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A Superhero's Saga
Part 2 - The Opening of the Screw
By Kyle Cicero

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CHAPTER TWO: The Opening of the Screw

It was late that night in the sinister lair of the arch fiend. Barrett Lang stood by a fire in the vast room waiting confidentially with a young man who sat twitching in a nearby chair.

“I don’t, ah, well sir he won’t come will he??” The young man inquired nervously.

“He will come,” muttered Barrett as he started intently into the fire. “Am I ready though?”

“The chemical formula your directed me to make & inject you with will be good for one more hour sir,” the young man said quietly. “I hope sir trying it out on you without a test subject was wise.”

“He will come,” Barrett growled as his thoughts blocked out hearing his young chemist.

“And I have!” A deep sensual voice replied from across the room.

Barrett and his assistant turned to the direction of the voice. There in the flickering lights of the fire stood Randilor in all his magnificent glory. The flames of the crackling fire reflected off his muscular form and his handsome face was set in determination. “Now what challenge do you give me this time?” he asked as he strode toward his nemesis.

A smile of delight lit the ugly bloated face of the criminal mastermind.

“A simple one my friend.”

“I am NOT your friend,” Randilor replied through gritted teeth.

Barrett held up his arms. “No offense. My challenge is simple. I want to arm wrestle with you on equal terms.”

“What,” Randilor said showing for a flickering second his complete surprise.

“Just that,” Barrett stated calmly. “You arm wrestle with me and not use your superior strength and if you win I will not undertake any criminal adventures for let’s say …one month.”

“And if I lose,” Randilor queried suspecting something but not sure what.

“Oh not much. If I win you must return for another physical match.

That’s not much is it?” Teased Barrett who knew he had a hook now in his foe. Randilor couldn’t back out and not prove the coward.

Randilor gazed at the short fat toad-like man in front of him. It sounded too simple but…. “I agree.” He said.

“One more thing .Loser must wear this thin simple chain around his neck to remind him of his loss.” Barrett smirked as he produced a thin silver chain.

Randilor took the chain and examined it.Nothing appeared there.

“Agreed,” he firmly replied as he sat at the table in the room and positioned his arm for the contest. Randilor knew he would win even without his extra strength for unlike Barrett his muscles never tired. He watched as the fiend took his place opposite him, raised his pudgy arm and gripped the muscular stud’s hand. Randilor was surprised to discover that under that fat the arch criminal was strong but Randilor felt confident and more to the point he knew he had more power even if he used only ½ his normal force. The assistant came over to hold their hands and check the grips.

“Begin gentlemen,” he said as he released his hold.

Randilor had decided not to win quickly in order to avoid enraging his opponent into backing out of the agreed reward. Little did he realize that was exactly what Barrett was counting on. For minutes both men’s arms remained strained yet motionless. Suddenly however a strange look came over the handsome features of the hunky hero.

“You alright,” Barrett innocently inquired as he saw the fleeting sign.

“I’m fine,” Randilor rasped. But inside he knew he was not. For some reason his breathing was deepening and a strange but not unpleasant tingling was coming over him....he felt ..was it flushed?

The arms of the two men tightened. Randilor could feel the texture of the skin of his opponent on his own. He squirmed in his chair slightly and found he was flexing and unflexing his powerful thighs together in the chair.

Suddenly they squeezed together tightly without warning causing him to momentarily lose focus.

Barrrett had silently watched Randilor’s minor but noticeable chair gyrations. A smile broke out on his face. Then he barely heard a slight gasp from the hunk. Randilor’s pupils dilated for a second. Barrett saw his hated super-hero look down his chest into his lap. Taking advantage of his foe’s distraction he made one huge effort and took the heroic stud by surprise to throw his arm to the table. Barrett had won. The look of complete shock on the striking features of the super-hero was worth it alone for the gnomish villain!

“You have won,” Randilor stated as he masked his inner turmoil. The once undefeated hero quietly took the silver chain and fastened it too his neck. He sat for a few seconds not looking at Barrett then rose and turned.

“Name the time of the next contest I will be there.” He said as he flew off.

“I did it.” Barrett hooted as his portly figure jiggled in his chair. “Did you see!”

“Yes sir I did.” The assistant responded. “I watched him as you instructed and he assuredly showed signs sir. In fact his body displayed it in a way beyond your expectation.”

“It did,” a gleeful Barrett laughed. “Tell me what you saw.”

“Well I had a good view of his body in his chair and……”

Randilor stood on the ledge of a tower in his city. Being defeated tasted bitter but beyond that was how it happened. Randilor had felt something during the match. It was nothing he ever felt before. Unconsciously he fingered the chain . He stopped and felt the links. This chain will be reminder of what had happened that night. A symbol , as Barrett had intended, of remembrance.

That night with their hands locked in combat the masculine hero had felt…..sexually attracted to the arch criminal. In fact he had experienced his first erotic arousals that night. The quickening breaths that left him a bit giddy. He recalled the pleasure he felt when his thighs pressed against his rapidly engorging manhood. The muscular hero had almost had an orgasm when they squeezed his enflamed rod between them. Only directing his mind in that area had stopped it from occurring and even then he had to sit in the chair after to ‘cool-off’ before Barrett noticed his predicament as well.

Even after he couldn’t look at Barrett for fear it would ….what… arouse him again? Could he be attracted to Barrett Lang? As the mighty stud touched the chain he pondered it all once more. He felt Barrett’s skin on his, the power under that fat that had overpowered his defined strong body. That thought …being overpowered by Barrett haunted him and yet…what? As he contemplated that thought as well he unconsciously sported another erection.

“HE GOT HARD!” Hooted Barrett. “I knew that the pheromones we developed from that book would work. I passed from my pores into his and set up our linkage .Oh the first steps are working!” Barrett chuckled in glee.

“Oh Randilor you are a child of your people’s genetics and through that I will rush to victory!”

“One never knows anything for sure though” thought the assistant as he silently left the room. “Testing. Always test first.”

Far away a hero contemplated and experienced for the first time ……fear or was it longing?

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