The Telemachus Story Archive

Super Dude gets Done
By Kyle Cicero

The six foot two, blue-eyed and handsome Chad, better known by his masked superhero identity as the “Super Dude”, was the bane of the criminal world.

No matter how good a plot was hatched by the evil Dr. Demo, the blond, well muscled, twenty-one year old heroic crime fighter always managed to arrive at the scene to thwart the crime. Majestically dressed in his trademark skintight dark green latex uniform he would stand before the cameras boasting to everyone about his latest heroic achievement and how he had, once more, foiled his foes. This time however Dr. Demo had a plan to remove the young stud from any future interferences.

It was well known that, at his birth Chad had been endowed with super powers thanks to a magical spell that was cast upon him by a visiting human-looking alien traveler. Demo had managed to find and then capture that traveler. At first the striking looking alien had refused to tell Dr. Demo anything but the fiendish criminal mastermind was not to be denied. He had his scientist probe the alien’s biological makeup. They soon informed their master that that this race had highly sensitized prostrates that, if “tapped”, caused them to produce massive amounts of spunk. This race had to “vent” their alien jizz before the buildup reached intolerable levels for them. Dr. Demo immediately bound the muscled alien arse-up on a table. The criminal then had a machine set up that continually screwed the now struggling alien. Even more craftily he had a cock ring bind the traveller dick so he could not ejaculate. After two days being sexually edged by vicious prostate massages, the handsome alien’ balls were the size of ripe melons. His frustrated moans as every attempt to climax was thwarted by that cock ring soon had him desperate to blow his alien cream. By day three he was eagerly babbling out the secret of defeating Super Dude. The source of the youth’s power lay in his sperm. Totally drain that juice from Super Dude and the boy would forever lose his superpowers. A gleeful Dr. Demo allowed the ring to be removed from his prisoner. He watched as the handsome alien’s dick literally erupted. Massive amounts of jizz shot out in torrents. When it was over the once powerful alien was a mental wreck who submissively allowed Dr. Demo to sell his hot arse to some sexual pervert.

Armed wit this new knowledge about Chad, Dr. Demo set his trap. One day Super Dude answered a call for help that was coming from a deserted warehouse. When he arrived there he heard a woman cries for assistance emanating from a side room. Without taking time to ponder the situation, the over confident young hunk had burst into the room only to hit by a powerful bolt of nuclear charged electricity. As the squirting traveler had also revealed, such a jolt would temporarily render Super Dude unconscious.

Having cold conked the youthful stud, Dr. Demo moved to rapidly set his fiendish scheme into motion. He stripped the slumbering muscled young man of his latex costume. Dr. Demo let his hands caress the toned and defined body of his adversary. “I must keep to my plan,” he mumbled as he hoisted the hero’s body onto a table and strapped him down.

Chad awoke to find himself bound naked on the silver table in the darkened room. A tubular metallic device enveloped his thick cock. “What is this perversion,” he yelled out. He saw the figure of Dr. Demo emerge from the shadows.

“I intend to milk you of your powers,” the fiend snarled. “By the way, there is no use struggling the bindings holding you are magical.”

Chad blinked. He thought that only he knew the secret to his superpowers was in his own sperm. When he reached puberty Chad had discovered that he had to limit his ejaculations. If he climaxed more then once during sexual intimacies his body would grow weaker. The first time he had multiple orgasms he had almost passed out. He soon realized that one or two orgasms into a few more than willing females were not harmful to him. The powerful jism his balls produced simply needed a small remnant left inside his nut-sack to regenerate more of itself. Chad had now disciplined himself to resist any urge to squirt his spunk more than once into any female he was screwing. He was confident his years of sexual self-control would win out over anything Dr. Demo tried. “You are sick. You will fail as you always do,” Chad confidently stated. “Get this device off my cock,” Chad indignantly demanded as his strong youthful body helpless wiggled in the bindings. His blue eyes focused on the device engulfing his dick. “What is this you have on my cock?”

“You might recognize it super dude,” Dr. Demo evilly laughed. It is similar to what they use to milk cows. Of course I have added a few extra touches.” Dr. Demo smiled and pressed a button on the square-like object he held in his hand.

To Chad surprise the machine enfolding his cock began to piston up and down on his dick. He realized that the device was masturbating him. “Let me go now and I might not kick your butt, “ Chad angrily told the villain as the machine continued its assault upon Chad’s cock. To the superhero shock, the sensation was not unpleasant at all. After ten minutes he realized his cock was now semi-erect. He pulled once more on his bindings. “Let me loose you villain,” he roared.

“Relax and enjoy,” Dr. Demo said as he pressed the button once more. Inside the tube a lubricant oozed onto Chad’s dick. The liquid was specially designed to not only add to the friction of the jerk-off; it also produced a nice warm sensation on the shaft of Chad’s now rapidly growing erection.

“I won’t…I won’t orgasm you fiend no matter what you do to me,” Chad yelled as the deadly machine began to vigorously masturbate his cock. Despite Chad’s protests however, his dick continued sprouting. “I won’t cum do you hear me,” Chad shouted out as he yanked harder upon his bindings. The pleasure of the device on his cock was intense. Chad had never experienced masturbation like this one. “I will not cum …for…you,” Chad sputtered as his will to not surrender to the arousals fought within his brain. He had never been jerked off with such precision. The up and down thrusting of the device combined with the lubricant’s tingling warmth were soon turning him on in ways he never dreamed. Unconsciously his strong thighs spread apart exposing his balls to view. “I will not...cum,” he said through his now chattering teeth. His blue eyes darted around the room. “I’ve go to focus on something other than this stimulation,” he mumbled as his dick grew in height.

“Oh you will,” Dr. Demo chuckled as he happily took note of the exposed hero’s nuts. He flicked another switch located on the device he held in his hands. Suddenly a panel on the table that was directly under Chad’s nut-sack table slid away to allow a rounded object to emerge. The surface of the new device snugly pressed up into the balls of the now squirming young buck. “Enjoy,” Demo laughed as he pressed another button on his hand held device. A few seconds later, the item’s rounded head began to vibrate against Chad’s hefty sack.

“NO…NO…NNNOOOOO-OOOHHH,” Chad yelped as his nut-pouch was pleasantly subjected to its vibrations. Chad had always had supersensitive balls. During sex he loved it when women would play with them. Little did he know his last female conquest had been an agent for Dr. Demo. She had told her villainous master how Chad would always blow his wad after his nuts were stimulated.

“Let me increase that vibration on those balls my young hunk, “ Dr. Demo chuckled as he hit the button on his control device.

“Ah god....noooooo-oooohhhhh,” Chad screamed as his nuts felt the increasing tingling. Soon the young hero was furiously bucking about as the twin devices continued their assault on his manhood. “I won’t….please…. no I won’t,” he cried out. His brain was reeling under this double assault. “I go to focus…oh fuck my nuts…my fucking nuts… the vibrations…so fucking...intense,” he yelped in a tone of voice that clearly indicated he was losing his resolve not to pop his load.

Dr. Demo quickly came up to Chad. Without a sound he deftly attached metal clips to each of the quivering Chad’s nipples. It was time to fully exploit every one of Chad’s erogenous zones.

“Ow. That hurts,” Chad whined as each nipple clip was secured. His prior smug confidence was gone. “What are you doing?” Chad sobbed as his muscled torso flopped about on the table. His movements were similar to that of a fish that was pulled out of the water and left to twitch about on the riverbank.

Dr. Demo said nothing as he attached lines to the clips then connected them to a socket on the side of the table. He pressed a third button on his hand held instrument of torture. Short pulsating bolts of electricity quickly assaulted Chad’s nipples.

“Oh God no,” Chad bellowed as the erogenous zones of his nipples were activated. Like his now fully erect dick, Chad’s nipples soon rose up to form into hard little mounds. He was now gasping and growing as he fought not to yield to his growing urge to ejaculate. His eight pac tensed and relaxed as his breathing grew more rapid. “I will not…I will not,” Chad pathetically insisted as the various parts of his body were stimulated. Soon Chad felt that telltale urge in his balls that signaled he was indeed going to blow his spunk. “I’ve got to focus,” he babbled as his strong tensed. “I can’t...oh God my nuts feel...oh fuck my cock and my fucking nipples are on fire...he screamed out. “I…I…oh fuck my feels so…fucking…no…oh fuck…feels…so…awesome,” he involuntarily wailed.

“Go on boy. Shoot it. You want to so badly,” Dr. Demo cackled in delight knowing the quivering muscled super dude was slipping over the abyss and would soon be unable stop his ejaculation. He went up close to the gasping young hunk and whispered into Chad’s ear. “Go on its fine. Give it up. You know I’ve won. You will not only cream for me but you will cream again and again until your superhero nuts are drained of all your power.” He turned all three devices onto full power

No…’t...I...I…won’t…I…ooohhhhhh...fuck...yes....ohhhhh...fuck...I...need ...toooo,” sobbed a now terrified Chad began howllering. By now his vibrated balls were churning. He felt his hips bucking his now uncontrollably throbbing cock upward into the tube of the lubricated pumping machine. He tried to focus on something in a one final futile effort not to erupt but the machine’s expertly applied masturbation upon his now fully erect prong, coupled with the ever-increasing vibrations to his nuts and chest nipples was now too much to resist.

“DO IT!” Dr. Demo howled knowing that loud command might just tip the hero into compliance.

The buff young stud looked at his tormentor through bleary eyes. He finally stopped fighting. “I…I...I…ARGHHH,” Chad yelped as the first squirts emerged from his dick.

Dr. Demo hit another button. The milking machine on Chad’s cock started a sucking action while still continuing its up and down movements.

“,” Chad piteously sobbed in his panic as his over stimulated cock gushed out his first impressive load of his super powered jizz. His subconscious had long desired to blow its wad more than once during his sex encounters. Now it could at last be free of Chad’s controlling conscious mind as the latter’s defenses crumbled under the pressure. His muscles strained in their bindings as his well-defined body, now being run by that subconscious, slipped into a total “fuck mode”. Soon Chad was jabbering incoherently as he continually thrust his torso upward into the hollow tube of the masturbating device. He was heedless of anything other idea other than satiating his overwhelming urge to sperm.

Dr. Demo watched with joy as a howling out of control Chad fucked away into the pumping machine. Sperm was oozing down Chad’s shaft from the few spaces between Chad’s cock and the walls of the enfolding tubular device.

“Oh God I can’t stop cumming,” Chad screamed out before his pupils rolled up into their sockets. His youthful body was twitching uncontrollable as he produced repeated orgasms. “Shooting it all…stop…gotta stop,” he mumbled as his supercharged sperm exploded upward like an endless geyser into the suction of that tube.

As Dr. Demo gazed at Chad he saw the once muscled hero’s body literally shrinking in mass with every new ejaculation.

“Stop…I need to…stop,” Chad whined as his voice soon changed from normally deep sexy tone to a higher more pitiful sounding voice. “Can...stop...must...almost...empty,” a continually shrinking Chad sighed as he still relentlessly screwed the device

Dr. Demo however, had other ideas. He increased the speed of both devices. “I want you to fuck it all out,” he insisted.

Chad let out shrill moans as he continued to sperm away. Each blast of his spunk continually reduced his physical dimensions even further. Still Chad’s cock kept erupting until at last only one last air bubble escaped from the slit in the head of Chad’s cock.

It was over. His nuts had nothing left in them. Like two small-sized prunes they rested in their now wrinkled sack that lay hanging between the lean legs of the once muscular hero.

Chad lay on the table. His once powerfully muscled torso had been reduced into a sweat-streaked, rail thin young man. “Fuck. You fucking emptied me. You took my powers away forever,” Chad pathetically moaned in his new lighter toned voice. He gazed at his the man who had milked him dry. His blue eyes squinted at the criminal mastermind. It was clear he would need glasses in the future to be able to see.

“From buff superhero to a four-eyed ninety-pound nerd,” Dr. Demo laughed. He went up to the now quivering Chad. “It seems you also shrunk from being over six feet to now being barely five foot six inches.” Dr. Demo loosened the now neutered and former superhero’s bindings.

Chad his eyes red with tears, slowly got up from the table. “What happens to me now,” he cried as he stood shaking in fear before his much taller and more powerful looking destroyer.

“You still have a mouth,” Dr. Demo rasped as he forced the now totally compliant runt that was once the mighty Super Dude to his knees.

Chad let out a chocked cry in the seconds before Dr. Demo thrust his cock down Chad’s throat. Chad now knew that his heroic life as a hot crime-fighting stud was over. His new life as Dr. Demo and his gang’s scrawny diminutive cocksucker was just beginning.

The End