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Seal Of Approval
Part 2 - Training Daze
By Kyle Cicero

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Lee Kim looked over his “prize” in the quiet of his home. The Navy Seal stood at attention with a slightly dumb smile and eyes totally vacant. Lee Kim rubbed his swelling manhood in lust. It was time to see his slave in all his natural beauty he thought. But first, a little show was in order. “Lt. Troy, ( for Troy had given up all the information Lee Kim requested of him with barely a whimper despite his military training to only reveal his name , rank, etc.) I want you to take off your wet suit but I want you to dance while you do it as if you were a female stripper in some cheap bar. Understand”, he commanded.

“Yeath sir..”, slurred Troy as he slowly began revolving his hips to an inner music.

Lee Kim watched as the hot straight stud sensuously rotated his pelvis lewdly for his new master even as one hand unzipped the suit from the front. Lee Kim was treated to the sight of the young marines bubble butt clenching and flexing under the rubber suit even as his muscular chest was unveiled from its rubber tight prison. “Play with your nipples marine,” barked Lee Kim. Troy hands stopped unzipping and went under the front of the suit as he rubbed his “imaginary breasts” for the guard. A sigh of pleasure escaped from his mouth and Lee Kim noticed, to his immense amusement , that Troy’s crotch began to swell!

“OHHHH... ,” moaned Troy as he explored an unfamiliar erogenous zone.

Lee Kim could see the young Seal’s nipples swell and harden under the stimulation’s they were receiving. “Continue stripping and dancing my ‘girl’. Howled Lee Kim mirthfully, “ but faster!” Troy’s hands went to each shoulder , he slowly slipped the suit off them and down to his waist. While he did, he increased his rhythmic movements in an even more erotic fashion. Troy’s firm 6 pack was revealed as the rubber suit fell to his slim hips . Then Troy slipped his hands under the suit and down his front . As he began massaging his growing cock under the tight rubber Lee Kim could see the marine’s firm tool straining to be free. Troy turned and slipped the skintight body suit over his arse and Lee Kim was treated to the total unveiling of the macho marine’s glorious butt. Troy turned again in time for Lee Kim to see the young macho American’s impressive semi hard dick pop out of the suit as the hypno-zonked stud pushed the rest of the suit to the floor. Lee Kim gazed over the muscular marine whose hard body shone with perspiration from the heat of the room. Troy’s hard cock swayed as the marine undulated to unheard music. “Play with yourself you American slut,” growled an aroused Lee Kim! “The more you sexual act out the more you crave to do it for me.”

“Yes master,” Troy replied as he increased the tempo of his movements while slipping one of his hands down the crack of his cherry arse for the amusement of his Asian captor. Lee Kim was mesmerized by the site of this finely sculpted stud performing like a cheap dancer for his fun. The American was not so proud now he chuckled as Troy, his body glistening with sweat from the dance, placed his other hand on his ‘ manhood’ to pump his cock while the other drove deeper down his butt crack and massaged his asshole as ordered. “OHHHH... shiiitttt,” Troy moaned through chattering teeth as his thumb rubbed the sensitive muscles around his chute entrance. Troy’s moans filled the room as the humpy Seal played with his hole for his captor.

The Asian could see that his captive’s rock hard American dick was now leaking like a broken faucet. Lee Kim began to fear his American toy might cum and that would not do so early in the fun. “Stop the dance and snap to attention,” he said causing Troy to end at once and to stand in a formal military position. Lee Kim went up to Troy who was sweating rivers of water and breathing rapidly. “You must be thirsty,” he smirked as he placed his hands on Troy’s shoulders and pushed the young Seal to his knees. “Here is a flask to drink from,” he laughed as Lee Kim pulled out his hairy uncut cock and offered it to Troy.

The young hypnotized marine’s eyes widened as he opened his mouth to drink from the flask’s nozzle. Lee Kim hooted with delight as Troy ‘s mouth sucked down his first cock. “Yes that is right drink deeply” , he stated as Troy’s muffled gurgling mouth took Lee Kim’s cock down his virgin throat. Lee Kim stiffened as he faced fucked his marine.

“Yes take it and remember American that for all your strength and training you have ended up on your knees drinking my Asian spunk! Troy’s strangled noises filled the house as Lee Kim continued to fuck his face. Relentlessly he assaulted his defeated foe till at last his climax came. “AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH,” Lee Kim cried as he flooded the Seal’s throat with a million Asian seeds. Troy gulped furiously as he tried to swallow the “water” he believed he desired. When Lee Kim finished he pushed Troy to the floor. A dazed Troy lay before him, his mouth wet with Lee Kim’s man juices with his studly body streaked with sweat. Looking at the disheveled soldier gave Lee Kim an idea. One more humiliation the guard decided . “You seem to have made a mess of yourself,” suggested Lee Kim as the spaced out Seal nodded in agreement. “Maybe, if you ask nicely , I will let you shower off.”

“Please sir,” begged the kneeling obedient marine with his hands clasped together in submission. Lee Kim howled with pride as he saw the now humble American war stud helplessly entreating him for a favor.

“Shall I grant you water from own person,” he suggested, “it is only fit for men you know.” Tears came to Troy’s eyes.

“ Please master let me bathe in your waters.” he entreated as his eyes glazed with desire.

“ First kiss my feet scum and I will. While you are doing it why not clean them too.” the Asian replied. Troy bent over and kissed the dirty shoes of Lee Kim who smiled in victory as he watched his former foe kiss and lick his sandals. “I will honor your plea, get back up on your knees.” the Asian chuckled and with that, Lee Kim let loose with a volley of piss. His stream splattered onto the face of the helpless marine who sputtered as he was inundated by in a ‘golden shower’. Troy's eyes shone as his hard marine body was soon drenched in the flow. In his zonked brain it was the elixir of manhood that had been given. A goofy smile came to his face “But this is only the beginning ,” Lee Kim shouted gazing down at the soaked , degraded and, humiliated marine. “Sleep slave,” he commanded . As Troy slipped off to slumber, Lee Kim considered his next move!

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