Fucking nipple play,” he sighed as he expertly worked them over. I noticed his cock was nicely dripping too.

“Good boy,” I said watching as his smile grew. Yes, he loved getting complimented. I would use that against him. “What a fantastic body. Your eight-pack needs some attention, don’t you think.”

“Fucking right,” he grunted as his right hand left his right tit. He slowly ran his splayed out hand up and down his ribbed abdominals. As he did, I could hear the slapping sounds as his palm quickly traveled up and down those muscles. I also noticed that his cock was now really leaking. “Tell me how hot a cop you are,” I encouraged while watching him fondle his body before the camera I knew my voice was being recorded too, but I would electronically alter it later to hide my identity. “I bet you are the hottest looking cop on the force too.”

“You fucking better know it,” he lewdly groaned. “I'm the hottest cop in that place of losers.” As he felt himself up, he continued boasting about himself and naming fellow cops he thought of as slobs or in need of gym time.

I could barely suppress a laugh knowing how his trashing them would sound to his fellow officers. I sat back in my chair enjoying him obscenely fondling his chest and stomach areas while mocking his fellow cops. I refocused the camera to get some nice shot of his dick waving in the air, dripping pre-cum by the load, as he continued trashing them. This was going to be great stuff, I thought. At one point I decided to bring things to, no pun intended, a head.“I bet you canshoot gallons,” I said to him.

“Fucking yeah,’ he grunted.

“Show me,” I sharply instructed.

His right hand drifted down unhook his pants. As his ‘blues’ dropped to his ankles, he grabbed his shaft.

I watched as he slowly began to stroke it. His eyes were still closed, his mouth opened, soon the room filled with his heavy breathing. Even as he jerked off for me, his left hand slipped down to cup his sack. He started rolling his nuts.

“Fuck yeah,” he moaned.

“So you like having your balls played with, don't you” I asked. I already knew this fact. Yet, I decided to test how far he’d go in ball abuse. “I want you to squeeze them for me.”

“Holy fuck yes,” he loudly groaned as he began to tighten his grip around his nuts while quickening his stroking. “Aw fuck,” he yelped as he roughly played with them. His eyes squeezed shut, his breathing intensified causing his chest to rise and fall with each gulp of air.

I watched as he stood before me. His uniform shirt open and waving about, his pants down around his ankles, beating off while mumbling and grunted about shooting his load. Suddenly he groaned, his body began to quake. It was clear he was ready to fire

“Go on discharge that weapon officer,” I mocked.

“My weapon,” he yelped as his muscled torso went rigid.

“Fire that weapon officer. That's an order!” I laughingly commanded

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Weapon discharging, Sir ,” he managed to sputter out seconds before he began ejaculating. “Aw fuck. Aw fuck,” he bellowed as he shot off an impressive load. His cream exploded from his cock in a high arc before splattering at his feet. Some of it even landed on his polished boots. He squirted again a few more times until, finally finished, he stood there panting. Sweat covered his body, matting his chest hair to his skin. When he opened his eyes, their dazed appearance showed me that he was still in a trance.

I decided to try an experiment. “You made a mess officer,” I sharply rebuked. “Get down on your knees and lick it up,” I said while using an authoritarian tone of voice that I hoped he’d would respond to. Alex had grown up under authority figures. I trusted that predisposition for obedience was deeply engrained within his system. I would harness that inclination to help me. “I’m waiting boy,” I shouted. “Drop and lick it up now!”

“Sir yes Sir,” he quickly replied.

To my delight, he immediately got on all fours and began using his tongue to slobber up his spunk from the floor. Watching him, I was tempted to pull out my own cock and cream pie him. Yet, I had more plans for him. This was only the first step. Now that I knew that he was totally pliable, I intended to take full advantage of it. For all his boastful, macho posturing, it was pretty clear that inside my cop there was both an inner submissive streak in him and a craving for self ego validation through the praise of others. I intended to bring it out.

“In a few moments I will wake you up. You will not recall anything you did with me in this office. Only that we talked, and you again enjoyed the session. Got it?” I told him. After he nodded, I continued. “Whenever you're at the gym you'll love parading around naked and showing your body off to the other guys. You'll run your hands over your body in front of them while boasting about your muscle gains.” An idea popped into my brain. “You will also walk around naked in the police locker rooms while seeking your fellow officers compliments too. You will find doing all this at both places to be so arousing so you will go to a bathroom stall at the station or gym to masturbate. You will loudly groan while doing it. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” he mumbled.

“Good. Now clean yourself up in the restroom. Also, make sure to gel your hair with some of that cum that's on your shoes,” I told him. When he came out of the restroom his hair was again nicely spiked. “I want you to go home today and shave off your body hair from the neck down.” I saw a hint of hesitation in hearing this and moved quickly. “This will show off your body.You love showing it off right?”

He relaxed, smiled, and nodded.

“After you do that shaving,” I instructed. “You will hit the gym. You will ask everyone there how they like this look. Do you understand?”

“Sir yes Sir,” he mumbled.

I brought him out of his trance. We chatted for a few minutes. He asked for another session since this one had gone so well then, he left. I could hardly wait for the next session to find out how my newest instructions had played out.

Session Three: Undercover Stripper Assignment

A week later, he arrived early for our next session. I could instantly tell he was upset.

“Can you believe I got fucking suspended,” he angrily stated as he paced about the room like a caged animal.

“First, while I’m here to counsel you and talk about anything, there are to be no expletives. This is a professional office,” I sharply told him.

“Sorry,” he meekly replied. “Doctor, I need your help.”

I nodded. I had hoped my rebuke would demonstrate if our prior sessions had conditioned him to be deferential to me. Clearly his response showed they had. Even better he was now looking to me for help. “Come sit down,” I instructed. Instantly he reached down to unconsciously rub his crotch. I smiled as he flopped into the chair with his muscled thighs splayed outward. He was totally oblivious to what he was doing.

“They fucking said I as acting in an inappropriate manner in the fucking lockers,” he angrily told me while still massaging his basket.

“Relax Alessandro ,” I replied. His eyes closed and his body slumped even further into the chair. “Now tell me everything but first, I think that your jewels need airing don’t you?”

“Uhuh , he dully answered. He stopped massaging them, unzipped, and pulled out his cock and balls.

To my delight, I observed that his crotch was hairless. “Now while you explain what happened, I’d like you to edge,” I ordered.

“Okay,” he mumbled. “The Chief said the guys were complaining that I was walking around nude in the lockers while asking guys how they liked my body. They said I was constantly feeling myself up. Running my hands along my upper body or fondling my junk. Some of the guys complained I kept jacking off in the stalls.”

“Really,” I responded. “How did they know about that?’

He blushed. “I am kinda loud,” he told me. His cock began to stiffen.

“They are simply jealous,” I replied.

“Jealous…yeah,” he agreed as he quickened his stroking. Alex loved being admired. This was the key to conquering him and I intended to exploit it. “You have a great body. You should be able to display it,” I suggested.

He grinned. “Yeah. I should, huh” he answered.

“In fact you truly enjoy showing it off,” I instructed. A thought came to me. “You are actually going to be doing undercover work as a gay stripper.”

“I am,” he hesitantly asked.

“Yes,” I added. “Your suspension was faked. The chief told you he did it so you could work undercover at a gay bar to bust a sex ring. He said he needed his best officer doing it. Remember him telling you this in his office?” I waited then added. “You are his best officer. You have the hottest body on the force. He stated only you can do it!”

“His best officer. Yeah, he did,” a now grinning Alex replied. With his ego stroked he had brought into it. “Undercover. Yeah he needed me cause I’m the sexiest cop he has on the force.”

“I bet you will be a great undercover stripper too. Only a sexy officer could pull it off,” I stated.

“Fucking bet I am,” he boasted as he continued edging.

“Once you awake, you will recall that we are talking about your new assignment. You asked me to help you prepare for the job by rehearsing your stripper act. As you perform, you will feel a growing sense of sexuality building within you. The more you strip the hotter you will feel. You will erotically act out with no sense of shame…only a growing arousal. You will act on any suggestions that I give to you since I’m helping you on this assignment,” I said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Now awake,” I stated.

His eyes cleared. “So you’ll help me prepare right Doctor?” He asked without missing a beat.

“If you insist. I am here to help you after all,” I replied. “Shall we begin?”

“Fucking yeah,” Alex quickly responded. He rose from his chair. “So this is how I will start,” he stated as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Shouldn’t we have music,” I inquired.

“Yeah. Good idea,” Alex laughed. “You got anything Doctor?”

“I actually might,” I reached to my desk and hit a button. A musical throbbing beat filled the room.

Alex nodded. “Fucking great!” he again began to unbutton his shirt.

“Slower and use your hands on that hot body,” I told him knowing he loved being admired. “Let them go crazy for that sexy torso. Remember to sway your body to the music too,” I suggested.

I watched as his body sensually moved to the beat of the music. Taking his time now, he slowly unfasioned each of the buttons on his shirt.

A lewd smile appeared on his face. “Fags love my body,” he muttered. Suddenly, he pulled his shirt apart to fully expose that well-defined upper torso but this time totally devoid of hair. He saw my reaction and blushed. “I wanted to show off my muscular definition better.”

“It does,” I replied. Actually he looked even sexier.

“Yeah my chest will drive the fags crazy,” he sighed as the palms of his hands caressed his pecs. “ I see them at the gyn wanting to touch me.” He started to tweak his quarter-sized nipples until they tightened into darker hued, hard stiff peaks. “Fucking fags cruising me…yeah…they want me,” he roughly grunted as he worked his chest and nipples. “Fags know perfection…turning them on.”

I noticed two things. First, it was interesting that he had mentioned guys getting off especially since I hadn’t said anything about guys. Second, he was sprouting wood thinking about guys getting off on him. I wondered if Alex had a latent inner homosexuality and his relentless bedding of women his way of not admitting it? Still, I also had to confess that I was getting a bit stiff in my crotch too.

Still sensually swaying in front of me, his hands moved downward to slip towards his belt. He slowly undid his belt buckle then played with opening and closing his zipper before pulling it fully downward. Within seconds, his pants dropped to his feet freeing his erection. As I stared at it waving about, he deftly managed to step out of his pants while still keeping in rhythm with the music. Alex started moving his hips while his hand softly ran along his muscular upper thighs. “So hot huh,” he grunted, “I’m going to be the best undercover cop, right?”

“The best,” I assured him.

Alex’s balls erotically moved back and forth hitting the area between his thighs. His eyes closed as he took ahold of his stiff shaft with one hand and his nut-sack in the other. Every muscle in his body sensually shifted to the beat of the music. “The best,” he mumbled as he edged his dick while also rolling his balls inside their pouch. “Fuck I’m hot for this assignment,” he whispered.

I was having fun. Yet, I wanted more. I went for it. “To really sell your cover they also need to see that ass,” I told him. “You know you have the sexist ass on the force… so show it to the club guys.”

He grinned and he pivoted to turn around. It was then I caught my first real closeup view of those two nicely rounded butt-cheeks. I had to admit that Alex had a perfect rump. Dimpled, high and tight, the muscles of those twin mounds rippled under their pale skin tone. I heard him give a guttural laugh and, to my surprise, he suddenly slapped each of his cheeks.

“Grade A beef right Doc,” he stated giving them both another whack leaving a pink handprint on each one.

“The best,” I honestly told him. “Now really show the chief he chose the right cop. Bend over to give them a good view.”

“Those club faggots will love my butt,” he joked as he leisurely bent over to give me a nicer view.

I was still wondering about his obsession with ‘faggots’ when he unexpectedly grabbed each of those dimpled mounds with the each of his hands and pulled them apart.

“They'll go wild over my act,” he told me. “Show them what they want to touch,” he laughed.

“The chief will be so proud of you,” I stated to encourage him. “If you really want to be the best, however, you're going to have play with your asshole.”

“ I don't know if I can do that shit,” he hesitantly replied as he straightened up. He looked over his shoulder to glance back at me.

I realized that touching his hole was a hurdle that he had to overcome. Luckily, however, I knew how accomplish that task. “Maybe you're not up for the job after all,” I said going for an strike at his ego. “If you're embarrassed, I’m sure your chief can assign someone else who is capable of doing the job.”

“Fuck, I can do it,” he insisted.

BINGO ,I thought. I watched as his fingers moved down between the crevice of those butt-cheeks. “That's right touch your taint. Show me you can go the distance in doing this assignment,” I managed to tell him as I unzipped to yank out my own stiff cock.

His finger slide to his hole. “Fuck it feels kind of nice,” he groaned as his fingertip massaged his anal chute.

“Yes work it for the fags,” I replied.

“They fucking want it,” Alex sputtered as he rubbed on his outer ring. I observed his cock was fully erect and copiously leaking. By now I realized that Alex was so turned on by being praised and, so determined to be the greatest undercover cop, he’d follow my instructions without any further resistance. “Rub it. Take your time,” I instructed.

For the next few minutes he wiggled his rear end as he rubbed his chute’s muscled ring.

“Try shoving a finger into it. You want to show everyone you are sexy,” I rasped.

“Shit,” he said as he slipped a finger into his hole.

I nearly had an orgasm at the thought that Alex was completely under my control. That strong athletic cop body swaying in front of me, his cock erect and dripping, lewdly playing with his taint. I watched as the camera I’d set up took it all in and on film.

For the next several minutes, under my guidance and encouragement, he fingered out his hole.

“Shit this feels so good,” he continually moaned as he finger fucked himself.

“Thrust it in as dep as you can,” I told him.

He did. Suddenly his eyes shot open and he let out a loud “FUCK”. He had finally tapped his inner bitch button. I grinned at seeing him discover a new erogenous zone.

“Drive that finger in deeper,” I sharply told him. “Show the chief he got the right man!”

He thrust his finger in harder “Aw fuck,” he yelped. Soon he was thrusting it in and out up his shitter. “Aw fuck I t feels so good,” he gasped as he digitally screwed himself.

“Yeah,” I replied as I quickening my masturbation. “You’re the best. Don’t stop!”

“The fucking best. The fags will go wild,” he grunted. Suddenly, his entire body shuddered. With a loud bellowing howl, he shot his load.

It was too much. I shot too. It took us both a minute to calm down. After we did, I instructed him to sit in the chair. He sat there, his body bathed in sweat, panting for air. Rivers of his sweat ran into the crevices of his eight pack. I told him to clean up while I did the same. I brought him out of his trance instructing him to only recall he had practiced his act with me and had fun doing it.

“I think a few more sessions and will have you ready to go do that job officer. You will drive them crazy and make a fantastic bust for your chief,” I said to him with a smile. He grinned at me. I watched those twin orbs gently swaying as he left. I know I would be seeing a lot more of them over the next few sessions. That was something I looked forward to doing.


For the next two weeks we met every day in my office so I could ‘help’ Alex get ready for his assignment. Using a combination of a light trance combined with constant praise to his ego, he soon quickly relaxed into his role as an undercover stripper. Thanks to my hypnotic suggestions again in conjunction with praising his sensuality, he even grew comfortable acting out sexually.

“That’s right,” I instructed him as he sat in the chair dressed in a tight tee shirt with his jeans around his ankles jeans. “This chief surely knew only a hot cop like you could sell it so amazingly,” I told him as he performed his stripper finale for me.

“Fucking damn straight. I’m the hottest stud he has,” he grunted as he sat in front of me, his legs spread, stroking his erection while fingering out his hole. I had noticed Alex had developed a strong taste for pegging. “I’m ready,” he firmly stated.

“Oh yes you surely are,” I muttered as I filmed him lewdly performing. I had arranged for him to appear in a seedy bar in town. A bar which, thanks to another hypnotic suggestion, he believed his chief gave him. Oh you are so ready for what is coming , I thought as he stroked to a climax.

Epilogue :

Six months later the police force received an anonymous tip {from me} that one of their suspended officers was performing at a gay bar as a stripper and possible part time sex worker. A raid was conducted and, to the shock of the local police, they found Alessandro Galantavi publicly masturbating and fingering out his anal hole in front of cheering patrons. The arrested officer insisted he was working undercover at the directions of the chief of police. Naturally the chief of police denied any knowledge of it. Any support or sympathy Alex might have had from his fellow officers quickly dissolved when a tape of him sexually acting out while mocking them somehow arrived at the station.

At his trial for public sexual lewdness, he claimed his Doctor would collaborate his ‘assignment’ allegations. Sadly, when called to testify, I could only confirm he had been the one who told me about his assignment. On cross examination I ‘reluctantly’ admitted Officer Galantavi’s sexual actions in such a place might be attributed to a repressed latent homosexuality. He was convicted and sentenced to three years in the state correctional facilities.

I arranged for his films to be sold on the dark web. I’m making a nice profit from his sex tapes. I had gone into our sessions originally planning to fuck him. Yet, I quickly realized I was no rapist. Instead, it dawned in me that what I really wanted was simple payback for the humiliation and abuse. Happily, I accomplished my goal!

I’ve been told Alex has many men admiring his body especially, among those he had arrested who were then sentenced to jail. Of course, he is also, I’m informed, the prison inmate’s bitch. Still, I suppose he must take comfort in having his body again being desired.

The End