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Part 3 - The man becomes the boy
By Kyle Cicero

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Lee Kim walked up to the sleeping marine stud. “You hear me?” he inquired as he poured warm water over the sleeping hunk to clean him off.

“Yes master,” Troy murmured drowsily.

“Good,” replied Lee Kim. “You will awake and rise and remember all that has happened to you but, you will NOT remember that you have been hypnotized. Also, your subconscious mind will stay under my hypnotic control so that your body and will shall be unable to resist anything I say for you to do”.

“I will obey sir”, barked the zonked Seal. He got up at once, snapped to attention and ,saluted his new commander much to the laughter of a delighted Lee Kim.

“Perfect then, “ said the Asian, “awake my lovely toy”.

Troy’s eyes cleared as he shook his head to clear the cobwebs in his brain. He looked around confused at first but then, it all came back to him. His green eyes fired with rage as he stared at Lee Kim recalling the degradations he had suffered from the guard. “You fucking bastard,” he screamed as he moved toward him . “ I’m going to beat the shit out of your fat Asian arse!”

“Stay still,” Lee Kim calmly responded.

In a flash a dumbstruck Troy found himself rigid. “What the fuck is going on,” he sputtered in amazement as his body stood at attention. He suddenly realized for the first time that he was buck-naked as well!

“Tsk ,Tsk, such a violent outburst. So like a child.” taunted Lee Kim. “You even sound like one.”

“Fuck you,” yelled Troy , to his shock, however the sound of his voice had come out in a higher pitch than his normal deep sexy drawl. His voice tone was similar to that of some young pre pubescent punk kid!

“Yes, just as I thought a mere boy,” Lee Kim mused in mock seriousness to the shock of the humpy marine. Troy tried to reply but the sound of his teenage voice silenced him in embarrassment and, in that second of his confusion Lee Kim moved in to the first stage of his plan to totally dominate his captive. “I know you are confused of course but that is due to the fact that when you see yourself in a mirror you see the signs of what you think are manhood upon you.” Lee Kim stated taking a serious tone of concern. Troy looked up at the guard his mind swimming. Lee Kim continued. “But you see, the inner adolescent you has come forth. Admit it, you are a boy after all!”

“Go fuck...,” but Troy’s defiance was undercut by his youthful cracking voice. “What the voice,” he squeaked shocked at the almost girlish tones that escaped from his lips!

“Let us end this confusion and remove the outer shell faked manhood so that your image will reflect your true inner youth.” Lee Kim said as he drew a razor from his pocket. the sharp steel glistened in the light and a look of sheer terror filled Troy’s eyes. Lee Kim laughed, “no I am not going to cut your flesh.” Troy relaxed but, what soon followed was almost as bad in his eyes. Lee Kim went to a table and brought back a jar of olive oil. Quietly he coated the rigid marines hard body till it glowed in a thin sheen of lubrication.

“What are you doing”, Troy’s now altered teenage voice asked in rising anxiety.

“Just turning the man back to the boy,’’ assured Lee Kim as he ran his hands across Troy’s sculpted pecs feeling the light fur on them. The Asian let his fingers drift through the young Seal’s chest hairs & down his hard six-pack following the honey trail of Troy’s light covering into the Seal’s thick pubic patch. “Did you sprout these hair early ,” he inquired.

“Fucking bet I did ,” retorted Troy who recalled how proud he had been to hit puberty before the other guys in his class and how the ladies cooed as they felt his soft manly chest hairs and later his impressive crotch bush. A smile came across his face as he forgot, just for a moment, his current predicament.

But, Lee Kim noticed it and knew that the next phase would work even better than he dared to hope! “That was the problem you were too early,” he retorted as he brought the razor to Troy’s chest and began to scrap away the hair there to unveil the soft skin under it.

“NNNNNNOOOOOOOO.......” Troy howled as he felt his skin being cleaned of his man hair. It was as if his very virility was being scraped away!

“Ah, but this excites you I see,” Lee Kim hypnotically suggested knowing it would be obeyed. He smirked glancing down at Troy’s basket. “See how aroused you are as I deflower you so to speak of your hairs! Now stay still till I’m done.”

Troy’s eyes gazed down. It was true! He had thrown a huge boner even as Lee Kim continued cleaning the marine of all his body hairs starting from the neck down. “Noooo...this....I can’t be fucking harddddd,” he moaned to the delight of Lee Kim who, having shorn his American ram of his wool from the neck to the waist , proceeded to cleanse the young stud of his impressive crotch patch of pubic hairs. Troy gasped as the symbol of his reached puberty that was surrounding the crown jewels of his manhood was easily whisked away. By the time the Asian was finished, the Seal’s crotch was as bare as a young punk. Lee Kim next fondled the young Seal’s hairy bull like ball sack lovingly rolling each ball as he scraped them clean as well. The Asian could feel the juices within that pouch, juices that he knew held the seeds of the American’s perceived studhood. “I think that you cannot hold back from spilling your useless seed when you have experience the touch of a real man correct?” he suggested wickedly to the military captive. No sooner had he said this then a strangled cry came from Troy. While Lee Kim fondled the marines now hairless sack, the young stud’s cock exploded forth with spurts of hot creamy white jism! Troy came not once, but in three successive times until at last his dick deflated and released only a weak dribble.

The young dazed marine was left gasping for air as what had happened seared into his mind. “What did I do?” he moaned. In his brain his mind roared: HE HAD SHOT HIS WAD WHILE A MAN WAS FONDLING HIS BALLS. HE HAD SPILLED OUT HIS AMERICAN SPUNK LIKE A TWO BIT BACK ALLEY WHORE FOR AN OVERWEIGHT MIDDLE-AGED CAMEL JOCKEY ASIAN!

Lee Kim nodded in glee as the formerly arrogant hotshot Navy Seal bowed his head and quietly sobbed over this humiliation. The final cleansing of Troy’s muscular long legs went quickly after that. The mind-fucked marine did not even utter a single protest when the Asian had him grab each of his magnificent sculpted butt cheeks , bend over and, expose his cherry asshole for its shave. Lee Kim spread more olive oil on that virginal area and slowly started stripping it of hair. “You will really become excited by what I do now,” he jeered.

“What the fuck am I letting you do to me,” whimpered Troy as he complied with this further degradation. Troy felt a cool breeze hit his newly denuded hole and, a shiver went through his psyche. Lee Kim gazed at the pink chute that, looked like a rose shyly winking at the viewer. He reached out and massaged the outer lips with an oiled thumb sending a body quake throughout the straight stud. “Nnnnooooo... how can my hole turn me on....,”Troy whimpered.

“Good ...very good,” mumbled Lee Kim, “ but there is more to do first. Lee Kim stood back and gazed over his shorn Seal. “There now we have removed the symbols of this unwarranted manhood.”

Troy stood up and caught a glance of his image in a side mirror. He was hairless from the neck down just like he was before he hit puberty!

Lee Kim saw the look in the young hunks eyes. He had taken another step in breaking his captive. An important layer of his manhood had been destroyed. “Sleep now ....yes and when you awake your voice will resume its normal tone”, the Asian suggested.

“Ffffuuuccckkkk.....”, sighed Troy as he slumped to the carpeted floor and drifted off to sleep . Lee Kim contemplated his next move!


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