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Riding Rising Cloud
By Kyle Cicero

Author’s note: This story came about when a friend, who is a Native American, pointed out that most stories do not truly reflect his people‘s point of view. This story was written and was proofread by him make sure that not only the terms used in it were correct but the story also reflected that perspective. I was surprised to discover that Native Americans referred to themselves as Indians and not Native Americans. So, before you write to me about the use of that term, be advised that he assured me the use of “Indian” was correct as it was being written from his perspective.

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Riding Rising Cloud

By Cicero

I first saw him at Crow Fair in August. I’d gone to compete at the rodeo there. At 37, I’d developed quite a reputation among as one of the best, if not the best, bull rider ever to come from the Northern Plains. The night before my event I’d seen him dance. He was about six-two and taller than others in his group, but still I had a couple of inches on him. His colorfully costumed body moved with sensual grace. Each step he showed his understanding of an ancient warrior

s existence. He’d arrived here as with his family on Thursday and set up camp at the western edge of the encampment. No movement was wasted -- he was focused on making each movement count. At time the he shifted his body causing the fringe on his leggings dance in the air. Honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I also couldn’t help but notice his handsome face with its lean chiseled features, his long hair tied in two braids and festooned with a warrior’s feathers that waved at the crowd as his head dipped and pivoted to further portray the range of emotions as he danced his story.

At the end of the pow-wow, I managed to observe him off by his camp stripping off his regalia so he could change into his street attire. As I suspected, his torso was dark brown and leanly muscled. He had powerful legs and a nicely defined chest. His dark-hued skin glistened with sweat from his performance. Beads of moisture dripped downward from his neck along the hollow between his pectorals. He had no discernable chest hair but he did possess an inviting, thin, dark honey trail that led to his tight white underwear. I had put his age at twenty. The next day, after I’d won my event, I saw him standing with some other young Indian men. It was clear they had watched me compete. I was on an adrenaline high from my win. I let my visions lock on his and grinned at him. He smiled back before his brown-hued eyes dropped, seemingly embarrassed. I noticed a deep blush came across his tawny features. Yeah, I thought, "if I’m patient, I’m going to ride this buck."

I casually strolled up to his group. “Howdy,” I said to them. Up close, with his high cheekbones typical of plains Indians, he was even more handsome. Minutes later, introductions had been made and I’d invited the young men to my camper for drinks. I soon learned my young stud was called Cody Rising Cloud. As I thought, he was twenty and the son of a tribal commissioner. We partied some, and after a few drinks he and his friends were completely inebriated. Kids; they can't hold their liquor.

I decided to take advantage and focused my conversation upon Cody. After a few minutes, his other friends woozily wandered off to their respective camps. Cody, however, continued talking with me. He was truly impressed by my performance at the rodeo and admitted he’d always wanted to be a bullrider. That was my opening. “You know I could turn you out really good. Meaning turn you out to be a real champion bullrider,” I slyly added.

Cody’s eyes grew wide when he heard me say this. “Really?” he slightly slurred. “I mean I would be honored. You’re the best rider in Indian country,” he added before blushing.

“Sure," I quickly replied taking note how incredibly fuckable he looked when he blushed. “Why not come up to my ranch in Cut Bank after Crow Fair? Give me a few days or a week to train you. I will break you into things really good.” By now I was enjoying myself with my verbal word play. I let my eyes take in his torso. He was wearing a snugly fitted white wife-beater that clung to his hard muscled form. They pulled down into the narrow waistband of his jeans. I could clearly see that he had a nice pair of perky nipples under that shirt. They were begging to be abused and sexually used. His jeans were equally tight and well worn, especially in his crotch area. I noticed, from his rounded bulge, he had something in there worth exploring too.

“A week huh?” Rising Cloud hesitantly replied. “My dad wanted me to spend two weeks going out driving cattle with him. I guess my cousins could go out instead of me."

“Well, if you can’t,” I briskly said hoping an indifferent attitude would cinch the deal. I was hoping his desire to be a bullrider would win out. “Well best to bed, right,” I told him as I got up from the ground. I’d long since considered sexual seduction to be like breaking a horse. Take your time and go slow.

“No, wait,” he suddenly said. “I mean, I want to learn bull riding. I’ll explain to my dad. He’ll agree I should accept this opportunity to learn from the best.” He rose up grinning. We shook hands. I watched that tight, nicely rounded rump of his walk away into the night. Yeah, the first steps had been done. As I walked into my trailer I recalled another young man I’d taken to ranch years ago for some training.

He was only son of a powerful local white ranch owner from Havre that wanted his boy to be a rodeo star. I’d begun making a name for myself on the rodeo circuit around that time, so he came to me. At first I was going to refuse since the guy and his family had long exploited Indians. Hell, I knew the only reason he sought me out was because I was the best -- and he knew it. I was prepared to tell him to fuck off, right up until his son joined us. I was twenty-one and his son, who was called Scott, had just turned eighteen. Scott was a star athlete in his first year of college. He’d played soccer and his legs and ass were prime. His upper body was nicely developed as well. When I saw Scott I knew I had to fuck his tight white ass, if for nothing else but spite against his father. I quickly agreed to teach this young blond blue-eyed boy some expert “riding” techniques.

I still remember vividly how I turned that white boy out by the end of his stay with me. I’d been patient in my seduction and the reward had been worth it. Young Scott was as arrogant as his old man, and just as patronizing about Indians. I pretended not to notice as I sized him up. The key to being a good bullrider is knowing your mount before you ride it. Each ride is different, but if you take the time to study your bull, then you can usually figure out a weakness and exploit it. Scott’s overexaggerated smugness showed me that a part of him was unsure about his masculinity. Being the son of a domineering father probably accounted for it and I intended to use it to pop his cherry. First up, I had him riding the whole day out in rough terrain. That night his legs and thigh muscles ached from the experience. I gave him a nice glass of whiskey, laced with an herb my people used to spur sexual arousals, to “help his body relax.” I even offered to massage his legs so he could avoid any muscle cramping that might cause injury. "You know Scotty, that a good massage truly gets your leg tendons to loosen up. After all, we’ve a lot more riding tomorrow,” I stated.

“I’m called Scott,” he said with a hint of irritation in his voice as he sipped his drink. “Scotty is a boy’s name. I’m a man.” He took another gulp of whiskey then grimaced as he moved in his chair. “I guess a massage might be good,” he stated.

“Okay, then strip to your underwear while I get some lotion that will really warm your thighs up,” I commanded, as I poured him another strong herb-laced drink. By the time I got back, Scott was in his tighty-whities and lying on the floor. He’d finished his second drink and as expected, I could see a slight rise in his crotch area. "Yeah, he's ready," I thought as I poured the lotion on both his legs and started my seduction. My hands slowly kneed the muscles of his thighs. That white boy had some great legs. Playing soccer had given his thighs good worked-out lean muscle. Scott said nothing as I worked on each one. Soon I could hear his breathing deepening as I moved upward towards his crotch. From the corner of my eye I could see he’d risen partly upward to be able to gulp down the rest of his whiskey. “Feeling good now,” I asked as he again laid back down.

“Uh…yeah,” he managed to sputter.

I kept working on his legs while moving my hands further up. “Got to really get in deep, Scotty,” I told him as my fingers stroked the soft pale skin of his upper thighs. He groaned as I explored every inch of those thighs. I noticed his cock was now fully rising. I gazed at him. I loved how his pale face turned red as he realized he was sprouting a boner. “Hey, its okay, Scotty,” I softly said making sure to say “Scotty” to emphasize who was the alpha-male and who was now the beta-boy.

“I…I…never… with a …guy,” he muttered as he stared back at me in confusion.

“Don't worry about it, Scotty. Just another stiff muscle we need to take care of. Take another drink of whiskey and just relax,” I replied. I poured him another glass. He shifted his upper torso upward so he could down the drink. I “accidentally” hit his arm so some of it spilled on the front of his underwear. “Sorry,” I said as I reached down to touch the wet spot. “Best get you out of this and continue the massage. Probably a good thing, since this lotion might stain it.” He hesitantly protested as I began easing him out of his underwear.

“I…don’t…maybe we’d better,” he mumbled as I took hold of the waistband and slowly unveiled his family jewels. For a white boy, his junk wasn’t bad. His cock was thick, long, and uncut. His pale shaft was slowly rising out of a bush of dark blond hair. His balls were nicely rounded and lightly covered in a blond furry hair. “Maybe we should stop,” he half-heartedly muttered.

“Just relax, Scotty. I’m trying to do this right. Now lean back and let me take control,” I firmly instructed. As I figured, the strong drink coupled with the firm tone in my voice did the trick. Thanks to his bigoted, strong-willed father, his boy was predisposed to yield to a strong male. Inwardly I found it amusing his domineering old man was helping me set up his son for a hard fuck. By now Scotty was totally erect. Beads of sweat began appearing on his face and upper chest. I moved to take hold of his erection. “Relax,” I said as I poured some lotion on it and started stroking him.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Scotty moaned. His eyes glazed over. I had him. Using pressure points I’d learned from a Cree friend, I managed to keep him erect, yet not so out of control that he could shoot his wad. After a good half-hour of edging him, young Scotty was out-of-his-head in sexual heat. He was desperate to cum, and by now totally pliable to whatever I wanted to do to him. Quickly I moved him onto his stomach making sure to give his dick a series of slow up and down strokes.

“What are you doing?” he weakly asked as I positioned him up on all fours while making sure I continued masturbating him to keep him aroused and thus compliant.

“Well, if we were playing soccer, you might say this Indian is getting ready to score a goal on the white boy, so spread those legs,” I commanded as I slapped one of his pale butt-cheeks. He cried out but did as I told him. I looked at the red handprint on Scotty butt. “Yeah,” I laughed as I gave his quivering rump a few more whacks that had him yelping a few more times. By now he was sobbing, fully erect, leaking pre-cum as I continued edging him, and his butt had turned a nice red. “Whose the red man now Scotty,” I asked, recalling the slurs his own man had used when talking to other whites about Indians. I had my white boy bent over and ass up; spreading his warmly spanked butt-cheeks spread apart for my rod. I still remember his low moans when I first thrust into his hole and popped his cherry.

“Sweet Jesus,” he croaked as the tip of my head broke through his ring.

“More like sweet revenge, white boy,” I laughed as I poured lotion onto my shaft and worked my erection into him.

“Aw fuck!” he squealed as I thrust deep into his guts.

“What’s wrong white boy,” I snarled as I began moving in and out of his ass. “I wonder what your dad would say about this, huh? His son getting his ass pounded by a…what does he call us…a no account red man? Speaking of red men.” I slapped his ass again until it was a fiery crimson. Scotty gasped and bawled but my dick stayed in him. “Well, your ignorant old bastard of a father did ask me to teach you how to ride.””

“Aw, my ass is on fire,” Scotty groaned as I continued screwing his hole.

That young hunk bucked under me that first time but I held on and drove in hard and deep.

“Getting fucked by a...” he moaned as I took his butt. He was drunk, aroused and, by now, his mind must have been blown apart by this experience. Young Scotty was coming to grips with the fact that he was about to not only get seeded by a guy but also that the guy was an Indian as well. “Why am I so fucking hard,” he sobbed as I stroked his stiff bone. By now he was leaking like a broken faucet. I edged him making sure to keep him just short of having any orgasm.

“Because deep within you, Scotty, you craved a strong man to take your sweet butt my i’nákssahkomaapiwa ,” I teased using the Blackfeet word for little boy. Using it on him, knowing too that it was a word he knew, was simply another way of reinforcing within him that he was no man. ”That’s why you wanted me to teach you. That’s why you and your family fear us. The men in your family knew deep inside of them was a craving to service Indian men. Well, your family’s days of fucking us are over because today and from now on we are fucking you, i’nákssahkomaapiwa !”

“Aw shit,” Scotty gasped when my dick finally whacked on his prostate.

After I hit his sweet spot, my frisky mount began humping back and begging for my brown cock to drill deeper into his rosy-pink pucker. When you're riding a bull, there comes that moment when you know you took control of it. Even better, you feel that bull knows it too. It was right then I knew that Scotty was mine now.

“Fuck me,” he gasped.

Yeah, he knew it too. “First, ask me nice, i’nákssahkomaapiwa ,” I snarled as I laid into him. “Do it with respect bitch.”

“Fuck me please…Sir,” he cried out.

Yeah I had him. “ My pleasure, i’nákssahkomaapiwa ,” I laughed out in triumph.

When I climaxed into him, he let out a strangled cry and ejaculated. I fucked him twice more that night and he exploded like fireworks during both of them. The next night I taught my white boy how to suck dick. Seeing his pale lips slurping up my dark-hued cock was hot as hell. I resisted the urge to grab his blond hair and ram his handsome face into my wiry dark patch. Well, I resisted that urge on that first night anyway. After awhile I just couldn’t help myself but by then he’d learned his role in our relationship. On his knees, mouth wide open, gurgling and gasping for air while deep throating the cock of his alpha-male Blackfeet teacher.

By the time he left my ranch I’d not only taught him how to ride, but also to crave being ridden. I sent him back to his dad with his ass and stomach filled with hot Indian love medicine! Scotty visited me that entire summer for more lessons. A year later, his father discovered Scotty lying buck-naked and ass up on the very desk his family had made our people stand in front of when they stole our lands. He was eagerly sucking off a Flathead Indian who worked on the ranch while another one fucked Scotty’s ass. The shock of his heir slurping up a red man’s jizz from both ends was too much for the old bigot. He died right there on the spot watching Scotty's holes oozing out cum while the two men were giving laughing and high-fives to each other. After the will was probated, Scotty surprised everyone by signing over large tracts of his family’s farm to the local tribes for only one dollar. It was land his ancestors had stolen from them so justice was finally done. He signed the deeds standing where my people once stood; in front of his family’s old desk, his pants and underwear around his ankles, and me right behind him fucking his ass. So he got something out of it too, right? Hell, even after the sale he was still fixed for life so I didn’t feel guilty about any of it. He spent his college three summers on my ranch as my personal fuck-boy. I’d had him grow his hair out till it reached his shoulders. Later, I had him wearing only two armbands and a skimpy fringed loincloth so his body was always on display. Whenever others in my tribe visited it showed them not only how I’d tamed this white boy but also that I’d avenged how he and his family had treated us. He was even given a new Blackfeet name, “áwaawahkao’tsii’s i’nákssahkomaapiwa ” or “warrior’s little boy.”

Scott is now a federal congressman with a wife and twin boys. He preaches about family values, yet once a year he comes to my ranch to get his riding lessons. Yeah his gym-toned body quivers in heat for my thick, uncut Indian cock. I use that week to fuck his brains out and orally feed him his yearly dose of native seed. For such a big family values guy, young Scotty, as I continue to call him, is always hot to service my dick. After I fuck his both his holes, I instruct him on what he needs to do to serve the interests of the natives in his district. Breaking Scotty in had been fun.

Now I was eager to begin Rising Cloud’s lessons. The thought of screwing his hard body filled my mind.

Like I said before, each bull is different, and knowing your mount before you ride it is the key to success. So, I did my homework that night before my sexy young Lakota came to my ranch. I walked around after he left and discreetly got into conversations with other dancers. Cody Rising Cloud was a young man of talent in dance who was better than many of his elders in the dance. He was never arrogant about his talent, but he knew his worth and it showed sometimes during performances. He was respectful of authority but was also his own man who didn’t easily give into orders. Son of a tribal leader, he carried himself with confidence and even carried the Eagle Staff into the arena at Grand Entry. Popular with the females in his tribe, so far no one young lady had managed to, as one dance elder told me, rope him into harness. I liked what I heard about him and especially that I wasn’t going to deprive some woman of her man. By then I was determined to “rope” my feisty young bull and, more important, keep him permanently hogtied to me. Young Rising Cloud would be a challenge to mount and especially to docile into obedience but I was confident I could do it. Taking his cherry and making him mine would be work, but that would only make the thought of that ride even more exciting.

He arrived on horseback at my place a day after the pow-wow had ended wearing those same tight jeans. This time however, he was shirtless.

“I was hot riding over, so I decided to tuck my tee shirt in my back pocket so it would get all wet from my sweat,” he casually said as he dismounted.

I took in the sight of his tanned lean body. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his bronze toned torso. He’d tied his hair back but it had draped itself around his neck to fall across his chest. A few strains were caught by the wind and flicked around his two nut-brown nipples. Those babies need some attention, I mused, as I imagined my hands twisting them until they stiffened upward into hard brown peaks. I wonder if he ever had his nipples expertly abused, I thought. I will have to teach him how arousing good tit work can be, I decided as I recalled how Scotty had eagerly taken to tit play.

“These fucking jeans always bunch up and crush my nuts when I ride,” Rising Cloud joked.

I tried not to be too obvious about staring at him while he reached to pull down on his pants legs. In spite of his efforts, those fucking jeans still cupped his bulge. The material around it had faded and worn away to such an extent that it showed the outline of his tribal jewels. He was not only nicely hung, but judging from that impressive roundness under the outline of his cock, my Lakota boy sported a nice ball-sack too. I liked that. When I fuck a guy who’s up on all fours, I enjoy seeing his nuts swaying while I pound into him. Yeah, Rising Cloud had me eager to begin his training.

“Tie up your horse over there,” I said while pointing to a nearby corral post.

As he led his mount to it, I got a nice view of his prime piece of rump. His jeans were equally worn away in back. As he walked, I watched the outline of his two tight, upturned butt-cheeks. His ass muscles looked so hot rippling under that faded denim. As he moved, a part of his tee shirt that was hanging out of his back pocket swayed gently across his rump and whipped against his right cheek. I imagined my hand doing it but not as gently. I swear I was tempted to grab a rope right there, hogtie him, rip those jeans off that butt, and screw his brains out. However, I knew that patience was the key to a successful mounting. Yet seeing that dancer’s butt in motion had me aroused. It took damn near all my patience not to throw caution to the wind and mount that fucking young stud right then and there. “Let’s start,” I said. "The first lessons will be on a bull ride I’ve set up in the barn so you can learn the basic riding techniques.” As we walked to the barn, he took his tee shirt out of his back pocket and put it on. The thin, white material snuggly caressed his upper body. Its pale color set off his exposed arms and neck’s reddish-hued skin tone. His face had slight sunburn on it that only enhanced his looks. He strode alongside me with a dancer’s grace and with a bit of self-confidence swagger that only increased my determination to ride him. We entered the barn and went to a section I’d set up for practice. It had a mechanical bull ride with sufficient padding around it to absorb any falls.

Rising Cloud looked at it and smiled. ”Yeah,” he stated as he went up to the bull and easily swung up onto it.

I observed him there with his strong legs spread apart straddling the bull. "Soon," I thought, as an image of those legs being thrust wide open for me flickered inside my mind. “Okay, before we begin you need to be sure your position on the bull is comfortable and, critically, that your legs are correctly locked onto the animal,” I said, keeping a ‘strictly professional’ tone of voice. I went over to him and took hold of one of his legs. “Curl it back a bit. It’s not like riding a horse, okay. I positioned each of his legs curling them at the knee so he could get a firm grip on the sides of the bull. His strong thigh muscles moved under my hand. They were firm and hard to my touch. They were nicely developed but not overly so in proportion to his upper body. I couldn’t wait until I had hold of them while I fucked him. “Now the upper body,” I finally said as I moved to grab hold of his tapered waist. “Keep loose enough to move your center of gravity but be sitting in the right place on its back.”

Rising Cloud’s face was a study in concentration. I could see he was totally focused upon what I was saying which was good, because I was basically feeling him up.

“Breathe normally through your stomach,” I instructed as I placed one palm against his ribbed abdomen six-pack. “Go on, show me what you can do,” I insisted as I pressed and gently rubbed them. "I want to feel it.” Rising Cloud’s stomach slowly moved up and down. I pretended to be focused on this activity but, in reality, my eyes were locked on his crotch. The thin faded jeans were now firmly cupping those jewels. Soon, I told myself as I released my pressure on his stomach.

“One hand is cinched to hold you on the bull, and as you know the other is not but,” I stated trying to fade the image of his fucking bulging basket from my mind before I popped a boner. “Tying you in tight…to the bull is critical,” I quickly added knowing I meant something different than what he was thinking.. “Can’t have you free now, right?” I smiled at him and got a nod and grin in return. Those white teeth of his shone against his face’s sun-kissed bronze skin. I patiently showed him how to tie his right hand to the bull. Then, I moved his left one to demonstrate the best way to hold it aloft for additional balancing. By the time he was ready for his first ride, I’d pretty much exploded his torso with my hands. “Okay, let’s start,” I said. I strode over to the controls and started the bull. I had to admit that the young Lakota was good. His dancing ability helped him center himself on the ride. I slowly increased the bull’s movement but he stuck on it. He was a walking wet dream with his young powerful body athletic swinging about on the machine. After twenty minutes, he was drenched in sweat. His tee shirt was plastered against him showing off the rippling muscles of his upper body. “Let's take a break,” I said as I stopped the ride. I handed him a bottle of water, nicely laced with an herbal that stimulated a man's sexual urges into overdrive.

“So how was I?” He eagerly asked. “I’d say pretty good, right,” he insisted with the self-confidence that many younger athletic guys sometimes display.

“Not bad, but lets see how the next half hour goes before we stop for the day,” I calmly replied beginning the process of breaking his ego. “Still awkward, but we can polish you. Get back on the bull...assuming you’ve got the energy for it,” I joked knowing this additional sting to his pride would be sufficient to get him ‘back in the saddle’; so to speak.

“I’m ready,” he angrily said as he quickly finished his drink.

“Drink another bottle to keep hydrated and we will continue,” I responded. I wanted him properly dosed with the sexual stimulant for the next ride. “I’d take off that wet tee shirt too. It’s warm enough in here, and its soaking wet.”

Rising Cloud swiftly polished off his second bottle then pulled off his tee shirt. His strong body was wet with his sweat. I grabbed a nearby towel and threw it at him. “Dry off and lets get you mounted,” I gruffly told him while watching him wipe the moisture from his upper torso. He gave me back the towel and walked to the bull. I gave the damp cloth a discreet sniff savoring the musky, sexy scent of my Lakota brave as I watched that tight fuckable ass of his moving towards the ride.

After ten minutes on the bull, Rising Cloud’s rhythm began to falter. I could see he was squirming on his mount. “I slowed the ride. “What’s the problem?” I asked though, from the slight tent showing in his crotch, I already knew the answer. Hell, watching his exposed upper body’s muscles flexing on that bull almost had me hard too.

“The crotch…it keeps…rubbing on my...” his voice drifted off as a blush of embarrassment came to his face. “Junk,” he finally blurted out. By now he was wiggling on the ride trying to find some way to stop his crotch from being repeatedly being rubbed by the bull’s surface. The slower bucking I’d set the machine for only made that more difficult for him. Hiding my amusement, I watched as my bulls slower movements increased his cock’s massage.

“Oh you mean you got a riding hard-on,” I casually stated taking pleasure at how my remark only increased his blushing. “Happens all the time for young riders.”

“It does?” he managed to say. Beads of sweat were appearing on his forehead.

“Fuck yeah,” I joked. “Hell my best jack-offs back in my teen years were from the fucking bull rubbing my junk during practices. It passes as a rider learns to sit in a better position.”

“Can we stop…for a bit?” Rising Cloud croaked. By now he was really squirming on the bull and his breathing had increased.

“Better you stay on. Relax, you’ll soon find the right place to sit on it,” I explained while enjoying how he was getting so turned on. The kid was so lost in his growing erotic arousal he was swallowing this bullshit I was tossing at him about hard-ons and bull riding. “Just hang in there for ten more minutes and see if you can find the position that works for you.” I strode back to the controls and increased the bull’s gyrations.

Rising Cloud’s face was a study in grim determination. After five more minutes of getting a cock pounding however, it was clear my Lakota was losing his cool. I could her him groaning every time the ride drove his body forward to mash his crotch on its surface. From the dazed look in his eyes and the view of his sack whenever he was thrust backward, it was obvious that by now he was fully erect inside his tight jeans. Judging by his wheezing and panting he clearly was in the full throws of sexual heat.

“Can…we…stop,” he managed to sputter out. His prior confident form on the bull had vanished and he flayed about on it like a rag doll.

“Ride boy,” I sharply ordered. “I said ten minutes. Stop whining like some candy-assed wasichu cowboy,” I gruffly stated knowing using the insulting term for a ‘white man’ on him would cut off any further complaints.

Rising Cloud gave it his best shot but after a few more minutes he let out a strangled yelp. His legs thrust down from their curl, his upper body went rigid and he was soon tossed off onto the pads. As I went over to him I saw his cock was straining upward in his jeans. Even more amusing, was a large wet spot that was growing in size on top of it. I stared at him as he gazed first at his crotch then, in sheer embarrassment, at me. He was gulping in air, his body streaked with sweat. Some strands of his damp, long hair hung were plastered across parts of his chest. He looked like he’d just gotten his ass kicked, which, of course, had been my intent.

“I..I..,” he managed to croak out before falling into silence and gazing down at his obvious erection.

“Hey, young kids like you sometimes simply lose control. It happens. When you grow up it won’t be an issue in your bull-riding,” I replied. He tightly closed his eyes. We both knew what had just occurred. Rising Cloud had ejaculated inside his pants. His confidence had taken a hard blow. It was time for my next move! “Here take this to wipe off,” I told him as I threw him the towel he had first used. “Strip off your pants and underwear so we can wash them too.” He opened his eyes to look at me. He was about to say something when I cut him off. “Don’t argue, just do it. You can wash your crotch over by the sink.” I gave him a hard look. Rising Cloud closed his mouth and nodded. I watched as he undressed. Thanks to the herbs, he was still sporting a respectable semi hard-on. His face truly went red when it came free of his underwear and popped into view.

“Here,” he quietly said as walked to me and handed me his clothes. He kept his face looking down the whole time. His semi-hard cock waved about between his sexy thighs as he moved to go to the sink. “ I’ll wash up,” he hoarsely said while trying to move his body to hide his arousal from my sight. There was not once trace of his prior self-confidence in the tone of his voice.

“Hydrate first,” I instructed as I handed him another herb infused drink. I watched as he gulped it down. “I told you, some young pups sometimes get erections during their bull rides. No need to be ashamed you lost it, boy,” I teased as he walked to the sink. I silently laughed knowing that remark would further his humiliation.

“I’m a man, not a boy,” he grumbled as he strode off.

“Men don’t pop a load of cum riding on a bull boy,” I sharply told him. I saw him pause in mid-stride. “Now apologize or get the fuck out.” Seconds passed. We’d hit a critical moment. He’d either regain his prior smugness and bolt or swallow his pride and stay. If he did the latter it would begin a process that would end in his ultimate submission.

“I’m sorry,” he managed to say before continuing to the washbasin.

I suppressed my smile. “Show me some respect from now on, boy. I’ve been patient. It’s not my fault if you are so immature that you can’t control your cock. Starting now, you will address me in a way that demonstrates you are sorry for that attitude.”

“Yes sir,” he quietly replied as he took a small washcloth by the sink and slowly used it to wipe cum off his crotch. “Sorry about…this…Sir,” he mumbled.

I slowly strode up behind him. “Not a problem boy,” I told him as I put a hand on his neck and gave him a gentle squeeze. I gingerly let a thumb rub up and down on the back of his neck. Rising Cloud stood in front of the sink. His breathing increased and I noticed his cock was beginning to rise. The herbs were doing their job. Every nerve in his body was being overly stimulated. From past experience I knew my touching him like this was setting them some of them off. The fact he was young and normally full of raging hormones only made my job of seducing him that much easier. “Tossing more wood again?" I lightly asked him as I increased the almost caressing movements on his soft neck area.

“I…I…honest…never got…you know…with a guy…I swear…only girls…Sir,” he hoarsely said. He gazed over at me. I could see that his eyes had begun to dilate from the arousal effects of the herbs. “I don’t…understand…” he murmured. His face now reflected a combination of arousal and confusion. “I don’t understand why I’m so…” he stopped talking when I simply reached down to stroke his erection.

“Easy boy,” I told him using the tone of voice I employed when steadying a new colt for a saddling. “Easy now boy. You’re overwrought. Stop thinking and just listen to my words and let whatever your feeling happen.” I could feel his resistance fading with each yank on his cock. His sex drive was massively over stimulated by the stuff I’d slipped into his drink. I released his neck and let my other hand play with his nipples. He was about to say something, but then simply gave into the sensations.

“Fuck,” he hissed as I worked on some of his erogenous zones.

I tweaked those brown peaks until, like his cock, they too were hard and erect. He was soon lost in the effects of the herbs and totally turned on by my touching. By now, his thinking mind was being short-circuited by the force of his sexual arousal. His pupils were totally dilated and he was panting like, to be frank, like a dog in heat. I knew it was time to move while he was lost in the throes of heat. Yeah, my Lakota boy was primed. I was going to rope him in, then, fuck that young bull’s ass! Rising Cloud had come here acting like the proud young son of a tribal leader but he would leave here knowing I made him my woman…. my aakíí.

Using his erection as a leash, I gently guided him over to a small bed in a corner of the barn. As he moved to it, I reached for another bottle of water from the nearby shelf and handed it to him. “Drink it. You’re sweating too much and you need to keep hydrated,” I casually said while continuing to slowly jerk him off.

“I’m not thirsty…my bladder is bursting,” he said between gasps of breath.

His cock was rock hard by now and his nice set of low hanging Plains Indian balls appeared to be quickly filling up his sack. I figured that thanks to the drug’s effects, those twin nuts must have now been working overtime churning out loads of spunk. I needed to tap that load but first things first. I needed to completely break him to my will. “Do as I say and drink, then we can fix the bladder issue.”

Rising Cloud was so docile thanks to the erotic heat I was giving him that he simply did as I told him. I watched as he dosed himself again. As he drank, I led him over to a corner of the barn. “You can piss here. Then we can finish the lesson,” I instructed as I moved him to face a wall. I stood close behind him, reached around and used one hand to continue my tit play on him. I employed the other to stroke his cock.

“I…your hand is…and I’m…hard...” he sputtered as he stood facing the wall gulping in air. ”I can’t piss with a…hard-on, Sir.”

“Just let it flow. I’m helping you that’s all,” I whispered to him taking secret pleasure in his use of “Sir.” As I spoke, I nuzzled the soft skin of his neck with the stubble on my lightly bearded chin until he was shivering with pleasure.

“Fuck Sir,” he moaned as he let his body lent back into mine. I could feel the veins on his cock throbbing.

“You can piss through a hard-on boy. I know you can do it for me, boy,” I softly encouraged. I was feeling a familiar thrill with each step we were taking. When you ride a bull you get a certain arousing high that comes when you know things are going well but could also suddenly go tits up. Rising Cloud was in an herb induced sexual frenzy but he could still pull back. Pissing while I was behind him holding his dick and keeping his nipples rock hard too was a test of how much I could do to him or with him. I waited.

“Aw, fuck,” he finally gasped as suddenly he began to piss through his hard-on.

“I held onto his cock. I could slightly feel the water flowing out of that impressive shaft. “Go on boy, let it flow,” I quietly urged as Rising Cloud emptied his bladder for me. I am not a guy into watersports but I will admit that seeing his ten-inch dick spurting liquid while he was pressing his hard naked body against me was erotic. This was about power exchange and the erotic heat that comes when you out alpha-ed a stud like him. Rising Cloud's actions showed he was so aroused he had lost any inhibitions. I was eager to follow it up. Hell, after this he was clearly was ready to be fucked!

After he had finished, I shook his cock a few times to be sure he had finished pissing. He said lightly moaned as I waved his erection around in front of him. When I turned him around to look at me, his face reflected he was lost in a sexual haze. I quickly guided him over to the bed. “On your stomach,” I told him while reaching down to fondle his nuts until his hot young body was squirming in pleasure. Silently he quickly complied. I grabbed some leather straps I kept under the bed and rapidly bound his wrists to the sides of the bed.

“What's happening?” He hoarsely asked.

“I’m giving you a lesson on how a man mounts and rides, boy. Ass up now,” I commanded.

“Why?” he mumbled with a linger hint of a defiant attitude.

“Just do it,” I roughly said to him. I knew I had to crush that final remnant of resistance that he’d just displayed. I gave him some hard slaps on that luscious rump of his until its bronzed skin had a light red burnish to it. He bawled as I warmed his ass.

“Eow…stop…stop...please,” he cried out as his muscled torso gyrated on the bed. “I’ll do it…eow…I’ll do it.”

“Up on all fours,” I repeated. A teary eyed Rising Cloud moved to comply. I moved his powerful thighs apart. I was happy to see that despite my spanking, Rising Cloud had maintained his impressive erection. I took in the view of his exposed brown hole and, even more stimulating, the sight of his balls enticingly swinging between his two muscular legs. I reached between his thighs to fondle Rising Cloud’s nuts.

“Shit,” he said through gritted teeth. His cock slightly lurched. A bead of glistening pre-cum oozed from his cock-head to slowly drip downward onto the bed. His strong body quaked as I exploited yet another of his erogenous zones.

“You like nut play boy?” I softly asked as I rolled each one between my fingers.

“Uhuh,” he managed to sigh as another bead of pre-cum oozed out of his dick. It flowed along the shiny string the first drop had formed when heading towards the surface of the bed.

I released them so I could strip off. Hearing Rising Cloud’s groan of disappointment when I had stopped fondling his family jewels added to the stimulation I was experiencing. I gazed at his anal opening. Those swirling anal muscles contracted and relaxed as he moved about in his bindings. Its center was surrounded by damp short curling hairs. Rising Cloud clearly believed in thoroughly showering since his anal scent was crisp and fresh. I gripped both of his butt-cheeks enjoying the sensation of that muscular rear-end. Thanks to his dancing both his rump, thighs, and calves were well developed. I massaged and sensually caressed his cheeks causing him to groan with pleasure.

“Son-f-a-bitch,” he gasped as I tweaked each rounded orb. I noticed his cock was waving up and down while dribbling more pre-cum onto the bed.

“You like having me play with your ass, Rising Cloud?” I lightly inquired. His response was a low guttural moan of, “yes”’. His responses thus far indicated that he would never be more prepared for mounting so I went for it. I’d taken Scotty with a minimum of lubricant. Rising Cloud however, was one of my own people and, I also intended to keep him as my Aakíí. I was going to break him but I was intent on doing it right. I grabbed his twin muscular thighs, spread his legs farther apart, looked at his virginal and sensually moist nut-brown hole then, thrust my face deep into his butt crack.

“Fuck,” he cried out as my tongue made contact with it.

I eagerly flicked my tongue across the area. Soon my Lakota boy was whining in delight and spreading his legs even farther apart for me. I let my tongue loosen up his anal entryway while taking in the heady scent of his musky odor. I worked on that outer ring listening to him whimpering in bliss. After a few moments those tightly contracted circular muscles relaxed. With one hard thrust my tongue pressed pass them.

“Aw shit,” Rising Cloud cried out as my tongue explored the soft skin inside his hole. “More,” he suddenly mumbled. “Please,” he pitifully gasped.

I smiled. “Remember, you begged for this,” I gently told him. I leaned back, spit on his now wet chute and eased a finger past that previously inviolate barrier.

“Fuck,” Rising Cloud gasped as I pushed it deeper into him. His powerful body began to buck but I kept fingering him out. I was methodical. I used one, then two, and finally three fingers in him. By the time I’d finished that boy’s butt-hole was loose and ready for a hard fucking. Throughout it all my Lakota had babbling away lost in a sexual frenzy. “Don’t stop,” he moaned when I finally withdrew my fingers.

I smiled. Yeah, my bull was taking to ass work quite nicely. “I’ve something you’ll love even more,” I told him. I spit on my cock, moved my body forward to get deep between his butt cheeks, and placed my cock at his soon to be plucked cherry. I rubbed my leaking cock-head on his hole, tickling it until he was squirming.

“Fuck,” he sobbed as he rubbed his chute on my cock.

“Fuck is right,” I gently said as I pushed my erection past the first ring.

Ayúšta? yo ,” Rising Cloud cried out as the head of my cock penetrated his outer anal opening.“Ayúšta? yo ,” he sobbed using our word for stop.

“Breathe,” I told him as I slowed my invasion to let his hole adjust to my dick’s girth. I had no intention of stopping but I wanted this ride to be enjoyable for us both. I could feel his chute’s inner lining gripping my shaft. Trying to eject my cock.

Ayúšta? yo ,” he groaned before adding, “Iché”.

Hearing him say please almost made me stop but then, I observed he was still rock hard. In fact, by now his waving dick was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum. For all his protesting, Rising Cloud was still sexually aroused. I slowly thrust into him while reaching under to grab his hard-on and masturbate him. His moans of protest faded, as his cock was vigorously jerked-off. Once I was fully inside of him I gently brought his body close to mine. I stopped moving into his ass so he could adjust to my cock inside of him. I could feel his strong back muscles pressing against my chest. As he breathed they expanded and contracted in a way that had me rock hard. I continued stroking his cock.

"Oh fuck,” he gasped as more of his pre-cum dripped down his shaft to help my hand jerk-him off.

The barn filled with the sounds of his panting. “Easy hokšíla ,” I whispered into his ear as I continued stroking his erection. “Easy now,” I kept repeating while using the tone of voice I employed in calming a young colt. Elders used the word, hokšíla or young man, with affection. I hoped using it now would be helpful in steadying him for what was to come. I held him up against me until I felt his strong body relaxing. I increased my manual work on his cock. “Can we continue,” I whispered into his ear. I waited. To my relief he slightly nodded. I cinched my other free hand around his narrow waist and pulled him tighter to me. “I promise pleasure my boy,” I told him so he would know that, by calling him my son, I would not harm him. Gradually I began to move my cock in and out of his guts.

Ahyee,” he gasped as I slowly took his anal virginity while masturbating him. He bucked under me but I was an expert rider and was determined to take him to his limits.

“Hurts,” he moaned at one point. Once more, I could feel his tight anal muscles contracting trying to eject my dick.

“Easy my boy,” I said as I released my grip on his waist to give a hard slap to one of his butt cheeks.

“Eow,” he cried out as I whacked that rounded mound a few more times.

As intended, the pain of being spanked diverted his attention from the fire I was creating up inside of his ass. It gave me time for my cock to find and then tap against his prostate. After a few repeated strikes on it a change came over Rising Cloud.

“Fuck,” he yelped. His head shot upward. As I pounded into him, Rising Cloud’s strong muscled torso began to quake. “Fuck,” he again shouted.

I sensed the grip of his anal cavity loosen just enough to let me continue stimulating his anus. I could feel his cock lurching in my hand. A series of almost unintelligible Lakota words came spewing forth from him as I fucked his hole. By now he was incoherent and clearly overwhelmed by the pleasures of being screwed. As his body gyrated under me it took all my riding experience to hold onto him. I pounded my cock on his prostate knowing it was the key to my victory.

“Deeper. Deeper,” he shouted as he unexpectedly rammed his ass into my crotch. I’d reached that critical moment in our bull ride. I’d won control! I gripped his waist and draped my body over his. Soon I was quickly thrusting in and out of his now de-virginal chute. I buried my face into his long hair taking in his youthful manly scent. “Yes my boy,” I said to him as we both moved in tandem. The strength of his young body under me thrilled me. I was close and I knew it. I increased my masturbation of his cock so he could climax with me.

“Yes. “Iché”. “Iché”. “Iché ”.” He howled as I swiftly stimulated him towards a climax.

I felt the throbbing veins of his cock. It clearly signaled he was about to ejaculate. I continued pumping his ass and cock. Suddenly, his body went rigid. His ass muscles gripped my cock. Rising Cloud thrust his hips forward, his torso shuddered and, with a loud howl of pleasure, my hand felt the moist heat of his gushing spunk. I lost it and exploded inside of him. As I breed him, Rising Cloud let out an unintelligible whooping cry. He collapsed onto the bed with me still on top of him. I was equally exhausted. We lay there panting, taking in the sounds of our breathing, and the telltale odor of our jism. I nuzzled his neck. After a few moments we both drifted off to sleep. I awoke under a still slumbering Rising Cloud. My deflated dick was still up inside his ass. I began to pull out.

“Stay in me. Iche ,” he sleepily mumbled as he moved his ass upward to let my cock slide back into him.

When I moved to look at him, my young warrior was smiling. I’d successfully mounted my powerful young Lakota dancer. The son of a tribal leader, he naturally would marry and have sons but, when we got together, he would also be my Aakíí.

For the next week, I rode Rising Cloud in a variety of positions. As the days passed, I also slowly eased him off the sexual stimulants. By the next week he was herb free but totally addicted to serving my cock either with his ass or his mouth.

“I love looking at you fucking me,” he dreamily said on our last night at the ranch. He was on his back with each of those muscled legs resting on each of my shoulders. I was fucking in hard and masturbating him too. I could see from the blush on his face and his quickening breaths that he was about to unload. Sure enough, seconds later, he shot his spunk up right in front of my eyes. I climaxed right them, unloading my cream into him while he sobbed for more of it up his chute. I swear sometimes he is never happy until his guts are so full of jizz his ass-hole leaks it out.

During the next year, I trained him to be a great bull rider. He travels the rodeo circuit between performing in our people’s dance festivals. During bull riding events, he sizes up then seeks out and rides one of those smug white cowboy competitors too. He tells me that those strutting leanly muscled, white boys scream like a bitch when they shoot while having an ass full of his Indian cock. As if, thanks to Scotty, I needed to be told how whites cry for joy when we strong, warrior Native Americans hump them! He told me about one twenty-something, Texan bull rider. This guy was a condescending bigot. By the time Rising Cloud was done, that white boy was roped and tamed. The other cowboys on the tour found him tied down, bare-assed up, moaning to be fucked again, leaking jizz out of his open loosened hole, and his rump sporting a fucking brand showing he was now Rising Cloud’s bitch. That white boy wasn’t only one who got taken for a hard pounding ride. Seems my young buck recently took down twin brothers last week.

Imagine that, mounting both brothers at the same time and doing their butts while they were face down and side by side. Well, Rising Cloud can write about those sexual triumphs if he wants to do it.

After any rodeo tour however, my Rising Cloud eagerly returns to me for a few hard rides. He says my dick up his ass eases the stress he gets from those competitions. Gets him feeling charged up for any dance festival performance too. Actually I know it’s simply because my young Lakota dancer just loves a hard fuck into his still amazingly tight hole. Well, to be honest, he is still is my best mount!

The End