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Riyaz's Southern Jock's Takedown
By Kyle Cicero

Riyaz’s Southern Jock’s Takedown

By Kyle Cicero

   My thanks to Khalid for his inspiration and input especially regarding Hindi terms and Hindu thoughts. I’ve put translations next to any foreign words so readers don’t have to continually hit Google Translate while they are reading.

Thanks to readers who recently wrote, after Telemachus posted my “Mpho & the CEO,” to tell me they were glad I re-started writing. A tip of the hat to the “kind reader” who wrote expressing surprise I was still alive. Still basically “retired” as a writer but, on occasion, might drop something here. Feedback always encouraged and welcomed!

It Begins:

Riyaz was barely into his first year as part of an exchange student program to a Texas college when he met Jack Hollandale. Back in India, Riyaz was a champion wrestler at his city’s Higher Secondary  school for students aged 17-18.  Upon his acceptance and arrival at college he eagerly went out for and won a slot on its wrestling team. That brought him into contact with Hollandale. Jack was a senior, team captain, and the state champion three years running. Never defeated in any of his matches, he was your typical swaggering jock who thought he was the top dog on campus. He looked down upon, as he put it, “nerds, guys who were possibly gay, and especially the new arrivals from India.” Jack made no effort to hide the fact he thought Riyaz and other exchange students from India were inferior to, as he put it, “us good old Southern boys”.

Riyaz endured the abuse while patiently watching Jack’s wresting style. While Riyaz employed technique and skill, Jack was a wrestler who relied on his height and muscle to overpower his opponents. After every pin, he would preen in front of the crowd hollering Ye Haw  in triumph. By now it was seen as both his signature call of victory and a put down of his opponents. As the year progressed both Riyaz and Jack were undefeated in their matches. That only seemed to annoy Jack who continued insisting the younger Indian’s matches were against weaker wrestlers. Things finally came to a head after Riyaz won a victory in his weight division against that division’s current state champion. As he sat down on the team bench, Riyaz heard Jack making a remark about him being a black bastard who needed to have a real Southerner kick his ass., Finally deciding things needed to change, Riyaz stalked up to Jack and openly challenged the jock to a match. 

“You think you can whip my ass?” Jack laughed. “I’m taller than you, have more experience, and I out muscle you twice over, boy. Get lost you asshole.”

“My challenge stands,” Riyaz replied. “Are you too scared this Indian will cream your white butt to accept it?”

“Oh, it’s on,” Jack angrily shot back. “I’m going to whip that butt and make you my little bitch,” he sneered.

“Sounds good. I accept the bet. The loser is his opponent’s bitch for the rest of the year,” Riyaz answered as he walked off.

Word soon spread about the match and the bet. A date was set for the encounter. A time was arranged so anyone in school could attend. To many it seemed like a mismatch. Jack was a bit over six feet with 195lbs of muscled perfection. Riyaz was only 5’10’’ and barely 160lbs. That day the crowd was wildly cheering for Jack their hometown blonde, blue-eyed, Texan hero who had never been pinned. The day prior to the match, Riyaz had learned that Jack, anxious to truly ensure a victory, had arranged a nasty surprise for him.

“I’ve never lost any match esp. on our school’s hometown mat. I won’t lose to a 1st  year, trust me. That dark runt will be pinned in front everyone,” he had told his friends. “I’m going to wipe him off the floor then cry out my signature victory cry of ‘ye haw ’ over his prone body,” he joked as the others around him laughed. Privately he told a few close fellow jocks that he planned a little something extra to ‘ensure’ he would not only win but humiliate Riyaz while doing it.  “I’ve arranged for my buddy to spike Riyaz’s water bottle with a drug that will slightly disorientate him.  Once he takes a drink, he’ll be out on his feet and easy to whip.”

Happily, Yash, another Indian exchange student and a star on the school’s swim team had learned about this while secretly fucking, on the downlow, Jack’s best friend Todd Davenport, the swimming team’s captain and one of the campus’s biggest ladies-man. While taking Yash’s cock up his asshole, Todd moaned out what Jack asked him to do to Riyaz. Taking matters into his own hands, Yash instructed the utterly submissive Todd to spike Jack’s bottle instead with the drug. For fun, Yash also added a powerful sexual stimulation into the mixture. 

“Turnabout is fair play, Riyaz,” Yash told his friend on the day of the match. “It’s been done so accept it. Remember that old proverb in classic Hindi that our teacher taught us, “ham hava kee disha nahin badal sakate, lekin ham paal ko samaayojit kar sakate hain {We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails}.”

Riyaz thought about it and had to admit his friend was right.“Mauka chookane vaale aur shaakha se chookane vaale bandar ko nahin bachaaya ja sakata hai {A person who misses a chance and the monkey who misses its branch can’t be saved},” Riyaz replied with another proverb from his region that he learned in school.

“Exactly” Yash laughed. “Now, I’ve got to head back to my room. I’ve a white boy needing another round of my Indian cock rammed up his quivering closeted butt. These hot Southern boys are putty in an Indian man’s hand. Show them our meat and they lose it & crack into bitches, my friend.”  He boasted as he left Riyaz. As he walked to his dorm room where, a naked and recently fucked Todd was eagerly waiting, Yash recalled how easy it had been to turn-out his good-looking, racist trash talking, muscular team captain once, during their team showers, the later saw Yash’s impressive cock. Though he tried to hide it, Todd always seemed memorized by the sight of Yash’s thick and long, dark-hued cock. One day Yash finally decided to take a chance and, as he put it to Riyaz, ‘go all-alpha on that Southern boy’s ass’ to see if he could bitch him. After giving the stunned Todd a taste of Indian verbal trash talking, Yash quickly realized the macho-strutting Todd was secretly intimidated by and, thanks to the sprouting boner in his speedos sexually aroused by it. It only needed Yash to confront him to bring out Todd’s inner sexual submissiveness. Yash soon had the brown-haired, green-eyed Todd down on his knees sucking Yash off in the gym showers before later that night eagerly giving up his rump. Yash loved how still publicly, macho-strutting Todd would, after screwing some woman, crawl back to Yash begging to get his ass plowed. “If you’re such a stud for the ladies, why are you on on your back holding your butt-cheeks apart begging me to screw your ass?”

“Fuck me, Sir,” an embarrassed Todd moaned. A part of him knew his MAGA dad and uncles would be disgusted by his actions but he was overcome by his craving for Yash’s dick up his ass.

 “I heard your family used to be slave owners back in the day. How would those bastards react seeing their proud Southern descendant hungry for my Indian meat? How much you want to be this dark man’s rand; that’s the Indian word for whore by the way?” Yash said with contempt. “Admit you’re my whore!”

“I’m your rand,” Todd gasped as Yash’s dick pushed into him.

“Yes you are,” Yash stated as he rammed in and out of Todd’s tight hole getting ready to pop his load deep into now bitched swimmer’s guts.


On the day of the match, the entire student body had flocked to the gym to watch. It was a school tradition for their wrestlers to ‘toast their opponents ‘ prior to any athletic encounter by taking a small gulp of water from their respective water bottles. Riyaz, who was having second thoughts about the drugging, was about to warn Jack about the switch. However, just as he was about to speak, Jack made another denigrating remark about kicking Riyaz’s “brown butt” while also denigrating India and its athletes. As the American’s saypayback is a bitch , Riyaz thought. Well in this match I will get payback and make Jack my bitch!

Jack arrogantly tipped  his water bottle towards Riyaz. “Your ass is mine,” he sneered as he took a few hefty gulps from it. 

Riyaz observed how gleefully Jack watched as Riyaz did the same. He recalled something else his teacher once quoted to his students in classic Hindi. Tumhen shaitaan ko usee kee bhaasha mein javaab dena chaahie  {you must answer the devil in his own language}. 

The two walked onto the mat and the contest began. As they maneuvered around in the circle, Riyaz anxiously waited for the drugs to kick into gear.

Riyaz knew that Jack was all about taking advantage of his more muscular build and height to power to a victory. Riyaz, however, understood that he would lose going toe-to-toe with Jack in this area. He had to employ technique not strength in his battle with his opponent. The  pure power Jack possessed was clear when they first grabbed onto each other. Jack easily flipped Riyaz backward. Riyaz barely scrambled away before Jack could follow up the move. 

“Too easy,” Jack softly jeered at Riyaz. “Let’s give the crowd some fun at your expense.”

For the next few minutes an over confident Jack toyed with Riyaz. The younger man realized Jack was merely waiting for the drugs he thought Riyaz has consumed to take effect. He wants me mentally disorientated so he can humiliate me in front of everyone , Riyaz decided as Jack made a series of faint forward thrusts  that Riyaz dodged. He not only wants to win, he wants to show everyone I’m a bad wrestler. 

Why isn’t the drug working,  Jack asked himself as he watched for any sign that Riyaz was succumbing to its effects. Finally a now impatient Jack decided to just pin the guy. He managed to get a hold on Riyaz. Deftly maneuvering around his squirming young opponent, Jack put Riyaz in a rear headlock.

“Got ya ,” Jack whispered into Riyaz ear.

“Don’t think so,” Riyaz replied. As he struggled to break, free their bodies tressed together. He thought he detected a stiffening in Jack’s crotch.  Please be working , he silently begged as he thrust his rump backward to hit and then, subtly rub Jack’s bulge.

“What the fuck,” Jack mumbled as the pressure on his crotch from Riyaz ass created a not unpleasant tingling in his ‘family jewels’.

“Hmm, I’d say someone like that,” Riyaz joked as he felt Jack’s now rising cock pressing itself against the his rump.

“Fuck you,” Jack replied. Without realizing it, he loosened his grip enough let Riyaz quickly slip out of the hold. The growing tingling in his nuts soon occupied his mind. Fixated now on the tingling in his cock and balls, Jack began to lose focus on what he was doing. As the crowd watched the two wrestlers employed a variety of feints and combinations but, to everyone’s amazement, a distracted Jack seemed unable to score on Riyaz and secure a pin. “Get your head in the game man,” one of Jack’s friends shouted.

Soon, the drug’s full effects began to hit Jack’s body and mind. All he could think of was the amazing erotic thrill that came from the sensation of his singlet rubbing tightly against his cock and balls. Shit that feels fucking amazing but  I got to get it to stop rubbing my fucking dick!   He frantically thought. Yet, as the match progressed, Jack found it harder to formulate any wrestling strategy. The erotic stimulations of his singlet snugly cupping and massaging his ‘junk’ was driving him crazy. He could feel his cock beginning to stiffen. Fuck, I can’t bone  in front of everyone , he thought while failing to concentrate on wrestling Riyaz. To everyone’s surprise, Riyaz was now easily out performing Jack. More shocking, when Jack managed to get a grip on Riyaz, the younger man easily broke out of the holds.

By now it was clear to Riyaz that Jack was feeling the results of what he had consumed. Also, from the way the blonde hunk was subtly pulling at the area where his singlet was cupping his crotch, it was obvious wrestling was now the last thing on this Southern boy’s mind. He looked at Jack and observed the muscled stud’s dilated pupils and the slowly rising bulge in his crotch. Oh yeah, my Southern white boy is in full heat , Riyaz thought. “Hey man, it looks like you’re getting a boner for me. Is that why you accepted my challenge? Was it an excuse for you to hold my tight brown body close to you?” He teased trying to annoy Jack into making a move that Riyaz could exploit. 

“Fuck you,” Jack slurred out.

As Riyaz hoped, a now enraged Jack clumsily lunged at him. Taking advantage, Riyaz dodged to one side. As Jack passed him, Riyaz swiftly pivoted and grabbed Jack around his waist. With one deft side movement he lifted a shocked and squirming Jack upward off his feet.

 “What the fuck,” Jack wheezed as the smaller wrestler hoisted him higher while squeezing the air from Jack’s lungs. Before he could reach down to pull apart Riyaz’s hands, the younger man flipped Jack and roughly planted him face down onto the mat. “Aw fuck my cock,” Jack gasped as his now overly sensitized shaft hit the mat. The pressure on his growing erection only intensified when Riyaz mounted him from behind to cinch Jack into a rear-headlock. “Get off me,” Jack moaned even as he went fully erect. Jack repeatedly moved his torso upward in an attempt to toss Riyaz off, only to have the young Indian press Jack’s him back down. The effect of this “matt-humping” action on his cock only made things worse for him. “Aw fuck, my dick,” he muttered as he went fully erect. A wet spot appeared on his singlet. “Shit I’m fucking wet.”

Riyaz smiled at hearing those words. From the way Jack was “fucking the mat” combined with that telltale-breathing guys have when they slip into their “ rut mode”, he knew Jack must be close to an orgasm. “I’m riding you, boy,” Riyaz hissed as he maneuvered to grind Jack’s lower body downward again and again so the pressure on his foe’s erection intensified. 

“Aw fuck get off me,” Jack hoarsely whispered as his need to spunk took hold of him.

“Maybe I’ll drag you up onto your feet so everyone can see how turned on you are being mounted by an Indian. You getting aroused by me semi-fucking your ass?” Riyaz teased. He thrust his waist downward so the outline of his impressive cock pressed in-between Jacks’ butt-cheeks. “Like the feel of my dick moving deep into your rump,” Riyaz softly asked Jack.

“Fuck your dick is going into my ass. Stop it,” Jack grunted, not wanting to admit the sensation was arousing. Too turned on by what was going on and not wanting to show his boner to the entire student body, Jack could only flail about on the mat. Infuriately his actions only increased the arousals his shaft was getting from the singlet. “AW FUCK,’ he loudly grunted as Riyaz humped own harder onto his crack.

The crowd gasped in shock. The smaller, much younger & leaner wrestler from India had the superior wrestling position. Their muscular, Southern golden boy was not only apparently incapable of rising up, but also squirming under his opponent. “Kick his ass Riyaz,” someone shouted. Soon the students, who hated Jack’s arrogance, were joining in to cheer Riyaz too. 

Their loud whoops covered up the sounds from under the bleachers where a jubilant Yash had a groaning Todd in a doggie position while furiously fucking him. Across from him, Jerome, his African -American friend on the swim team, was energetically plowing into Todd’s mouth barely stifling some of the loud moans from the team captain’s dick stuffed mouth.

“From the sounds above us, I think Riyaz is kicking Jack’s ass,” Jerome said as he thrust deeply into Todd’s throat. “Fuck this is so sweet doing this fucking asshole. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Yeah, no problem. Nice payback considering all the racist shit he’s said to you,” Yash replied as he continually slapped Todd’s ass while ramming his thick long shaft in and out of the team captain’s butt. “Damn, I’m going to squirt up into him,” he grunted as he got ready to pop a load into the once arrogantly racist Todd’s ass. “I’m about to seed him,” he cried.

“Me too,” Jerome answered as he began ejaculating’s down Todd’s throat. After the two emptied their cream into Todd’s two holes, they smiled at each other and raised their hands for a quick high-five over their now cum-filled team captain. “Let’s clean up and see what’s happening.” Moving swiftly, the two dressed leaving a contented, buck naked, red-assed Todd lying prone on the floor. Cum was copiously dripping from both his mouth and asshole.

“Todd has two eighteen-year-old twin brothers coming here in the fall,” Jerome quietly told Yash they took seats in the bleachers. “Todd brought them to the campus when school started this year. Two good-old-boy types. Superior acting, arrogant pricks but, damn fine pieces of meat. Nicely built, hot looking with two sweet, round, bubbled butts begging to be bred.” He winked at a grinning Yash.

“Well,” Yash replied. “Looks like we’ve some planning for next year.”

“Shit why wait till then. Let’s have Todd invite them for a weekend here at the dorms,” Jerome eagerly suggested. Laughing, the two sat down to watch the match where clearly things were going along quite nicely for Riyaz.

“Going to take you on this mat where you always won,” Riyaz whispered to Jack as he again humped down to increase the pressure on the jock’s crotch. “I’m taking your rep right here in front of everyone. I’m going to make you my bitch then tonight, I’m going to take your pale muscled rear-end.”

Jack was so stimulated he could only groan as thoughts swirled inside his brain. He was getting taken down by someone he had mocked. Defeated on this mat where he was always victorious and worse, in front of the entire school. Suddenly he felt that familiar churning in his balls that signaled they were about to squirt their load up into and through his dick. “I’m going to cum,’ he softly wailed.

A triumphant Riyaz heard him. He grinned. “Bitched you,” he said. With another quick move, he managed to flip the distracted Jack onto his back exposing the tentpole and wet spot in Jack’s crotch to everyone. “Everyone is going to see you spunk like a bitch in heat!” Riyaz whispered to Jack.

“AWWW FUCCCCKKK,” Jack roared as he arched upward from his waist trying to bridge his way out. His efforts only positioned his body to fully expose his crotch while also helping Riyaz pin Jack’s powerful shoulders to the mat. The singlet rubbed Jack’s shaft one last time. “Shit,” Jack yelped as he began squirting into it. The stunned crowd watched as two things happened. First, the referee tapped out Jack for the first time in his life. Second, the once undefeated Southern stud liberally shot inside his singlet. His growing wet spot was in full view producing creamy white bubbles oozing his crotch area. 

Riyaz rose and stood over his still orgasming his opponent, raised his hands into the air, put one foot on the now panting Jack’s chest, and gave a cry of “YEEE HAWWW ” to his fellow Indian friends in the stands. He gazed down at Jack’s splayed-out body still lying there quivering in front of them all and still sporting a semi-erection. He leaned down near Jack’s head. “I took you in wrestling. I took your victory cry. Tonight, once I finish with you, you will be my chutiya {cunt} , he whispered to him employing one of the most contemplable Indian words one could say to another man. “After tonight I’m going to have a friend tattoo that word onto your ass.” He moved his foot to Jack’s crotch and pressed down on the jock’s  now overly sensitive nuts..

“AWWW FUCK MY NUTS!” Jack bawled even as the pressure on his balls caused him to again ejaculate. When Riyaz moved his foot away it was obvious that the wet stain in Jack’s crotch had grown even larger. The disgusted crowd hooted their contempt at Jack’s actions. 

Riyaz pointed down at the quivering Jack, to indicate to his delighted fellow Indian students in the stands how inferior Jack was to him. “Come get this paree  {fairy}guys,” he joked as the departing crowd continued their jeering at Jack.

A bleary-eyed, cum smelling, bleary-eyed, and mentally demolished Jack gazed up at Riyaz. To his shock, this smaller, less muscular younger Indian had taken him in front of everyone. Worse, as he lost, he had shot a series of loads like a two-bit back-alley whore in front of the entire student body. His reputation on campus was gone and both Riyaz and Jack knew it! The once smug jock was barely aware as Riyaz’s Indian friends hoisted him to his feet, draped his arms over their shoulders, and carried him off the gym floor, 

One of them shoved the ‘laced water bottle’ into Jack’s mouth and tilted it upward, forcing Jack to gulp down more of the substance. “Riyaz is going to pop your cherry,” another Indian student gleefully told the out of it and extremely sexually stimulated Jack.

“Riyaz whipped my ass,” Jack moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right you madarchod  {motherfucker}and tonight he’s going to fuck it too,” yet another Indian exchange student joked while giving Jack’s rounded muscled rump a hard slap causing the jock to yelp.

“Aw fuck,” Jack cried out as he recalled how stimulating it felt when Riyaz’s cock was rubbing into his butt-crack. “He’s going to dick my fucking ass,” he gasped as his cock went into another full-out erection.

Riyaz took in the sight and grinned. He followed them back to the dorms with his prize. Tonight, his dark 13 inch warrior was going to take this Southern stud’s virginal, pale rump. After Riyaz was done turning Jack out as a bulla {cock}  boy,  he would be passed around among the other male exchange students  from India so each could breed and seed every hole Jack’s possessed. The All-American golden boy from Texas was about to become every Indian man’s cum-dump!

The End

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