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Seal Of Approval
Part 5 - A shattered masculinity
By Kyle Cicero

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Lee Kim glanced at the tearstained Seal lying on the floor before him. “Is this the great superpower’s warrior.” he taunted. “I cannot see how you could even please a woman!”

Troy looked at Lee Kim and a flicker of his old pride returned. “That’s not true,” he responded as his mind remembered the countless women who spread their legs for his 12 inches{30.48 cm}. Troy had a reputation among his Core buddies as a high babe scorer and his cock was nicknamed “The Hammer” as a testament to all the virgins it had smashed its way into. “Ain’t had any complaints when it’s quite impressive in action,” he boasted.

Lee Kim nodded in approval for this was just what he wanted Troy to recall . It would make the plans he has all the more humiliating. “Then show me this prowess.” he stated in a firm voice that snapped Troy back from his reveries to the present situation. “Get up on your knees and produce this alleged manhood in its full stiffness. I fear that it will not respond.”

Troy rose on his knees. His virility in the sack was a source of great pride to him and no fat Asian could deny that he thought as he began to pump his rod. He had never masturbated before a guy but something in his mind told him just to do it. Lee Kim watched confidently as Troy stroked his cock. “You’ll see something now you bastard.” The room filled with Troy’s ragged breath and the sound of his foreskin slapping up and down. But, try as he might, Troy’s great warrior remained limp.

“A problem,” Lee Kim innocently asked with a grin.

“I can’ won’t..,” sputtered Troy as he redoubled his manual efforts to no avail.

“Tsk ,Tsk, “ mocked the Asian. “It seems you are just a boy after all. No woman could be satisfied with that weak lump of dead flesh.”

“No... wait.... Troy implored as he feverishly beat his meat in an effort to harden. As the seconds passed he grew desperate. He had never had a problem getting a hard-on before. He stroked and kneaded his nuts in a failed effort to get an erection. He soon tried every trick he knew to bone but nothing worked. He stayed soft! At last he gave up. Troy looked down at his limp manhood. His famed “ Hammer” had melted and with it, went his pride in his sexual prowess as a stud.

Lee Kim knew now was the moment to strike! “This is a man’s equipment in action,” he stated as he unzipped his pants to expose his raging littler erection. Troy’s humiliation was only increased to see that this fat, over the hill and obviously less well-endowed Asian could produce what he a young, once virile military Seal could not! “All that bragging you just did was a lie. Come taste a real man my child,” Lee Kim suggested.

Troy was about to protest that he was no pussy faggot when, to his shock, his own body shuffled forward on his knees as if his body had a life of its own. Soon the stunned marine came up next to the Asian’s stiff rod. He gazed at the pearly pre-jism that was leaking from the redheaded dick.

“Lick it ! You know you desire to. Make love to my manhood,” the guard said. “As you do it, you will feel sexually aroused beyond anything you have ever experienced before with any woman.”

Troy’s mind reeled as his tongue flicked out of his open mouth and licked the Asians engorged cock. His lungs filled with the scent of an aroused male causing his hot young muscular body to tingle in excitement. Troy’s mind was appalled even as his mouth slobbered and sucked Lee Kim’s cock and then his hairy balls.

“That is it suck them, caress them with your tongue. And do not stop sucking till I climax,” Lee Kim encouraged the Seal knowing that Troy was powerless to resist his body’s growing arousal. Troy was soon experiencing sexual cravings that Lee Kim had hypnotically implanted. The Navy hunk felt his self-image as a straight stud vanish as ,like some twisted dog in heat, he orally bathed Lee Kim's crotch; savoring the Asian’s pre-cum like fine champagne! The image of himself, a marine Seal, servicing the guard like a cheap whore seared into his mind. His lungs filled with more man-fucking scents and his mind screamed in shame. “Drink then my child,” Lee Kim encouraged as he felt his climax approaching. As Troy downed the guard’s meat he felt the Asian’s balls rub on his chin. Soon that part of his face detected a liquid-like surge emanate from them. Seconds later, he found himself panicky swallowing the hot salty bitter jism as it spurted out. The sounds of his slurping filled his ears even as it combined with the laughter of Lee Kim’s whooped elation in this latest victory in the process of Troy’s abasement.

When Lee was finished, he removed his cock from Troy’s defiled mouth . He smiled as he saw the young Seal crumple to the floor struggling to get air back into his lungs. “Very good ,” the guard sneered, “ you are a natural borne cocksucker.”

Troy closed his eyes and cringed at the words as he lay on the hard floor. He never saw it when Lee Kim, now straddling Troy’s prone body, lowered his naked arse onto the young stud face. “ I think your body also sexually craves something to eat!”

“Nnnnnnnoooooo,” was the only protesting sound a now a muffled Troy could make as once more his body betrayed him. Despite his screaming mind the Seal felt his tongue protrude from his lips to seek out the hairy anal chute of the Asian. Even as he mentally yelled he found himself happily engaged in rimming then eating out Lee Kim ‘s hairy crack. The cruel guard rested contentedly on the face of the all-American soldier as he felt the warm moist heat of Troy’s tongue.

“I think you like doing it so much you will get so hard and soon ejaculate,” Lee loudly grunted as the mind-fucked Seal’s dick obediently stiffened. He grabbed Troy’s impressive erection and stroked it. After a few minutes the Seal let out a muffled whoop, his body went rigid and Troy climaxed.

As Lee rose up he could hear Troy’s strangled sobs. “I came. I fucking boned and fucking blew a wad while eating out a dude’s arse.”

Lee grinned. He had crushed Troy’s self-image of heterosexual virility.

The Asian looked down at the degraded marine lying on the ground moaning in strangled tones to no one in particular. “I fucking ate his arse....I fucking ate his arse, got a fucking hard-on during it blew my spunk. Aw fuck I also I swallowed his jizz.”

“Look at me,” Lee barked. When Troy did Lee simply smiled. “Sleep.” Lee Kim instructed as he walked off and contemplated his next move!


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