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Seal Of Approval
Part 1 - It Begins
By Kyle Cicero

This is a work of fiction--the author believes all sex should be safe and consensual--all rights reserved -- let me know how you like it *>)

It begins:

It was a dangerous mission all right but Navy Seal LT. Troy Adams was ready . Standing at 6’2’’ of sculpted hard marine trained muscle he was ready. He gazed in the mirror on the wall of the ship’s bunk as he applied camouflage to his 22-year-old face. His green eyes reflected his intense arrogant confidence. A smile crossed his face as he covered his close-cropped blonde hair. He gazed at his reflection as he adjusted his deep-sea rubber suit. It showed every curve of his tight body. He knew he was built all right. He was ready!

The mission was simple. Get into the Asian base. Set the charges and slip out. Hell he thought, a piece of cake, no problem. After all he was a marine Navy Seal going up against some stupid Asians. Shit, he grinned; they would probably piss in their pants if they came up against him! Fuck, he thought, from what he heard about them and their hand holding with other guys, they’d probably pass out if they ever got a glimpse of his uncut 9’’ woman buster! Later that night he slipped onto the shore. As he silently entered the base he was surprised to find it deserted. He was about to set his charges when he heard a sound. From the corner of his vision he saw a guard pass by. Troy swiftly grabbed the man and spun him around so that they were facing each other with Troy holding a knife to the man’s throat. “Make a sound and your dead”, Troy whispered. He quickly gazed at the guard who was a pudgy small middle-aged man. “Where is everyone?”

The man stammered, “ Everyone is in the village for the festival.”

“And you got stuck here”, Troy laughed. This guy was pathetic Troy thought. He relaxed; after all he could wipe the floor with this punk. The man gazed at Troy with wide eyes. “What the fuck you staring at you bastard,” he barked.

“You look funny,” the man whispered as he stared deeper into Troy’s eyes.

“What the fuck.” Troy said as he returned the guards stare. At first Troy stared back to show the fat bastard who was the boss but as the seconds passed Troy started to feel slightly weird. Still he was not going to let this fat bastard win a stare down contest. He involuntarily let out a long sigh. “Shit,”he muttered as their eyes remained locked.

“Oh yes,” the guard replied confidently as he widened his eyes to fill Troy’s vision. “I think you are feeling quite funny correct. But you want to look into my eyes deeper too.””

“Yea.... no ...what the fuck are you trying to do,” Troy felt confused and yet, try as he might, he couldn’t look away from the guard. “I ... if your...trying...” but Troy found he couldn’t think clearly enough to finish his thought.

“Don’t struggle ... you must submit...” the guard said in a quiet steady voice.

“ I mean...shiiiiitt,” Troy’s mind was spinning now. Apart of him was losing it. but, another part was amazed that some short pudgy Asian was taking him down. How could it be, Troy was a macho fighting stud and this guy was ..... but as his mind fought within itself, it only made it easier for the guard to work on him.

“ You must find that knife too heavy I think?” The asian softly stated.

“Heavy.... yea... I mean.... fuuuuuccckkkk,” moaned Troy as his hand dropped the knife. By now the macho Seal felt weak. His mind reeled under the eyes and voice of his “captive”!

“Good boy..” whispered the guard as he smiled. “Don’t resist ....submit to me. I want you to breathe deeply and concentrate on my voice.”

“Submit....ohhh shhhiiitt what’s happening”, Troy sighed as he gulped in air steadily causing his mind to flood with oxygen. The effect was intoxicating ... his eyes fluttered and his pupils felt as if they were slowly rolling upward in his sockets.

“That’s right deep breathes,” the guard insisted knowing its weakening effects on his opponents mental defenses.

Troy filled his lungs as commanded , as his chest expanded he was too far gone to observe his guards reaction to seeing the Seal’s young muscled body pressing tight against his rubber suit.

“Yield to this American ...” , the guard insisted now. “You know it’s an order. A good Seal always obeys orders right?”

“Yeth thir,” Troy wheezed. He was losing it as his intense marine training to obey orders now worked against his will.

The guard looked as Troy’s eyes glazed and his body swayed under the mental assault. “You are tired ,” he cooed to his “captor”, you must obey your master. Can you say that word…master for me.”

“Mastheer..., “ moaned Troy as the guard breached his last defense.

“You are so tired,” the now smiling guard assured the young Seal.

“Thleepy...shiiittt....mmmasssstthiirrr,” groaned Troy as his body swayed.

“You are mine you hotshot American bastard,” the man laughed as he savored his victory over one of America’s finest specimens of manhood. A potbellied middle-aged Asian night watchman had taken down a tough Navy Seal, one in prime physical condition! “You have lost to me I have defeated you correct?”

“Yeth thir......, “ whispered Troy as his world went dark.

The guard gazed at the now hypno-zonked macho marine Navy Seal that was at his mercy. Lee Kim had been the best magician in the country before he was drafted. Now his hypnotic talents had been helpful. “Kneel before me and beg you dog”. He commanded. Troy instantly dropped to his knees and assumed a ‘doggie’ begging position even to having his tongue hanging out and panting. Lee Kim chuckled to himself. He had not thought the Seal would take his word so literally. Clearly this young hunk was highly susceptible to hypnotic control. He looked at the tall stud before him and felt a rush of power and lust. Hmmmm, he thought. His house was nearby; why turn the American in --after all--he could have a better use for him. Yes, Lee Kim had been looked down upon all his life and now fate had given him a young arrogant marine to enjoy! “Come you dog and bark too,” he commanded as he walked toward his house. Troy followed his lord and master barking in pleasure with a goofy smile on his young face. Little did he know the new experiences that awaited him!

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