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My Brothers Keeper
Part 9 - 2.2 A Swimmers Strokes
By Kyle Cicero

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I walked over to my newest conquest careful to avoid getting between Brent and the tape he was watching. I had placed an improved , intensive mind program in it and the effect was evident. Good old Brent showed all the signs of being deeply under. His breathing slowed down while his pupils were fixed and dilated. I slipped off his sweats to expose his 'family jewels' to easy access. I let the tape play out , rewound it, and then set it on replay. I wanted to be sure that my swim stud was getting a healthy dose of the mind inducing flexibility it contained. He gazed blankly ahead at the screen with a blissfully goofy look on his sensual features. I reached down to fondle his package.

"Oooohhh ...yyeeahh," he moaned as I took his impressive testicles in hand .

"Can you hear me Brent?" I whispered leaning close to him .I could smell the mix of chlorine from the pool and the light cologne he wore. Sexy smell all right but I had business to take care of. I continued my interrogation even as I played with his hefty balls. Sean had told me Brent once admitted, in private to him before their friendship ended, that he really got off on ball-play cause his nuts were super sensitive. According the Sean the exact quote was, "Dude when some bitch is doing them I blow my fuses so bad I can't even think straight!" Well, time to see if the jock-boy was telling the truth. I could feel the heavy man-juices of my testosterone driven , self proclaimed 'babe-fucker' swirling in them .A thousand little straight warriors all seeking to get out to make baby Brent's. Well, guys not if I can help it. Get ready to be decommissioned!

"You like this?" I asked as I rolled his nuts gently in the palm of my hand. His lightly furry sack tickled seductively. Brent broke out into a grin and his cock answered for him by inflating to a respectable length.

"Fucckk ...yeahhh," he gasped as he spread his lean muscular legs apart.

"You get off on this right?" I replied enjoying his movements.

"Hell...oohh mmannnn..big..ahhh...timeeee," he hissed as his body squirmed under my sexual manipulation. I got the same charge of power I initially experienced with Sean before it was replaced by our mutual love .(Okay back to the stud in hand right ). That knowledge that a macho, straight, jock stud was quivering like a dog in heat at your manly touch. Then it hit me. That casual remark Brent made before. Well, now hmmm.....but that was for later.

"You also get off on swimming don't you?" I inquired. Brent's ego no doubt fed that emotion but, I intended to replace it with a better one now.

"Fuck yeah I ohhh man," he gasped as I tickled that soft spot behind his sack where it met his butt crack. "Ohhh...sssoo ... offff... aaaa...aahhh!" Brent pushed his waist up higher to allow easier access. His pole was so hard it could have pounded nails. Its head was full, red and, ready to pop. I avoided touching it. He would blow but only at the critical time. I worked his juice sack further .

"This is the feeling you always get from swimming too," I said firmly.

"Feeling..swimming...same...ohhh helllll," he nodded quickly.

"You get turned on big time by swimming," I stated as I gently began to run my other free palm under his dick. The veins there throbbed with urgency. Brent's blaster was at full staff and soon my palm felt slick with his precum.

"Turned ooo...yyeesss..I..I...I ... dooooowww," Brent agreed urgently. His need to explode was growing and with it a new connection between swimming and sexual release was being made thanks to the tape he was seeing and the stimulations his mind was getting.

"When you see the pool at the swim meet you will remember how aroused you are right now." I commanded as I quickened my ball and cock work on my zonked jock.

"See pool...totally aroused..yesss...oohh yessssss," he moaned as his body moved his waist up and down causing his engorged pole to rub faster across my open palm .

."Your body will react just like now. Got it?" I growled fiercely.

"My body...yessss...oh god fucking yesssss," he howled as his cock's head cried out to erupt.

"See the pool water at the meet," I urged to my prey while I softly enclosed my hand around his meat. "Feel the warm water's pressure on you body. On your cock, your balls," I cooed as I enfolded Brent's nuts with my other hand and began to lightly squeeze.

"The water.. shit.. hot...turned on...the fucking water...on my balls oh ....damnnnn," Brent babbled.

"Even when you are in the water feel it stroking your body, your balls, your cock. It hits your ass too and you love it there even more." I increased my pump on his dick and squeezed his balls tighter. "When its warmth fills your crack you got to pop!"

"Stroking ..stroking my bod ....oh so ass..... fuck pop.....oh fuck..... yeahhhhh," Brent growled lost in a sexual need to cum.

"Say it again," I asked as I hit stride to bring my jock-boy to climax!

"MY ASS .. FEELING ...WARM.. IN MY ASS ...OH ....MY BALSSS....SHIT....I'M....OHHH FUCCC." Brent screamed in sexual frenzy. I pulled on his nuts one last time and stroked my varsity swimmer over the line. My hunky pup blew his cork. His hot jizz flew into the air as I continued pumping his well. He collapsed in the chair. His mouth opened as he gasped for air. Brent's 'mental prep' had taken place. It was not the one he had planned but it would do. I left him there after placing a keyword in his brain. When I said it my swimming star would return to a pliable hypnotic state suitable for further programming.

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